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Copeland 820RR12A89 Relay (272821620310)
Copeland 998-1014-34 Capacitor Relay Assembly (272814779760)
Copeland 998-0514-28 Capacitor Relay Assembly Power Pack (272814783258)
Copeland 998-0661-51 Valve Plate Service Kit (232959689050)
COPELAND AFB05C3E-IAA 1/8 HP 115/1/60 EXTENDED MEDIUM TEMP R-134A REF. COMP. (263975290933)
COPELAND JRN1-0025-IAA 1/4 HP 115/1/60 R-12 MEDIUM/ HIGH TEMP. REFRIGERATION COM (263961097894)
Copeland Copevap Condensing Unit 115V 1/3HP FBEH-0033-IAA-007 (322569988859)
Copeland ZR42K5E-TF5-830 42,000 BTU R22 208-230V 3PH Scroll Compressor (401619696777)
NEW COPELAND JFB6-003E-1AA-202 COMPRESSOR (300755646697)
Copeland ARE59C3-CAA-901 208-230v 1/2hp (132826127042)
Copeland Compressor 115V 1Ph Low Temp R404A Compr OEM AFE25C5U-CAV-XXX (153214693816)
Copeland Semi-Hermetic Compressor EAV1-0200-TAD-800 Air-Cooled 2-HP 460V 3-Phase (273029447373)
Copeland Emerson 998-0550-01 (253905242526)
AC Copeland Scroll Air Condition Compressor Pump ZR72KCE-TF5-xxx 3phase electric (223179528718)
COPELAND 1PH 115V 60HZ 8.0RLA 34.6LRA REFRIGERATION UNIT M4FH-0025-IAA-241 *PZB* (291244542760)
Copeland ARE37C3E-IAA-901 OEM Production (352452132031)
COPELAND RF41C1E-CAA-250 HERMETIC COMPRESSOR HL1 T549 01360-014 UL9980 (123401299951)
Copeland 998-0550-00 (253905312255)
Copeland Unloader head Discus style w/ gaskets (142476143905)
Copeland Hermetic Condensing Unit R404A M4TM-H020-Iaa-XXX (183091549281)
Copeland Hermetic Condensing Unit 1/3HP 115v M4TM-0033-IAA-121 ASE24C3E-IAA-103 (332832087421)
COPELAND 1997 ZR67KC-PFV-230 ZR67KCPFV230 208-230V 1PH 129 LRA COMPLIANT SCROLL (231312601114)
Copeland Hermetic Condensing Unit 115V 1/5HP M4TM-H020-IAA-121 ASE12C4E-IAA-103 (181596115276)
NEW Copeland F3WD-A151-TFD-001 Indoor, water-cooled condensing unit, 460V, 1.5hp (132504194096)
Copeland Condensing Unit 220V KAG1-0075-TAC (322571260928)
RRT64C1E-IAA-959 Copeland Compressor (202440426413)
COPELAND 577-0455-00/4130.685.9 7.5-12 HP REFR RECEIVER MWP33 17580 (220887231991)
Copeland Hermetic Condensing Unit 115V 1/4HP M2TH-0024-IAA-128 ARE25C3E-IAA-103 (181596114956)
Copeland Hermetic Condensing Unit 115V 1/4HP M4TM-H025-IAA-121 ASE20C4E-IAA-103 (381067538207)
Copeland Narrow Copevap Condensing Unit 115V 1/4HP M4TM-H025-IAA-XXX (181596113278)
Copeland Discus Valve Plate Re-manufactured in Tennessee (140577294506)
Copeland Hermatic Condensing Unit 115V 1/4HP ARE25C3E-IAA-103 M2CH-0024-IAA-121 (381067530765)
Copeland Hermetic Condensing Unit 115V 1/3HP M4TL-H034-IAA-122 AFE13C4EIAA-103 (181596114806)
Copeland Hermetic Condensing Unit 1/3HP 115v M4TM-0033-IAA-121 ASE24C3E-IAA-103 (381067537756)
Copeland Narrow Copevap Condensing Unit 115V 1/3HP M4TM-0033-IAA-XXX (181596113684)
Copeland M2CH-0050-IAA-143 Condensing Unit , 115VAC , R134A , NNB (173128473389)
Copeland M4PH-A035-IAA-212 Condensing Unit , 115VAC , R404A , NEW SURPLUS (263559022297)
COPELAND M2FH-0024-SAA-106 Condensing Unit, 115 V , 1/4 HP (273477027565)
COPELAND MCFH-0050-CAV-201 (ARE59C3-CAV-103) 1/2 HP 230/1/60 R-22 REF. UNIT (263975291665)
COPELAND MMFH-0022-IAA-106 Condensing Unit, 1/5 HP, 115V, R22, less receiver (283196782191)
Copeland F3EH-0050-1AA-204 Condensing Unit w/JRE1-0050-1AA-202 Comp. 115V NIB! (173122669601)
COPELAND M2FH-A056-IAA-212 Condensing Unit W/RRT64C1E-IAA-104 Comp., 115V , NIB! (362445852125)
COPELAND M2FH-A056-IAZ-303 Condensing Unit W/RRT64C1E-IAB-104 Comp., 220V , NIB! (362451066212)
Copeland F3EH-0050-1AA-204 Condensing Unit W/JRE1-0050-1AA-202 Comp. 115V NIB! (362214162463)
Copeland M2FH-A050-IAV-212 Condensing Unit W/RRT62C1E-IAV-104 Comp. 208/230V-1Ph (163283990555)
Copeland 4D DIGITAL UNLOADER HEAD&GASKETS & VALVE PLATE Discus style w/ gaskets (202273695270)
Copeland M4FM-H022-IAA-272 Welded Condensing Unit R-404A 115V (252661137832)
Copeland FJAM-A125-TFC-060 Condensing Unit w/ RS70C1E-TFC-101 Compressor (153174063022)
Copeland Condensing Unit 230V 1 PH 60 Hz C3AL-0205-CAB-001 (322571007429)
New Copeland Refrigeration Compressor ART51C1E-IAV-959 (272707456440)
New Copeland Discus Valve Plate Kit 998-1661-28 (173580592919)
Copeland Compliant Scroll Compressor (281234196190)
Copeland 1HP Compressor JRR4-0100-PAV-900 208/230/200 1 Phase (132826030908)
Copeland Compressor 115V 1Ph Low Temp R404A Compr OEM AFE13C3E-IAA-901 (381974547408)
Copeland 6 Ton 3 Ph A/C Compressor ZR72KCE-TFD-130 (253008394539)
Copeland JRF4-0050-IAV-202 Compressor 93G07620 (282602512609)
Copeland Discus 2D Valve Plate all series with gaskets and reeds (142476146674)
Copeland FJAL-A225 CFV 001 Condensing Unit Refrigeration (223181043569)
Copeland Copelametic Condensing Unit EAVA-021E-TAC-100 (322572579459)
COPELAND CR38K6E-TF5-875 A/C Compressor, 49,600BtuH, 200/230V, R-22-F/SHIP NISB! (252113651810)
Copeland M2FH-0026-IAA-072 - 1/4 HP Refrigeration Condensing Unit R134A NEW (232712585399)
Copeland Compressor Unit KAJ1-0100-TAD-200 (263266127624)
Copeland Compressor 115V1Ph 5, 700Btu R-22 Rotocomp OEM ASE35C4-CAA-959 (381974574500)
New OVRSTK Copeland Scroll Refrigeration Compressor ZR38K5-PFV-800 3 Ton R22 1Ph (252147664054)
Copeland Emerson Indoor 1/2HP, 115Volt Condensing Unit M4FL-H051-IAA-272 NEW (322148482895)
Copeland M4FF-0056-IAV-212 - 1/2 HP Refrigeration Condensing Unit 115-1 NEW (263572644891)
Copeland Discus Compressor - Unknown Model - Large and Heavy (281407748693)
NEW Copeland FPAK-013Z-TFD-072 Refrigeration Condensing Unit 460V 1hp R134a/404A (332720067921)
New Copeland Emerson Air-cooled Condensing Unit Item No. FFAP-017Z-CFV-072 (282899949957)
New Factory Overstock 1hp Copeland Hermetic Hi Temp Condensing Unit R22 1phase (252123673485)
Copeland Scroll Tandem Compressor ZR144KCE-TF5-950, 144,000 BTU 12HP NEW (331836950301)
Copeland 4RK2-250A-TSK-800 (140787021969)
Copeland Scroll Compressor ZR144KCE-TF5-950, 146,000 BTU R22, R134A 12HP NEW (251727611657)
New Outdoor Walk In Freezer 1hp Low Temp 404a 208/230 1 phase Copeland Semi (252343432543)
New Bohn Outdoor 1hp Copeland Semi Medium Temp Condensing Unit 208/230V 3Ph 404a (252232871232)
New Outdoor Walk In Freezer 1hp Low Temp 404a 208/230 1 phase Copeland Semi (252149286126)
New Overstock 2hp Copeland Extended Medium Temp Condensing Unit R404a 230V 3ph (252188113947)
New Outdoor 2hp Copeland Scroll Medium Temp Condensing Unit 460V 3Ph 404a (252149264791)
New Copeland Emerson Air-cooled Scroll Condensing Unit PH1 FFAP-020Z-CFV-071 (372445387651)
New Overstock 2hp Copeland Semi Indoor High Temp Condensing Unit R22 460V 3 Ph (252155536068)
New Outdoor 2hp Copeland Hermetic Medium Temp Large Condensing Unit 404a (282828500838)
New Copeland Scroll Refrigeration Compressor ZF18K4E-TF5-961 6hp Low Temp 404a (252148830655)
New Outdoor Extended Medium 2hp Copeland Semi Condensing Unit R404a 3 Phase (252153561361)
Copeland Scroll Compressor ZR300KCE-TWD-965, 25HP 460 V 3Ph 60Hz 352000BTU NEW (331212171793)
Copeland Discus Semi Hermetic Core Sense Compressor 2DF3F16KE-TFC-C00 NEW (251610685230)
Copeland Discus 3-phase Compressor motor - 6DT3-300L-TSK-211 (281416922667)
Copeland Discus 6DH-1-3500-FSD W/ One Year Warranty (140577294502)
102 HP Medium Temp Copeland Condensing Unit Compressor Racks (181479331354)
Copeland Discus Compressor Model 4DT3F76KE-TSK-800, 22HP 208-230-460 V 60Hz NEW (330724569200)
Copeland Discus Compressor Model 4DR3R28ME-TSK-800, 30HP 208-230/460 V 60Hz NEW (332019204969)
Copeland Discus 8DS-1-6000-FSD "One Year Warranty" (140577294526)
Copeland Discus 8DS-1-6000-FSU Semi Hermetic Compressor (140577294525)
Copeland Scroll Tandem Compressor ZR600KCE-TED-250, 580,000 BTU NEW (331879146925)
Copeland Semi Hermetic Discus Compressor 4DK3R22ME-TSK-800, 25HP, 208 460 V NEW (251502092017)

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