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[2018-12-06] Hello Friend I HAVE GOTTEN THE ITEM THANK YOU - Positive Feedback
(Buyer purchased 3China Yixing Zisha Pottery porcelain Arhat Damo Dharma take bowl Buddha statue)
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Over the past 30 days:
  • 0 buyers said they received the items as described.
  • 0 buyers said they had good and timely communication with the seller.
  • 0 buyers said they had the items shipped and delivered quickly.
  • 0 buyers said they thought the shipping cost was good and reasonable.
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China Hongshan Culture crystal carved lucky animal beast amulet Pendant statue (292830187527)
Tibet Pure bronze Gold Padmasambhava Guru Rinpoche buddha Amulet Pendant statue (292674345860)
Tibet Buddhism pure bronze 6 arms Mahakala Wrathful Deity amulet Pendant statue (292830930561)
3"Old Tibetan Buddhism pure Bronze Tara Kwan-yin goddess amulet Pendant statue (292830939724)
Tibetan Buddhism bronze copper Boxwood Praying Zijin bowl Glenoid Pots statue (302769849597)
Tibetan Buddhism bronze Exorcism Ward off evil amulet Dorje Vajra phurpa Pendant (302870809074)
RARE! Collect Chinese Bronze Pisces PADLOCK & KEY Lever Lock (292495618657)
Mark old Chinese bronze Buddhism Hollow chrysanthemum Incense burner Censer box (302542965820)
Tibetan Boxwood wood carving Kwan-yin Sakyamuni 3 god statue Buddha box Shrines (302962789477)
Mark Chinese brass Calligraphy tools fish goldfish brush pot pencil vase statue (292544791649)
10" chinese old jade Hand-carved Fish Necklace lucky fengshui Amulet Necklaces (302957400295)
Old Tibetan bronze Gilt Meteorite iron fish goldfish statue seal amulet Pendant (292855195976)
Chinese Fengshui Old Jade Carving 12 zodiac Beast Animal Statue Jade Pik Bi (302663415905)
Old Chinese bronze double Dragon Play beads mark Inkstone calligraphy tool (292313060312)
China Yixing Zisha pottery Hand carved Text statue Flower pot Bonsai Potted pots (302967592886)
Old Chinese Yixing Zisha pottery landscape Bonsai plant Potted plants Flower Pot (292834301553)
Chinese Yixing Zisha pottery carved scenery Text flower pot Bonsai potted plants (302967693142)
Marked China Yixing Zisha pottery Hand carved Plum flower pot Bonsai Potted pots (292827778008)
China temple glass Painted carved small Buddhist monk Sakyamuni Buddha statue (292815713236)
Marked China Chinese dynasty Wucai porcelain Gilt flower snuff bottle statue (292863015355)
6" Antiques Tibetan Buddhism bronze Gilt 1000 arms Avalokitesvara Buddha statue (292822524656)
Old China dynasty Wucai porcelain Gilt lion beast head “囍” snuff bottle statue (292863019334)
Tibetan temple Old cattle bone carved Mahakala god Buddha head amulet Pendant (302979738085)
A 90mm old Tibetan Buddhism glass Painted Eight treasure Feng Shui Tea cup Bowl (292843216801)
Chinese Old Boxwood wood hand carved freedom Kwan-Yin GuanYin Bodhisattva statue (292755397245)
14" Old Tibetan Buddhism Temple Bronze Mahakala Buddha Vajra Phurba Dorje dagger (302688742731)
Tibetan bronze inlay turquoise Red Coral Shakyamuni Amitabha Buddha Bowl Statue (292540711724)
5"Old Tibetan Buddhism bronze 24k gold Gilt Vajra Dorje Phurpa Exorcism Talisman (302701608988)
rare Old tibet buddhism Fane 24K gold bronze Dorje Vajra Phurpa pestle talisman (302798412862)
Tibetan Old Wood carved 3 Head 8 Arms Namgyalma & Ushnishavijaya Tangka Thangka (302967592677)
21g Chinese dynasty 999 Pure Silver Inlay jade goldfish fish lotus Snuff bottle (302990564788)
old Chinese antique bronze 24k gold animal Dragon head statue bracelet hand ring (302608944377)
7" Tibet buddhism bronze gilt Sakyamuni Shakyamuni Tathagata Sleep Buddha statue (292830185042)
24g Tibet temple 999 Pure Silver Tara Kwan-Yin Scripture Exorcism Amulet Pendant (302990564860)
Chinese Buddhsim Old Boxwood Carved Kwan-yin Guanyin Bodhisattva Goddess Statue (292818515115)
Antiques Old Chinese Dynasty bronze Cloisonne peony flower Tank Pot Jar Crock (302975285167)
Rare Tibetan Buddhism Meteorite iron Tara goddess statue Exorcism amulet Pendant (292851126018)
Tibet Buddhism temple Bronze 4 Arms Chenrezig Goddess Bodhisattva Kwanyin Statue (302593749012)
rare Old Chinese Yixing Zisha Pottery Carved ancient Text word Teapot Tea set (292843202785)
old Chinese bronze Plum orchid bamboo daisy Pen Container brush pot pencil vase (292551923373)
Chinese Yixing Zisha pottery carved bamboo Text flower pot Bonsai potted plants (292827777607)
Marked Chinese Bronze Lotus Frogs Toad Statue Ancient Calligraphy tools Pen wash (302988344460)
China silver cattle bone carving 18 arhat Buddha head amulet Buddha Prayer beads (302962187275)
8"chinese Buddhism Old Boxwood hand carved Ruyi Kwan-Yin GuanYin Quan yin statue (292816353899)
Old China Dynasty pure Bronze Musical Instrument Melody Bugle Clarion Suona horn (292667902747)
Tibet bronze 24K gold Gilt Mahakala Buddha statue Dorje Vajra phurpa faqi dagger (292857999406)
Tibet Buddhism Buddhist Bronze Gilt Milarepa Arhat Buddha Ride Deer Head Statue (292855273360)
Rare Chinese Collect Old Cattle Bone Carved nude male&female Art Statue book Set (302965151031)
China dynasty bronze Cloisonne enamel Gilt flower pattern Incense burner Censer (302968454637)
15"old tibet temple bronze 24k gold gilt Buddha Tantra Vajra Dorje Phurpa Dagger (302801159376)
Chinese bronze Feng Shui wealth Wing Ruyi beast Brave troops Pixiu beast statue (302600045896)
9" old Chinese Fengshui Silver Unicorn Pixiu Beast Statue Incense burner Censer (302624075547)
8" chinese bronze Friedrich Engels German philosopher thinker revolutionary Bust (302665910806)
antique Old Chinese Dynasty Palace cloth embroidery Dragon Totem Emperor Hat Cap (302814480657)
8" old China Chinese Chicken wing wood Hand carved Bonsai Potted Flower pot Base (302597371992)
Old Tibet Buddhism Tibetan silver agate Beeswax Exorcism Amulet periapt necklace (292851182472)
Rare Old Tibet Buddhism Beeswax Red coral ancient coin Exorcism amulet necklace (302985622134)
Rare Antiques Tibetan Buddhism Mani Stone carved unique Om Mani Padme Hum Statue (292859065621)
Chinese China dynasty old porcelain red glaze Hand carved carving bowl bowls cup (292517182536)
9"Old Chinese bronze Gilt Made Antiquity Female Generals Crash Helmet Casque Hat (292826935389)
China feng shui bronze Cloisonne enamel Gilt Zodiac animal Pentium horse statue (302963935351)
11"Rare Chinese Jizhou kiln porcelain flower bird Zun Bottle Pot Vase Jar Statue (292832431627)
Old China bronze Cloisonne peony flower bird statue Zun Cup Bottle Pot Vase Jar (302965197008)
Old Chinese Dynasty Royal Cloth Embroidery gem Dragon Imperial Emperor Hats cap (302965897496)
China old black Rosewood Wood carved animal 5 ox Cattle bull statue Wall hanging (292847720343)
Old Tibetan Buddhism fane Temple Bronze Buddha Yamantaka Yama Dharmaraja Statue (302987013305)
7"Old Tibetan temple Bronze tara Kwan-Yin Buddha Head Statue Exorcism Chung bell (302985510454)
Rare China Han Dynasty Hetian Old jade Hand carved double Dragon amulet Pendant (292855270146)
Old Chinese Rosewood Wood Carved Ancient Furniture coffee table Tea table desk (292823159717)
China red Tianhuang Shoushan Stone carve ancient people Seal stamp signet statue (292857102507)
Old China Tianhuang Shoushan Stone carve ancient people Seal stamp signet statue (292857104205)
A6"China Tianhuang Shoushan Stone carved ancient people Seal stamp signet statue (292857109015)
A6"China Tianhuang Shoushan Stone carved ancient people Seal stamp signet statue (302989565896)
Rare Tibetan Buddhism Old Cattle bone carved Tara Kwan-Yin goddess Buddha statue (302963872805)
old chinese buddhism temple bronze Quan yin Kwan-yin Guanyin Bodhisattva Statue (292390541309)
China Fengshui Old Boxwood Pure Hand-Carved Foo Dog Evil Beast Lion Statue Pair (302957410084)
rare antique Chinese Qing Dynasty palace natural agate Hand carved snuff bottle (292692599162)
7" marked old chinese bronze Bats wealth lucky statue pot Incense burner Censer (302720264055)
Collect Old Chinese huanghuali wood Hand carving double Dragon Jewelry Box Boxes (302607006353)
Tibet Buddhism bronze Gilt 3 head 6 arms Mahakala Yab-Yum Hevajra Buddha statue (302989989558)
Chinese Huanghuali Old wood carved Phoenix Bird drawer coffee table Desk statue (292831552007)
old Tibet Buddhism Silk Cloth Jizo Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Wall Hanging Thangka (302598281950)
Old Chinese huanghuali wood hand-carved dragons storage box Treasure container (292692571836)
Rare Antiques China cattle bone Hand carved Ancient catch fish Old man statue (292832310263)
old Tibetan bronze Prayer Wheel Handmade om mani padme hum - Wall Hanging Nepal (292823265426)
China dynasty natural crystal carved animal Dragon statue Wine vessel Goblet Cup (292835156230)
China Hongshan Culture Meteorite bronze Carved Dragon Head Handle Hatchet Axe Ax (292837530984)
Rare Pure Natural Formed Nickel-iron Meteorite iron Tiantie Muonionalusta statue (302978400398)
9" Tibetan Buddhism natural crystal Gilt Hand carved Tara Kwan-Yin Buddha statue (292819296486)
A Old Chinese Buddhism Wucai porcelain wealth Happy laugh Maitreya Buddha statue (302983444869)
China Dehua White porcelain lotus Kwan-yin GuanYin Bodhisattva Buddha statue (292821919078)
old China Chinese Buddhism 100% natural crystal Buddha Stupa Pagoda Tower Statue (292861842590)
5"Natural Xinjiang Hetian White Jade carved Han Dynasty jade cong Yucong statue (292855970807)
25" Old Chinese Bronze Dragon Head Skeleton Skull Faqi Wand Weapon Statue Pair (302593727491)
13"Old Chinese Ancient Huanghuali Wood Carved Treasure chest storage box cabinet (302991674066)
Chinese Bronze Ware Zodiac animal Dragon Loong pattern Container Pot Tanks Crock (302990558121)
Tibet Bronze Gilt Buddhism sit lotus 18 arm jizo Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva statue (292843176408)
Old Chinese dynasty Bronze Ware beast face Steamed food utensils pot Yan Jar “甗” (302989924659)
Chinese xizhou dynasty Bronze Ware Taotie pattern Ritual square Zun Cup Pots Jar (302989924646)
7"Tibetan crystal silver 24k gold Filigree Inlay gem Conch Seashell Shell statue (302965140464)
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