Finisar Ftlc1183sdna Cfp Out4 4i1-9d1f/100gbase-lr4,10km-13xx Nm-smf Ont

Finisar Ftlc1183sdna Cfp Out4 4i1-9d1f/100gbase-lr4,10km-13xx Nm-smf Ont

  • Price: 1,950.00 USD
  • Avaibility: 4 available
  • Condition: Manufacturer refurbished
  • Item ships from: default, default · Get it in 3 days
  • Shipping package dimensions: 3x3x1 inches
  • Product weight: 3 pounds
  • Brand/Model: Finisar FTLC1183SDNA-FH
  • Sold by: digicenttech · This seller has received 98 ratings (100.00% Positive)

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Cisco DWDM-SFP10G-61.41 V01 10-2746-01 SFP+ 10G 80km 1561.41nm (222650097636)
JDSU XFP JXP01TMAC1CZ5HW1 DWDM Tunable 40km C-Band 800ps/nm for Huawei System (222479327654)
New INNOLIGHT TR-FC13N-H00 100Gb QSFP28 CWDM4 cGR4 1310nm 2km (322845340364)
Used Brocade 57-1000331-01 QSFP28 128G 4x32G SW4 MPO OM4 100m 850nm MMF BETA (223042986668)
3HE10551AA QSFP28 100GBASE-SR4 150M MMF IPU3BFVEAA FTLC9551REPM-A5 NOKIA (223031717478)
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FUJITSU FIM37700/171 QSFP-100G-LR4 QSFP28 100GBASE-LR4 10km OTU-4 IEC60825-1 (222996990877)
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Oclaro TRC5E21FNF-LF310 CFP-100GBASE-LR4,10km-1300nm-SMF For ZTE system (222817562311)
OCLARO TRB5E20ENF-LF000 CFP2-100G-LR4,100G-10km-1310nm-SM-CFP2 Huawei 02310WUR (222915465648)
Alcatel-Lucent 3AL81820AAaa 02 CFP2 4x25G Dual Rate 100GBASE-LR4 10km WOTRDGBTAB (222996045746)
Finisar FTLC1121RDNL-HW CFP2 LR4 100G-4*25-1310nm-10km-SM-CFP2 Huawei 34060727 (323403879535)
LUMENTUM JC2R10LR4AA1HW CFP2-100G-LR4,100G-10km-1310nm-SM-CFP2 Huawei 02311AEM (322859913953)
SUMITOMO SQF1000L4LNGG01P QSFP28 100G-4*25G-1310nm-10km-SM LR4 (223307606651)
Juniper 740-052504 CFP2-100G-LR4 SMF 1310nm Oclaro TRB5E20ENF-LF150 IPU3A7ZHAA (223313267618)
Juniper JNP-QSFP-100G-LR4 740-058732 REV 01 SMF 10km 1310nm 75C IPU3BD4HAA (323346861159)
Ciena NTTA01BJE6 02 CFP 100GASE-LR4 SMF 10km WOTRCDZFAA FTLC1181RDNL-NT (223283608787)
New Open Box Alcatel-Lucent 3HE03685AA MDA-XP-XFP 7750SR 10G 2-PT IPPAABHBAA (322712620358)
NOKIA 3AL82072AAAA QSFP28 100GBASE-LR4/OTU4 Dual Rate 10km SMF FTLC1151SDPL (223235196087)
New Nokia-Alcatel-Lucent 3HE10642AA 7750SR SR 40cSFP/20SFP GE MDA-e IPPAACBBAA (222744274128)
Cisco ONS-SC+-10G-C SFP+ 10G DWDM MR Full C-Band Tunable 10-2841-01 80km LC (223260665255)
New Open Box Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia) 3HE05948AA 7750 SR-12 SMF4-12 IPUCA2C1TA (323493351537)
ADVA FSP2000 SHAC/5HU 0078200001 within Laoded Units (Check Pictures) 0063207402 (323277238553)
New Open Box Alcatel-Lucent (NOKIA) 3HE08428AA SFM-7750SR SFM5-12 1PUCBGVFAA (222683802263)
Juniper Networks CFP-GEN2-100GBASE-LR4 SMF 10km 1310nm IPU3A4BHAB 740-047682-03 (323007922208)
Fujitsu FC95772LR4 CFP4 100GBASE-LR4/OTU4 10km LC SMF WOTRDJ7JAA (223254258738)
Mellanox SB7790 100G QSFP28 36-Ports EDR InfiniBand Switch HP 834978-B21 (323508509592)
ADVA FSP3000 within part Laoded Units (Check Discription) (323426238781)
InnoLight T-OM8FNT-H00 400G BASE OSFP with FEC CGR4 PLUS 1310nm 2km DDM (222741123660)
Juniper MX960 Router Chassis,2xRE-S-2000, 3xSCB-MX, 4xPWR-DC PEM, 1xDPCE-R-40GE (323475606250)
NOKIA 3FE72955AA FPBA-FWLT-B ISAM FX 8port U-NGPON line card exclude XGPON OLT (223297648394)
InnoLight QSFP-DD 400G FR4 1310nm 2km SMF Parallel 4 Optical Lanes T-DQ4CNT-N00 (323644945747)
New Open Box Nokia-Alcatel-Lucent 3HE07305AA 7X50 20-Port SFP+10GE MultiCore IMM (222658569605)
ARBOR TMS4000 Peakflow DDOS Treat Management System With PSM-40 (Check Discrip) (223128519090)
AMX Enova DGX32 Digital Media Switcher, Used (323488834394)
COHERENT 100G CFP Module ACACIA AC100-M01-250 100G Reach to 2500km (223025167256)
New Sealed Cisco NCS2K-200G-C K-C CPAK MultipRate Line Card for 50G/100G/200G (223180611236)
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