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PTFE Syringe Filter 13mm,0.22 um Pore Size,Hydrophilic NonSterile Lab Filtration (334078970344)
300pcs PES Syringe Filter 13mm /25mm/33mm Membrane Non-Sterile/Sterile 0.22um PP (266561722928)
100PCS Lab Supplies PES Membrane Syringe Filter Sterile 33mm 0.22µm Individually (266057348103)
4 Whatman Syringe Filter 25 PTFE Syringe Filter 1.0µm Pore Size 25mm Diameter (165984844260)
Whatman GD/X 25 mm Sterile PVDF Syringe Filter, 0.2μm Pore Size - 5 Pack (314914522651)
Lab PTFE Syringe Filter 0.22μm 25mm Non Sterile Hydrophobic Filtration (100PCS) (224170372790)
30/50/100pcs Lab PTFE Membrane Syringe Filter,0.22μm Pore Size13mm Hydrophilic (224159190159)
10/30/50/100Pcs Sterile Syringe Filter 33mm 0.22 Micron PES Membrane Hydrophilic (224109360159)
Whatman GD/X 25 mm Sterile PVDF Syringe Filter, 0.45 μm Pore Size - 5 Pack (314923819456)
Nylon Syringe Filter 13mm/0.2u,100/PK. HPLC, LY-1023 (202561863085)
10-100pcs PTFE Membrane Syringe Filter 0.22μm 13mm non-sterilized Hydrophilic US (256369561513)
500pcs PTFE Needle Syringe Filters 13mm 0.22 um Luer Lock Membrane High Flow LAB (335200147912)
1000PCS Scientific Syringe Filter PES(Polyethersulfone) 0.22μm 13mm/25mm/33mm US (335193179606)
500PCS Syringe Filter PTFE Type 0.22μm/25mm nonsterile Hydrophobic Filtration PP (266684513829)
100x Nylon Syringe Filter 13mm/25mm 0.45 um/0.22 m Hydrophilic HPLC Non-sterile (266683249495)
200pcs Nylon66 NY Membrane Syringe Filters 0.45μm 25mm No-sterile Hydrophilic US (266683274519)
10PCS Lab PTFE Membrane Syringe Filter 25mm 0.22um Hydrophobic Non-Sterile HPLC (335268073100)
13mm Diameter PTFE Syringe Filter 0.22 um Pore Size, Non-sterile, 10-100 pieces (354455914258)
10pcs Lab NY Nylon Syringe Filter 25mm 0.45μm Pore Size PP Prefilter Non-Sterile (226011321113)
10000PCS Syringe Filters PES Hydrophilic 0.22μm 13mm/25mm/33mm Membrane Diameter (335193178552)
10-100pcs Nylon Membrane Syringe Filter OD=13mm 0.22 Micron Plastic Disposable (334108152914)
Nylon Syringe Filter 13mm0.22μm Hydrophilic Disposable 100PCS Filter Hydrophilic (225883920108)
PES Syringe Filter 25mm/0.45u, 100/PK, HPLC, LY-1010 (204385828019)
Nylon66 Syringe Filter 25mm/0.45u , 100/PK,HPLC, LY-1011 (202763145482)
4 Whatman Syringe Filter Puradisc 25 Nylon Membrane 0.2µm Pore Size 25mm (165696364349)
100pcs Lab PES STERILE Syringe Filter 33mm Diameter 0.22μm Pore Size Hydrophilic (334073883340)
PES/PTFE/NY/GF Syringe Filters 0.22μm/0.45μm 25mm/13mm Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic (256372968462)
Syringe Filter PTFE Lab Filters Hydrophobic Filtration 0.45μm 13mm Non-Sterile (226012926350)
100PCS PES Membrane Syringe Filter 0.22μm/33mm Sterile Individually Hydrophilic (334194132133)
500pcs Nylon Syringe Filter 0.45-μm 25mm Hydrophilic Yellow Disc Neddle NY HPLC (256418546381)
100pcs PES Syringe Filter 13mm 25mm Diameter, 0.45 um 0.22 μm Pore Size HPLC Lab (334073905498)
Pall Acrodisc 25mm .45um Supor Sterile Syringe Filter (386409836232)
500pcs Syringe Filter PTFE Membrane LAB Disc Diameter 25 mm Pore Size 0.45um LAB (226012965790)
200pcs PTFE Membrane Syringe Filter Luer lock 25 mm 0.22 um PP Pr-filter for Lab (354456203532)
PTFE syringe Filter 13mm/0.2u, 100/PK, HPLC, LY-1025 (201602292335)
33MM Millex GV Sterile Syringe Filter w/ Durapore PVDF Membrane, 0.22µm, (INDV) (125727561181)
100PCS Nylon NY Syringe Filter 13mm 25mm Diameter 0.45 um 0.22 μm Pore Size HPLC (334078876428)
1000x PTFE Syringe Filters Filtration 0.45um Pore Size 25mm Membrane Hydrophobic (335164376273)
10x PTFE Syringe Filter 0.45μm 13mm Hydrophobic Non-Sterile Chemicals Filtration (226012926435)
(10) Cytiva Whatman 6872-2504 GD/X 25mm Syringe Filter with 0.45µm PVDF Membrane (134579434485)
Sterile Syringe Filters 0.22um pore dia 33mm Hydrophilic Blister Pack (41 count) (296247883827)
PLASTIC ECONOMY DIPPER; 6FT, 500ML, each (196206505608)
HPLC Syringe Filter PTFE 0.45 Micron Pore Size 25mm Diameter Non-Sterile 10 Pack (334690341514)

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