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60MM Sphere Large Crystal Ball Healing Stone (383912522134)
20 YOOPERLITE ITTY BITTYS free shipping Lake Superior Sodalite UV Reactive Rocks (313332692202)
Tiny Stones Crafters Collection 1 Lb Mix Natural Gems Crystals Minerals (363236421260)
6 LARGE Oco Geodes Collection Natural Crystal Agate Halves (362407736311)
1lb Crazy Lace Banded Agate Rocks Rough Natural Cabbing Tumbling Lapidary GA (153548102086)
10 Ounces of Guaranteed Gold Panning Paydirt | Pay dirt Concentrates Nugget (302441299042)
Quartz Crystal Collection 1/2 Lb Natural Clear Points Brazil (362029860146)
Labradorite Collection Feldspar Polished 1 Side Spectral Flash Cabochons (392767049385)
Raw Crystal Chunks - 1" to 2" Assorted Crystals Bulk - Mixed Lot Collection (324446720729)
3 lbs. Large Indo Seashells Sea Shells Best Price FREE Ship! (372402450270)
Abalone Shell Smudging Bowl Seashell Incense Burner, 5-6 Inches (123817461568)
1000 Carat Lots of Chrysocolla & Turquoise Rough - Plus a FREE Faceted Gemstone (251570897418)
Gold Paydirt 2 lbs 100% Unsearched and Guaranteed Added GOLD! Panning Nuggets (302441298882)
Black Obsidian Crystal Ball Sphere with Stand for Meditation Healing 4.5" x 3.1" (372850354599)
1Pc Natural Amethyst Quartz Stone Sphere Crystal Ball Healing Gemstone 45mm (393028204374)
Amethyst Druze Crystal Cluster With Cut Base ~ VERY LARGE Size Specimen ~ 1.5 LB (292207631175)
Germanium Metal Element Sample 10g Fractured Chunks! 99.999% Pure Periodic Table (223117527065)
40-70mm Natural Rainbow Labradorite Quartz Sphere Reiki Healing Crystal Ball (383824518262)
Gold Paydirt 2 lbs 100% Unsearched (202501749470)
Exploring Minds Rock Tumbler Tumbling Media 4 Piece Grit Pack Kit (273844654542)
Natural Elixir Quartz Crystal Water Bottle Crystal Obelisk Point Reiki Healing (393046797469)
The Original Crafters Collection 1 Lb Mix Natural Gems Crystals Minerals Box Set (393127206787)
Selenite Flower Of Life Wand White Massage Satin Spar Crystal Healing Chakra (254592419634)
Chakra Stone Tree Life Natural Gemstone Positive Energy Heal Geode Reiki Decor (233732817912)
Green Abalone Sea Shell One Side Polished Beach Craft 6" - 7" (1 pc) #JC-18 (131605620029)
TOP! Natural Amethyst Quartz Stone Sphere Crystal Fluorite Ball Healing Gemstone (303635633716)
Natural Raw Amethyst Quartz Geode Druzy Crystal Cluster Healing Specimen A++ U.s (274429334881)
Rock Tumbling Grit Polish Silicon Carbide Kit 15Lb Tumbler Lortone Chicago Rough (333090153976)
10 Break Crack Open Your Own Whole Moroccan Geodes W/Gift Box - 2" Crystal Druzy (392013161434)
Tourmaline Collection 1/2 Lb Natural Black Schorl Gemstone Crystals Specimens (392259245232)
Wholesale Lot 1 Lb Small Bismuth Specimens Healing Energy (274694532568)
Thorium Dioxide 12 Grams (143928344582)
Large Chakra Stones Set: 7 Rough Crystals & Raw Selenite 3/4 Lb+ (CHARGED ROCKS) (303152440486)
Clear Crystal Ball Quartz w/ Wood Stand ( 80 mm - 200 mm ) Healing Sphere (293018381202)
40-50mm Natural Rock Pink Rose Quartz Crystal Wand Point Healing Mineral Stone (402313618998)
10LB Old stock Rock Mineral Fossil Crystal lapidary rough Estate grab bag lot (324486561038)
18lb Rock Tumbler Refill Grit Kit Stone Polishing Silicon Carbide Aluminum Oxide (264710314306)
2000 Carat Lots of Ruby/Sapphire Rough- Plus a FREE Faceted Gemstone (251207781736)
Natural Labradorite Quartz Crystal Flower Skull Carved Skull Reiki Healing 1pc (363276667939)
12 Mini Gemstone Bottles Chip Crystal Tumbled Gem Stones Set Reiki (283934965323)
4" Selenite Sticks, Natural Crystal Selenite Wands, Wholesale Bulk Lot (174564361532)
Big Amethyst Cluster Natural Quartz Crystal Point Wand Specimen Reiki Healing US (293810628680)
Feng Shui Money Wealth Tree Yellow Citrine Amethyst Crystal Gem Spiritual Lucky (113894170605)
Natural TUMBLE ROUGH - 2000 CARAT Lots - Rock, Gemstone, & Crystal Rough + Free (121459454142)
60MM Natural Green Obsidian Sphere Large Crystal Ball Healing Stone (302905814101)
Raw Crystal Small Chips - Assorted Crystals Bulk - Rough Rocks Collection (324359998096)
Selenite Sticks - Bulk Wholesale Lot - Selenite Crystal, Selenite Wands (324307879997)
Orgonite Necklace Sri Yantra Pendant Sacred Geometry Chakra Energy Necklace 2020 (114357501701)
Colorful Natural Fluorite Quartz Crystal Wand Point Healing Stone 50G Gifts (193433008061)
TUMBLED CRYSTAL CHIPS - Bulk Tumbled Stones - Assorted Crystal Gemstones (324445518426)
Rich Gold Nugget Pay Dirt Approximately 20-30lbs OF UNSEARCHED PAYDIRT (292241177731)
Rock Polishing Tumbling Grit For 15 lbs Tumblers MADE IN THE U.S.A (271966670448)
Natural Crystal Green Gem Moldavite Meteorite Glass Necklace Pendant Stone Decor (372715896503)
Over 200 Sharp Shark Teeth River & Ocean Bulk Fossil Sharks Tooth Lot (154212849759)
Turquoise rough 1 pound kingman number 8 morenci (124401469276)
Shungite Stone Pendant Genuine Mineral EMF Shield Protection Amulet from Russia (143030112622)
MIXED Tiger Eye Rough (RED, BLUE, GOLD)- 1000 Carat Lots+a FREE Faceted Gemstone (254592264950)
1* Natural Silk Banded Lace Agate Crystal Sardonyx Carnelian Palmstone Polished (393013987261)
Gemstone Carved - 3",4" & 6" Diameter SELENITE Crystal Polished Charging Bowl (324074046373)
Very Large Selenite Rough Stick/Log - (1) Stick/Log - Very Nice Specimen! (302408315213)
Elite Noble Shungite, Grade A++ Raw Shungite, Natural Shungite, EMF Protection (324198652270)
100g Natural Rough Afghanistan Rocks Lapis lazuli Crystal Raw Gemstone Mineral (402448538568)
Natural Crystal Heart Moonstone Polished Labradorite Stone Healing Energy Reiki (402313619801)
3~10CM Natural Quartz Crystal Tower Point Reiki Healing Obelisk Hexagonal Wand (402313617958)
60/80mm K9 Clear Photography Crystal Ball Sphere Decoration Lens Photo + Stand (233582038831)
Bulk Wholesale Lot Of 10 Pieces - Selenite Towers Petite Small - Natural Carved (283873053461)
Chalcopyrite 1/4 Lb Lots Peacock Ore Blue Purple Pink Silver Mexico (362320808658)
large 6” Polished Selenite Charging/Cleansing Slab Crystal Plate (324461763718)
34pcs/set Deep Scratch Remover Glass Polishing Kit Cerium Oxide (114501567794)
Lepidolite Collection 1/2 Lb Layered Lavender Lithium Mica Crystal 6-8 Stones (392672385752)
Tumbled Stone Mix, Medium Mix Tumbled Stone, Healing Crystals,Wholesale Bulk Lot (324137076146)
Amlong Crystal Meditation Divination Sphere Crystal Ball with Wood Stand (223618264188)
Amethyst Points Collection 1/2 Lb Natural Dark Purple Crystals Brazil (361999138298)
15 2" BREAK CRACK YOUR OWN Whole Quartz Crystal GEODES Unopened MOROCCAN Bulk (183952485737)
Set of 7 Chakra Pyramid Stone Set Crystal Healing - Chakra Set NATURAL spiritual (254400384220)
Tungsten Chassis Ballast Weight Cube -- 1.5" | 2.2lbs (173352394599)
Natural Colorful Fluorite Quartz Crystal Stone Point Healing Hexagonal Rock Wand (402313627298)
FLINT CHERT Stone Fire Survival Reanactment Black Powder Prepping Primitive bob (254174571385)
Desert Rose Stone - Bulk Wholesale Crystal - Selenite Sand Rose Love Stone (324369233230)
Genuine elite shungite for water from Karelia No Fake! Fullerene C60 Tolvu (282745041650)
Geo Rock 2LB 9.1oz - Blueish White Colors - Rare - Free Shipping !! (154345319709)
AMETHYST & CITRINE COMBO Bulk Wholesale Crystal Points & Chunks (324353863397)
Wholesale Crystals 40MM Natural Gemstone Reiki Healing Stone Sphere Ball Globe (264507366674)
Green Geode Pair W/Stands Geode Crystal Quartz Druze Specimen Morocco Geode Half (222806736921)
Shungite World Shungite Pyramid UnPolished 30 x 30 mm Original Healing Stone (142420515496)