Top Practical Gifts and Gift Ideas for Grandmas under $100

For many of us, our grandmothers played an active role in our upbringing. In return for all that love and care, show the grand dame in your life some love and appreciation with one of these top gifts for grandmas under $100.

Updated July 2024

#1 Polaroid Camera

Digital photos are fantastic, but it's sometimes fun to take a photo and see the results instantly. Polaroid cameras allow photographers to do just that. Grandma will love snapping shots of the family.

#2 Pearls

Pearls are an enduring style fav and never ever look bad. Many people think that pearls are expensive but for under $100, you can give your grandma a freshwater, cultured pearl necklace and earring set.

#3 Retro Edition Scrabble

Scrabble is a fun way for your grandmother to play games with her grandkids - and show off her repertoire as a wordsmith. Hasbro recently released heritage sets featuring wooden tiles and tin packaging.

#4 Digital Picture Frame

Unlike a traditional picture frame, digital frames are dynamic and can display multiple photos, one after the other. Simply use a USB stick or an app to transfer several of her favorite snapshots to the frame.

#5 Car Key Finder

Finding the car keys is a daily struggle many of us go through. A car key finder is a nifty invention that allows grandma to whistle or use a paired remote to find the misplaced keys.

#6 Vintage Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are the gifts that keep on giving. Start with a sleek, sterling silver bracelet then add a charm on her birthdays, Christmases, or to celebrate special events and dates.

#7 Bullet Blender

Help your grandma get involved in the smoothie craze sweeping the nation. Bullet blenders are easy to use, clean, and store. To make your gift extra special, include a smoothie recipe book. She'll be blending kale in no time!

#8 Giant Yarn

Knitters around the world are going crazy for giant yarn. And no wonder because it's super fun and super easy to make large-scale rag rugs, scarves, and jumpers. You have two main options, jersey or wool.

#9 New House Plant

Have a green-thumbed grandma? Give her the gift that keeps on giving with a new house plant. From hanging basket ferns to small, mantlepiece cactuses, plants are sure to be welcome in her home.

#10 Historical Fiction

Historical fiction often blurs the genre lines between literary fiction and popular novels. Give her a rollicking good read with murder, mystery, romance, and intrigue. It's the perfect gift for grandmas who love to read.

#11 Amazon Kindle

Digital e-readers eliminate the need for overcrowded bookshelves. Buy your grandma a Kindle and she will never be out of reading material. Plus, with many books going for less than $1 on Amazon, it's affordable to preload a few novels into the device for her.

#12 Snorkel Set

Snorkeling is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to see the underwater world. With a snorkel set, your grandma will have everything she needs to find Nemo and all his reef-dwelling friends.

#13 Garden Gnome

Would it really be grandma's garden without a classic gnome or five? There are gnome limits when it comes to these guys and gals. Position her new gnome in the garden behind her plants for a fun surprise.

#14 An AM/FM Radio

A classic AM/FM radio means your gran can tune in to her favorite talk-back shows, news, and music programs. Listening to the radio is a great way to stay in touch with current events and all the latest music releases.

#15 Yoga Mat and Matching Carry Case

If your grandma is dedicated to flexibility and all things related to yoga, you can't go wrong with a brand new yoga mat. Pick one with a matching carry case for extra functionality and aesthetics points.

#16 Goose Down Pillows

If your grandmother has never slept on a goose down pillow before, she is in for a real treat. Goose down is the soft, natural plumage that sits under the larger feathers. It's a natural insulator too.

#17 Electric Blanket

Does your grandmother live in a cold, chilly place? If so, give her the gift of a warm and cozy night's sleep. Electric blankets help battle the cold and aid circulation. Make sure the one you choose has an auto-off safety feature.

#18 Fitness Tracker

Help your beloved grandma make sure she's getting enough exercise every day. Pedometers and fitness trackers utilize wearable technology and motivate people to move more. You can pair the tracker with her smartphone, too.

#19 Gardening Tools

In a similar vein, if your grandma likes to get out and about in her garden, a new set of hand-held gardening tools are just the ticket. Get a set with comfy, ergonomically designed handles.

#20 Wind Chimes

Wind chimes add some fun and levity to any patio or garden, not to mention the pretty clinking sound they make in the breeze. Choose chimes that suit the decor of your gran's outdoor seating area.

#21 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The 21st century is well upon us and it has brought what could be humankind's greatest invention yet: the robot vacuum cleaner. These devices are ideal for grandmas with a limited range of movement as they take care of the floors autonomously.

#22 Her Favorite Cookie Tin

Big tins of cookies are a multi-purpose gift; after the Scottish shortbread, gingerbread, or custard creams are gone, the tin does double-duty as a quaint storage container. Go for a retro tin for maximum grandma points.

#23 Beach Cover Up

Kimonos in light cotton make for the perfect beach cover-ups. They're ideal for keeping the sun off the body and they look and feel bright. Even if your gran likes to flash some flesh on the beach, she'll like the practicality of a kimono-style cover.

#24 Floral Wallet or Purse

Floral wallets and purses are enjoying a comeback and it's easy to see why. Whether with a large-scale or a dainty print, these wallets look girly, feminine, and always chic. Choose one that has all the essential compartments gran needs.

#25 Foot Massager

There's nothing better at the end of the day than a relaxing foot massage. At-home massagers come in all different styles and forms. Whether it's a bubbly foot spa or a heated massager, a tool to help her feet relax will be welcome.

#26 Perfume

Whether she loves all perfumes or prefers to stick to a few known brands, your grandma will be happy to receive a bottle from you. Depending on the season, go for a light breezy scent like Daisy or a heavier classic like D&G.

#27 Bird Feeder

Help bring her garden to life with an elegant and practical bird feeder. Once positioned and filled with seed, these fun garden accessories draw all kinds of birds to the yard. She will love hearing them singing over her morning coffee.

#28 Retro Lolly Jar

Start by finding a big, retro glass jar with a matching lid. Then, fill it up with her favorite sweet treats. For visual impact, fill the whole jar with jellybeans in a single color. Don't worry if she can't eat them all, there will always be grandchildren to help her out.

#29 Espresso Machine

Making good Italian coffee at home is easier than ever before. With an espresso machine, your grandma can get her coffee fix simply by popping a pod into a slot and pressing a button.

#30 Merino Slippers

Slippers are a popular gift for a reason. To make your gift stand out, avoid the lower end of the market and aim high with a luxurious pair featuring Australian Merino wool. Your grandma's feet will thank you for it.

#31 Watercolor Set

Does your grandma have a wildly artistic side just waiting to break free? Help her unlock her creativity with a watercolor set. Combining brushes with paints and the right type of heavy paper, a complete kit is all she needs to get started.

#32 Bath Caddy

Make sure grandma has everything she needs to enjoy her soak in peace with a bath caddy. These nifty shelves sit over the bath's brim and store bath salts, soaps, loofahs, and more.

#33 Statement Luggage

There's nothing worse than waiting at the baggage claim area and missing your luggage because it looks exactly like everyone else's. Help your grandma avoid this with bright yet classy bags.

#34 Handmade Pottery Bowl

If your grandmother loves a rustic charm vibe in her home, she will adore a handmade pottery bowl. Fill it up with her favorite nuts and fruits and you have a complete gift.

#35 Eternal Roses

Heritage blooms in a color she loves will brighten up both her day and whichever part of the house she places her roses in. Classics never go out of fashion and roses always fit the bill.

#36 Ornate Picture Frame

What do you buy the woman who has everything? An image of you to dote on, of course! Choose an ornate frame that suits her style, then add a picture of the two of you together. If you can find one, a pic of her on her wedding day makes a novel gift.

#37 Old Fashioned Teapot

There's something about the drama and process behind brewing tea in a traditional teapot that makes it so much more enjoyable. Whether it's glass, enamel, or china, gran will appreciate the gift - and hopefully, make you a cup of tea!

#38 New Bed Linen

Who doesn't love brand new bed linen? Go for a complete set including duvet covers, pillowcases, and a fitted sheet in a pattern she loves. You're all set to bring some joy to her day and her bedroom.

#39 RFID Blocking Passport Cover

Does your grandmother jet-set around the world or love to take lengthy vacations in the sunshine? If so, a slick and sleek passport cover in a design she loves is bound to make her happy on her next jaunt.

#40 Glasses Chain

We're not saying all, but some grandmas misplace their glasses from time to time. If your grandmother finds herself doing the same, a chain for her glasses is an elegant way to keep them around her neck.

#41 French Cookbook

Grandmas who revel in concocting lush sauces and complicated dishes will appreciate the finer elements of classic French cooking. If you manage to show up in time for beef bourguignon, even better.

#42 Aromatherapy Oil Burner

Aromatherapy is a fantastic way to help your gran get some rest and relaxation. Start with a classic oil burner and add a few oils with her favorite scents. Consider lemongrass, lavender, and patchouli.

#43 Blow-Dry Brush

Women around the world are falling in love with their blow-dry brushes. These handy style tools brush and dry the hair without the need for two separate steps. Plus, because there's heat involved, gentle curls and waves are a breeze to create

#44 Le Creuset Cookware

Le Creuset is recognized across the world as makers of the finest cookware. While many of their cast-iron products for serious cooks reach $400 or more, some items, such as the Signature Skillet, fall within our $100 budget.

#45 Luxury Hand Cream

Not all hand creams are created equal. Without splashing too much cash, you can gift your grandma the kind of thick, luxurious hand cream that feels like a real treat on her hands.

#46 Smartphone Bumper Case

For well under our $100 budget you can gift your loving grandmother some protection for her smartphone. If she's anything like the rest of us, it's all too easy to drop one's phone and then have to deal with a cracked screen, or worse, repairs.

#47 Pet Bed

OK, OK, this one might be geared toward her furry companion than gran herself. But if she dotes on her fur baby, she's sure to dote on you for upgrading her beloved to a brand new, fluffy bed.

#48 Car Seat and Chair Massager

Combining heating technology with in-built massage programs, dual-purpose car seat and chair massagers are the perfect way to keep grandma warm and comfy. Plus, those massage programs help boost circulation.

#49 Face Powder

If your grandmother is the kind of grande dame who never leaves the house without her lipstick on and matching her pumps, a powder pack is a simple gift that will put a smile on her face. Go for an upmarket brand.

#50 Sun Hat

Is grandma the outdoors type? If so, she's sure to go through a few sun hats each year. Choose a broad-brimmed style in a style and color she adores. You can't go wrong with this classic gift.

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