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1980 Hawaii/Chinese Abstract Oil Painting "Hawaii Reflections" by Lau Chun (Thi) (122935755253)
1974 Hawaii Oil Painting "Three Children Playing" by John Chin Young (Tan) (122665318537)
1970s Egyptian Painting "Desert in Blues" by Farghali Abdel Hafiz (b.1941) (Stea (122310868190)
1960s New York Oil Painting "NY Boat Harbor" by Reuben Tam (1916-1991) (002) (263024388157)
1990s Hawaii Oil Painting 30"x 48" "Napali Coast, Kauai" by Michael Powell (MoJ) (292111845633)
US Acrylic Painting "Halloween Nightmare before Christmas" by Eric Robison (Wa) (122705949089)
1982 Hawaii Koa Framed Oil Painting South Point Grasslands by H.D. Wishard (Mat (122310867523)
1983 Haitian Acrylic Painting "Yellow Dress" by Louisiane Saint Fleurant (Stea) (122310867529)
1925 NY Expressionist Oil Painting "Self Portrait" by Paul Meltsner (Mun) (122310869095)
1901 British Framed WC Painting "Fistral Bay" by Reginald Smith (1855-1925) (Geo (122310869092)
1967 Hawaii Huge Oil Painting "Koolaupoko, Windward Oahu" by Hajime Okuda (And) (292371402847)
1985 Hawaii Oil Painting "Lahaina Shoreline, Maui" by Hajime Okuda (Med) (263388572041)
2003 Balinese Oil Painting 47"x 35" "Pasar Bunga" by Pranagung (b.1954)(TJ) (292119790875)
1918 English Mixed Media Painting "Madura Market" by Charles Bartlett (Uem) (291999811037)
'70 Chinese/Hawaii Oil Painting "Haleiwa Joe's @ Haiku Gardens" by Lau Chun (Par (292425660958)
1961 Hawaii Oil Painting "Open Sea Sunset" by Charles S Marek (1891-1979)(Rub) (263461409912)
1910s Gilt Framed Oil Painting "Girl in the Meadow" by Emmet Owen Smith (Yir) (292243426055)
1970's Hawaii Acrylic Painting "Big Island Grazing Cows" by Guy Buffet (Mar) (262806918507)
1917 NY/CA Landscape Oil Painting by Kenneth Hayes Miller (1876-1952) (New) (122935752473)
1980s Mixed Media Painting "Gustav Klimt Reimagined" by Michael Stringer (StB) (292111901426)
UK/ Hawaii Koa Oil Painting "Coffee Hula Dancer" by Alaina deHavilland (Xan) (123021560389)
1970 Chinese/Hawaii Oil Painting "Seated Girl in Red Dress" by Lau Chun (Uem) (122935755255)
1995 Hawaii Oil Painting "Punahou School Buildings" by Kelly Sueda (808) (262933149839)
1935 Hawaii Oil Painting "Beaches & Breaker" by Shirley Russell (1886-1985)(New) (122935752487)
1994 Hawaii WC & Pencil Painting "Hypnotic Male Hula Dancer" by Brian Ibaan(Blo) (291999806655)
2014 Hawaii Framed Painting on Silk "Picking Flowers" by Kristi Kranz (Xan) (123023403517)
Chinese Framed Brush Painting "Guilin River Landscape" by Fung Sau Fung (Chab) (262806913744)
1770s Belgium Oil Painting "Interior Scene" by Jan Josef Horemans II (1714-90) (291999811064)
1957 Hawaii Matted Ink & WC Painting "Princess Kaiulani" by Madge Tennent (San) (122310868169)
1915 WC Painting "Tropical Landsc" by George Overbury (Pop) Hart (1868-33) (New) (263461430846)
1960s Hawaii Chinese WC Painting Waves Crashing on a Beach by Hon Chew Hee (Hee) (292475306154)
1940 Hawaii Oil Painting "Mokuleia Beach" by Shirley Russell (1886-1985)(New) (292351234265)
Masterpiece 1930-1939s Antique Muted Dyes 10x14ft Wool Pile Legendary Hereke Rug (122208685074)
Masterpiece Rose Dyes Vintage 1980-1990s Silk Pile 8x8ft Decorative Oushak Rug (142560058803)
Authentic Cr1900-1939s Wool Pile 4'5"×6'1" Pictorial Blue Mosque Hereke Rug (122978550566)
Masterpiece Vintage 1980-1990s Large 10x14ft Natural Dyes Decorative Oushak Rug (122910120764)
Masterpiece Dyes Antique 1930-1940s Legendary Signature7x10ft Prison Hereke Rug (142542658379)
Breathtaking Turquoise Ca1900-1939s Antique 7x10ft Wool Pile Armenian Hereke Rug (122531537335)
Breathtaking Turquoise Ca1900-1939s Antique 7x10ft Wool Pile Armenian Hereke Rug (122368171660)
Primitive Antique Cr1900-1939s Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh 8'x10'7" Wool Pile Rug (142518599084)
Masterpiece 1940-1950s Vintage 7'8"×11' Wool Pile Armenian Oushak Rug (142709767284)
Exquisite 1940-1950s Vintage 8'x9'10" Wool Pile Armenian Oushak Rug (142709754874)
Stunning Antique 1940-1950s Indigo Blue 5x11ft Tribal Dowry Rug (141168123984)
Masterpiece 7x12ft Vintage 1950-1960s Nagorno-Karabakh Wool Pile Armenian Rug (142375976217)
Primitive Beautiful Vintage 1960-1968s Teal Blue 9x12ft Wool Pile Oushak Rug (122786846207)
Exquisite Antique 1930-1940s Wool Pile 7x10ft Vegy Muted Dyes Oushak Rug (142705737898)
Vintage Beautiful Legendary 8x11ft Indigo Blue Wool Pile Hereke Rug Turkey (142169633736)
Stunning 1930-1940s Antique 6'6"×12' Nagorno-Karabahk Region Soumak Rug (122723473076)
Masterpiece Vintage 1950-1960s Natural Dyes 7x10ft Sivas Jail Hunting Hereke Rug (122552777077)
Indigo 1930-1940s Henna Dye Antique 5'9"×11' Nagorno-Karabahk Region Soumak Rug (142517658386)
Exquisite Antique 1930-1940s Muted Ivory Colors 7x10ft Wool Pile Oushak Rug (123012572717)
Gallery Size 8x10ft Gold-Ivory Colors Wool Pile Armenian Oushak Rug (142708787656)
Breathtaking Turquoise Ca1900-1939s Antique 7x10ft Wool Pile Armenian Hereke Rug (142377082569)
Masterpiece 1930-1939s Antique Wool Pile,Vegy Dyes 8'7"×12'7" Hereke Rug (142707431189)
Masterpiece Antique Cr1930-1949s Muted Colors 9x13ft Wool Pile Oushak Rug (142543710398)
Exquisite Vintage 1950-1960s Henna Dyes Wool Pile 7'8"×12'6" Oushak Rug (122755140301)
Muted Colors Antique 1920-1930s Legendary 8x12ft Wool Pile Hereke Rug (122366939373)
1980-1990 Vintage Vegy Dyes 9'×12'5" Paky-Afghan Ushak New Zealand Wool Pile Rug (142133600906)
Masterpiece 1940-1950s Vintage 7'6"×9' Wool Pile Armenian Oushak Rug (122999081337)
Exquisite Antique Cr1940-1950s Multi-Colored 7'5"×11'9" Wool Pile Dowry Rug (142565935589)
Stunning 7'6"×11'11" Antique Cr1900-1939s Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh Soumak Rug (122609618456)
Masterpiece Vintage 1980-1990s Muted Natural Dyes 8x10ft Wool Pile Oushak Rug (142551130428)
Large Natural Dyes Ca1900-1939s 8'x12' Wool Pile Hereke Rug (142287983808)
Large 1940-1959s Vintage 7'7"×11'8" Wool Pile Natural Dye High-End Hereke Rug (122809525959)
Genuine Ca1900-1939s Antique 8x11ft Wool Pile TurkishHereke Rug (142185613646)
Breathtaking Cr1930-1939s Antique 8'5"×10'5" Wool Pile Armenian Hereke Rug (122992503274)
Masterpiece Vintage 1950-1960s 8x11ft Indigo Blue Wool Pile Dowry Rug (122531661836)
Decorative Muted Dyes 7x10ft Vintage 1970-1990s Wool Pile High-End Oushak Rug (122997535120)
Breathtaking Cr1930-1939s Antique Wool Pile 7x10ft Sage Green Hereke Rug (142717229821)
Masterpiece 8x11ft Antique Cr1930-1939s Muted Natural Dyes Armenian Ushak Rug (122559230985)
Breathtaking Turquoise Cr1900-1939s Antique 8x12ft Wool Pile Armenian Hereke Rug (142712042485)
Exclusive Antique Cr1930-1939s Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh 6'x8'9" Rug (142532904840)
Masterpiece Antique Ca1900-1939s 8x11ft Mured Natural Henna Dyes Ushak Rug (142461394009)
Antique 1930-1940s Muted Dyes 8x12ft Wool Pile Floral Patterned Hereke Rug (142327325047)
Late 1900s Antique 7x10ft Armenian Wool Pile Ottoman Hereke Rug Must See (122369419802)
Stunning High-End 8x11ft Vintage 1980-1990s Multi-Colored Wool Pile Ushak Rug (142204740784)
1930-1940s Exquisite 7'5"x10'3" Vegy Red Kurdish Gabbhe Rug Turkey (122256809040)
Genuine Cr1900-1939s Antique 7x10ft Wool Pile light Turqoised Colors Hereke Rug (142378144320)
Masterpiece 6'6"×11' Antique Cr1900-1939s Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh Soumak Rug (142441833407)
Stunning 6'5"×12'3" Antique Cr1900-1939s Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh Soumak Rug (122563927223)
Pre-1900s Antique 9x12ft Natural Dyes Flat-Woven Armenian Kilim (122498080436)
Breathtaking Vintage 1940-1950 8×12ft Wool Pile legendary Hereke Rug (142341941147)
Masterpiece Antique 1930-1939s Virgin Wool Pile Henna Dyes 8x12ft Dowry Rug (142565783336)
Masterpiece Cherry Red 1930-1939s Antique 9x12ft Legendary Hereke Rug (122647998378)
Fine Vintage 1950-1960s Natural Henna Dyes Wool Pile 6'9"×11'4" Oushak Rug (142539683328)
Stunning Pomegranate Red Cr1920-1939s Antique 8x11ft Wool Pile Hereke Rug (122208908414)
Muted Antique 1930-1939s 9'9"×13'7" Wool Pile Armenian Hereke Rug (142166933902)
Breathtaking Turquoise Cr1930-1940s Antique 3x11ft Wool Pile Hereke Runner Rug (142368828788)
Masterpiece Antique Cr1930-1939s Nagorno-Karabakh 4'7"×8'5" Armenian Rug (122749135877)
Masterpiece Antique 1930-1939s Wool Pile 3'5"×7" Sage Green Dye Oushak Rug (123013870120)
Masterpiece 6'5"×11'2"Antique Cr1900-1939s Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh Soumak Rug (142424876352)
Antique Cr1900-1939s Muted Colors,9x12ft Wool Pile Decorative Oushak Rug (122720950458)
Stunning Cr1920-1939s Teal Blue Dyes 5x8ft Turkish Tribal Rug (142720550164)
Large 8x11ft Gold Natural Dyes Vintage Ushak Rug (122391827135)
Masterpiece Antique Cr1900-1939s Natural Dyes 6'5"×9'4" Armenian Ushak Rug (122616771141)
Masterpiece Antique1930-1940s Wool Pile 9x12ft Muted Dyes Legendary Hereke Rug (122874118791)
Pre-1900s Exclusive 7x10ft Antique Flat-woven Kilim from Transylvania-Romania (122440309603)
Rare Antique Cr1900-1939s Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh 7x10ft Wool Pile Rug (142298421532)
Exclusive 6'6"×13' Antique Cr1930-1939s Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh Soumak Rug (122663725351)