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viviaistore is a verified commercial seller from HongKong marketplace and has been active selling since 2017-04-02.
The seller has excellent standing with the HongKong marketplace with 98.0% positive feedback in the last 12 months. (350 positive feedback, 7 negative feedback, and 10 neutral feedback) To date, viviaistore has received a total of 2,538 customer feedback from completed sales.
The seller is recognized under the following programs: United States Top-Rated Seller Program, Global/Worldwide Top-Rated Seller Program
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Buyer Feedback Past 30 Days Past 6 Months Past Year
Positive 25 174 443
Negative 0 4 7
Neutral 1 3 10
Total 26 181 460
[2024-04-15] Great quality excellent price and fast delivery - Positive Feedback
(Buyer purchased Not available)
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Waist--Bed-System-Doggie-Strap-Position-Aid-Play-Belt-Men-Women (185313455877)
PU Leather Soft Padded Bondage Handcuffs Wrist Cuffs Ankle Cuffs BDSM Restraints (185185443167)
PU Leather Soft Padded Handcuffs Anklecuffs BDSM Bondage Restraint Cosplay (185164353196)
Sex Swing Adjustable Strap Love Aid Body Sling Hanging Handcuffs for Couples (185189916325)
Sex Swing Door Handcuffs Love Sling Sex Pillow Hand ankle Leg Cuffs Furniture (185178155808)
Bed Bondage Set Ankle Cuffs Handcuffs cuffs Blindfold for Couples (185178232978)
M Size Black cloth Full Head Hood Roleplay Mask Headgear Slave Couple Restraints (183034366519)
Toughage Inflatable Sex Pillow Chairs Furniture Weightless Bouncing Cushion (185164132068)
Male Stainless Steel Chastity Bird Cage Elastic Annex Auxiliary Belt Device A269 (185311705734)
PU Leather Neck Collar Neck Corset Posture Choker Necklace BDSM Bondage USA (185299728307)
White PU Leather Soft Padded Handcuffs Ankle Cuffs Wrist Bondage Restraints (185183788299)
Lockable Padded PU Leather Restraint Neck Collar Chain Leash Roleplay Choker (185164309562)
Bdsm Metal Nose Hook Mouth Spreader Gag PU Leather Head Harness Strap for Couple (185216351516)
Black Face Mask Elastic Breathable Open Eyes Mouth Spandex Costume Hood Mask (185183554296)
10m/33FT Japanese Cotton Rope Restraint Shibari Tie Up Body Harness Ropes BDSM (182843562368)
Toughage Inflatable Sex Pillow Shibari Cotton Rope Binding Furniture Cushion (185263667183)
PU Leather Back Arm Binder Body Harness Headgear Hood Blindfold Mask Mouth Gag (185201299389)
PU Leather Mask Bondage Headgear With Mouth Gag Plug Restraint Hood For Couples (185181811023)
Red Silicone Lips Open Oral Mouth Gag Harness Bondage Restraints Slave Roleplay (185215386908)
Spreader Bar Handcuffs Ankle Cuffs Mouth Gag Restraints Bondage Set for Couples (185216443360)
Bondage Metal Spreader Bar HandCuffs Ankle Cuff Restraint Gag Cosplay Slave (185215457646)
Private BED restraints belt Wrist Handcuffs Foot Couple Sexy Postures Game (184241539767)
Sex Swing Metal Tripod Frame Furniture Position Love Aid Chair Swing For Couples (185185533957)
360 Spinning Sling Sex Swing Metal Tripod Frame Position Aid Enhancer for Couple (185197162292)
Metal Lockable Slave Neck collar Necklace O-Rings Restraint BDSM Choker Bondage (185215433088)
PU Leather Hood Blindfold Head Harness Mask Open Mouth Gag Bondage For Couples (185277633468)
PU Leather Armbinder Handcuffs Behind Back Body Harness Restraint Tight Bondage (185201331768)
Male Female PU Leather Adjustable Chastity Cage Pants Harness Waist to leg Thigh (185277630529)
Inflatable Sex Foldable Bed Furniture Wedge Sex Pillow Cushion Love Aid Position (185167447668)
TOUGHAGE Sex Pillow Inflatable Furniture Wedge Pillow Cushion for Couples (185164131777)
Inflatable Sexy Pillow Bed Couple Position Cushion Flirting Games Aid Wedge BDSM (184075627652)
Full Body Harness PU Leather Through Sex Clothes Cheast Body Harness Garter Belt (185185431092)
US Stock Black Straight Jacket Costume Restraint Armbinder Body Harness L/M Size (185277625063)
USA Asylum Straight Jacket Costume S/M L/XL BODY HARNESS Restraint Armbinder (185274978194)
Women Stainless Steel Spreader Metal Labia Clip Speculum Clamp Plug Bondage (185338518915)
Bed Thigh Handcuffs Anklecuffs Wrist Straps Door Sex Swing cuffs (185178170242)
PU Leather Bondage Mask Hood with Hair Ponytail Head Restraint Headgear Harness (185280309078)
PU Soft Padded Leather Wrist Handcuffs Ankle Cuffs Restraints Bondage BDSM USA (185287488986)
PU Leather Dog Gloves Bondage BDSM Mittens Handcuffs Puppy Cosplay Restraint (185282620305)
Thigh Straps Sling Leg Spreader Restraint Harness with Wrist Cuffs Position Aid (185178508579)
Thigh Straps Sling Leg Spreader Harness Double Shoulder Sex Swing Position Aid (185181786166)
Sex Chair Weightless Stool Inflatable Sex Pillow Position Aid Bouncing Cushion (185167323774)
Open Chest Pu Leather Bra Body Harness Restraints Bondage Mouth Gag Breast Clamp (185216355015)
BDSM Bondage Nylon Wrist Handcuffs For Woman Couples Cuffs Thigh Restraint Strap (185183517799)
Mask Hood With Plug Pu Leather Headgear Bondage Blindfold Harness Bdsm Restraint (185201306600)
Bondage Metal Spreader Bar Handcuffs Ankle Cuff Neck Collar Set Shackles Tool (185173098359)
Sexy Women Body Harness Suit Jumpsuit Straight Jacket Restraints Roleplay BDSM (185215425261)
Extreme Huge Plug Spreader Vaginal Speculum Mirror Expander Adult Dilator (185282411264)
2PCS/5PCS/10PCS Durable Hemp 10m Bondage Rope Strap Shibari Binding Roleplay (185173172090)
Mouth Gag Mask Bondage Slave Breathable Ball Pu Leather Harness Restraint USA (185252824125)
Black Spandex Open Mouth Gag Mask Silicone Plug Half Mask With Gag Bondage (185311773063)
Double Sleeping Bag Pantyhose Seamless See Full Transparent Body Stockings (185311756969)
PU Leather Neck Corset Collar Restraint Muzzle Mask Bondage Toy Lockin Roleplay (185215346875)
Erotic Open Mouth O Ring Flirting Tool Silicone Open Mouth Gag Deep Throat (185300962159)
Silicone Mouth Gag BDSM Bondage Restraint Mouth Stuffed with Lock Oral Rixation (185313558068)
Metal Flat Neck Collar M Hollow Out Ring Slave Restraint for Women Men Bondage (185215381644)
BDSM Thick Hemp Rope Shibari Binding Rope Handcuffs Slave Body Bondage (185207375345)
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