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New Precision Components Extension Adapter 1/4" Bore 3/4" Shank and 4 End Mills (192591518744)
Precision Components Tool Holder # CAT-50-1.000-12  Machine Shop Tool CNC (324708037653)
Sewing Machine Tension Assembly Tool For Pfaff 141-1293 Tension Component Kit (194033853144)
Sewing Machine Tension Component Tool Sew Assembly Kit For PFAFF 141- 1293 SALE (353454619689)
Precision Components 3/8 Dia X 9 L X 1 1/4 Shank Coolant Thru End Mill Extension (192308837184)
Metal High Quality Sewing Machine Tension Components Tool Silver White HOT SALE (133742937141)
Pearl Beads Drilling Holing Machine Punch Tool set amber ornaments components (164945478484)
Tension Components Sewing Machine Tool Tension Assembly For Pfaff High Quality (254974796233)
Thread Tension Assembly Tool Kits For PFAFF Industrial Sewing Machine Components (274772722345)
Counting Machine Automatic Parts Component Counter SMT/SMD Components Tool (393444841955)
Salesman Sample Tool Components, Inc Gardena, Calif (353134671324)
Tension Assembly Sewing Machine Tool For Pfaff 141-1293 tension component (164861720497)
Tension Assembly Sewing Machine Tool Metal Sewing Component For PFAFF 141 143 (353558885852)
Thread Tension Assembly Tool for PFAFF Industrial Sewing Machine Components (194121031304)
Tension Components Sewing Machine Tool Metal For PFAFF 141 143 191 193 241 335 (363373566416)
Vintage 1963 Metrics Made Easy Slide Card Metric & Multistandard Components Corp (363389565970)
E & E engineering machine tool component standards manual (184686989356)
Seville Classics 14"D x 30"W x 60"H 5-Tier Steel Wire Shelving System-SHE14305ZB (304054039863)
Metal New High Quality Sewing Machine Tension Components Tool Silver White (353472526156)
Mitsubishi DWC-80 Wire EDM Machine Set Up Control Panel HMI (124214359584)
Semitool A190-60M-0215 Rotor from 870S SRD Spin Rinser Dryer (164722472254)
Verteq PN: 5309-3D A182-60MB SRD Spin Rinser Dryer Rotor 6"/150mm Semitool? (164959760730)
Huge AMAT/TGM Pyewch Heater Jacket/Insulator Temperature Lot (353327006117)
New Metal High Quality Sewing Machine Tool Tension Components Tool Silver White (324593120696)
0150-05412 Heater Power Cable HP+ New HPTxZ (271897832389)
Swagelok Nupro SS-8BK-VCR Stainless Steel Bellows Sealed Valve, 1/2" Male VCR (254457568963)
Profiling - Pantograph - Circle Cutting - Steel Fabrication - Trace Machine (122022455437)
27MHz match network box (222668220432)
ALD Swagelok ALD3E Diaphragm Valve 6LVV-MSM-ALD3E-2-P-CS W/ BALLUFF BES00J2 (373655566947)
Semitool/STI PA182-60MB-0603 150mm/6" SRD Spin Rinser Dryer Rotor (150 mm) (133625980162)
Semitool STI ST-260 SRD Spin Rinser Dryer & Semitool P225-4E.7 Controller (162298824591)
NEW ASM PN: 02-192878-01 Assembly-Line Heater-Block (164071875159)
NEW Novellus PN: 16-131278-00 200mm Heater Block, Low Contact Area 8" (163058760862)
Tecdia TEC-2004TM Manual Wafer Scribing Machine for 3-inch Silicon Wafer (273872175718)
0020-31488 GAS DISTRIBUTION PLATE,13 HOLES (323654920073)
0200-35779 QUARTZ PIN,LIFT,COOL DOWN, lot of 10 (224109798795)
NEW Brooks 002-4037-04 PowerPak MagnaTran Robot Battery Back Up Unit (382213471485)
Verteq 1600-55M Wafer/Mask Spin Rinser Dryer SRD 6" 150mm (132978463178)
Heavy Duty Aluminum Laser Light Curtains Safety Corner Mirrors Pair (191938317142)
Applied Materials 0195-07088 WATLOW ANAFAZE CLS208 AMAT (253795085125)
SCP 583-022-1A 1100A QUICK DUMP RINSER 777 (114440543426)
Applied Materials Unit UFC-1661 MFC 200 sccm H2 (194177981902)
Amp/Tyco Electronics 305183 Connector Extraction Tool and Insertion Tool (234052038068)
Seville Classics 5-Tier UltraZinc Steel Wire Shelving /w Wheels, 14" D x 30" W x (233148896634)
4555Verteq PN: 7880-1A A190-40M 4"/100mm Spin Rinser Dryer SRD Rotor (162651437850)
Semitool A72-31M-06 3"? SRD Spin Rinser Dryer Rotor A72-39M-06-0215? (162651437859)
Boston Gear Catalog 55 Power Transmission Equipment and Component Machine Parts (324003795366)
Semitool STI ST-260 SRD Spin Rinser Dryer W/ Semitool P225-4E.7 Controller (262735911157)
Applied Materials Pedestal E-Chuck Assy MCA 300mm 0010-22985* (393416105659)
PEXTO 622 Rotary Machine Sheet Metal Fabrication HVAC Roper Whitney (123179958062)
Verteq PN: 1071643-1 A192-81M 200mm/8" Spin Rinser Dryer SRD Rotor (133795477836)
Semitool STI A190-60M-0215 SRD Spin Rinser Dryer Single Bolt Rotor 6"/150mm (132311469058)
Synergy Microsystems VGM2-E SBC Single Board Computer RGS2-B Used Working (170875939429)
NEW ASM PN: 54-125030A06 FM-WTR SLD GA 10BAR CHK VL W/LED - Kytola SLM3-CG45-GP (162651440241)
Parker Veriflow QR4003SK3PO1FSFMF High Purity Gas Regulator, w/0-100 Psi Gauge (265084797559)
LAM Research PCB P/N 810-017034-003 / 810-017034-3 / 810-17034-3 (221054399524)
Applied Materials AMAT 3011602 6-finger 8" Heater Block (183488755890)
Applied Materials AMAT 0010-46436 ESC Heater Block, 0020-08825 (184876432218)
Applied Materials AMAT 0010-64291 ESC Heater Block 0020-03825 (184635558031)
Brooks Automation Vision Semiconductor Wafer FOUP Load Port 147237-01/F (353588042750)
HVA High Vacuum Apparatus 6" x 14.5" Slit Valve 422-9614 Varian (132311468046)
WORLD MAGNETICS PSF102 PRESSURE SWITCH 7481-714 1515 (224467236888)
Applied Materials E17372920 L-Shape Graphite Plate, Electrode Suppression (164968715101)
SCP 1100B Quick Dump Rinser, 326-067-1K, Controller. 10-Sol, 3-Disp, 401223 (161671925468)
Kern Microtechnik CNC Milling Machine Netzteil 400 0-152001B Servo Power Supply (281824196208)
iGX600N Edwards A54631958 Dry Vacuum Pump iGX Series 200V New Factory Surplus (143677130260)
Dell OptiPlex GX200 Desktop Computer System MMP JEOL JSM-6400F SEM No Boot As-Is (382657839718)
Econoline 414414 Motor Assembly (224535725374)
15-00934-01 INDEXER,WF,EXCL,OPTION,150mm (223513795270)
Applied Materials AMAT 0010-51766 0041-47612 Heater Block (184635540372)
Philips Fast Component Mounter II PCB Feeder Cart T75625 (284357899987)
NEW ASM PN: 1006-047-01 Heater-Jacket Zone 4A Kit -Incomplete (384272215132)
Semitool STI ST-260 SRD Spin Rinser Dryer & Semitool P328 Controller (164947514477)
[6-Month Warranty] Allied Motion Motor (OEM # 220T0009-501)(PN: BH02301-A11-HBE) (133824296434)
Manual Floor Metal Bender Pipe Tube Rod Bending Metal Fabrication w/7 Dies 1"~3" (351645938858)
NEW Entegris DS12-2C-12F-6 3/4" Flaretek Pneumatic 2-Way Diaphragm Valve (133022747239)
(1) TEQCOM Spray Gun No Hose TA-N2-1000 (144125887511)
Applied Materials 0040-70247 05 Lamp Housing,Brazed,Flex Flange 301390,AMAT^7304 (294289524720)
Allen Bradley 6185-CACAAAZ, Upgraded to Sunlight Readable LED Back light (402998285998)
Econoline 403510 Motor Gasket (224535749324)
Boston Gear Catalog 55 Power Transmission Equipment and Component Machine Parts (384263173567)
Aluminum Suction Tension Roller 27” Long, 6” Dia. for Web Handling (282473128860)
Honeywell Skinner Valve 2051257 24-Vdc 1/2 Orifice 150-PSI >>>NEW<<< (161093367948)
Applied Materials Ceramic Heater With Lift Pins Outside 0010-78912* (334078386733)
Carbon Dioxide Recharging Unit Recharge Pump 12681 Cryo-Chem (382789295472)
TEL Tokyo Electron I/F board 2981-600388-13 (164961927229)
SVG, Silicon Valley group wafer scrubber, (233619698616)
OTT Rotary Union (392295188533)
Comdel CX-5000S/CX-5000DC RF Generator/Power Supply 5kW, AMAT PN: 0190-18052 (162651437900)
Lot of 3 AMAT Applied Materials 0270-04927 Fixture, Coil Cup Guide, 200MM SIP En (264790874486)
Resolving Power Test Target *Optical Resolution Test Target* 4" x 5" (265173239976)
Simco 4009180 Vision Controller Summit ATC Handler Used Working (173229218970)
Fabreeka PAL 21-6 Air Leveling System/ Isolator (184649227102)
Applied Materials 0190-20077 ENDURA MAIN AC Transformer AMAT (113852689968)
0200-07761 PCII PIN ANTENNA 300MM, lot of 10 (324101675850)
ADE users guide for the Advanced System Controller (254822470200)