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Jack Jaffe "Synagogue Courtyard, St. Petersburg, Russia" 1997 SIGNED Jewish (320864727366)
Patty Carroll "Skokie Video" 198 SIGNED Chicago Hotdog Stand Series (321084778821)
Patty Carroll "White Palace Grill" 1987 SIGNED Chicago Hotdog Stand Series (321084769388)
Patty Carroll "Jeff Colby" 1989 SIGNED (221910049533)
Patty Carroll "Gladys Nilsson" 1990 SIGNED (321889874479)
Christian Vogt 'Petra' 1981 SIGNED (322257801913)
Patricia Carroll "Dogs - Lawrence Ave Trailer" 1988 SIGNED Chicago Hotdog Stand (320779577788)
Christian Vogt 'Yvonne' 1981 SIGNED (222246156506)
Thomas O. Sheckell "Columbia River Valley" ca. 1930s SIGNED (321045167630)
Patty Carroll "Margaret Wharton" 1988 SIGNED (221910066352)
Patty Carroll "Phyllis Bramson" 1987 SIGNED (221910046987)
Marshall Noice "Ficus Leaf Shadow, California" 1994 SIGNED (221199347527)
Patty Carroll "Jeannette Sloan" 1988 SIGNED (221910062546)
Patty Carroll "Barbara Rossi" 1990 SIGNED (321889869252)
John Vachon "Beaverhead City, MT " 1942 (221108270160)
Patricia Carroll "Taco Place" 1988 SIGNED Chicago Hotdog Stand Series (220878746342)
Stephen Deutch, Nude Study (on one knee, hand on hip) (320776232208)
Neil Folberg "Amudei Amran" 2000 SIGNED (320983596051)
Stephen Deutch, Nude Study Gelatin silver photograph. (320617562474)
Stephen Deutch, Nude Study (sitting, leaning, one leg up) (320776232450)
Stephen Deutch, Nude Study (reclining figure on stand) (221984128325)
"Roundhouse, Chicago" by Nathan Lerner Gelatin silver photograph (320801947962)
Nathan Lerner (Fish) (221139807576)
Samuel Gottscho "Venus Fly Trap" c.1930 STAMPED VINTAGE (321233548286)
Paul Strand "Man, Tenanchigo" 1933 (320983587880)
Samuel Gottscho "Roses" 1930 STAMPED VINTAGE (320992864192)
Kevin Bubriski "Indra Jatra Festival, Kathmandu, Nepal" 1988 SIGNED (320860398096)
Samuel Gottscho "Showy Lady's Slipper" 1930 STAMPED VINTAGE (221132869113)
Paul Strand "The Men of Santa Anna, Lake Patccuaro, 1933" (221794430575)
Margaret Bourke-White "Ekaterina Dzhugashvili: Mother of Joseph Stalin" 1934 (221152001127)
Joseph Jachna "Colorado Sky" (shape, cloud) SIGNED (321889792452)
Joseph Jachna "Trees, Door County, Night" 1971 SIGNED (221909975401)
Joseph Jachna "Colorado Sky - White Boulder" SIGNED (321889791970)
Joseph Jachna "Adam's Resort" 1976 SIGNED (221909974535)
Robert Simmons "Black Cat" ca. 1950s SIGNED (221210769744)
Grace Robertson "Dr. Tommy" 1954 SIGNED (221199396551)
Gordon Coster "Chicago" 1940 STAMPED vintage gelatin silver photograph (321051601402)
Vilem Kriz "Untitled (polystryrene mannequin head)" 1978 SIGNED (221210769738)
Kriz Vilem "Untitled (Hat)" 1980 SIGNED toned gelatin silver photo (321644751024)
Charles H. Traub Untitled (Chicago Beach) SIGNED VINTAGE (321889798912)
Miles Barth "Italy" portfolio of 10 photos 1973 SIGNED (320869867634)
Thomas O. Sheckell "Winters Night" 1937 SIGNED (221169244438)
Charles H. Traub Untitled (Chicago Beach) 1975 Signed Vintage (221936724527)
Yousuf Karsh "Marcel Marceau" STAMPED (221153486413)
Zdenko Feyfar "Untitled 1" 1954 SIGNED gelatin silver (221115172167)
Charles H. Traub "Chicago (checked sheets)" 1975 SIGNED VINTAGE (221909984616)
John Collier "Migrants Picking Beans, Seabrook Farm, NJ" 1942 (320966140251)
Beaumont Newhall "Schloss Leopoldskron, Mantlepiece, Salzberg" 1959 SIGNED (322257741209)
Zdenko Feyfar "Charles Bridge" SIGNED gelatin silver (221108270178)
Olivia Parker "Second Nature" 1985 SIGNED (320739642809)
Beaumont Newhall "The Plaza Hotel, New York" 1941 SIGNED (222246088254)
"Old Woman" by Roman Vishniac SIGNED Gelatin silver photograph 1938/later print (221973831573)
John Pfhal "Railroad Bridge with Freight Train" 1985 SIGNED (221153486407)
Robert Capa "China" 1940 (322819772573)
"版画集NATURE(自然)" portfolio of 10 prints 1974 SIGNED (221231855034)
Karl Struss "Cliffs of Sorento" 1912 Camera Work no. 38 SIGNED (221210769743)
Kenneth Josephson "Ahemdabad, India" SIGNED 1983 (320768092667)
Russell Lee "Clothing" STAMPED FSA (321051601406)
William Larson "Untitled" from Figure in Motion series 1966-70 SIGNED (321689700652)
William Larson "Untitled" from Figure in Motion series 1966-70 SIGNED (221709732200)
Vilem Kriz "Untitled" 1947 SIGNED toned gelatin silver photograph (321644750115)
Max Yavno (underneath Third Ave. El.) n.d. gelatin silver on mount SIGNED (220902252714)
Wynn Bullock "Big Sur Home" (horse in stable) STAMPED (221342173445)
Gyorgy Kepes "Brown Derby Bar" 1937 SIGNED New Bauhaus MIT (221223298646)
Berenice Abbott "Cheese Store" from Retrospective 1930-1960 portfolio SIGNED (322257774215)
Christian Vogt (women) portfolio of 12 photographs 1981 SIGNED (221653082888)
Limited Edition Club Leaves Of Grass I & II - Walt Whitman, Edward Weston Signed (221653077706)
Arthur Rothstein "Plow Covered by Sand" FSA Print (222406573694)
Berenice Abbott "Tri-Boro Barber School" from Retrospective 1930-1960 portfolio (322257780148)
Berenice Abbott "Barclay Street Station" from New York Portfolio II SIGNED (321896199118)
Brett Weston (white tree form) 1973 SIGNED (221202180123)
Margaret Bourke-White "Bombed-Out City" 1945 (221006984562)
Berenice Abbott "Department of Docks & Police Station" from Retrospective (222246132890)
Elliott Erwitt "Confessional, Czestochowa, Poland, 1964" SIGNED (222406573697)
Marion Post-Wolcott "Taking a Drink, Natchitoches, Louisiana" 1941 SIGNED (222406573691)
Hugo Brehme "Taxco Mexico" 1910 SIGNED VINTAGE (322420626885)
Arnold Genthe "New Mexico" 1900 Platinum print SIGNED (320739751070)
Esther Bubley "Willie and Gene Bishop, Newleyweds, West TX Sheep Ranch" 1945 (322420626878)
Andre de Dienes "Nude" ca.1950s SIGNED VINTAGE (321222780862)
Elliott Erwitt "Inspecting Guards, Tehran" 1967 SIGNED (322257757551)
Michael Kenna "In the Balance, Dinard, Brittany, France" 1993 SIGNED (322257729742)
Michael Kenna "Chessboard, Wimereux" 2000 SIGNED (222246074021)
Berenice Abbott "“El” Station Interior" from New York Portfolio II SIGNED (321916665071)
Alfred Stieglitz "Going to the Start" 1904 Camera Work no. 12 (321933679569)
Berenice Abbott "City Arabesque" from Retrospective 1930-1960 portfolio SIGNED (322257792804)
Ruth Bernhard "Doorknob" 1975 SIGNED 1993 platinum and palladium print (322257661753)
Luis Gonzalez Palma "El Soldado" Hand painted iris print mounted (322420626876)
Berenice Abbott "Christopher Street Shops" from Retrospective 1930-1960 portfo (322257789671)
Ruth Bernhard "Skull and Rosary" 1945 SIGNED 1993 platinum and palladium print (222245990292)
Arthur Rothstein "Dust Storm, Cimarron County, Oklahoma" 1936 SIGNED (222246069802)
Andre Kertesz "Paris, Stephane" 1963 SIGNED (222406573695)
Berenice Abbott "El, 2nd & 3rd Avenue Lines" from Retrospective 1930-1960 portfo (322257783661)
Sebastiao Salgado Mali (men kneeling in desert) SIGNED 1985 gelatin silver photo (220866940167)
Andre Kertesz "Colette, Paris" 1930 SIGNED (222406573698)
"Tryptic" PORTFOLIO 7 artists Heinecken Conner Gibson SIGNED 1978 (220967999437)
Andre Kertesz "Clock of Academie Francaise" 1929 (222406573704)
Michael Kenna "Wave, Scarborough, Yorkshire England" 1981 SIGNED (222406573700)
George Hurrell. Hollywood Portfolio of 10 photographs SIGNED gelatin silver (221083971124)
Michael Kenna "French Canal, TYBW, Loire et Cher, France" 1993 SIGNED (222246076771)
Michael Kenna "Wind-Swept Beach, Calais, France" 1999 SIGNED (322257731881)
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