Top Practical Gifts and Gift Ideas for Pregnant Mothers under $100

These wallet-friendly gifts for mothers-to-be are sure to put a smile on her face, and at under $100 each, they won't damage your bank balance.

Updated July 2024

#1 Fluffy Bathrobe

Give the expectant the gift of comfort with a fluffy, cozy bathrobe. The plusher it is, the better. If it has a hood and pockets, you're onto a winner. She'll love pulling it on during cold mornings and evenings.

#2 Flowers

Some gifts are classics for a reason. After all, who doesn't love receiving a big bunch of their favorite flowers? Add a personal note and you'll brighten up both her day and her living room.

#3 Stylish Diaper Bag

Becoming a mother doesn't mean giving up on style. With a cute handbag that doubles as a diaper bag, the soon-to-be mama can tote all her baby gear around and look good while doing it.

#4 Keepsake Locket

If you're looking for a sentimental gift, a keepsake locket fits the bill. The expectant mother can add an image of her newborn, his or her first curl of hair, or even a sonogram pic.

#5 Instant Camera

With a shoot-and-print camera, the expectant mom can take daily photos of her growing bump and have the snapshots in her hand instantly. These cameras are also great for family get-togethers and gatherings.

#6 Nintendo Game Boy

This gift might seem a little out there but trust us, new mothers get sick of watching late-night TV while feeding the baby. A Game Boy is a fun and funky present that will keep her amused. It's ideal for gamer moms.

#7 Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen

Gift the expectant mother a comfy and cozy night's sleep with luxurious Egyptian cotton bed linen. Since she won't get as much snooze time after the baby arrives, every minute of that sleep counts!

#8 Belgian Chocolates

While you're not reinventing the wheel with this classic gift, finding a pregnant woman who doesn't appreciate a box of excellent Belgian chocolate is a hard task. Add a handwritten note to make it more special.

#9 Prenancy Memory Journal

If you're buying for a woman who likes to jot down her thoughts or keeps a diary, a new journal to record all the moments of new-mom joy (and panic) is the perfect gift.

#10 Baby Clothes Starter Pack

A pack of baby clothes, containing all the essential onesies and muslin cloths she'll need, gives the expectant mother a complete set of newborn baby gear. Choose a gender-neutral color if you're not sure whether she's having a boy or a girl.

#11 Baby Carrier Sling

Wrap-style sling baby carriers are all the rage-they're comfortable, stylish, and affordable to boot. Mama's going to feel great with her newborn in a wrap, keeping baby right where they belong, close to her heart.

#12 A White Noise Machine

When babies first arrive, they are soothed by sounds that mimic what they heard in the womb. A white noise machine is a handy gadget that sits in the baby's room and lulls the newborn to sleep. It will also help her get some much-needed shuteye.

#13 A BIG Handbag

It's amazing what mothers manage to fit inside their handbags. From wet wipes to toys and everything in between, a mom's bag has to have some serious storage space. Gift the expectant mother in your life a stylish-and roomy-new handbag.

#14 Changing Table Organizer

As any mother knows, having everything you need to change the baby in one place is super helpful. Changing table organizers, either hanging or in a drawer, keep all the diaper change supplies within easy reach.

#15 Gourmet Meal Kits

Gourmet meal kits take the hassle out of dinner time. All the expectant mom needs to do is add the meat or vegetables of her choice, stir the sauce, and dinner is on the table in 15 minutes. This gift is perfect for mothers-to-be who already have kids.

#16 Pre-Packed Hospital Bag

Make sure that she's labor-ready for when the big day arrives. A pre-packed hospital duffle tote includes all of the essentials she'll need for a short stay in the maternity ward. From deodorant and Q-tips to toothpaste and breast pads, no detail has been overlooked.

#17 Cheese Board Set

While wine might be off the menu for expectant mothers, delicious cheese platters aren't. A stylish board and cheese knife set, delivered with some pregnancy-safe pasteurized cheeses and grapes, makes a social gift any cheese-loving mother-to-be will adore.

#18 Maternity Bra

With motherhood comes a change to bust size. A comfortable and stretchy maternity bra that does double duty as a nursing bra is a practical way to keep her feeling her best.

#19 A "Bump Box"

Can't decide on a single present? Go for a "bump box." These are made with pregnancy in mind and contain all sorts of delicious goodies and essentials for expectant mothers, such as prenatal vitamins and belly balms.

#20 Lambskin Rug

An ethically sourced lambskin rug is a popular gift for expectant mothers, and with good reason. Wool naturally regulates temperature and it feels super soft on baby's skin. These rugs also look good in both the nursery and the living room.

#21 Baby Food Cookbook

Every mother wants to give her baby the very best in nutrition. Help her be prepared with an organic baby food cookbook that will make sure her tot is well fed and happy throughout their earliest years.

#22 Slippers

A pair of comfy, cozy slippers are exactly what any expectant mother needs to rest her tired feet. Pregnancy takes a toll on the body, so she'll be grateful to slide her tootsies into some fuzzy footwear at the end of a long day.

#23 Pajamas

Choose a sleepwear set that will carry her from the maternity stage into nursing. Mama's definitely going to need some comfy clothes for lounging and bonding with her newborn. Opt for a material that's lightweight and non-irritating.

#24 Yoga Ball

Yoga balls are brilliant for both pre- and post-natal exercises and help support women during pelvic floor exercises. These giant balls are also just a lot of fun. When the baby grows up, he or she will love rolling it around the house.

#25 Baby Footprint Kit

Baby feet and hands only stay tiny for so long. With a footprint kit, the mom-to-be can make an ink printing of her little one's feet. Not so keen on ink? Choose a kit that makes a plaster imprint instead.

#26 Tea Sampler

She might have to kick her five-a-day coffee habit (or cut it back significantly) but you can console her with a luxurious tea sampler containing exotic blends and teas from around the world.

#27 Compression Socks

Pregnancy puts extra pressure on the venous system, particularly in the legs. Compression socks help with proper circulation. Plus, with loads of fresh colors and styles available, they're fun to choose and wear.

#28 Belly Butter

Even though every mother should be proud of the stripes she earns while growing her baby, a little extra care goes a long way. With a skincare set designed for expecting moms, you'll treat your loved one to soft, supple, baby-belly skin.

#29 Baby Massage Oil

Massages are a great way to help a newborn baby relax. They're also great for mother and baby bonding time. Choose a natural, unscented oil that is specifically designed for a baby's sensitive skin.

#30 Suede Loafers

Combining comfort with casual class, a good pair of suede loafers is the perfect gift for a mother-to-be. She'll appreciate not having to bend down to tie the laces, especially in the last few months of her pregnancy.

#31 Glass Fruit Bowl

Start by choosing a big, hand-blown glass bowl in a color and style she will love. Then personalize your gift by filling it up with her favorite fruits. It's a practical gift that also makes a statement centerpiece on her table.

#32 Maternity Jeans

Just because the expectant mother is dressing for two doesn't mean she has to ditch her favorite brand of blue jeans. Combining a comfy, stretchy waist with classic Levi's styling, these jeans will keep her looking and feeling good.

#33 Prenatal Massage

Treat a pregnant woman with a SpaFinder gift card that can be redeemed at spas all across the country. A prenatal massage will relax and rejuvenate her, making this unique gift one she'll be incredibly grateful for.

#34 Luxury Candles

Scented candles are an easy way to help a mother-to-be get some much-needed rest and relaxation. Plus, with all the colors and styles available, you can find candles that suit her home's decor, too.

#35 Indoor Herb Garden

If the woman you are buying for is a dab hand in the kitchen, she'll appreciate having a ready source of fresh herbs. Basic indoor herb gardens start at just $15. Self-watering "smart" herb gardens with LED lights cost a little more but require no ongoing maintenance - perfect for new moms.

#36 Beauty Box

If the woman you're buying for loves makeup, she'll adore a beauty box. It's a luxurious gift that's dedicated solely to her, not the baby.

#37 Nursery Wall Sticker

Wall stickers are an easy way to add some pizzazz to a plain room or wall. They're also affordable and look great. Make sure you know which kind of design and colors she loves.

#38 Washable Diapers

Eco-conscious mothers-to-be will love receiving this gift that keeps on giving. Reusable diapers have come a long way. Modern versions feature leak-proof panels, waterproof outers, and absorbent pocket inserts.

#39 Bassinet

Before the new arrival sleeps in a cot, many new mothers put their little ones to bed in a snuggly bassinet. Bassinets also make great portable cots because they are so light and easy to transport.

#40 Swaddling Wrap

Newborns sleep best when they are wrapped up snugly in a cozy cloth. Swaddling wraps help make the wrapping process easier on both new moms and their babes. Choose a wrap that's made from 100% cotton for extra comfort.

#41 Cozy Blanket

Whether it's cotton knit, wool, or chenille, a throw blanket is the perfect gift for a mother-to-be to carry out her pregnancy in comfort. When baby arrives, they can cuddle up together in something dreamy and soft.

#42 Classic Literature

If the expectant mother in your life loves literature, you can't go wrong with an elegantly presented set of world classics. Whether it's Dante or De Quincey, she's bound to find something she'll love to read.

#43 Baby Name Book

Coming up with baby names is one of the most exciting parts of a pregnancy. Any expectant mother (and father) will love leafing through a book that lists names from around the world.

#44 Designer Sunglasses

This gift does double duty. The mother-to-be will look fabulous and if her nights have been sleepless thanks to baby, dark shades the next day are a must. Select a shape and style you know she likes.

#45 Pregnancy Pillow

If an expecting mother is struggling to get some quality snooze time, a body pillow will save her from those long, sleepless nights. These are designed to provide total support to the pregnant form, ensuring she gets the most out of her slumber.

#46 Bath Bombs

Help the mother-to-be relax and unwind in a luxurious scented bath. Bath bombs are an affordable gift and they're always received with pleasure. Who doesn't love a long soak at the end of the day?

#47 Infinity Scarf

A light cotton or jersey infinity scarf in a color or pattern she loves is a multi-purpose gift. Not only will the scarf look stylish, but it can also be used as a nursing cover if she likes.

#48 Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon's smart speaker will bring AI-powered, voice-activated technology into the mother-to-be's home. With help from Alexa, she can check the weather, play her favorite tracks, create shopping lists, and much more.

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