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Beautiful old wooden Bb bass Clarinet (?) made by "V. Kohlert Söhne Graslitz" (132916486596)
Large 21" GOLDSCHEIDER porcelain terracotta figurine of Blacksmith, circa 1900 (123574657091)
Don Quixote by Eugene Pattarino, Italy ceramic mounted figurine, 16" tall (123574657058)
Royal Worcester porcelain figurine of Duke Marlborough by Bernard Winskill (123590364851)
5000A Time Delay Melamine Class L Fuse 600VAC/500VDC (382050994312)
3800A Time Delay Melamine Class L Fuse 600VAC/500VDC (382049971036)
4000A Time Delay FGL/Melamine Class L Fuse 600VAC/300VDC (382051309354)
3500A Time Delay Melamine Class L Fuse 600VAC/500VDC (382050360669)
4000A Time Delay Melamine Class L Fuse 600VAC/500VDC (332189758019)
FALK 1080FC2A-21.37 RBLT - INLINE GEAR REDUCER 21.37:1 RATIO 82 RPM 60 HP (291412772706)
FALK GEAR REDUCER TYPE 6EZX MODEL 6C2-02A3 25 HP RATIO 9.394 (323628485515)
FALK 2050FZ2A-16.650 ULTRAMAX NSNB - INLINE GEAR REDUCER 16.650:1 RATIO 105 RPM (301425315786)
FALK 2050FC2A-16.65 ULTRAMAX NSNB - 40 HP 105 RPM GEAR REDUCER (302965073133)
Falk Ultramite Gear Reducer - 37.1 Ratio - 1750 RPM - 23.1 hp (302992567538)
FALK 2040FZ3A-38.08 NSNB - 46 RPM GEAR REDUCER (123607798886)
FALK 09UCBN2A10.N1 NSNB - INLINE GEAR REDUCER 10.27 RATIO (292164232892)
FALK 1080FC2A-5.256 USNT - INLINE GEAR REDUCER 5.256:1 RATIO 333 RPM (291224864993)
Reliance Motor 6234224 200HP 1200 RPM 449T Frame 2300V 46A (281406615617)
GE Motor 350HP 1800 RPM 3188S Frame 2300V (281413088957)
Baldor Motor M4409T 100HP 1185 RPM's 444T Frame 230/460V 240/120A (281407570757)
US Motors AC Motor Frame: 1587S 300HP 1800RPM 2300V 69.1A Used (282894230517)
Lincoln AC Motor 200HP 1200RPM FR: 449U ENCL: TEFC 460V Inverter Duty Used (292555509614)
GE AC Motor SKS449AL2009M 300HP 1800RPM 480V 346A FR: 449T Used (282894220741)
WorldWide Motor EP100-18-405TC 100HP, 1800 RPM 405TC 230/460V 3PH New Surplus (291775239472)
GE Motor 5K44955371WE 200HP 1200RPM 449T Frame Enclosure: nema B TE 2300V 55.4A (291217219678)
WorldWide Motor EP100-18-405T 100HP, 1800 RPM, 405T 230/460V 3PH New Surplus (272478854845)
Reliance DC Motor FR: MC2512ATZ 50HP, 1800RPM, Encl: DP 1750RPM, 500V, 86A, Used (272385311842)
WorldWide Motor EP75-18-365TC, 75HP, 1800 RPM, 365TC, 230/460V 3PH New Surplus (291775192611)
Saftronics DC Motor w/ Pulse Generator 5CD174XA031A001 20HP 2500/3000RPM 240V (292009020972)
Emerson DC Motor w/ Brake and Blower 3680B152002 20HP 500RPMs DP frame Used (291533921375)
US Motors AC Motor 300HP 1800RPM FR:447TS DF 460V 354A Used (292159239179)
Reliance AC Motor P44G5503B-G1-XF 200HP 1200RPM FR:145TY 460V 236A Used (282894242517)
Reliance Electric Motor With Gear Reducer, 30HP 460VAC Ratio 5.6 RPM 313 (271209778841)
WorldWide Motor EP75-18-365T, 75HP, 1800 RPM, 365T, 230/460V 3PH New Surplus (272256459771)
Motor 50HP 1770 RPM's 326TP Frame 230/460V 118/59A (271580417510)
Siemens AC Motor 1LA6 250-2AB91-Z 125HP 3600RPM 440V 60Hz 93kW 142FLA Used (273410796882)
Reliance AC Motor w/ Gear P32G1036B 40HP 1800RPM FR: 324TC ENCL: TEFC 230/460V (283043672960)
US Motors AC Motor 200HP 1780RPM FR:445TS DP 460V 232A Used (282537320589)
Storz Telecam ntsc 20212120 Processor telecam 20212130U NTSC Camera W-Monitor (163492135355)
Cognex In-Sight IS5604-01 Kit w/ Cables Camera *Warranty* Line Scan IS5604 5604 (323515833272)
**NEW** Cognex In-Sight IS8401 w/ Cable Patmax IS8401M-363-50 8401M 8401 (323272700314)
Cognex In-Sight 1721 IS1721 (Mirror Available) *Warranty* Wafer Reader OCR IS (223081692553)
Cognex In-Sight IS5605-01 Guaranteed Insight IS5605 5605 5605-01 Camera Vision (222720757292)
*Guaranteed* Matrox Genesis GEN/F/64/8/STD PCI Warranty Several Part #s in Stock (223276415758)
**NEW** Cognex In-Sight IS8200 Patmax IS8200M-363-40 Camera 8200M 8200 Warranty (223102122267)
*WARRANTY* Keyence Safety Laser Scanner SZ-16V Ver.2 Version 2 SZ Series Multi (323572039366)
**NEW VERSION** Cognex In-Sight IS1740 Wafer Reader IS 1740 821-0068-1R OCR (322403539058)
Cognex In-Sight IS5605-11 w/ Patmax Insight IS5605 5605 5605-11 Camera Vision (222670610242)
DVT 554C Color Camera *FUP license loaded* Cognex Intellect 1.5.1 DVT554C 554 C (323384849197)
New Dell PowerEdge R940 CTO Rack Server RAID 24 x 2.5" 2 PSU 4xHS Dell Warranty (401540897318)
NEW Dell PowerEdge M820 Blade Server 4 x 6-CORE XEON E5-4607 + Dell Pro Support (362248685524)
Dell PowerEdge R630 2x 12-Core Xeon E5-2650v4 2.2GHz 32GB 300GB HDD 1U Server (202259575147)
Dell PowerEdge C6220 4 Node server 8 x XEON 8-CORE E5-2680 768GB RAM Rack Mount (362248686616)
HP BL660c GEN8 Blade Server 4x 8 Core E5-4650 2.7Ghz, 64GB Ram, RAID, 679118-B21 (362248729486)
Dell PowerEdge R640 2x 6-Core Bronze 3104 1.7Ghz 64GB Ram 6x 600GB HDD 1U Server (202394006862)
Dell PowerEdge R740 Server 2x 12-Core Silver 4116 2.1Ghz 32GB Ram 1x 300GB HDD (362407489250)
Dell Precision Rack R7910 2 Quad-Core E5-2637v4 3.5Ghz 32GB M4000+ SSD Server (202563201987)
HP SE4255e 2U 4 Node Rack Mount Server 48 Cores 8 x 3.0GHz 6-Core 768GB 24x 2.5" (202236236667)
Dell PowerEdge R630 2x Eight-Core E5-2630v3 2.4GHz 128GB 8x 2.5" Bay 1U Server (401606495426)
Dell PowerEdge R630 2x Ten Core Xeon E5-2650v3 2.3GHz 128GB 2x 300GB 1U Server (401569243721)
Fujitsu Primergy RX2540 M2 2x Xeon Quad-Core E5-2637v4 3.40GHz 64GB 2.4TB Server (401568455858)
Dell PowerEdge R640 2x 6-Core Bronze 3104 1.7Ghz 64GB Ram 2x 600GB HDD 1U Server (202393993198)
Dell PowerEdge R740xd CTO Configure-To-Order Server 24x 2.5" Bay With 2x PSU (401568430888)
Dell PowerEdge R720xd Xeon Six-Core E5-2620 2.0GHz 32GB Ram 24.6TB HDD 2U Server (401587925218)
HP ProLiant DL380 G7 2 x SIX-Core XEON 2.66GHz 144GB RAM 8x 146GB RAID 2U SERVER (362248687537)
Dell PowerEdge R630 2x 10-Core Xeon E5-2640v4 2.4GHz 32GB Ram 2x200GB SSD Server (362389301078)
Dell PowerEdge C6220 4 x Node Server 8 x E5-2620 6-Core 128GB RAM 8 x 1TB RAID (401547779566)
Fujitsu Primergy RX500 S7 4 x Xeon E5-4650 2.7GHz 768GB RAM 32-Core Rack Server (362494983675)
Dell PowerEdge R640 Six-Core Bronze 3104 1.7Ghz 32GB Ram 2x 1.8TB HDD 1U Server (362407172462)
Dell PowerEdge R630 2x 6-Core Xeon E5-2620v3 2.4GHz 32GB 4x 200GB SSD 1U Server (202410084504)
NEW Dell PowerEdge R730xd 24x 2.5" Bay CTO No CPU/No Memory 2U Rack Server (401507099992)
Dell PowerEdge R620 2 x E5-2630 6-CORE XEON 32GB RAM 4 x 146GB H710 RAID Server (401496700207)
HP Proliant DL380p Gen8 2 x Xeon EIGHT-Core E5-2690 2.9GHz 192GB Rack Server G8 (202236184532)
Fujitsu Primergy TX2560 M2 2x 8-Core E5-2609v4 1.70GHz 64GB 3TB HDD Tower Server (202238262205)
HP ProLiant DL580 Gen9 CTO 4U Rack Mount Server with 3 year HPE Warrranty (362398468300)
Dell PowerEdge R520 Quad-Core Xeon E5-2407 V2 2.4Ghz 48GB Ram 7TB 2U Rack Server (202236184200)
Dell PowerEdge R630 Eight-Core E5-2620v4 2.1GHz 16GB 300GB HDD 1U Rack Server (202241428934)
Dell PowerEdge R730 16x 2.5" Bay CTO No CPU / No Memory / No HDD 2U Rack Server (202260735242)
Dell PowerEdge R720 16-Bay Server 2x 8-Core E5-2690 2.90GHz 256GB 2U Rack Mount (362503652563)
NEW Dell PowerEdge FX2S Rack Mount Server Enclosure With 6x Empty Node Bays (401547417751)
New Dell PowerEdge R740 8x 2.5" Bays Configure-To-Order CTO 2U Rack Mount Server (401562132387)
NEW Dell PowerEdge M640 Blade Server CTO Configure-To-Order No CPU/No Ram/No HDD (401602777647)
HP ProLiant DL585 G6 2 x Six-6-Core (12 cores) 2.4Ghz 32GB 2U Rack Mount Server (401496700414)
Dell PowerEdge R730xd 0-Core E5-2660v3 2.6GHz 32GB Ram 26 Bay 2x PSU Server (401630756045)
$12,000 1ct Diamond CROTON Mens 14k Yellow Gold PRESIDENT FACTORY Watch 103g (401675546491)
Estate CROSSWIND BREITLING BLUE DIAL 18k Yellow Gold SS D13355 Mens Watch RARE (233088088590)
$20K 6927 BARK ROLEX 18k Yellow Gold Ladies Datejust President BOX & OPEN PAPERS (401688517309)
Vintage 18k White Gold SS THUNDERBIRD 1625 ROLEX Mens Watch RARE BOX & WTY (233093392521)
Vintage 1950s BOMBAY Black DIAL 18k Yellow Gold Mens 34mm Watch RARE WTY BOX (302760527602)
$12,000 METEORITE Diamond ROLEX 18k Gold SS Mens Datejust ROLEX Watch BOX & WTY (233076322330)
Vintage Breitling Navitimer 806 Gold & Stainless Chronograph Mens Watch (302963602785)
Cartier 3ct Diamond Automatic 18k Yellow Gold SS 1034 Mens Ladies Watch & BOX (232957143521)
Estate $10,000 Oyster Mens 34mm METEORITE ROLEX Diamond SS Watch & BOX WTY (401647130573)
RARE $14,000 18k White Gold Purple DIAL Cellini ROLEX Ladies or Mens Watch 77g (302520340592)
$9000 FACTORY Champagne Diamond 18k Gold SS ROLEX Ladies DATEJUST Watch WTY BOX (232802288820)