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xiumeche-0 is a verified commercial seller from HongKong marketplace and has been active selling since 2015-11-25.
The seller has excellent standing with the HongKong marketplace with 99.7% positive feedback in the last 12 months. (1,086 positive feedback, 3 negative feedback, and 0 neutral feedback) To date, xiumeche-0 has received a total of 32,858 customer feedback from completed sales.
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Total 100 600 1,327
[2023-03-20] AAAAA Seller Fast Shipping - Positive Feedback
(Buyer purchased 100Pcs NEW 5mm 4pin RGB Tri-Color Common Anode LED light Red Green Blue M8)
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300mm Aluminum Volume Potentiometer Extension Shaft Audio Connecting Long Rod M (154587907409)
850nm 48pcs LED Illuminator IR Infrared Night Vision Light Lamp For CCTV Camera (154033503876)
DC 3V-9V TDA2822M Mini Mono Audio Single Power Volume 2W Amplifier Board Module (152493845028)
AD9833 DDS Signal Generator Module Programmable Microprocessors Sine Square Wave (153013429633)
NEW NE5532 Amplifier Tone Preamp Board Treble Bass Midrange Volume Tone Control (154423106753)
DC 12V P20/15 Holding Electric Magnet Lifting 2.5KG Solenoid Electromagnet NEW (152323915690)
XY-WJ01 Digital LCD Display Cycle Timing Circuit Switch 1CH Delay Relay Module (154317454378)
1S~6S 2.7V/16V Farad Capacitor/Lithium Titanate Battery Balance Protection Board (155469158019)
3pcs 4*1.5mm Electret Condenser Microphone MIC Capsule 2 Leads (152019598321)
20PCS NEW Transistor 2SC3200 C3200 Power transistor (152396019323)
Signal TTL To RS485 Converter 485 Serial Port UART Level Automatic Flow Control (154391807784)
5PCS IRFZ44 IRFZ44N IR TO-220 N-Channel 49A 55V Transistor MOSFET NEW (151916947010)
5MM Straw Hat Yellow/White/Purple/Blue/Green/Red Color LED Wide Angle Light Lamp (152713459863)
1PCS ULN2003AN ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board Module for 28BYJ-48 5V 12V (151917758592)
3.5 mm Female To 2 RCA MALE Stereo Audio Adapter Connector Converter M8 (153130140248)
5 PCS USB 2.0 Female Type-B Connector Replace Solder Port NEW (152096250262)
10pcs Thermistor Temperature Sensor NTC MF52-103 3435 10K ohm 5% DIY New (151931656355)
NEW Digital Kara OK Surround Reverb Delay Microphone Amplifier Preamp Board (154534250741)
50PCS 14pin DIP IC Socket Adaptor Solder Type Socket Pitch Dual Wipe Contact NEW (152536240826)
10S 15A 42V BMS Polymer Cell 18650 Lithium Battery Balance Protection Board (155140510649)
9D0F MPU 9250 SPI/IIC 9-Axis Attitude + Gyro + Accelerator + Magnetometer Module (153559516252)
Xilinx Platform USB Download Cable Jtag Programmer FPGA CPLD C-Mod XC2C64A (152863432227)
1X DC-DC Adjustable Step-down Buck Converter Module 12-75V to 5V24V48V 25A 600W (155469174923)
Battery Capacity Power Level LED Indicator LM3914 DIY for Li-ion Battery 3.7V m (152518083914)
Aluminum Volume Control Rotary Knob For Dia. 6mm Potentiometer NEW (154173711259)
MAX6675 Module + K Type Thermocouple Temperature Sensor for Arduino (155258668791)
TL431 voltage reference board TL431 voltage source for calibrating multimeter (154967732991)
10PCS ULN2003 ULN2003A ULN2003ADR SOP-16 IC (153009405198)
10PCS 2SC1969 HF/VHF Transistor MITSUBISHI TO-220 NEW (152140990791)
10PCS LM338K 5A Voltage Adjustable Regulator 1.2V To 32V LM338K LM338 (151913224530)
0~55MHz DDS Signal Generator*Direct Digital Synthesis HAM Radio VFO Wireless NEW (155282781446)
WeMos MINI D1 PRO Upgrade ESP8266 ESP-12F NodeMCU WIFI Development Board 16MB (155468681459)
5PCS 2P4M NEC T0-202 2A 400V SCR Thyristor NEW (152204309377)
30PCS 100UF 25V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor The general size NEW (152719657035)
Compact Flash CF to 3.5 Female 40 Pin IDE Bootable Adapter Converter Card (153557803732)
Potentiometer 250K Log ALPS Audio Amp Volume Control Pot Stereo W Loudness M (152499146482)
20PCS IC JRC4558D 4558D DIP8 OP AMP DIP8 NEW (152082409881)
12V to 220V Step UP Power Module 35W DC-AC Boost Inverter Module Dual Channel (154296914907)
10pcs 820uF 25V 105C Radial Electrolytic Capacitor 10mm*20mm (152199359150)
5 PCS HT1621B SSOP-48 HT1621 SSOP48 HOLTEK RAM Mapping Controller NEW (152182056216)
12V Small Relay LY2NJ DC 10A 8PIN Coil DPDT W (153013348426)
EPS CPU 12V 8 Pin to Dual 8 (6+2) Pin PCIE Adapter Power Supply 20cm Cable NEW (154569223946)
LM338K Rectifier Power Board Adjustable Linear Regulator + Rectifier Filter (154501281574)
2 PCS 2N3771 Transistor npn 40V 30A 150W TO-3 NEW (152214929626)
NEW 30A High Current Contactor Switch 12V Electric Relay Board DC Power Control (152219607680)
DC 5V-12V DPDT Control Reversing Polarity Relay Motor CW CCW MCU Delay Timer NEW (154199027878)
TM-902C Digital LCD K Type Thermometer Meter Single Input + Thermocouple Probe M (152389527611)
0.36 inch 4.7V~32V Red Mini LED Panel Voltmeter Voltage Meter 2 Wire 3-Digital M (154866687164)
1set (16) Multifunction Digital Multimeter Probe Test Lead Cable Alligator Clip (154556754809)
Black 6Pin DPDT 3Position 12mm ON-OFF Momentary Toggle Switch DC12V 20A NEW (152250994361)
NEW LCD Time Delay Relay Module Power off Trigger Cycle Timming Circuit Switch (155468517465)
10PCS ICL7107 ICL7107CPLZ DIP-40 LCD/LED Display, A/D Converters NEW (151917555799)
RTL8723BS SDIO Interface WIFI BT Wireless Bluetooth WIFI Wireless Module (152311869519)
Wireless Audio Transmission Board Infrared IR Transmitter & Receiver Module M8 (152138512729)
50Pcs Single Row 40Pin 2.54mm Round Female Pin Header gold plated machined (151918144486)
DC 50V 5A 50V 12A 600W 50V 20A 1000W CNC Step-down Buck Adjustable Power Supply (154453042134)
AC 110V 220V Infinite Cycle Delay Timing Timer Relay ON OFF Switch Loop Module M (154002516276)
2.4G 6 Channel Mini Satellite Receiver 2.4GHZ Compatible for Spektrum AR620 NEW (152538889675)
5PCS Arduino I2C RTC DS1307 AT24C32 Real Time Clock Module For AVR ARM PIC (151921137900)
5PCS 8pin Bakelite Octal Valve Tube Socket For EL34 6V6 6L6 KT88 Chassis Mount M (154596860261)
1PCS USB STK500 for ATMEGA8U2 ATMEGA8 ATMEGA128 the AVR best programmer M (152470914457)
10PCS 10 Pin Convert to Standard 6 Pin Adapter Board ATMEL AVRISP USBASP STK500 (152337011665)
Keypad DTMF Generator Module Audio Encoder Transmitter Board for Arduino (154223448787)
50PCS Electrolytic Capacitor 100/220/330/470/680/820/1000/3300uF 25V 10V 16V 50V (153024792605)
Photoelectric Speed Sensor Encoder Coded Disc code wheel for Freescale Smart car (153403713181)
1PCS HDC1080 High-Precision Temperature And Humidity Sensor Board Module (154892236676)
600pcs NEW 12 Dimension Small Steel Screws Nuts Bolts M1 M1.2 M1.4 M1.6 Assorted (154414432555)
BadUsb Beetle Bad USB ATMEGA32U4 Development Board virtual keyboard For Arduino (153024632680)
MA5532 AS3935 I2C SPI Lightning Strike Storm Distances Detector Sensor Breakout (155294865213)
100Pcs NEW 100NF 0.1uF 104 50V Monolithic Ceramic Chip Capacitor NEW (152036886358)
MAX7219 8-Digit LED Display 7 Segment Digital Tube For Arduino Raspberry Pi M (152389442718)
AC 80-260V 0-100A LCD Volt Current Watt Kwh Meter Power Energy Ammeter Voltmeter (152844843199)
2PCS KEYES 3W LED Module High-Power with PCB Chassis for Arduino STM32 AVR (152082402617)
1pcs AC 125V RS26 1 Pole Position 12 Switch Band Rotary Channel Thread Plastic M (152357374281)
3 in 1 LED DS3231SN digital Clock Temperature Voltage Module High Accuracy (152747162096)
TDA7498 Bluetooth 5.0 Digital Amplifier Board 2x100W Stereo AMP Module NEW (154101512298)
DIY Kit ICL7107 Voltmeter DC 5V 35mA Voltage Meter Digital Led Voltmeter NEW (154375705882)
1PCS MDS 150A 1600V Three-phase Diode Bridge Rectifier Module Board MDS150A M (152498790665)
1nF to 9999nF Step-1nF Programmable Capacitor Board Film Capacitor DC100V/AC70V (155268542672)
MK-328 TRLCRESR Transistor LCR ESR tester semiconductor device analyzer T2 (152093065351)
1PCS PN532 NFC RFID Module V3 Kits Reader Writer For Arduino Android Phone (153594353686)
1/2/5/10PCS NEW 70cm 2Pin/3Pin/4Pin Female To Female Jumper Dupont Cable M8 (152723441227)
Bluetooth 4.1 Audio Decoder MP3 Player Board Micro USB TF SD Card Module 3.7V-5V (153977830633)
10A SHT2000 Temperature & Humidity Controller Hygrometer Thermostat Sensor (154988294834)
NEW DC 12V 8A Dual-Sources Automatic Transfer UPS Switch Battery Power Supply (154166741265)
18*30cm Soft thin pcb flexible Single Side pcb FR4 breadboard circuit board (154576739082)
MEGA2560 Double PCB Prototype Screw Terminal Block Shield Board For Arduino NEW (155046463467)
1PCS PIC12F629-I/P PIC12F629 MICROCHIP DIP-8 MCU CMOS 8BIT 1K FLASH (151940369384)
CC-USB-RS485-150U EN MPPT Solar Epsolar Connected To PC Communication Cable (154596887865)
50pcs Thermistor Temperature Sensor NTC MF52-103 3435 10K ohm 5% DIY New (151931657263)
ZY12PDN ZYPDS USB-C Type-C PD2.0 3.0 to DC USB Fast Charge Trigger Poll Detector (154995438103)
Red 0.36" LED 5 Digit DC 0-33.000V Digital Voltmeter Voltage Meter Car Panel M (152362296930)
20pcs Each RED Green Blue Mix Bulb Indicator 6*16mm Lamp Neon-Light Lampada (154373790211)
H-bridge 4-Channel HG7881 DC Stepper Motor Driver Controller Board for Arduino F (154060049228)
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