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(2 pcs) S6055WTP Littelfuse, 600V 55A, SCR-Thyristor (TO-218) (222234690367)
(5 pcs) Q8025L6 Littelfuse, 800V 25A 80-80-80mA, TRIAC, Alternistor, (TO-220) (222272200356)
(2 pcs) S2055MTP Littelfuse, 200V 55A, SCR-Thyristor (TO-218) (222234693428)
(5 pcs) Q4030LH5 Littelfuse, 400V 30A 50-50-50mA, TRIAC, Alternistor, (TO-220) (222272198202)
(3 pcs) S4035J81TP Littelfuse, 400V 65A Iso, SCR-Thyristor (TO-218X) (222245117537)
(2 pcs) Q6040JH6TP Littelfuse, 600V 40A 80-80-80mA, TRIAC, Alternistor,(TO-218X) (222234683704)
(5 pcs) S8040R Littelfuse, 800V 40A, SCR-Thyristor (TO-220) (224074845227)
NEW 2pcs Teccor Littelfuse Q4025J6 25A 400v Triac Alternistor (121916014321)
(5PCS) P3500ECL LITTELFUSE SIDACTOR BI 320V 400A TO-92 (323387277830)
TECCOR/LITTELFUSE Sidac 95-113VBO 1Amp TO-92 **NEW** Qty.5 (190798129174)
Littelfuse EC103D TRIAC, SENS GATE, 400V, 800mA TO-92 (314332181285)
Littelfuse,QK010R5TP,Triacs 1000V 10A 50-50-50mA (314332180238)
(5 pcs) Q6030LH5 Littelfuse, 600V 30A 50-50-50mA, TRIAC, Alternistor, (TO-220) (222272199038)
(3 pcs) S6055MTP Littelfuse, 600V 55A, SCR-Thyristor (TO-218) (222245122692)
(5 pcs) S4040RQ2 Littelfuse, 400V 40A, SCR-Thyristor (TO-220) (222272197057)
Littelfuse,Q6015L6TP,Triacs 600V 15A 80-80-80mA (266090151185)
Westcode 10710-010 Littelfuse Thyristor (285082958028)
( 5 PCS ) Q8010R5 Triac 800V 10A 50-50-50mA TO-220 Genuine Teccor / Littelfuse (154969253206)
( 2 PCS ) S4035K Thyristor SCR 35A 400V TO-218 ** New Teccor ** (154969331237)
Littelfuse,Q4016LH3TP,Triacs 400V 16A 20-20-20mA (266090154187)
(5PCS) Q4015LT Q4015LTTP LITTELFUSE/TECCOR Triacs 400V 15A 33/43V (323472465506)
(2PCS) Q6025L6 TECCOR Thyristor TRIAC 600V 250A TO-220AB Isolated ROHS (222142490235)
(2 PCS) S4035K TECCOR Thyristor SCR 400V 35A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-218 (322076913727)
(5PCS) S8012R S8012RTP LITTELFUSE/TECCOR SCR 800V 12A TO220 (223106485598)
(5 PCS) Q6008L4 TECCOR Triacs 600V 8A 10-10-10mA TO-220 (322247242558)
(5 PCS) K2401F1 LITTELFUSE Sidacs 240V TO202 Sidac 3-Pulse (324210522152)
(10PCS) K1200GURP LITTELFUSE SIDAC 110-125V 1A UNI DO-15 (223153023474)
1 PIECE OF MCR310-10G MCR310 THYRISTOR SCR 10A 800V TO220AB 310 USA FREE SHIP (282878845120)
(5PCS) P1701SCLRP LITTELFUSE THYRISTOR 160V 400A DO214AA (323826592069)
(5PCS) S4055RTP LITTELFUSE/TECCOR SCR 400V 55A TO220 (323400667451)
Littelfuse,Q4008LH4TP,Triacs 400V 8A 35-35-35mA (314332198299)
LITTELFUSE SGT0720SBT Silicon Surge Protector 88V V(BO) Max DO-214AA Qty.10 (202775098671)
(2PCS) Q8010R5 LITTELFUSE/TECCOR TRIAC 800V 10A TO220 (322621237256)
(4PCS) K2200GHU LITTELFUSE SIDAC 205-230V 1A DO15 (322619690599)
(10PCS) S4X8TS1RP LITTELFUSE Thyristor SCR 400V 10A 4-Pin(3+Tab) SOT-223 (323477688329)
(5PCS) P1500EBL LITTELFUSE/TECCOR Sidacs 100A 140V (322670458816)
(5PCS) K2400SRP LITTELFUSE SIDAC 220-250V 1A DO214 (323455310949)
(5PCS) K1100SRP LITTELFUSE SIDAC 104-118V 1A DO214 (322676543270)
(5PCS) K2200SHRP LITTELFUSE SIDAC 205-230V 1A DO214 (322619700448)
(5PCS) L6004R8 LITTELFUSE Triacs 600V 4A Sensing 10-10-20 (222601836054)
(5PCS) S8006DRP LITTELFUSE SCR NON-SENS 800V 6A TO-252AA (322768234779)
(5PCS) P0641SCLRP LITTELFUSE SIDACTOR UNI 58V 400A DO214AA (323385863491)
(5PCS) S6004VS2TP Thyristor SCR 600V 30A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-251AA (222119975197)
(5PCS) P0080EAL LITTELFUSE Thyristor Surge Protection Devices 6V 20A 2-Pin TO-92 (323832016885)
(5PCS) K1800G LITTELFUSE SIDAC 160V DO15 (222595184603)
(5PCS) K1800GRP LITTELFUSE 160V SIDAC DO15 (222595187306)
(2 PCS) D6020L TECCOR DIODE GEN PURP 600V 12.7A TO220 ROHS (322135734286)
(2 PCS) L4004L8 TECCOR Triacs 400V 4A Sensing 10-10-10-20mA TO-220 (322149296254)
(5PCS) P1101SCLRP LITTELFUSE Thyristor Surge Protection Devices 95V 30A 2-Pin (223092695071)
(1 PC) Q6035RH5 LITTELFUSE TRIAC ALTERNISTOR 600V 35A TO220 ROHS (324210583550)
Replacement N490CH24 NEW Westcode Ixys Littelfuse Thyristor SCR N1467NC240 (233939615225)
(10PCS) K0900GURP LITTELFUSE SIDAC 79-97V 1A UNI DO-15 (323454911964)
(5PCS) L6004V6TP LITTELFUSE/TECCOR Thyristor TRIAC 600V 40A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-251 (222668225329)
(10PCS) T10A062 LITTELFUSE THYRISTOR 60V 100A DO15 (223151441470)
(10PCS) K1300GURP LITTELFUSE SIDAC 120-138V 1A UNI DO-15 (323455108476)
(10 PCS) P2300SCMCLRP LITTELFUSE THYRISTOR 190V 400A DO214AA ROHS (225311647854)
(5PCS) Q4010LTHTP LITTELFUSE/TECCOR QDRC ALT 400V 10A 33/43V TO220 (323472462767)
(7 PCS) S4008L TECCOR Thyristor SCR 400V 100A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-220AB Isolated (225365693113)
(10 PCS)S8008R TECCOR Thyristor SCR 800V 8A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-220AB Non-Isolated (322075706743)
N490CH24 - NEW - Westcode Ixys Littelfuse Thyristor Semiconductor SCR N1467NC240 (133565189797)
(5 pcs) Q8012LH2 Littelfuse, 800V 12A 10-10-10mA, TRIAC, Alternistor, (TO-220) (222272199723)
(5 pcs) QK016LH4 Littelfuse, 1000V 16A 35-35-35mA, TRIAC, Alternistor, (TO-220) (222272201114)
(5 pcs) QK016RH4 Littelfuse, 1000V 16A 35-35-35mA, TRIAC, Alternistor, (TO-220) (222272201867)
(5 pcs) QK016LH3 Littelfuse, 1000V 16A 20-20-20mA, TRIAC, Alternistor, (TO-220) (222272210183)
(3 pcs) S4040RQ3TP Littelfuse, 400V 40A, SCR-Thyristor (TO-220) (222245110105)
LITTELFUSE S6065KTP TUBE/SCR 600V 65A TO218 Iso (266090151606)
LITTELFUSE EC103D TRIAC, SENS GATE, 400V, 800mA TO-92 (10EA) (266090151551)
QK040KH6TP Littelfuse, 1KV 40 Amp 80-80-80mA, TRIAC Alternistor, TO-218 package (222217532827)
(Qty = 1) Q8035P5 Littelfuse, 800V 35A 50-50-50mA, TRIAC, TO-3 Fastpak (222217522321)
(5PCS) Q4010LTTP LITTELFUSE/TECCOR Triacs 400V 10A 33/43V TO220 (222595231015)
(5PCS) S6012LTP LITTELFUSE/TECCOR SCR 600V 12A TO220 (222609860020)
2000 Littelfuse P1300EAL Thyristor Surge Protection Deviced (TSPD)50A 120V (274630074138)
(2PCS) Q6015R5 TECCOR Thyristor TRIAC 600V 200A 3-PIN TO-220AB Non-Isolated (322138064074)
(5 PCS) Q4004L4 TECCOR Thyristor TRIAC 400V 55A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-220AB Isolated (222140192411)
(5PCS) P3100SCMCLRP LITTELFUSE Thyristor Surge Protection Devices 275V 30A 2-Pin (223093912440)
(5PCS) K2002G LITTELFUSE SIDAC 190-215V 1A DO15 (323455188005)
(5PCS) K2201GL LITTELFUSE Sidacs 220V MP Sidac DO15 (223153320448)
QK040K7TP Littelfuse, 1000V 40A 100-100-100mA, TRIAC Alternistor, TO-218 package (222234613450)
Westcode 10710-010 Littelfuse Thyristor (294882901559)
(5PCS) P4802ABL LITTELFUSE SIDACTOR 2CH 220/440V 250A TO220 (223093937693)
(5PCS) P0080ECL LITTELFUSE/TECCOR Thyristor 6V 30A 2-Pin TO-92 (222651632476)
(5PCS) P0300SAMCLRP LITTELFUSE SIDACTOR MC BI 25V 150A DO-214AA (323385847887)
(5PCS) S8016RTP LITTELFUSE/TECCOR SCR 800V 16A TO220 (222609863327)
(1 PC) S2040NRP LITTELFUSE SCR 200V 40A TO263 ROHS (225085552598)
(2PCS) Q6015R5TP LITTELFUSE TRIAC 600V 15A TO220 ROHS (323837008263)
(1 PCS) S6040NRP LITTELFUSE Thyristor SCR 600V 520A 3-Pin(2+Tab) D2PAK ROHS (225085565329)
Lot of 1299 ?: Littelfuse P0304UARP Thyristors Sidacs (394294025962)
(3PCS) Q8012LH2TP LITTELFUSE/TECCOR Triacs 800V 12A 10-10-10mA TO220 Iso (222622143399)
(15PCS) T10A120 LITTELFUSE THYRISTOR SIBOD 120V 100A DO-15 (223151448811)
(10PCS) SDP0120T023G5RP LITTELFUSE Thyristor SIDAC 12V 5-Pin SOT-23 (323399779810)
(5 PCS) S4055NRP TECCOR Thyristor SCR 400V 55A 3-Pin(2+Tab) D2PAK (222229651212)
(10PCS) K2400SHRP LITTELFUSE SIDAC 220-250V 1A DO214 (223153329830)
(10PCS) K1200SRP LITTELFUSE SIDAC 110-125V 1A DO214 (323455097702)
K2000E70 Lot of 50 NOS Pieces from Littlefuse (155347112656)
Littelfuse K1500E70 Sidac, 170V, To-92 (266090154283)

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