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twhiteemsco is a verified commercial seller from US marketplace and has been active selling since 2008-06-11.
The seller has excellent standing with the US marketplace with 100.0% positive feedback in the last 12 months. (146 positive feedback, 0 negative feedback, and 0 neutral feedback) To date, twhiteemsco has received a total of 1,454 customer feedback from completed sales.
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Positive 16 75 191
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Total 16 75 191
[2020-03-30] Great communication A pleasure to do business with - Positive Feedback
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Over the past 365 days:
  • 88 buyers said they received the items as described.
  • 92 buyers said they had good and timely communication with the seller.
  • 94 buyers said they had the items shipped and delivered quickly.
  • 87 buyers said they thought the shipping cost was good and reasonable.
Over the past 30 days:
  • 0 buyers said they received the items as described.
  • 0 buyers said they had good and timely communication with the seller.
  • 0 buyers said they had the items shipped and delivered quickly.
  • 0 buyers said they thought the shipping cost was good and reasonable.
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Square D QOC16US Panel Cover Assembly 16 Circuit Main Breaker or MLO Surplus (283693174887)
Gould Shawmut A6K40R Fuse 40A 600V AC New Surplus Set of 3 (274038602367)
Set of 3 - Gould Shawmut A6T60 Class T Fuse 60A 600V AC 300V DC Used (274035970228)
Bussmann Fusetron FRN-40 40A 250V Fuses (Box of 10) New Surplus (283604056479)
3- Heinemann Electric Re-Cirk-It X0411 15A 1p 120VAC Circuit Breaker Used (272960795213)
Woodward SPM-A Synchronizer / Part # 9907-028 (271343118284)
Woodward SPM-A Synchronizer / Part # 9905-001 rev N. (270859644245)
Westinghouse Auxiliary Switch for PB Frame Breakers Used (282535710798)
Siemens EP & EPC04 Expansion Plug 4" Used (282492482397)
Square D Surgelogic Surge Protection Device Display Unit Used (282644719818)
Telemecanique XAPG49504 Control Station Enclosure w/ 4- Pilot Lights New Surplus (274263535090)
Square D CIM3F Micrologic Communications Adapter Used (282485766208)
Eaton DT361UGK 30A 3P 600VAC Double Throw Not Fusible Manual Transfer Switch (283705093785)
Siemens NF321DTK 30A 3P 240V AC Double Throw Not Fusible Manual Transfer Switch (283707340846)
Gould I-T-E X100 X100-45 100A 3ph 4W Aluminum Plug-In Duct 5' Length Used (273926469092)
Westinghouse XFK321 30A 3P 240V Double Throw Not Fusible Manual Transfer Switch (283707350023)
Woodward SPM-A Synchronizer w/ Manual / Part # 9905-001 Rev. C Used (280639389987)
ABB Contactor EH 250 300-445A 75-250hp Max 600V 3P 24V DC Coil Used (273698911403)
Barber-Colman 2404 Temp Controller New Surplus (270977836819)
GE PQM Power Quality Meter Used (270665148481)
American Bosch Electric Governor Synchronizer CU6714B (280786010955)
Barber Colman Module DYN2 80100 Used (280951395882)
Siemens EP & EPC08 Expansion Plug 8" Used (282492482865)
Emerson M0254120 Positioning Drive w/ Digital Display (280482827583)
United Technologies Electric Governor Synchronizer CU6714D (280786013993)
Westinghouse Shunt Trip 48VDC PB Frame Breakers Used (272727425580)
Westinghouse 120V Undervoltage Release EHB Frame Breakers Used (272727617631)
ITE UP422 60A 3ph 4W 240V XL-Universal Fusible Bus Duct Door Operated Plug Used (273812416944)
Square D LHL36000M8041 400A 3P 600V AC 250V DC Molded Case Switch Used (274180325132)
ABB SACE S5 S5N 300A 3P 600VAC/DC Circuit Breaker w/ 24V Shunt Trip & Aux Switch (283468595415)
Square D NA12100 Alarm Switch Used (272678699469)
GE Power Break 800 Amp 600 Volt THMM4608 (280824465532)
Acopian 24 VDC Power Supply 24PH30 Used (280963146820)
GE 48 VDC Shunt Trip TKM/THKM Frame Breakers Used (272659315628)
Square D NA11352 240V Auxiliary Switch Used (282485729733)
MultiTrode MonitorPro-3 Remote Station Supervisor W/ Digital Control Keypad (280984343789)
GE 24 VDC Shunt Trip TKM/THKM Frame Breakers Used (282462586253)
American Bosch Electric Governor Load Sharing Unit LS672A (280785970566)
Westinghouse Shunt Trip 24VDC LB Frame Breakers Used (272727494899)
Cutler-Hammer HFD1030 30A 1P 277VAC Circuit Breaker Style# 6629C88G22 Surplus (282855323495)
Square D 48162-142-50 Neutral CT Insulating System HD-2 Used (283456415286)
Schneider Automation 140 CPS 111 00 TSX Quantum AC Power Supply Module Surplus (280502259550)
ABB SACE S1 S1B S1B125R125 125A 3P 500VAC / 250V DC Circuit Breaker New Surplus (272978805501)
Cooper Busmann LPS-RK-500SP Classk RK1 Fuse 500A 600V New Surplus (283827920593)
ABB Type ES 90A 3P 480V Circuit Breaker Used (282710364311)
Square D FAL34015 15A 3P 480V 250VDC 50/60Hz Circuit Breaker New Surplus in Box (273007141907)
Westinghouse EB3100 100A 3P 240VAC Circuit Breaker New Surplus (282995120404)
FPE NB232040 Circuit Breaker Type NB 40A 3P 240V Bolt-On Used (270483674622)
GE 24VDC Shunt Trip for GE TED Frame Breakers Used (272655170468)
Telemecanique LUS12 & LUCB05BL & LULCOP Motor Starter w/ DeviceNet Used (280575750009)
Square D QO6-12L100 100A 120/240V 1ph 6 Circuit QO Load Center w/ 5- 20A 1p (274293810233)
ABB Type ES 150A 3P 600V Circuit Breaker Used (272904032166)
Omron S8VS-24024 100-240V 3.8A Power Supply Used (280503619549)
Reddington 720-0004 Hour Meter 99999.9 Hours Max 115V Surplus (272852740823)
Allen Bradley 500F-A0D930 Size 0 Open Type AC Contactor 120V Coil New Surplus (273038266144)
ABB Type ES 100A 3P 600V Circuit Breaker Used (282710354276)
Telemecanique LC1F265 285A 3P 600V 24VDC Coil 200hp @ 480V Contactor LA1DN11 Aux (283367003879)
ABB 3P B50 & B40 Mechanically Interlocked Contactors 110-120V Coil Used (273670160610)
ITE MSCP N Motor Short Circuit Protector D14NT 600V Used (283631504765)
GE THQL1115 15A 1P 120V Plug In Circuit Breaker (Box of 50) New Surplus in Box (272937641785)
Allen Bradley Compact Motor Starter 190-A40* 190-P016 1-1.6A 190-MN Interrupter (273681341351)
Socomec Sirco 160Amp On Load Isolator Non-Fused Switch (271072436199)
GE PQM Display Unit (280590599453)
Westinghouse EA3040 40A 3P 240VAC AB Deion Circuit Breaker New Surplus (282995098718)
Funas 96/M Modular Automation Control System (270864669476)
Siemens SXPGR314 Ground Detector Potentializer Bus Plug Surplus (272867587912)
Powell Size 1 FVNR Starter MCC Bucket 12"H Breaker Disconnect Used (283643315997)
Square D Circuit Breaker Restraint Interface Module RIM32 (270921992583)
Johnson Controls Metasys EN-BSF101-0 1 Slot Base & Modules (280686251823)
GE QMR Type Size 1 FVNR Combination Starter Bucket Breaker Disconnect Used (274242426567)
Appleton ACP1034CDP4 100A 3W 4P 600 VAC 250 VDC Powertite NEMA 3 4 4X Plug (283491101036)
Eaton/Cutler Hammer WS58 Transformer Weathershield Kit Fits Frame 940 Surplus (283693166319)
Schneider Electric 48816 ET 1.0I Trip Unit Used (273941668580)
FPE QMQB1132R 100/100A 3p 240V Twin Fusible Switch Unit Used (274216870199)
Square D 82254 E1 200A 2P 240VAC Double Throw Not Fusible Manual Transfer Switch (274125766875)
Square D Model 3 Size 2 Starter Bucket Fused Disconnect 21" Tall Used (283644341357)
Acopian Power Supply A5NT220 (270873417108)
Westinghouse Shunt Trip 120V FB Frame Breakers Used (272727506611)
StarLine Busway Tap Box CBDC100E12-1-L630C-4 30A 2p 208Y/120V (Black/Blue) Used (282408209962)
R.E. Technologies, INC WT5 Watt Transducer Used (270730874671)
Buss UHJ-W 400A 250V Cable Limiter Used (283629445649)
Siemens MTA Multiplexer Translator-Access 120V 60HZ Used (270627559104)
Telemecanique LD4-LC030 Integral 32 Starter w/ LB1-LC03M17 10-16A Overload (274063422795)
Telemecanique LC1D3210 Reversing Contactor 50A 3P 600V 120V Coil 12-18A Overload (273748117077)
3- Bussmann LPN-RK-125SP 125A 250VAC Class RK1 Fuse Used (274318670804)
ITE/Siemens Auxiliary Switch for KM3 Frame Breakers Used (272699174632)
Bussmann Fusetron FRN-100 100A 240V Fuses (Box of 5) New Surplus (274004470136)
ABB A110-30 140/160A 3P 600V 75HP @ 460V Contactor 175-208V Coil Used (273847451862)
Square D Type MO-4 Quad 4P (4-15A 1P) 120/240VAC Circuit Breaker Grey Face Used (282859552425)
Telemecanique LC1D6511 80A 3P 600V 110V Coil 50hp @ 460V Contactor Used (273702265841)
Cutler-Hammer WPBRV1 9996D12 Advantage Series Control Module use with W200 Used (273347153393)
Bussmann LPN-RK-400SP 400A 250VAC Class RK1 Fuses Used (274318677621)
10-Cutler Hammer QL123PL S# 1256C41G05 Handle Lockoff Device QP, QB, GF Breakers (273878640276)
Cooper Busmann LPS-RK-250SP Classk RK1 Fuse 250A 600V New Surplus (283827919719)
Bulldog BP3537 100A 3ph 3W 600V AC Fusible Cover Operated Bus Plug Used E-Ok (273789916546)
ABB SACE S5 S5H 400A 3P 600V Breaker PR211 w/ LI Shunt Trip Handle Mech No Shaft (274179903864)
Square D QE3100VH 100A 3P 240V 50/60Hz Circuit Breaker Type QE7 Used (283527945652)
Basler DECS-150 5NS1V1N1S Digital Excitation Control System New (283779636117)
Square D Model 3 Size 2 Starter Bucket Breaker Disconnect 12" Tall Used (283644370760)
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