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25pcs 2N2222 (2N2222A?) NPN General Purpose Transistor TO-92 - GENERIC/UNBRANDED (234920081184)
2n3904 NPN Transistors Lot of 5 USA Seller (172123790125)
50 Pieces National Semiconductor MPSH10 NPN BJT Transistors TO-92 NOS US Seller (196260360368)
10Values 300 Pcs PNP NPN Power General Purpose Transistors Assortment Kit TO-92 (275344470276)
11 Fairchild 2N3568 NPN General Purpose Amplifier Transistor GL Globe Top NOS (226016253292)
6 GE D45H2 PNP Silicon General Purpose Power Gold Lead Transistor NOS (226016315863)
20, 50, or 100pcs 2n2222A General Purpose NPN Transistor TO-92 USA SOLD/SHIP (143832477473)
MPS8098-20 - MOTOROLA - NPN TRANSISTOR, 20 pack (335271445335)
USED Fuji EVL31-050 Transistor Module (186312674830)
100pcs 2n3904 General Purpose NPN Transistor TO-92 SOLD/SHIP USA (133521064097)
10X 2N3055 TO-3 NPN Amplifier Switch Transistor Audio Power Metal Case 15A/60V (115935782536)
ECG391 T-PNP SI-PWR AMP 1 (196260193326)
LOT OF (50) SAMSUNG 2N5401 Transistors: PNP, 0.6A (600 mA), 150V, TO-92 (223754450849)
ECG7000 IC-5W AUDIO AMP/MUTING (196260193365)
1 Fairchild 2N4121 PNP Silicon General Purpose Transistor NOS (355487057234)
6 Fairchild 2N3563 NPN Silicon Small Signal Transistor Gold Lead NOS (226016294073)
3 Fairchild 2N3641 NPN Gold Lead Small Signal General Purpose Transistor NOS (355487120732)
2 Fairchild 2N3638 PNP Silicon Small Signal Bipolar Gold Lead Transistor NOS (355487158375)
20x MP20 Vintage Russian Germanium PNP Transistors 50V Military (183270562986)
50~100Pcs BC547 BC557 BC549 BC517 BC337 BC548 BC327 NPN Transistor Triode TO-92 (192934441412)
2N2222A Genuine Motorola TO-18 Transistor Factory Original NOS SHIPS USA 1 piece (115590694697)
9 Fairchild 2N5139 PNP Bipolar Junction Transistor Gold Leads NOS (355487168497)
Portable 600pc 15Value NPN PNP Transistor TO-92 Assortment Kit Set /Box Hot (303665430314)
10PCS PACK 2N3055 NPN Power Transistor,: 10PCS PER PACK USA SOLD AND SHIP (133823444229)
Vintage Sylvania 3 Prong Silicon Transistor Part ECG159. lot of 2 (156078483494)
Vintage Sylvania ECG-128 NPN Transistor TO-39 NOS. lot 2 (156078508684)
USED 2SD711A Transistor (186312620232)
MPSA13 Motorola NPN 0.33W 30V 0.3A TO-92 NOS Vintage Transistors NOS (10pcs) USA (126236671873)
Telefunken TFK AF137 Germanium Transistors PNP NOS Lot of 5 (134807906418)
TO-92 Transistors NPN PNP 2N2222 2N2907 BC547 2N3904 2N5551 S8050 S9012 S9014 (266181610020)
General Electric 2N404 and 2N527 Transistors - Black Hat Semiconductor (256373794993)
AC 128 germanium PNP transistors Tungsram NOS Fuzz Face matched HFE 2pcs (126089285352)
Qty (10) 2N4403 TA Transistors, PNP, 40 V, 600 mAdc (284425995830)
3 Fairchild 2N915 NPN Bipolar Device Transistor NOS (355487104421)
NOS Tungsram AC125 z V Germanium PNP Transistor 1pcs *Tested Hfe/Leakage* Fuzz (266483053965)
RCA 40411 transistor NPN 30A 150w 90volt NOS (285614360307)
RCA SK3052 Germanium PNP Transistor (186312804462)
New OnSemi Transistors for Vintage Stereo Repair All the useful ones mix & match (125166875708)
NOS ECG = to NTE 157 171 184 185 186 188 189 190 210 211 228A 273 Transistors (373621447766)
50~100Pcs 2N5401 2N5551 2N3904 2N3906 2A2222A 2A2907 Transistor Triode TO-92 (195859821987)
HG 2SC1969 Transistors (193944281374)
10pcs BC550 General Purpose NPN Transistor TO-92 GENERIC US Ship (393816617927)
" 2N22222 2N3904 2N3906 2N4401 2N4403 2SA733 2SC945 2SA1015 (5,10,20 pcs) (295706230247)
Vintage Contraves Transistor Q0037, NOS (156078523411)
10 Pieces | 2N3772 NPN Planar Silicon Transistor New Original ST (164806921153)
Qty (100) 2N4403 Transistors, PNP, 40 V, 600 mA, 100 hFE, GP Amplifier / Switchi (275269199910)
S8050+S8550 NPN-PNP TO-92 Transistor Bundle Complimentary Pairs 50x 100x 200x (266395704961)
LOT OF 5 R212 N7261907 TRANSISTOR BY RCA (296220932217)
Portable 600pc 15Value NPN PNP Transistor TO-92 Assortment Kit Set With Box (294246448419)
NTE NTE332 Transistor PNP Silicon 100V IC=15A TO-220 Case Compl To NTE331 (186312411674)
2pcs~50pcs MJ2955 PNP +Insulating Silicone Pad 15A 60V Power Transistors TO-3 ST (391748073805)
MOSFET - IRF540N 100V 33A - Transistor for Arduino Pi TT (184357788067)
2N5303 Bipolar Silicon NPN Transistor 80V 20A TO-3 New Original MOTOROLA (302258393004)
2N4403 (10 pcs) PNP TO-92 Motorola Transistor - from USA (233878591661)
170pcs 17-value Bipolar Transistor TO-92 NPN PNP Assortment Kit Set (125436669188)
10pcs SI2300 SI2302 A2SHB SI2304 A4SHB SOT23 N-Channel MOSFET SMD Transistors (393982950116)
Lot of Seven NOS 2N2926 Transistors (296200313869)
2SK43 "Original" SONY JFET Transistor 1 pc (294411052963)
2SA144 A144 PNP Transistor by ROHM (296245641641)
AC176 Tungsram NPN Germanium Transistor NOS Tested - Choose hFE (125878300094)
10 PCS, 2N2222A, MOTOROLA, NPN, TO-18, , 40 V, .6 A, .5 W, HFE 50 MIN, FT 300 (225860718588)
Motorola 2N2222A NPN Amplifier and Switching Transistor, New, Package of 5 Each (335037420604)
TIP41 NPN Power Transistor 4 Pack (233496608950)
100pcs 2n3904 NPN Transistor TO-92 SOLD/SHIP USA (133521065788)
25pcs - 2N4401 General Purpose NPN Transistor - TO-92 - JSCJ (235087558017)

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