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Noël Dieudonné Finart "Farewell to family (Bashkir Cossacks in 1812 War)", 1820s (272873768178)
Henriette Ronner-Knip (1821-1909) "Milk Suppliers", Oil on Canvas, 19th Century (272557223899)
Catherine Thierrry "Self-portrait and portrait of brother" two miniatures, 1780s (273080338562)
Johann Matthias Ranftl "Refreshment for field workers" small oil painting, 1850s (272891020533)
Alexander (Sacha) Davidovich Zaliouk (1887-1971) "Siam Girls", gouache, 1920/30s (272330609775)
Alfred Desplanques "Woman with jars of plums" & "Woman with cherries", two oils (272890834404)
"Mme de Pompadour", Italian miniaturist in Paris, high quality miniature, 1760s (272542163628)
Jan Kraeck (Giovanni Caracca)-Attrib. "Portrait of Margherita Scorza", miniature (272358240090)
J. Huchtenburg (1647-1733)-Attr. "Italian Landscape w. Hunting Party", painting (272023645724)
Wendelin Moosbrugger (1760-1849) "Gentleman with Order of St. Louis", miniature (271717562037)
Charles-Alexis Huin (ca. 1735-1796) "Anne-Barbe Percelat", published paste,1760s (271923453866)
Viktor von Schubert-Soldern "Funeral of Marie-Antoinette", oil on canvas (272584671869)
Paul Matthias Padua (1903-1981) "Portrait of an art lover", oil painting, 1949 (272569165472)
"Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette, Madame Royale et le Dauphin", important miniature (272963616218)
Désiré Adélaïde Charles Maignen de Sainte-Marie "The Admirer", oil, 1820s/30s (272958837647)
Jean-Antoine Watteau-Circle "Players of "Commedia dell'arte", fine miniature (273026324190)
Mme Aimee Wagnon-Chantre "Portrait of a gentleman" rare enamel miniature!! 1840s (273080363961)
"Second-lieutenant of Leib-Garde-Regiment (Electorate of Hesse)", oil, 1830s (272993132860)
Superior quality, large Pre-Raphaelite miniature on organic wafer, 1850s (272543409149)
Two-sided locket with two family miniature portraits, French School, 1790/1800 (271418745541)
"Portrait of a young aristocrat", French School, high quality pastel!!, 1815/20 (272366720812)
Motelay "Gentleman posing in coastal landscape", fine miniature, ca.1800 (273121266358)
Elisa Paiuline Binet de Quehelec "Little girl portrait", rare miniature!!, 1830s (273077410228)
Santo Panario "2nd Lieutenant of Piedmontese Infantry Regiment "Savoia"" 1814/16 (272737758902)
Pyotr Semyonovich Dobrynin (1876-1948) "First Kolkhoz harvest", tempera, 1930 (272525319503)
Pierre-Adolphe Hall-Circle "Princess Elisabeth de France", high quality, ca.1785 (272448201875)
Emil J. Lauffer (1837-1909) "Episode from Serbian Uprising" (272402211264)
Gaspard Dughet (1615-1675)-Circle "Bathers near Monastery Subiaco" oil on canvas (271498649608)
F.H. Fueger-School "Portrait of Babette Todesco", important Judaica, 1795/1800 (271932138622)
Probably Count von Goetzen, aide-de-camp of King Friedrich Wilhelm III, 1806/07 (272984103791)
"Portrait of a lady called "Madame Talien"", fine French miniature, ca. 1800 (273117645406)
Joseph-Marie Bouton (1765-1823) "Portrait of Mme Guerin", miniature, ca.1795 (272736145015)
Friedrich Wasmann-Attrib."Fabric seller", German Biedermeier, oil/canvas, 1840s (272569260755)
"Lady in white dress", fine Austrian miniature on natural material, 1830s (271433933702)
Gustave Poetzsch (1868-1950) "Portrait of artist's daughter", oil,1917 (272799249757)
Louis-Nicolas van Blarenberghe (1716-1794)-School "Village dance", oil/canvas (272360834696)
Louis Hoguet (active in Potsdam) "Coastal landscape with fishers" (272402219864)
Joseph Ducreux (1735-1802) - Circle, "Portrait of a Musician", late 18th century (271155789949)
Hippolyte Bellange (1800-1866) "Scene from the Peninsular War", oil on canvas (272079723158)
Leon Brzezinski (1809-1865) "Portrait of Charlotte Butler", fine miniature, 1840 (272003971777)
Jean-François Favre-Attrib "French cavalry officer", fine enamel miniature 1780s (272768226488)
Boris Deutsch (1892-1978) "Stage project", Tempera, 1965 (271138499579)
"Flutist posing to a female miniaturist (spouse?)" large English miniature 1850s (273072258365)
Richard Schwager-?"Five Portraits of an Austrian Family",Miniatures on Porcelain (271334471836)
"Portrait of an Austrian (Bavarian?) general (prince?)", miniature/vellum, 1740s (271925262762)
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