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The Bead Smith One Step Looper 1.5mm Loops (401730186974)
Xuron 2175 Maxi-Shear Flush Wire Cutter, 5-13/16" Overall Length (276452011784)
Beadsmith Thread Zap II Thread Burner Tool or 2 Replacement Tips Cordless Tools (401409900143)
Foam Grips For Tool Handles --- Per Pair (choice of sizes/colors) (274443529022)
Beadsmith 1 Step Looper 1.5 mm Eye Pins for 24 to 18 Gauge Wire PLLOOP (354055357897)
The Wire Bending JigWire Jig Includes 30 Metal pegs for Jewelry Making Tools (395247204703)
ImpressArt Crystal Setter Kit Metal Punches & Crystals AND Tags plus Cement (395297203065)
SUPPLY GUY 5mm Crown Metal Punch Design Stamp SGCH-140 (165538752906)
SUPPLY GUY 5mm Smiley Face Metal Punch Design Stamp SGCH-178 (155042760097)
2PCS Upholstery Needle Large Eye Extra Long 12in Sewing Straight Hand Needles (355530854134)
ImpressArt metal Stamping LOVE design Metal Stamp set HEART~ diy jewelry stamp (204290349210)
Wooden Bead Boards for Jewelry Making Bracelet Measurement Board DIY Design (134922599509)
🆕New Beadsmith One Step Looper Tool - 1.5mm (186438589797)
9 in 1 Interchangeable Heads Jeweler Hammer Jewelry Making Tool Texturing (285628998550)
ImpressArt Stamping Kit 2 Sets of Mandala Stamps + Blanks + Stamp Guides (256509858386)
Beadsmith 1 Step Looper 2.25 NEW! (115920901929)
The Beadsmith Bead Board with Cover Grey Flocked 3 U-Shaped Channels 6 (315142899080)
The Beadsmith Tool One Step Big Looper (401754360378)
Ingot Mould Brick Casting Sizes 20,40,60 kg Gold Silver Iron Melting Pour Tool (296438386633)
NEW ImpressArt- Border Metal Stamp Pack, Series 1 - 6mm (114729724149)
5pc Jewelers Pliers Set Jewelry Making Beading Craft 5" Mini Plier Kit US (192271720661)
High Density Cross Mold for Gold Silver Ingot Casting Mold Jewelry Making Tool (166776323364)
Pixiss Scratch Brush Pen Set, Fiberglass, Steel, Brass, Nylon, 5-inches Pen... (133712330892)
Skull & Bones ImpressArt Signature Metal Design Stamp- Steel Hand Punch DIY J... (123246631845)
Flourish G ImpressArt Signature Metal Design Stamp- Steel Hand Punch (166611300622)
Floral Swirl Metal Stamp ImpressArt Steel Jewelry Hand Stamp Fun Pretty Design (163146206126)
ImpressArt Paw Print Metal Stamp Steel Jewelry Stamping Punch Dog, Canine, Pet (165521679141)
Cross Bones ImpressArt Metal Stamp- Steel Jewelry Punch, Halloween, Skull, Pi... (163146152928)
6mm Sacred Heart Corazon Metal Stamp Design | ImpressArt | Love Steel Punch (123246564567)
Bead Landing Tool Set Jewelry Making Pliers Tool Set 6 Piece (225582437638)
Star Outline ImpressArt Signature Metal Stamp, 2.5mm- Jewelry Making Punch (126432621325)
Pliers Flat Nylon Jaws Nose Jewelry Bead Wire Work Tool Straighten Wire + 2 Jaws (220945475059)
ImpressArt Hand Stamping Essentials Tool Kit 718974 New in box (325085093910)
SUPPLY GUY 6mm Four Leaf Clover Metal Punch Design Stamp SGCH-557 (166041273902)
SUPPLY GUY 6mm Goat Metal Punch Design Stamp SGCH-204 (153204914990)
Bead Landing~ Jewelry Tool Set 7 pc (225579877403)
5.5" Mini Split Ring Pliers Cutter Jewelers Jewelry Making Wiring Beading Tool (280749648912)
BeadSmith 1-Step Looper for Making 1.5mm Loops (265929512341)
SUPPLY GUY 5mm Fleur de Lis Metal Punch Design Stamp SGCH-177 (155042758888)
Titanium Tweezers Ultra Fine Tip #5 Non Magnetic Precision Tweezer 4-3/4" Long (224217950379)
Carbide Burr Die Bits - 10pcs Set for Precision Deburring and Routing (166748300109)
Cousin 3-In-1 CRAFTS & JEWELRY TOOL PLIERS (225585203253)
Xuron 2175 Maxi-Shear 12 AWG Capacity Flush Wire Cutter, 5-13/16" Overall Length (364041753824)
Beadalon Bead Reamer - Battery Operated With 2 Tapered Tips New Factory Sealed. (145781830850)
1PC Jewelry Ring Bender Abs Tool for Spoon Rings Metal Jewelry Making Supplies (315277231192)
BeadSmith Beading Mats 11" x 14" Set of 3 Bead Mats Prevent Beads from Rolling (181455484938)
33 Pieces Beading Needles Set, Assorted Size Seed Beads Needles Big Eye Beading (335309205207)
Skull Casting Mold Melting Casting Tool Melting Casting Tool Graphite Ingot Mold (355739186395)
Cross Shape Graphite Ingot Mold Casting Mold for Melting Refining Gold Silver (166782350692)
Double Spring 5-1/2'''' Slim Long Nose Plier Jewelry Pliers Tool (235089271845)
5 Pc Jewelers Pliers Set Jewelry Making Beading Wire Wrapping Hobby 5 Plier Kit (186457886291)
Jewellers glue cement stone setting jewellery work adhesive setter hobby craft (191216628909)
Melting Making Ingot Mold Graphite Mold Ingot Mold Metal Molds Casting (196409968643)
Melting Mold Ingot Mould Graphite Ingot Graphite Molds For Casting Metal (395425584581)
Quick Start Peyote 15/0 Delica & Seed (155043273793)
Bead Landing 6 Pc Textured Metal Sheets Stamping Jewelry Making Scrapbooking 1mm (226141057663)
SUPPLY GUY 6mm Hand Made Word Metal Punch Design Stamp SGCH-545 (155044280608)
Owden Metal Stamping Punch Set Heart Design Stamps- NEW (166689427582)
Beadalon Battery Operated Bead Reamer -5.25" (265077841687)
Beadalon 4.5in Big Eye Beading Needles (4 Needles) (254761297273)
Big Eye Beading Needles Collapsible Long Straight Beading Needles Jewelry Tools (364589813787)
29Pcs Beading Needles Set Open Curved Needle Beading Needles for Jewelry Making (225605661848)
Beadsmith Bead Loom Kit Necklace Jewelry Beading Starter Crafts Kit (363385019667)
Beadsmith Treasure Non Slip Bead Mat (8.5" x 7") (364581237622)
6 Pieces Big Eye Beading Needles with Needle Bottle 2.2 inch 3 inch (355736975909)
Original "SPOON BENDER"Create Beautiful Silver & Gemstone Bracelets from SPOONS (134464759157)
Emergency Finger ring cutter Wedding ring Cutter Stainless Steel (Pick Up) (254753290693)
Flat Nose Parallel Pliers 6mm Wide Jaw (291565417899)
Bur & Rotary Tool Holder Organzier Block (235562767035)
Ring Mold Jewelry Making Carved Sculpture Carving Wax Casting Tube Injection (386969973355)
Beading Mat BEADSMITH 11 x 14 inch Set of 3 (BM3) (271646351468)
Watchmaker Hexagonal Bench Block Staking Drilling Tool Clocks Watch Repair (275631253666)
Nylon Jaw Bracelet Bending Pliers- Shape, Curve Metal Jewelry Green PVC Grip (325608591103)
Utility File Set - 6 Pieces - Cut #2 - Metalsmith & Jewelry Tools - 32-510 (282480971022)
SupplyGuy 6mm Planetary Symbol Metal Design 12 Stamp Punch Set SGCH-Planet (155512927684)
Graphite Ingot Melting Mold Graphite Molds For Casting Metal Metal Molds Casting (335408106104)
Mold Graphite Molds For Casting Metal Ingot Molds For Casting Metal (315390032835)
The Bead Buddy Knotting Tool - Professional Quality (401862100027)
Nylon Jaw Bracelet Bending Forming Pliers Jewelry Making Plier Hand Tool (223769271419)
Bead Board Necklace Beading Jewelry Organiser Tray Design DIY Craft Tool (354708452348)
Geometric Mandala Design Metal Stamping Set 5pc, ImpressArt Pattern Jewelry (126065996284)
Beadalon Jewel Loom by Julianna C. Avelar (195049275250)
8.5" CHASING GOLDSMITH HAMMER 1" & 5/8" FLAT FACE Wodd Handle (222973883293)
Beadsmith 1-Step Looper Tool 1.5 mm Art&Craft Tool,Hobby Craft Tool,Wire Work (374780025849)
14 x 11 Inch Non-slip Rubber Backed Treasure Bead Mat With Clear Cover Tray (304404137734)
The Bead Smith Travelers Bead Board with Removable Cover for Jewelry Making (166126242572)
Adrattnay Wooden Bead Boards for Jewelry Making with Box, 16.9 x 11.4” Beadin... (226159754535)
3 Pack 1 Step Eye Pin Looper Pliers Make Eye Pins In 1.5, 2.5 & 3 mm Size (291682171097)
Beadalon 2.5in Fine Collapsible Eye Beading Needles (4 Needles) (253285883519)
John James English Beading Needles Size 15 (4 Needles) jj10515 (315194561705)
SUPPLY GUY 8mm and 6mm Standing Horse Metal Punch Design 2 Stamp Set SGCH-573572 (156216202963)
SUPPLY GUY Star/Heart/Diamond Cluster Metal Punch Design 3 Stamp SGCH-561563574 (166719854912)
ImpressArt Crystal Setter Kit Metal Punches & Crystals AND Tags plus Cement (226145924502)
10X Magnifier Glass Magnifying Folding Loupe Handsfree Coins Stamps Jewelers (355162709640)
Fiskars Power Tooth Folding Saw 10 Inch C6FLR (334831271525)