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1x SKCM ORANGE ALPS Replacement TACTILE Keyboard Switch TESTED WORKING W O-SCOPE (282503272750)
1x SKCM AMBER ALPS Replacement CLICKY Keyboard Switch TESTED WORKING W O-SCOPE (282503302485)
x1 Key Cap Genuine OEM Part for Apple II Plus (II+) (382590235893)
1 ONE Keycap/Replacement Key Gray Apple IIc Keyboard CPU A2S4000 Computer (123648505276)
TRS-80 Micro Computer Technical Reference Handbook, PLUS TRS 80 CATALOG! (113646291476)
3.6v rechargeable CMOS battery 60mAh (NiCd/NiMH) for vintage motherboards & PLC (331034570308)
2 PACK RETAIL PACKAGED NOS New In Package 3M floppy Diskettes 5.25" DS DD RH (221292794992)
Atari 800 Individual Keyboard Keys (153366360269)
MOS Technology 6502 CPU (142786273993)
Commodore 64 128 TCPSer - TelBBS Adapter Swiftlink (333075870572)
Macintosh System Tools Version 6.0.8 Boot up Disk (352540166432)
MECC The Oregon Trail on NEW 5.25" Disk for Apple II+ IIe IIc IIGS (233118080448)
Rare Cray CX1 promo Flash Drive - Collectors Item - Function Not Guaranteed (183573166856)
Serial Cable Commodore 64 C64 Disk Drive & printer 1541 1571 3' L NEW USA Seller (173436582051)
Atari XL XE Replacement Power Cable for USB power supply (283340799495)
*NEW* Commodore C64 EasyFlash 3 PCB only (113603085549)
Atari Keyboard mylars NEW production run: Replacement for CO70015 – 002/003/004 (283368790504)
1MB lot 8pc NOS Micron 256x4 80ns 28-pin ZIP dual port VRAM memory FPM RAM Apple (183679543427)
*NEW* Apple II/IIe dual 6522 GPIO PCB -- Atmel/Arduino/Microchip (113646209948)
Belts 4 TRS-80 CCR-82 Cassette Rec. Radio Shack Tandy use w/ Model 100 computer (153372316537)
Mac 128k - 512k Boot / Diagnostics 2 Disk Set (352538554056)
NEW Apple Computer Macintosh Mac Color Classic PDS Ethernet Card LC Performa (272846522387)
486 tablet computer circuit board (292926132613)
Vintage Intel 88C196EC CPU die: Wafer was diced but dies were never packaged. (253268881316)
S3 Trio64 (86C765) 2MB PCI Video Card (Dell OEM, PG64V) (273675539801)
New Genuine Canon BC-10 Black Ink Cartridge Printhead (382744223530)
Texas TI-99/4A Audio/Video RCA Cable NEW Tested . (283372062478)
Keyboard cable for Apple Macintosh 128/512/Plus WORKING (for M0110/M0110A) (283348325662)
*NEW* Commodore C16 multi-game/ROM KIT cartridge PCB board 1X 27C512 EEPROMs (113631189576)
6 inch silicon wafer - Dallas Semi 1992 DS9103 Decoder Key + Flash memory (254065943549)
New International Software Catalog Atari 1040 ST/TT/Stacy/Mega/STE/Falcon New (173797436784)
Commodore 128 CP/M System Disk and CP/M Utilities (153354780565)
Apple LocalTalk Networking Box Genuine Macintosh AppleTalk 8-Pin DIN Transceiver (132947153965)
Sedona Software Money Mentor Manual For the Amiga (254127152564)
Macintosh 6.0.8 / 4 Disk Set 800k Disks (352538556081)
Apple II Raspberry card (323506214965)
Vintage Amptron PM8600 V5.5 Socket 7 Motherboard Tested With CPU and Memory (292965827402)
Commodore 1541-II 1581 Disk Drive Power Supply NEW (283374761450)
Set of 4 x Gear for Macintosh 512k Vintage Floppy Drive eject Mac Sony Apple (263868282137)
1989 The NeXT Book - Steve Jobs NeXT Cube Computer NeXTSTEP (372602697000)
Vintage Promise Technology IDE CTRL for LS120 / CD / Hard Drive Controller ISA (233007433285)
myMainframe on PC DOS360-DOSVS-MVS-VM370-MTS-MVT 420*SOLD FORTRAN COBOL (254127263963)
ONE (1) Vintage Original Apple Macintosh Mouse For 128k/512k Plus M0100 Working (123649872747)
Apple Powerbook 140 Vintage PARTS OR REPAIR BAD LCD (283382828875)
Glitch Works XT-IDE rev 4 Full Parts Kit XTIDE 8 Bit ISA IDE Interface XT IDE (273595971815)
Newtronics Mitsumi 1.2MB 5.25" Internal Floppy Drive FDD (D509V3) (264177683779)
Tandy Model PC-6 Pocket Scientific Computer (254126996228)
Power Supply for Commodore Amiga 500, 600, 1200 (142849684659)
Apple Macintosh mac 10key M0120 M0100 mouse M0110 keyboard lot (202599269106)
Texas Instruments TI 99/4A 32K Sidecar Memory Expansion Card WITH Case - NEW (283339727321)
Vintage Tandy Computer Products Pistol Grip Deluxe Joystick 26-3123 in Box (192828239545)
Vintage Original First Model COMPAQ Portable Computer VDU Board Tested Good (153381902470)
Microsoft Windows v3.0 1990 For DOS on 3.5" Disks - New In Box (192821193401)
New 3M Imation Floppy Diskettes SS SD 10 - 8 Inch 10 in a box unopened lot of 2 (333077503523)
Sun MicroSystems Javastation NC 'Krups' thin client w/ power supply, 64MB RAM (292965975124)
Apple Macintosh Mac IIGS 3.5" diskette drive A9M0106 (303064693617)
Zork II (Commodore Plus/4) INFOCOM NOS Sealed (183678928421)
VIC-1011A RS232C Terminal Type Adapter Cartridge in Box (183679118807)
XT CF ECO LITE V2 Bootable Compact Flash SSD 8 bit controller card XTIDE (123633266574)
Commodore 1571 Floppy Disk Drive Tested 100% c64 c128 (362548381689)
NEWKEY/80 Keyboard & Joystick Adapter for TRS80 Model 3 or 4 - NEW (223389791288)
PiDRIVE Raspberry Pi HAT 1541 1581 Commodore 64 128 Vic-20 Emulator OLED Pi1541 (332920694043)
Apple Macintosh Mac Plus 1MB M0001A boots, screen is crooked (202599292735)
HP 660LX Palmtop PC Color Micro Handheld Laptop Vintage Microsoft Windows CE (273704113106)
NEW XT-IDE rev 4 Assembled + Tested 8 Bit ISA XTIDE Glitch Works IBM 5160 5150 (273397153851)
Tandy PC-6 Programmable Pocket Scientific Computer w/ Book Vintage TESTED (173796958356)
COMMODORE C-64 Power Supply BRAND NEW *Commodore4ever PS-64led* (332769939085)
FinalGROM 99 FG99 FinalGROM99 SD reader TI 99/4a case manual NEW (283351671282)
MacOS Macintosh Poster "What's easy..." RARE ORIGINAL from Apple Computer 1995 (173797607795)
IBM Display Writer Floppy Drive Untested, For Parts/Repair (192825652672)
Amiga 2000 3000 4000 Video Toaster 4000 Card (163542434857)
Altair MITS 8800 CPU parts kit IMSAI S100 (143127979710)
Repaired Working Commodore Plus/4 Computer (machine only - see pics!) (303064144567)
SSI 263P / VOTRAX SC-02 chip (voice synthesis/speech synthesis chip) (283327467936)
Tandy PC-6 Programmable Pocket Scientific Computer Vintage Complete WORKS Great (292965692588)
Skywell Magic 3D II 3Dfx Voodoo 2 1000 12MB PCI 3D Accelerator Card (273705865203)
TeleVideo 990 terminal plus keyboard (283341290644)
Apple Macintosh Mac Plus 1MB boots M0001A (202599288973)
Apple Desktop Bus Keyboard for Apple IIgs 825-1302-B A9M0330 658-4081 (323565333959)
Vintage Rare Apple Extended Keyboard M0116 with Apple Mouse Model M2706 (401706483398)
Apple Macintosh Hard DIsk 20 M0135 drive works with mac plus / 512k etc working (202599263761)
1978 Perkin-Elmer Mini-Computer Vintage Concurrent Circuit Board (333076477479)
Vintage Apple Macintosh Classic Computer M0420 NO Keyboard & Mouse (123649486745)
Appears to be a APPLE II Plus Computer Powers Up! Free Shipping! (202599219948)
Kaypro 10 Computer (273697222223)
Superfo Harlequin 128 ZX Spectrum 128K clone NEW VERSION 3B Full Assembly Board (123644403198)
Vintage AT&T PC 6300 Desktop COMPUTER (401709266192)
Timex Sinclair 1500 Home Computer w/ Case, Recorder, & Technical Literacy Books (233134875920)
Apple Newton MessagePad 2000 w/ Keyboard & Rare Accessories In OEM Box (283382464363)
Commodore 128 Fully Tested, Working In All Modes - with Power Supply (233136017718)
Commodore Amiga A500 Vintage Personal Home Computer - Parts Repair (223396908656)
Applied Engineering RamFactor and Expander Card / Apple II Home Computers (352596141179)
Working Commodore Amiga 500 Computer In Original Box w/ Power Supply Mouse Games (123649658220)
Commodore 128D CR With Keyboard - Absolutely Mint!!! (163547595647)
Atari Falcon 030 with 14MB RAM and Internal 1GB CF Card. Rare (254127369775)