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Brand New STMicroelectronics M4T28-BR12SH1 TIMEKEEPER SNAPHAT Battery (113699896291)
2 (LOT) 2SC1514 Transistors (204105825285)
Brand New STMicroelectronics M4T28-BR12SH1 Battery Replaces Datex-Ohmeda 197230, (303118270115)
10pcs TIP120 Darlington Transistors TO-220 60V 5A NPN BJT ST for Arduino US (192616703738)
New Old Stock NTE2394 N-CH Enhancement Mode High Speed Switch Factory Sealed (125526628256)
NTE8139 - Thermal Cut-Off (TCO) 142 Degrees Celsius (363954750501)
Agilent MGA-81563 0.1-6GHz 3V 14dBm Amp SOT-363 (174775596074)
New OnSemi Transistors for Vintage Stereo Repair All the useful ones mix & match (125166875708)
USA seller 20 pieces Fairchild 2N7000 MOSFET N-Channel 60V 200MA Transistor... (132071031089)
10pcs 2N2222 2N3904 2N4401 2N5088 2N5089 2N3417 2N3903 2N5210 2N5308 NPN TO-92 (164462001000)
50pcs 25 pairs of 2SA733 & 2SC945 A733 /C945, TO-92 audio transistor USA seller (132397161290)
20, 50, or 100pcs 2n2222A General Purpose NPN Transistor TO-92 USA SOLD/SHIP (143832477473)
BC547 + BC557 (50 pair 100 pcs) NPN PNP Transistor Bundle TO-92 Transistor USA (265809721060)
TDA2003 (2 pieces) Audio Amplifier + 2gr Heat Sink Compound + Us Free Shipping (271329004854)
MOSFET - IRFZ44N 55V - Transistor for Arduino Pi TTL (183670835917)
5 Pcs IRF520 IRF520N TO-220 N-Channel IR Power MOSFET USA Seller free ship (131923184824)
20pcs IRF3205 IR MOSFET N-CHANNEL 55V/110A TO-220 HEXFET Power Transistor IRF (324328514167)
(10PCS) IRF9540 P-CHANNEL POWER MOSFET TO-220 3PIN (265718587582)
Vintage HITACHI 2SB77 Germanium PNP Transistors, Lot of 4, Free USA Shipping (204105924293)
HG (Hua Gao) 2SC2879 2PC-50PC (203290311114)
10PCS BS170 TO-92 New In-Line Field Effect Transi`gw (165657631411)
FLM1011-8F 1011-8 X Ku-Band Internally Matched FET TIM1011-8 (363980710543)
NTE 5720 Electronics Thyristor Module 90A 1.2kV (394266022667)
Vishay SIJ186DP-T1-GE3 MOSFET 60V Vds 20V Vgs PowerPAK SO-8L QTY 190 (155184767396)
LM317T Positive and LM337T Negative Adjustable Regulators : 5pcs each per Lot (352621483749)
MPSA06 Si NPN Low Power Transistor (QTY 25 ea)O38 (192166430124)
4pcs IRFZ44N N Channel MOSFET - WGSemi (234379917935)
Lot of 50 Texas Instruments CD4069UBE Hex Inverters (USA Shipped) DIP14 - 3V/18V (113977901220)
BC183 Texas Instruments W-Germany BJT NPN Bipolar Transistor OBSOLETE, 20 pieces (125197909978)
10 germanium transistors NKT275 Fuzz! (384237325517)
( 10 PCS ) MPSA92 High voltage PNP Transistor Motorola (165542528469)
2SC1507 (C1507) Transistor PNP 300V 0.25A 12W NEC (204105821831)
10Values 300 Pcs PNP NPN Power General Purpose Transistors Assortment Kit TO-92 (275344470276)
[2 pc] FJL6920 Power Transistor, High Voltage 800V, 200W FJL6920TU li (204105823386)
10pcs TG5S = OC71 Germanium PNP transistor 30V 10mA 75mW 1MHz - Made in Poland (333655645728)
( 100 PCS ) 2N3906 Fairchild PNP General Purpose Transistor (165430089275)
20, 50, or 100pcs Unbranded 2N3904 General Purpose NPN Transistor TO-92 GENERIC (234089664675)
Sharp PT1410 Photo Transistor - Lot of 5 - NOS (223255597046)
20pcs 2N2907A PNP Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor TO-92 - BRANDED (233260885447)
STMicroelectronics STU6N650M2 N MOSFET 650V 4A TO-251 IPAK 5PCS (155184569847)
2N4402 Fairchild Transistor Bipolar BJT PNP 40V 0.6A TO-92 (20pcs) SHIPS NOW USA (115545127152)
Hot Sell 10PCS MRF477 MRF 477 TO-220 RF Transistor (233091712892)
5 Pieces BU508A NPN Transistors 5A 1500V 125W | FREE US Shipping (164660360465)
50 x BC546B BC546 Transistor NPN 65V 0.1A - USA Seller - Free Shipping (132264856568)
50 pcs or (25 Pairs) of 2N5551 & 2N5401 to-92 Transistors USA Seller (132265048386)
20 x 2SC945 C945 TO-92 NPN transistor - US Seller Fast Shipping with Tracking (111922862218)
20pcs ao3401 a19t sot-23 p-channel mosfet smd transistor (361862970024)
20 x 2SA1015 A1015 TO-92 0.15A 50V PNP Transistor - US Seller Fast Shipping (111826793278)
20pcs ao3400 a09t sot-23 smd n-channel mosfet transistor (391571402892)
1 Piece 2SC2688 Original New NEC Transistor C2688 (204105821455)
25PCS 2N5087 PNP 50V 50MA. GENERAL PURPOSE TRANSISTOR (254512415127)
2N2907A (50/100/200 pcs) BJT-PNP Transistor TO-92 Small Signal 2N2907 USA SHIP (265797707026)
2N3904 NPN Transistor (50/200pcs) TO-92 Small Signal 2N3904 FREE USA SHIP (265802699407)
100pcs TO-3 Thermal Silicone Rubber & Fiberglass Composite Insulator Pad 0.3mm (372688887906)
2N404A NTE Electronics TRANSISTOR PNP GERMANIUM 40V 150MA TO-5 (2 Pieces) U.S.A. (115545141731)
10pcs LM334Z TO-92 Adjustable Current Sources and Temperature Sensor LM334 (201025469615)
2SD880 NPN "Original" TOSHIBA Transistor 2 pcs (293484576217)
PRECISELY Matched Quad (4PCS) of THF-51S (with curve tracer data) TOKIN SIT FET (234294576444)
10 PCS MBQ60T65PES TO-247 60T65PES High Speed Fieldstop Trench IGBT (293506674189)
MOSFET - IRF540N 100V 33A - Transistor for Arduino Pi TT (184357788067)
(4 Pcs) MJ2955 PNP Power Transistor, TO-3 Package (185176319945)
Peak Atlas DCA75 PRO Semiconductor Tester (183841971389)
MOSFET IRF520N (9.7A 100V - Logic Level) (Arduino / TTL) (174313003632)
(3 PC) 2N5058 Texas Instruments Transistor NPN Silicon 3-Pin TO-39 New (225184295788)
20N60C3 SPP20N60C3 (5x) MOSFET N-Ch 600V 20.7A TO-220 CoolMOS by Infineon (272795842997)
TO-92 Assortment NPN PNP DIY kit 15 value 600pcs Transistor (272663535702)
4 pairs 8pcs of ST TIP142 NPN & TIP147 PNP DARLINGTON Tran 100V 10A USA SELLER (132423287216)
5 Pcs Fairchild MPF102 RF Amplifier JFET TO-92 Fast USA 1st Class Shipping (175303346776)
Dual-Gate MOSFET Breakout PCB / BF998 or BF2040 / Device is Pre-installed (225169377728)
2SC3955 Transistor 3 pcs (204105824113)
10pcs 2N3771 Power Transistor TO-3 NPN (120881391618)
50pcs 25 Pair 2N3904/2N3906 TO-92 NPN 40V 200mA Transistor US Seller (132140764012)
STK0029 IC + Heat Sink Compound New SANYO (163688101461)
HG 2879C Transistor For Linear Amplifier Applications, Gain Matched Set of 4, (325166897499)
QTY-2 New Jersey Semiconductor 2SC1884 Audio Transistor TO-3 (115545050733)
20pcs MMBT4403 General Purpose PNP Surface Mount Transistor SOT-23 (233883571553)
5 Pairs 2SB647AC & 2SD667AC (B647A / D667A) Transistors ~Fast 1st Class Shipping (185378863966)
10pcs F60UA60DN TO-3P 600V 60A (275203518696)
(PKG of 10) TIP115 PNP Darlington Transistor, -2A, -60V, TEXET, TO-220 (303137674789)
2SB507-E / B507 & 2SD313-E / D313 : TO-220 : 2 pair per Lot (352723956538)
ECG17 PNP Si transistor (164374919737)
2SB716A & 2SD756A : B716A / D756A : TO92L : 3 pair per Lot (352630491089)
10 pcs MJE13003 NPN POWER Transistors 400 Volt 1.5 amp TO126 New USA seller (132071029613)
50Pcs 2N7000 MOSFET N-CHANNEL 60 Volts 0.2 Amps TO-92 New (201191320128)
10 x TIP41C TIP41 POWER TRANSISTOR NPN 100V 6A - USA Seller - Free Shipping (391974816218)
1 Pair IRFP9140N + IRFP140N IR Power Mosfet Transistors TO-247 USA (223964408834)
Lot Of 2 7-7141 (CA3080A) Vintage Metal Can ICs (193942566150)
Lot Of 7 VINTAGE 2N1027 GOLD LEADS PNP TRANSISTOR Free Shipping (125537939998)
2N4402 Fairchild Transistor Bipolar BJT PNP 40V 0.6A TO-92, 100pcs SHIPS NOW USA (125538203582)
2pcs Transistor BJT JFET MOSFET Darlington NPN PNP PickValue MrCircuit (334025595330)
TO-92 Transistor Assortment Kit 200PCS 480PCS 600PCS 840PCS 900PCS Transistor (313317974185)
Motorola 2N3440 Transistors Qty 5 NOS Gold Plated Leads Bottom (284469099911)
2N5551+2N5401 (50 pair 100 pcs) NPN PNP Complimentary Transistor Bundle TO-92 (265889645671)
MAC97A6 0.6A 400V Triac TO-92 (274633153602)
US Stock 10pcs J310 Transistor 2SJ310 J310 RF VHF UHF Amplifier TO-92 (371912430204)
BRAND NEW 4 PCS HG (HuaGao) 2SC2879 HG semiconductor USA SELLER! FREE FAST SHIP! (113901228561)

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