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Sandisk Infiniflash IF150 - 64TB - SDIF150-2Y80064M 12Gb/s SAS + LSI + 8 Cables (123899084871)
WD SanDisk InfiniFlash IF150 All-Flash Storage Array SDIF150-2Y80128M (142786573768)
WD SanDisk InfiniFlash IF100 All-Flash Storage Array SDIF100-2Y8M0000 w/ 2x PSU+ (152924909982)
New D-Link xStack DSN-4100 NSN4100C-B1G 16-Bay 3.5" SAS 3U iSCSI SAN Disk Array (392273932119)
Dell Equallogic PS6100 SAN Disk array 2x Type 11, 24x 1TB 7.2K SAS 3.5" HDD's (123911065086)
DELL PAE2S EMC CLARION 12 DRIVE SAN DISK ARRAY NG341 3 x 500GB 30 Day Warranty (263093390815)
Dell PowerVault MD3000i SAN Disk Array 2x X2R63 Controller 15x Caddies (264729575590)
Sun StorageTek 2500 SAN Disk Array 12-Bay P/N:P14617-02-G/ 406066-002 & 2x PSUs (274315011496)
Dell EqualLogic PS6500 SAN Disk Array Model: E02J 2x Control Module 7 No HDD (392059800590)
Dell PowerEdge MD3000 0HD SAN Disk Array 2x Power Supplies (264617461743)
Sun StorEdge 3310 RAID Dual-AC SAN Disk Array 595-6636-01 370-5403 370-5397 (150777564029)
1746A2D 1746C2A- IBM System Storage DS3512 12 3.5" Bay SAN Disk Arrary 6Gb SAS (382228515820)
Arena Maxtronic Janus II SS-6603R 3U iSCSI 32TB SAN DISK STORAGE ARRAY SYSTEM (401534560211)
1746A4D 1746C4A- IBM System Storage DS3524 24 Bay SAN Disk Arrary 6Gb SAS (382229625449)
Dell PAE2S / Emc Clariion AX150 12 Slot San Disk Array - 0NG341/100-561-402 (313122244376)
Emc Clariion San Disk Array KTN-STL4 - Dual Controller/2PSU/without HDD (313039989539)

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