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Supermicro 36 bay 4U Server Storage Chassis Extended ATX Ethernet Freenas (202805514541)
Synology DS214play + 3.0TB Drive (283750269784)
2076-224 Storwize V7000 Disk Expansion; 24-slot ** (153041306395)
NetApp DS4486 24 Port 48 Hard drive 4U Disk expansion array Shelf IOM6 NAJ-1101 (323986862658)
NetApp DS4246 Disk Array Shelf W/ 24x SATA Trays 2x IOM6 SAS Expansion Array (193058240594)
Dell CG87V / FHF8M POWERVAULT MD3600f MD3620f 4x 8GB Fiber Controller (293439431736)
Datadirect Hard Drive Network Array SS-600 w/ 60x DataDirect 3.5" SATA HDD Tray (383402356545)
Dell Powervault MD3200 12 SAS Storage Arays, 2 Controllers, 2 Power Supply (193338055312)
Dell Compellent SC200 EMM Controllers Dual Power Supply Ext Wty (223880628124)
NetApp DS4246 24 Bay 3.5" SAS Shelf, Dual IOM6, Dual Power Supplies, Accessories (331828000195)
EMC Isilon X400 Node 36x Trays 10Gb Ethernet chassis (202761803124)
Newisys 4U NDS-4600-JD-03 4U 60 Bay Direct Attach JBOD Storage w/ LSI 9207-8e (133123918800)
Premium Performance Options Dell MD3 PowerVault Storage Array E-Delivery (174170441797)
IBM 9843-AF11 00DH305 00DH515 00DJ316 4TB Flash Module (164077629480)
Supermicro 36 bay 4U Server Storage x8dt6-a-is018 2x E5603 Ethernet Freenas (323912277622)
HP StorageWorks AJ941A D2700 25-Bay 2U 2.5-inch SAS Disk Enclosure (233471148232)
Dell PowerVault MD1200 Chassis. Dual EMM, Dual Power (254388317809)
EMC SAE 25 Bay Expansion Disk Array w/o Hard Drives w/Caddies W/ Controllers (402089431440)
EMC2 KTN-STL3 15-Bay Hard Drive Enclosure (Holds up to 36TB) NO HDDs Included (202872451155)
NetApp RA-1402 DS14 MK2 w/14x Disk Shelf No HDD (233373652511)
Netapp DS2246 Storage Expansion Array 24 Bay 2.5" SAS Trays 2x IOM6 Controllers (202032340974)
AG638A REF HP Storageworks M6412 Fibre Channel Drive Enclosure (192839830621)
DELL COMPELLENT SC220 2x CONTROLLERS 2x PSU Ext Wty (223880684509)
** Intel AXX6DRV3GR Hot Swap Server Hard Disk Drive Cage w/ APPTHSDBKIT Fan Kit (114018743986)
HP QW967A D3700 25x 2.5" SFF Drive Bays 2x I/O Controller 2x Power Supply +Rails (362575553229)
Dell PowerVault MD1000 SAS/SATA Storage Array w/ 2x AMP01-SIM JT517 Controllers (264499923127)
Dell Powervault MD1200 - 2x W307K or 3DJRJ Controller - 2x PSU - No Drive/Trays (293475966212)
Dell Compellent SC220 24 Bay 2.5" 2x PSU 2x Controllers Rails Bezel SAS cable (153829189931)
HP StorageWorks AJ941A D2700 25-Bay 2U 2.5-inch SAS Disk Enclosure (123654672244)
HP 683232-001 3PAR M6710 2U SAS Drive Enclosure 2 Controllers 2 PS No Drives vt (283656034297)
NetApp DS2246 Disk Array Controller 111-01287+B1 111-00846+D1 w/ Battery CPU Mem (274248160043)
HP StorageWorks D2700 AJ941 Disk Enclosure 25 Bay SFF 2x 460W PSU 2x AJ941-04402 (182458487790)
400GB SAS SSD Solid State Drive 2.5" HUSML4040ASS601 SED XLNT! (184156244360)
4U Supermicro 45 HD Bay RAID Expander SC847E16-RJBOD LSI 9286CV-8eCC Cachevault (143380150164)
HP 3PAR QR490A M6710 24-Slot SAS 2.5" Disk Shelf w/Rackmount rails, HD Trays (401917204325)
Dell SC200 Compellent 3.5" Storage Array w/ 2x 0TW47 Controllers and 2x 700W PSU (264443710940)
QNAP TS-231 NAS (233442921650)
EMC VNX KTN-STL3 15 Bay Shelf with Trays (183952555392)
HP StorageWorks D2600 AJ940 12 Bay Disk Enclosure 12 Bay 2# (193174821244)
Dell SC200 Compellent 3.5" Storage Array w/ 2x 0TW47 Controllers and 2x 700W PSU (193187629020)
Dell N98MP E02M001 SAS Raid Controller Storage Array PowerVault MD3200 MD3220 (372950709159)
NetApp DS4243 NAJ-0801 Rackmount Storage Drive Array w/24x 2TB 3.5" Drives (303484902796)
Dell FFGC3 EqualLogic PS6100 LFF 24 Bay 3.5" SAN Storage Array Unpopulated (133312652074)
Dell Compellent SC220 24Bay 2.5" Faceplate 2x700W PSU + 2xEM01 Controller XM3KX (164002049254)
Drobo B800fs 8 Bay Network storage RAID System (333512209974)
Promise Vtrak J630s JBOD Storage Array Expander 3U 16 Bay w/ Drive Brackets (352840590352)
NetApp DS2246 24-Bay Disk Shelf X559A-R6, Includes Railkit and Cables, No Drives (333514110602)
Supermicro BPN-SAS-846A I-Pass 4U 24 BAY SAS / SATA DIRECT ATTACHED BACKPLANE (183991575616)
IBM STORWIZE V3700 2.5" 2072-24C 2072-S2C EXPANSION ENCLOSURE (352963566034)
Asustor AS3102T Ethernet LAN Black NAS (174100177589)
HP 3PAR M6710 2U 24-Bay 2.5" SAS Storage Array QR490-63012 + 20x Caddy (312972369787)
Dell Compellent SC220 E04J Hard Drive Storage Enclosure SEE NOTES (333445528765)
New D-Link xStack DSN-4100 NSN4100C-B1G 16-Bay 3.5" SAS 3U iSCSI SAN Disk Array (392273932119)
SuperMicro BPN-SAS2-826EL1 12-Port Bay SAS & SATA Expander Backplane SAS2 (174112118521)
NETGEAR ReadyNAS Ultra 2-bay RNDU2000-100NAS PREOWNED (184147453657)
United Digital SATAStar Cube SCSI-320 To SATA External Tower RAID | EonStor (274244244883)
NetApp Flash Cache 111-00902+C1 110-00200 + B1 2 512GB Tested Working (303438805806)
Newisys NDS-4600-JD-03 4U JBOD 60-Drive 3.5" SAS/SATA 6Gbps Hard Drive Enclosure (303192251166)
HP AJ940A Storageworks D2600 Disk Enclosure with Dual Power Supplies (254502360369)
Dot Hill FRUKA17-01 12-Bay SAS 3.5" Enclosure w/ 2x FRUKC54-01 Controllers 2xPSU (143507484649)
303-396-000B-00 12G SAS Controller EMC (153814594497)
Dell PowerVault MD1200 Chassis. Dual EMM, Dual Power (140904020244)
USB 3.0 to SATA External Hard drive Docking Station, Dual Bay &2.5" 3.5"HDD/SDD (232736851158)
Dell EqualLogic Type 14 Controller Module PS6100 594R6 61NCV JD2DG Complete! (184007374808)
EMC VNX SAE 25x 600GB 10K Array w/ 2x 6GB SAS LCC Controllers 303-104-000E (174156052957)
Host Bus Adapter PCI-E 3.0 SATA / SAS 8-Port SAS3 12Gb/s LSI SAS3008 9300-8i (173888295167)
EMC 005052385 3.84TB FLASH 6/12GB SSD SAS DRIVE P/N 118000566-01 (174165998297)
NetApp DS2246 SFF 2.5in SAS 24 Bay Enclosure (302853247499)
Dell Compellent SC200 Storage Enclosure 12x 2TB 3.5" HD 2x 0TW47 Cont 2x 700W PS (173909879640)
IBM 2072-ACLM V3700 Storwize 1.2TB 10K RPM 6Gb 2.5" SAS HDD 00Y2432 00Y5709 (163879360689)
EMC SAE SAN HDD Expansion Array w/ 2x SAS Controllers+ Great Cond. w/power 1736 (312959868938)
Intel AXX6DRV3GEXP 6 drive Hot-Swap Expander Kit (352070996814)
Synology RackStation RS2416RP+ NAS (402086125198)
Dell Compellent SC220 24-Bay Storage Array E04J XM3KX No Caddy HDD (264626854066)
Dell Compellent SC220 24Bay 2.5" 2x700W PSU + 2xEM01 Controller XM3KX (164030150868)
488948-001 HP Smart Array P812 RAID Controller Card 1GB 587224-001 (162142688859)
Final, $110 this week! SCALE-S-MMYY HC3  Network storage - 3 nodes, 4 TB each  (293451702260)
DELL TR5TP R740 GPU Cable (174190477848)
Drobo B800i 8-Bay Storage (264539882904)
SILICON GRAPHICS DS1100 (113174749511)
DELL EQUALLOGIC TYPE 11 CONTROLLER PS6100 PS6100E PS6100X PS6100XV E09M 7V250 (233493298762)
Xyratex RS-1220-E3-XPN-2, NEVER BEEN USED!!! (132720784037)
EMC Isilon NL400 Node 36x Trays Ethernet chassis (193060363031)
NetApp FAS3040 Filer NAS System with 2x Power Supplies (392268620447)
Nimble Storage CS260G SAN spare controller (324071196125)
Netapp FAS3240 NAF-0901 Filer Server Processor Array Storage Controller Unit (153791708908)
Isilon IQ 108NL Clustered Nearline Storage Array - No HDD (223509810284)
Wavlink External Hard Drive Docking Station,USB 3.0 to SATA&Offline Clone (232568487306)
HP StorageWorks MSA50 HD Included # P96 (324025073918)
EMC 100-563-109 VNX5300 2U Data Mover Enclosure (143461636664)
Synology ** 16GB RAM ** 5-Bay DS1515+ Diskless High Performance NAS Server (163956974986)
Dell PowerVault MD3200 Chassis, Dual Controllers, Dual Power Supplies (142998861035)
Promise Apollo Cloud 2 Duo 8TB Personal Cloud Storage Device (254490028580)
NEW for Dell EqualLogic KYCCH N7J1M C2F Power Module PS4100 PS6100 PS6110 PS6210 (223283673240)
EMC 3U 15 Bay 3.5" Disk Array Enclosure V31-DAE-N-15 (392485332041)
Dell PowerVault MD1000 STORAGE WITH RAILS DUAL P/S EMM CONTROLLER (131557709847)
Synology RS814 RackStation 4 Bay (283716303584)