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Gared Sports Endurance Playground Basketball Systems with Steel (GP105S60) (221192993456)
Palram 10x30 Joya Patio Cover Kit - White (HG8930) (332356011222)
Palram 10x38 Feria Patio Cover Kit - White (HG9338) (331772180629)
Palram 10x34 Feria Patio Cover Kit - White (HG9334) (331772182934)
Palram 10x28 Joya Patio Cover Kit - White (HG8928) (322676735258)
Palram Glory 8' x 20' Greenhouse (model HG5620) (321694350891)
Palram Feria Patio Cover 13' x 28' (model HG9228) (221720090344)
Palram 13x26 Feria Carport Kit - White (HG9141) (222257171975)
Palram 10x20 Gala Patio Cover Kit - White (HG9380) (222623285459)
Palram 10' x 30' Feria Patio Cover Kit - White (model HG9330) (221725092577)
Palram 10x24 Joya Patio Cover Kit - White (HG8924) (222623118776)
Palram 13x26 Feria Patio Cover Kit - White (HG9226) (222017163561)
Palram Arizona Breeze 5000 Carport Kit (HG9106) (222623160820)
Palram Glory 8' x 16' Greenhouse (model HG5616) (331503568477)
Palram 14 x 12 Roma Garden Gazebo - Gray (HG9180) (332110517117)
Palram 8x20 Bella Hobby Greenhouse Kit - Silver (HG5420) (331769033073)
Palram 10x20 Joya Patio Cover Kit - White (HG8920) (332355989814)
Palram 13x20 Feria Carport Kit - White (HG9140) (222257165277)
Palram Arizona Wave 5000 Carport Kit (HG9105) (322676854774)
Palram 10' x 24' Feria Patio Cover - White (model HG9324) (331514204215)
Palram 13x20 Feria Patio Cover Kit - White (HG9220) (322001227598)
Palram 8x20 Balance Hobby Greenhouse Kit - Green (HG6120G) (331769089207)
Palram 10x18 Joya Patio Cover Kit - White (HG8918) (222623106219)
Palram Arcadia 5000 Metal Carport Kit (model HG9100) (321698406120)
Palram 8x16 Bella Hobby Greenhouse Kit - Silver (HG5416) (222013494256)
Palram Americana 12' x 12' Hybrid Greenhouse (HG5212) (321693465175)
Palram 10' x 20' Feria Patio Cover - White (model HG9320) (221725054638)
Palram 8x16 Balance Hobby Greenhouse Kit - Green (HG6116G) (321997303130)
Palram Glory 8' x 12' Greenhouse (model HG5612) (321694322898)
Palram 8x20 Skylight Storage Shed Kit - Tan (HG9820T) (332294867905)
Palram Feria Patio Cover 13' x 14' (model HG9214) (321700554420)
Palram 8' x 20' Snap & Grow Hobby Greenhouse - Silver (model HG8020) (321698366397)
Palram Chalet 12'W x 10'D x 8.85'T Aluminum Greenhouse Kit (model HG5400) (221713718158)
Palram 10x14 Joya Patio Cover Kit - White (HG8914) (322676629767)
Viktor Shvaiko Les Noces de Jean framed Canvas HAND SIGNED FINE ART, MAKE OFFER (281274493398)
Alfa Wassermann Model NExCT 402444-1 Chemistry Analyzer Biochemistry Automated (162172144496)
Bio-Rad BioRad Radiance 2000 Confocal Scanning System for Laser Microscope MRAG2 (150786989788)
Multiprobe Packard Multiprobe II EX AMPIIE1 Liquid Handler With Extra Parts (160689323088)
Applied Biosystems Mariner API/TOF Biospectrometry Workstation Mass Spectrometer (181318138755)
Tecan SPECTRAFluor Plus Microplate Reader with Xfluor Software TESTED GUARANTEED (182708833567)
Molecular Devices Threshold Contaminant Detection System & Manifold & Software (161221464841)
ANTEK 8060 Equimolar Detector Nitrogen liquid chromatography HPLC-CLND (160866783054)
Wallac TriLux MicroBeta 1450-030 Liquid Scintillation Luminescence Counter (160773330319)
LC Packings UltiMate Capillary and Nano HPLC system (150831065693)
Rigaku R-AXIS IV X-Ray Protein Crystallography Diffractometer w/ Software (161893550050)
Perkin Elmer MicroBeta Jet Liquid Scintillation & Luminescence Counter 1450-027 (161247818946)
Beckman Coulter Epics XL-MCL Flow Cytometer System & Software and Manuals (181205580400)
Bas Bio-Analytical Systems Honeycomb Refrigerated Fraction Collector (160846867219)
CCS Packard MiniTrak Multi Position Microplate Dispenser System With Computer (151177724634)
Bio-Rad Bio Rad ProteomeWorks Spot Cutter System & UV Enclosure With Software (160681226840)
Zetalif Picometrics Laser Induced Fluorescence Detector LIF-SA-03 (161100593046)
Millipore P440 x 500 Chromatography Biochromatography Production Column Moduline (151049567412)
Amicon K40 Portable Chromatography System (151062199401)
Qiagen M48 BioRobot Automated Workstation Software Included: (151017922258)
Sysmex CA-1500 Automated Blood Coagulation Analyzer with Manuals/Documentation (182930592760)
Ionalytics Selectra Mass Spectrometry Ion Filtering Instrument & Temp Controller (160853341598)
Thermo Matrix SerialMate Automated Microplate Pipetting System W/O Head *NEW* (152200707005)
Argonaut Technologies Surveyor Process Synthesizer & Argonaut Reservoir (150993220701)
Roche Diagnostics JE379 Magna Pure LC Nucleic Acid Purifier + PC & Reaction Tips (162671304592)
Blueshift Biotechnologies MDS Isocyte DL 2-D Anisotropy Fluorimeter Imager (182130310320)
Thermo Matrix PlateMate Plus Automated Liquid Handling System with 96/300µL Head (162164887157)
Coy Laboratory Products 1 Person Hypoxic Chamber O2 Control InVitro Glove Box (162699123440)
Zymark SciClone Microplate Pipettor & Misonix Aura750 L-Series Exhaust hood (161031528914)
Wave Biotech Reed Technologies Thermasept 1 REEWelder (161186596185)
Mettler Toledo Myriad ALLEX Automated Workstation (151063695958)
BioTek Precision 2000 96/384 Well Automated Microplate Pipetting System software (150989047889)
Light Tools Research Speedlight Gel Documentation System (160966629022)
Millipore M AIR T Environmental Air Tester ATASPLR01 with Calibration Records (162564007985)
Qiagen M48 BioRobot Automated Workstation w/ Consumables & QIAamp DNA Blood Kits (181985639947)
Zymark Tpw II Tablet Processing Workstation (181832985118)
Custom Liquid Handler J-Kem Scientific (161045743272)
BMG Labtech NEPHELOstar Laser-Based Microplate Nephelometer (151980795672)
Advanced ChemTech Vanguard Semi-Automated Synthesizer (161041467900)
Perkin Elmer Wallac 1450-025 MicroBeta TriLux Liquid Scintillation and Luminesce (151063591914)
Hewlett Packard Multiprobe 204 Robotic Liquid Handler With Computer Operational (151062680578)
Perkin Elmer 377 Prism DNA Sequencer Applied Biosystems (150982222346)
Affymetrix Agilent GeneArray Scanner G2500A & Power Module (160746635167)
BARNSTEAD STEM Thermo Scientific ELECTROTHERMAL ATS10116 Synthesis System (161145114073)
FUJIFILM Luminescent Image Analyzer LAS-1000plus & Intelligent Dark Box II (151102866218)
BIOCAD 700E PERFUSION CHROMATOGRAPHY WORKSTATION Perspective Biosystems (150858063546)
GE Healthcare Ettan Digester / Gilson 215 Liquid Handler with Protective Hood (182362589630)
Organon Teknika BacT/ Alert BTA 120 Continuous-Monitoring Blood Culture Systems (160942465570)
BioGenex EZ-Retriever V.2 i6000 Microwave Antigen Retrieval System 107°C 110V (162327919160)
Advanced Analytical Micro PRO Microbial Detection System (152199955838)
Titertek MAP-C2 Agar Dispenser Cat # 52045 Microplate Washer - Stacker (150878804988)
Applied Biosystems ABI Prism 7700 Sequence Detector System (150828071089)
Bio-Tek Instruments uQUANT Microplate Spectrophotometer (181186110614)
BIOSYS Bioreader 3000 Auto Macroscope ELIspot Plate Reader Computer & Software (162221565480)
Dynal Biotech AutoRELI 48 Hybridization AUTO Reli (150849652181)
BioTrove 20572 OpenArray AutoLoader 20353 for OpenArray Real-Time PCR System (152327008299)
Meso Scale Discovery MSD 1250 Sector Imager 2400 HTS Plate Reader (152588384995)
Affymetrix Genetic Microsystems GMS 417 Arrayer + Vacuum Pump, Software & Manual (152249080180)
DKI David Kopf Instruments 607W Hydraulic Microdrive Control with Micro-Drive (151934386487)
Bio-Tek ELx405 Microplate Washer with Bio-Tek Valve Module (182575663099)
kD Scientific Ultraspense 2000 Dual Microplate Dispenser (161000789846)
IN/US Systems Beta Ram Model 2B Soft Gamma Isotope Detector (160693114197)
Gilson 215 Nebula Series Liquid Handler & Valve Mate 2 Actuator (181436605161)
Brandel Cell Harvester with CH-055 Control Module & Wash Pump & 12 Liter Vessel (151024776130)