Top Practical Gifts and Gift Ideas for Women in their 30s under $100

Struggling to decide on what to buy a woman in her 30s? We're here to help with this bumper list of gifts for under $100. Whether she's house proud, the outdoorsy type or anywhere in between, you're sure to find something here.

Updated July 2024

#1 Luxury Picnic Set

Nobody hates going on a picnic, and with a luxury picnic set, she'll be enticed to do more of them. Containing everything she needs for an al fresco lunch in a heritage wicker basket, a picnic set is a sweet gift that keeps on giving.

#2 Smart Security Camera

Every woman wants to feel safe and secure in her own home and smart security cameras can help with that. These cameras link to the home's WiFi connection and, via a smartphone app, deliver footage of the area they are positioned in.

#3 Silver Hip Flask

Is festival season around the corner? If you're buying a gift for a woman who loves to get out and about in the party scene, a fun hip flask is a great gift. Choose a design that fits snugly in her pocket.

#4 Bone Conduction Headphones

Despite bone conduction being touted as the greatest headphone invention since sliced bread, the technology has been in use for hearing aids for a long time. Bone conduction headphones offer a superior listening experience and are perfect for a woman who loves music on her commute.

#5 Bonsai

Bonsai trees are specially grafted from a wide range of trees and shrubs. Don't let their diminutive size fool you, a well-tended bonsai can be over 100 years old! As a general rule, the bigger they are, the older and more expensive the bonsai.

#6 Mini Wine Fridge

Good wine needs to be stored correctly so that it maintains its quality and its future resale value. A mini wine fridge is a perfect gift for a woman who's serious about her wine collection - whether she drinks the bottles or keeps them!

#7 Smart Lightbulb

Clapping to dim or turn off the lights is so last century. These days, one can ask the lights to dim or to switch off completely. Smart lightbulbs work in conjunction with AI assistants (think Siri and Alexa) and link to a home's WiFi.

#8 Sephora Shopping Spree

Gift cards, although practical, can feel a bit impersonal. But if you're gifting her a shopping spree in one of her favorite stores, she will be happy. A gift like this is good for when you don't know her exact tastes well.

#9 Air Purifier

Air quality matters and if you're buying a gift for a woman who lives in the middle of a busy city, you can't go wrong with an air purifier. Make sure the model you choose has a HEPA filter to really get rid of all the nasty bits in the breeze.

#10 Hammock Chair

Hammock chairs combine the best qualities of chairs and hammocks together. If she has a large porch, one of these swinging seats will be a fun and super comfy addition.

#11 Miraclesuit Swimsuit

Few swimsuit brands have been as successful as Miraclesuit. That's because their one-piece swimsuits are well made, comfortable, and flattering. A Miraclesuit might not be the cheapest pair of bathers you'll ever buy, but she's sure to love them.

#12 Pocket Espresso Machine

Are you buying a gift for an absolute caffeine addict? If so, a pocket espresso machine could be just the ticket. These little gadgets make a novel gift and pack a punch in terms of humor value too.

#13 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

In the summertime, the only thing better than a portable Bluetooth speaker is a waterproof version. These little gadgets pack a surprising punch when it comes to volume and they're the perfect beach or poolside companion.

#14 Michael Kors Slim Runway watch

Several higher-end brands, including Anne Klein and Michael Kors, make women's watches that are sleek, slick, professional-looking and within our $100 budget. We're loving the Michael Kors Slim Runway watch.

#15 Large Egyptian Cotton Towels

When it comes to bath towels, the bigger and plusher they are, the better. Here, Egyptian cotton has the edge. Go for as high a thread count as you can and she'll be pleased to pull on one of these after a bath.

#16 High-End Sunglasses

Whether you go with a classic warfarer vibe or the oversized, acetate squares that are currently gracing the catwalks, a pair of designer sunglasses will be well received by any woman who loves fashion.

#17 Wool Trench Coat

The classic wool trench coat will never go out of style. Whether you stick to neutral colors such as tan and camel or spice it up a bit with red or blue, a new wool trench is sure to be appreciated; these coats are smart, sophisticated, and warm.

#18 Babyliss Curling Machine

This isn't your run of the mill iron. Instead, the Babyliss curl machine creates the kind of curls that women once needed a hairdresser's help to make. If she takes excellent care of her hair, she'll adore this machine.

#19 Hiking Equipment

Does the woman you're buying for love getting out and about in nature? If she's a hiker and goes out trekking on foot, quality hiking equipment from a well-known and trusted brand such as Patagonia makes a practical gift.

#20 Statement Vase

If you are buying for a woman who is house proud and always makes sure her living room looks like it belongs in a magazine, a statement vase is a good gift choice. Just make sure that the style you choose will suit her aesthetic.

#21 Satin Pajamas

Getting into bed just feels more special when you're wearing something smooth and sleek. Satin pajamas come in such a wide range of styles from cute to sexy so you're sure to find something she will adore.

#22 Sleep Sound Machine

As many women in their 30s do, the woman you're buying for might juggle motherhood and her career. Getting a quality night's sleep is more important than ever. Smart, sleep sound machines are a gem when it comes to tackling insomnia and other sleep issues.

#23 Rag Rug

Rag rugs have been blowing up the pages of interior design magazines lately. And with good reason; they are hardy, practical, and perfectly capture that boho-chic vibe. Get a large one for under her coffee table or her bedroom.

#24 Amazon Alexa

Amazon's smart speaker, Alexa, brings AI-powered tech into any home. Being able to talk to her speaker and create shopping lists, listen to music, and order groceries while she does other things in the house is fun and saves time.

#25 Kayak

Getting out on the water and taking some time to paddle around is relaxing and great exercise. If she's an outdoorsy type, a kayak gives her the opportunity to explore the waterways too.

#26 Silk Robe

It might be a popular gift but there is something so luxurious about a long, silk robe in a plush color or pattern. Having something this chic to pull on in the mornings is guaranteed to put a smile on her face.

#27 Air Fryer

As delicious as fried food is, it's notoriously unhealthy. Air fryers, which, as the name suggests, do the work of a frier with a minimal amount of oil, provide a healthier alternative. This is a good gift for women who love kitchen gadgets and those who champion a healthy lifestyle.

#28 DVF Wrap Dress

Ever since Diane Von Furstenberg released her iconic wrap dresses, they have been a wardrobe staple for many women. They are also your best choice when gifting clothing to a woman if you're unsure of her exact size; the cut means a wrap dress will generally fit one size up or down.

#29 Giant Inflatable Unicorn

They say that our 30s are the new 20s, so why not stretch out the fun a bit longer? Giant inflatable unicorns are a talking point and they're the perfect gift if she's got a few pool parties on her summer calendar.

#30 YSL Lipstick Pack

The only thing better than one YSL lipstick is three. These lipsticks are known and loved across the world for their wearability and moisturizing qualities. If her lips are always on point, a new YSL lipstick pack is the perfect gift.

#31 Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers make the perfect gift for women who love to cook and women who loathe cooking. Because she can throw all the ingredients into the cooker and they will cook fast and marry the flavors together well, it's a time-saving device too.

#32 Doc Martens

An enduring favorite, German-made Doc Martens come in a variety of styles and colors. They add a bit of edge to any outfit and are also super comfortable. If she's a fan of music, gigs, and the rock scene, she'll love these boots.

#33 French Perfume

Is she a Chanel 5 kind of woman or does she favor Jean Paul Gaultier? French perfume is loved by women around the world and is always a welcome addition to her dressing table.

#34 Crystal Wine Glasses

Is the woman you're buying for a wine buff who knows her Semillon from her sauvignon? If so, you can't put a foot wrong with high-quality glassware. Crystal wine glasses look fabulous and feel luxurious.

#35 Gold Plated iPhone Case

If you're buying for a gift for a woman who seems to have everything, try a gold-plated iPhone case. These look more expensive than they really are and will help protect her phone.

#36 Foot Spa

Immersing her tired feet into a heated foot spa at the end of a long day at work will be pure bliss. Foot spas have both cosmetic and health benefits. Add a bottle of her favorite aromatic oil to make this gift more special.

#37 Limited Edition Art Print

Limited edition prints of artworks and photographs are sometimes released when a recognized artist produces a new work. These prints often accrue value over the years, too. If she's an art buff, a quality print makes for an unusual gift she'll love.

#38 Premium Red Wine

If you're looking for a special gift and she loves fine wine, a collector's bottle or a red from a good year is an excellent choice. Try to find out which grape varieties she prefers before choosing a bottle.

#39 SodaStream

Soda streams create fizzy water out of still water by adding carbon dioxide. This healthy alternative to traditional sodas contains less sugar and is super easy to make at home with a SodaStream.

#40 Gold Hoop Earrings

People often wrongly assume that all gold is expensive. But a pair of 14-karat gold or gold-plated hoop earrings fall just within our $100 budget. If she's doesn't wear gold, go with white gold or silver.

#41 Bread Maker

The smell of freshly baked bread in the mornings can't be beaten. A bread maker with a programmable timer can be preloaded and set to start baking at any time. This gift is great for a woman with kids.

#42 Leather Laptop Case

For a woman on the go, a functional yet stylish leather laptop case that doubles up as a briefcase is just the thing to take her from the boardroom to lunch with clients.

#43 Kenneth Cole High Heels

Whether she prefers a kitten heel, a court shoe, or a pair of towering stilettos, a new pair of high heels is the ideal gift for a woman who likes to invest in her shoe collection. Opt for brands such as Kenneth Cole to stay within budget but still buy quality.

#44 Lululemon Yoga Pants

It seems the humble yoga pant has been elevated to a style icon in its own right and Lululemon yoga pants sit at the top of the heap. They're stretchy, comfy, form-fitted, and double stitched for durability.

#45 Standing Desk

The trend of standing while working is sweeping the nation. As sitting proves to be worse for us than we once thought, these standing desks can make a real health difference. If she's always on her computer at work, these tools can provide a much-needed break for her back.

#46 Garden Furniture Set

Does she hang on her porch or balcony a lot? If so, a brand new set of garden furniture is sure to make her smile. Go for a material that weathers well such as rattan or bamboo.

#47 Children's Storage Unit

Does the woman you're buying for have children who love to strew their belongings throughout the house? If so, a children's storage unit will encourage them to sort their toys and games out and give her a break from the mess.

#48 Dinnerware Set

If the woman you're buying a gift for loves hosting dinner parties and having friends around to eat, a complete set of matching plates will go down a treat. Go for a style you know she'll like.

#49 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Buying a woman a vacuum cleaner is a fraught affair. Husbands and boyfriends: this is not a suitable gift for your anniversary. However, if she's been complaining about the old vacuum and it's not a special date, she'll love an easy to maneuver cordless stick vacuum.

#50 Silver Candle Holders

Classic silver candle holders not only help light up a dinner party they also provide a statement centerpiece on her table. Styles vary from short and modern to tall and ornate. If she likes antiques, go for something from the previous century.

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