Top Practical Gifts and Gift Ideas for Female Athletes under $100

Buying for an athletic woman can be tricky, you want to get her something she'll use and that matches her interests. To help you out, we've put together a list of the top gifts for female athletes.

Updated July 2024

#1 Veggie Bullet Spiralizer

The Veggie Bullet is the must-have kitchen gadget for any female athlete who lives for vegetables. With it, she can spiralize her veggies, make zoodles and much more.

#2 Surfboard

Surf's up with this gift. If she's the kind of female athlete who revels in the water, she'll probably take to surfing like a duck to, well, water. If she already surfs, make sure you get her preferred size board.

#3 Tumi Voyageur Nylon Tote Bag

There's nothing more annoying than carrying two bags around - one for gym clothes and the other for work. The Tumi Voyageur provides an elegant solution to this problem. Made of nylon, it's durable and has a laptop sleeve to keep her computer protected.

#4 Smart & Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Reuseable water bottles are now the norm, which is good news for the environment. But they can get a bit gross inside after a few years use. Self-cleaning models utilize UV light to keep the inside squeaky clean and germ-free.

#5 Car Bike Rack

If she doesn't have one already, a bike rack that allows her to take her mountain bike anywhere she's exploring will make a welcome gift. Choose a brand that is highly rated to keep her performance bike safe.

#6 Performance Helmet

Extreme sports are called that because they carry a risk factor. Help her stay safe out there with a highly rated performance helmet. She can use it for BMX, motocross, skiing, climbing and much more.

#7 Powerful Compact Hair Dryer

If she's running to the gym before work or during her lunch breaks, she might need to dry her hair before she hits the office. A powerful but compact hair dryer will get the job done quickly without taking up too much space in her bag.

#8 Nike Compression Sports Bra

As many female athletes will tell you, Nike makes the very best compression sports bras on the market. These crop tops can stand up to any impact sport she's involved in and keep her snug and secure.

#9 Bicycle Conversion Kit

A bicycle conversion kit turns any bicycle into an electric bike. Even if she's super fit and loves to cycle everywhere, she'll be grateful for a little assistance on the steepest hills and when a head wind hits.

#10 Medicine Balls

The humble medicine ball is often overlooked but athletes who are serious about their resistance training and CrossFit know that these weighted balls are always useful. Choose a set that includes different weights.

#11 Smart Yoga Mat

Yogis around the world are raving about the world's first smart yoga mat. It might be slightly gimmicky, but a self-rolling yoga mat certainly makes for a novel present. Perfect if she's always the last one out of class.

#12 Shock Absorbent Trekking Poles

Serious trekkers know that trekking poles are a must, especially on steep inclines and declines. Shock absorbent poles make even the hardest treks that little bit more comfortable.

#13 Freediving Fins

Athletes around the world are increasingly turning to freediving to increase their breath control skills. Help her get involved in this popular sport with a set of specialized light-weight freediving fins.

#14 Home Gym Suspension Equipment

If she loves the gym and resistance training but can't always get there because of other commitments, home suspension equipment is the solution. This gear takes up minimal space and provides a gym-worthy workout.

#15 Sous-vide Immersion Cooker

Sous-vide is a style of cooking that involves poaching meats, fish or vegetable inside a water bath. The food comes out succulent and juicy and there's no need for extra oil or fats. Perfect for the health-conscious cook.

#16 Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor

Most wearable performance trackers will swiftly stop performing if they get wet. With a waterproof version, she can track her heart rate and other variables while she knocks out laps in the pool.

#17 Show No Love Tennis Skirt

Tennis fashion is having a moment ever since the Williams sisters upped the ante and stepped onto the court in less than traditional garb. If she loves tennis and fashion, she's sure to adore a Show No Love tennis skirt or skort.

#18 Cycling Shoes

As any athlete will tell you, indoor cycling around a proper circuit is fantastic exercise. The big downside is the rental shoes. Save her from that pitfall with a new pair of cycling dedicated shoes.

#19 Basketball Hoop

She doesn't have to be a basketball player to enjoy this gift. A basketball hoop is a fun way to get some extra exercise in at home. If she has kids, they'll also get some use out of this present.

#20 High-Powered Blender

A female athlete who doesn't make herself a daily or bi-weekly shake (at least) is rare. If her old blender is on the brink, a new high-powered version that blitzes healthful concoctions makes for a welcome gift.

#21 Fitbit

Smartphone pedometers are so 2010. These days it's all about wearables. They are more accurate, look sleek, and all the essential info is transferred to an app on her iPhone or Android device.

#22 Adjustable Pillow

She can't perform without getting a full and satisfying night's sleep. That's where Pillow of Health comes in. These sleep wonders are made of an adjustable fiber filling and high-grade memory foam.

#23 Headphones for Swimming

If you're buying for a woman who loves to smash out laps in the pool, a set of waterproof, swim-proof headphones is a great gift idea. Because they're wireless, she can connect them to her phone and listen to her favorite tunes while she swims.

#24 Camelbak Backpack

An enduring favorite with outdoorsy people, Camelbaks are backpacks filled up with water. The wearer can access this water through a long, flexible straw without having to stop hiking or running to take a drink.

#25 Eagles Nest Hammock

Hiking and trekking aren't all about the journey, sitting back and taking in the views is half the fun. If she's a mountain lover, she'll love a light-weight nest hammock to hang up outdoors and take five in.

#26 Wetsuit

Whether she's a surfer, a triathlete, a diver or an ocean swimmer, she'll always need a quality wetsuit. Buy one that is thick enough for the water she's in. 7 mm suits are for cold water, 5 mm suits are for temperate water, and 3 mm suits are best suited to warmer climes.

#27 Tennis Racket

If she's happiest on the tennis court and her old racket is looking a bit rough around the edges, she'll be delighted with a brand new, high-performance racket to power her serves and backhands.

#28 Heated Shiatsu Mat

Every female athlete needs a little zen time after training. A heated shiatsu mat can be turned on and placed anywhere, including her favorite chair or the ground. It targets the back muscles and gets rid of knots and tension.

#29 Skateboard

Is she always looking for new, fun, and exciting ways to exercise? If so a skateboard could be just the ticket. Skating provides a wicked core workout and it's a blast. Add some knee and elbow pads for a complete gift.

#30 Nike Free Runners

Nike's Free runners tap into the popular barefoot running trend. The idea is that these shoes are designed to more closely mimic the foots own natural range and footfall making for healthier running.

#31 Ski Jacket

If her favorite work out is skiing or snowboarding, you can't go wrong with a new ski jacket. Choose a style and a color that you know she will love and make sure it's warm and cozy.

#32 Sweatproof Wireless Headphones

Not all headphones are designed to withstand sweat and impact sports. To listen to music on the go, a specially designed pair is best. If she's a runner, these will make a cherished gift.

#33 Exercise Trampoline

She will be jumping for joy (and fitness) with a new exercise trampoline. These mini tramps are low to the ground and are much smaller than their backyard cousins. They are as effective as running and a lot more fun.

#34 Smart Jump Rope

If the female athlete you're buying for incorporates skipping into her regular workout routine, she'll love a smart jump rope. Using sensors on the handles, the smart rope can track how many skips she's made and much more.

#35 Polarized Ski Goggles

Does she hit the slopes as often as she possibly can? If so, help her protect her eyes from the damaging snow glare with a polarized ski mask. These vary in cost so you're sure to find one that falls inside your budget.

#36 Ab Roller

The humble ab roller is a home workout classic. They take the pressure off her neck and back while still hittings those abs. Choose a brand that's well made and high-end. Cheaper versions are often too flimsy.

#37 Merino Wool Base Layers

Hikers, climbers, and mountaineers always appreciate new base layers. Merino wool is a popular choice because it naturally draws moisture away from the body and helps with temperature regulation.

#38 Stylish Health Wearable

Fitbits and other wearable tech gadgets are great, but they are also pretty obvious on her wrist. The newest craze is for wearables that look like watches or even items of jewelry.

#39 Sports Camera

Is she a rising Instagram star or a fitness vlogger? If so, a durable sports camera that connects to her helmet or wrist will allow her to capture high-quality images and videos wherever she is.

#40 BCAA Vegan Protein Powder

Vegan health gurus and fitness fans can't get enough of BCAA vegan protein powders. These shake mixes are perfect for vegans who work out a lot and they deliver a full hit of branded-chain amino acids to keep her on-track.

#41 Golf Caddy

Is her old caddy looking a bit beat up and broken? If so, help her get around the green with ease buy buying her a new caddy. The price point varies greatly so you're sure to find something that suits your budget.

#42 Reversible Workout Leggings

Everywhere you look these days, leggings are on display. It's arguable that a female athlete can never have enough leggings. To make your gift stand out, go for a reversible pair with block color on one side and a pattern on the other.

#43 Boxing Bag

Is the woman you're buying for a hardcore boxer or kickboxer? If so, she'll love to have her very own boxing bag. She can hand it up in the garage or on the porch and do some damage during her home workout.

#44 Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical trainers combine a full-body workout and a cardio session into one nifty machine. They're also low impact so if she's looking after her knees, an elliptical will be appreciated. Ellipticals come in all sizes and price ranges so there's bound to be one inside your budget.

#45 Kettlebell Set

Kettlebells are among the most popular fitness equipment. And with good reason, swinging a kettlebell is said to target the whole body in one movement. If she's passionate about home workouts, you can't go amiss with a kettlebell set.

#46 Running Vest

In an ideal world, she would never have to run in inclement or cold weather. The reality is that runners hit the streets in all seasons. A high-performance running vest that keeps her warm is the perfect gift for a dedicated runner.

#47 Neoprene Swimsuit

Whether it's a boyleg, half-arm swimsuit or a traditionally cut one-piece, a neoprene wetsuit does double duty. It will keep her warm in the water and provide buoyancy. Gift this if she's a water babe or into watersports.

#48 Spin Cycle / Exercise Bike

Does she love spin class but doesn't always get to go? If so, a spin cycle bike that is easily set up in her own home is a great gift idea. She can power away on her bike while watching TV or listening to music.

#49 North Face Hiking Trousers

American outdoor apparel company North Face produce trousers which are flexible, lightweight, and warm. They make it easy to hike around and will not restrict her range of movement. Perfect for any outdoor pursuit.

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