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Fine Hand-Painted 19th C JAPANESE EGGSHELL Porcelain Tea Cup w/ Wisteria & Birds (282925590256)
Fine Antique 9.5" IMPERIAL Art Deco Glass Vase Blue & White Swirls c. 1920 (392089921857)
Pair of MEIJI-ERA JAPANESES CLOISONNE Floral Vases One Signed c. 1890 antique (392102756914)
Fine JAPANESE MEIJI-ERA Cloisonne Vase w/ Sea Bird Design c. 1880 antique (283093981258)
Fine French 19th C. Gilt Metal & Wood Box c. 1880 Exc Cdn 7" x 7" x 4" (390940662392)
Fine MEIJI-ERA JAPANESE Cloisonne Box Blue w/ Flowers c. 1900 antique (372396797655)
Large & Tall 12" Victorian Blue Cased Art Glass Vase c. 1890 MINT American (370951354040)
Very Fine 6" JAPANESE MEIJI-ERA Cloisonne Vase w/ Floral Design c. 1880 antique (372396006675)
Fine WMF MYRA Gold & Blue Iridized Art Glass Bowl c. 1900 antique (372010171618)
Vintage Signed Chinese Eggshell Porcelain Bowl w/ Women Republic Era c. 1950 (390812329150)
Unique Antique American Iridized Art Glass Shade, c. 1900 (390506985344)
Fine Antique English Inlaid Satin Wood & Mother-of-Pearl w/ Key c. 1840 (371223857251)
Fine JAPANESE MEIJI-ERA Cloisonne Vase w/ Intricate Foil Design c. 1880 antique (392097860380)
Fine BOHEMIAN ART NOUVEAU Iridized Glass Shades "Gold Cypriot" c. 1915 antique (283100458729)
Fine MEIJI-ERA JAPANESE Carved Red Coral Figure of Man w/ Fish c. 1900 antique (372396753970)
Antique Unique IMPERIAL ART NOUVEAU Glass Vase Green Hearts & Vine c. 1920 (283096956855)
Fine 14" BRONZE SCULPTURE of NATIVE AMERICAN w/ Canoe signed DUCHOISELLE (372396985913)
Antique IMPERIAL (American) ART NOUVEAU Glass Vase Green Hearts & Vine c. 1920 (372400126974)
Large Antique 19th C. English Rosewood Jewelry Box c. 1870s 12" x 8.5" (281246847113)
Fine 19th C. GRAND TOUR Bronze Sculpture of Discus Thrower c. 1890 antique (372366860992)
Fine ITALIAN GILT WOOD Framed Miniature Neo-Classical Print c. 1870 antique (283083800955)
Fine Early 20th C. Bohemian Cut Crystal Gilt Mounted Lamp c. 1910 Electrified (391979420364)
American Studio 10" Art Glass Bowl Dick Huss c. 1981 Mint Cond. (370627941057)
Fine 16th C. SOUTHEAST ASIAN THAI Sawankhalok Art Pottery Shrine Elephant Figure (372316795505)
Fine 3.25" GALLE MINIATURE FRENCH ART NOUVEAU Glass Vase c. 1900 antique (372365828157)
Fine & Large 9" Antique JAPANESE MEIJI-ERA TOTAI Cloisonne Vase c. 1890 (371791223762)
Large Antique German Black Forest Hand-Carved Box w/ Birds c. 1900 (371869415794)
Royal Worcester Astley 40 Piece Lunch/Breakfast Set for 8 China Porcelain (281241469280)
A Fine Chinese Carved Rock Crystal Figure c. 1950 Hardstone (390868431909)
Fine 19th C. GERMAN GILT BRONZE Plaque depicting a Maiden at War antique (372270210178)
Rare FREDERICK RHEAD WOOD & SONS English Arts & Crafts Pottery Vase c. 1920 (283076472286)
Fine Antique 16" ART NOUVEAU Bohemian Enameled Art Glass Basket c. 1900 vase (372382187472)
Rare Original Signed ELYSE ASHE LORD Large-Scale Etching c. 1950 Orientalist (372389401034)
Fine Antique Sarouk Diminuitive Area Wool Rug 34" x 24" c. 1920s antique (372304394252)
Superb Signed KPM Reticulated 12" Porcelain Bowl MINT c. 1900 German Porcelain (371257339857)
Fine Antique American CALICO CAT Oil Painting ELLA BAST HUNZIKER c. 1920 (392090856878)
Fine FRENCH ART NOUVEAU Bronze Sculpture Woman w/ Flowers c. 1895 antique (392042789802)
Fine Set of 4 ANTIQUE GOLD AURENE Art Glass Shades c. 1915 favrile lamp (372357377415)
Fine 19th C. GRAND TOUR BRONZE Sculpture of APOLLO c. 1890 antique nude (372321124291)
Fine Pair of 19th C. ROYAL VIENNA HAND-PAINTED Urn Vases c. 1890 antique (372241209869)
Gorgeous Antique 16" ROYAL WORCESTER Aesthetic Style Dragon Ewer Vase c. 1900 (283072064326)
Very Fine JAPANESE MEIJI-ERA Art Nouveau Cloisonne Vase c. 1900 antique (283096842251)
Fine JAPANESE SHOWA-ERA Cloisonne Vase w/ Goldfish by SATO c. 1950s antique (392098420120)
Very Fine Antique CHINESE EXPORT Reverse Painting on Glass w/ Parrot c. 1880 (372399114320)
Fine Antique FRENCH MAJOLICA CENTERPIECE 17" x 14" FRIE ONNAING c. 1900 (372384151859)
Fine Antique TIFFANY GRAPE VINE Letter Holder Bronze & Slag Glass c. 1905 (392055644468)
Fine Pair of 19th C. GERMAN OIL on Copper PAINTING Musician & Maiden (two works) (391822381006)
Gorgeous IMPERIAL HEARTS & VINE Art Nouveau Glass Vase c. 1920 antique (392090808391)
Fine A. P. PROCTOR "Princeton Lion" Bronze Sculpture Original Casting (283104207133)
Fine 19th C. CLOVIS EDMOND MASSON Gilt Bronze Sculpture of Mouse c. 1890 antique (372306088858)
Fine MEIJI-ERA JAPANESE Cloisonne Plate w/ Extensive Border c. 1900 antique (372337957356)
Fine Pair of ST. LOUIS CAMEO Glass Oil Lamps w/ Butterflies c. 1880 antique (283104263037)
Fine FRENCH ART DECO BRONZE Sculpture of Squirrel MAX LeVERRIER c. 1930 antique (392090822292)
Finely Carved 19th C. Antique Chinese Hand-Carved Pedestal Stand c. 1900 (391062763143)
Very Rare STEUBEN Red Aurene 12" Charger Plate c. 1915 antique art glass (371793387985)
Superb Set of 6 Hand-Painted FRENCH OLD PARIS Cabinet Plates c. 1850 antique (372398103666)
Fine 57" FRENCH ART NOUVEAU Fruitwood Etagere Display Cabinet c. 1900 antique (372210458652)
Rare STEUBEN Acid-Cut-Back Art Glass Plate Rosaline to Calcite c. 1930 (392098575068)
Fine FRENCH GILT BRONZE Old Paris Porcelain Center Bowl c. 1870 antique (392098411070)
Unique 19th C. JAPANESE Cloisonne Plaque w/ Fish, possibly Ando c. 1920 antique (371796169713)
Very Rare MARBLEHEAD ART POTTERY "King Tut" Perfume Bottle c. 1925 antique (372383368840)
Superb Set of 12 Antique ENGRAVED VASELINE & Ruby Glass Cabinet Plates c. 1890 (372382525191)
Fine Early SIGNED TIFFANY BLUE FAVRILE Art Glass Bowl c. 1900 antique (372365850856)
Fine & Large Original Watercolor Painting of Sea Bird KARL PRIEBE c. 1950s (283082728683)
Extremely Rare 18th C. GERMAN Hard-Paste Porcelain Cat Humidor c. 1760 antique (282812126789)
Original Theodore Rousseau (1812 - 1867) Pencil Drawing c. 1840 antique French (281913960392)
Fine Pair of ORIGINAL BIEDERMEIER Planter Boxes or Table Top Cache Pots c. 1830 (283071949931)
Fine D'ARGENTAL FRENCH Cameo Glass Vase "Sailboats at Night" c. 1910 antique (372316817090)
Fine & Rare 18th C. Indian Hand-Carved Dowry Chest Box c. 1780 ancient antique (281469027707)
Fine Original PAIRPOINT PUFFY Art Glass Lamp w/ Birds & Flowers c. 1920 antique (372396769669)
Gorgeous Pair of CHINESE EXPORT ARMORIAL Plates w/ Wild Pig Crest c. 1765 (392089734938)
Rare & Early 16.25" CHARLES LOTTON Lava Art Glass Vase c. 1975 (282587845995)
Gorgeous Pair of Antique CHINESE EXPORT Reverse Paintings on Glass c. 1860 (372399112408)
Superb 19th C. ENGLISH PAPIER MACHE Sewing Kit & Lap Desk c. 1880 antique (283038761442)
Fine ROYAL VIENNA ART NOUVEAU Cabinet Plate "Autumn" c. 1900 antique porcelain (283082154282)
Fine 16" GALLE FRENCH ART NOUVEAU Cameo Glass Vase Japanese Wisteria c. 1900 (283011054205)
Rare KARL WIRSUM Original Ink Drawing "Hairy Who Figure" CHICAGO IMAGIST (391864749734)
ANDO JAPANESE MEIJI-ERA Cloisonne Charger Museum Displayed c. 1890s antique (372382524510)
Fine 30" French ANTIQUE ART DECO Bronze Sculpture PIERRE Le FAGUAYS c. 1930 (372402623710)
Fine 7" QING DYNASTY CHINESE CARVED CORAL Sculpture of Rodents c. 1890 antique (283038768063)
Fine Antique Set of 4 Mosaic Stained Glass Lamp Shades PHILIP SEMMER c. 1920 (283094087302)
Fine 14.75" JAPANESE MEIJI-ERA SATSUMA Plate w/ 30 People c. 1890 antique (372303619932)
Fine Antique 18th C. PERSIAN Art Glass Vase w/ Islamic Script c. 1800 or earlier (372398032926)
Gorgeous FRENCH ART NOUVEAU Eagle-Form Lamp w/ Original Shade c. 1920 antique (392089930814)
Signed CHICAGO MOSAIC Stained Glass Lamp w/ Floral Design c. 1915 leaded antique (372228628568)
Rare & Important Original Watercolor Painting GERDA WEGENER c. 1930 Art Deco (282318541005)
Superb Antique 18th C. PERSIAN Glass Vase w/ Islamic Script c. 1800 or earlier (392099370248)
Fine FREDERICK RHEAD WELLER Art Pottery Vase "Birdimal Geisha" c. 1903 antique (392090778164)
Fine 19th C. Set of 12 CHINESE EXPORT Service Plates w/ AMERICAN EAGLE antique (392055790244)
Ancient 21" Cizhou Song Dynasty Chinese Pottery Vase circa 11 - 12 AD Ex Cdn (390366402932)
Rare & Important Original Watercolor Painting GERDA WEGENER c. 1935 Art Deco (282126776385)
Rare Mid-18th C. CHINESE EXPORT 11" Punch Bowl JUDGMENT of PARIS c. 1750 antique (283083803868)
Rare 10.5" STEUBEN BLUE AURENE Engraved Blackberry Art Glass Vase c. 1915 (392076653922)
Fine SIGNED TIFFANY Gilt Bronze Art Nouveau Glass Lamp c. 1910 antique (392051697561)
Museum-Quality ART NOUVEAU CENTER Table w/ Inlay NANCY FRANCE c. 1900 antique (392089924093)
Fine 13.5" Ancient CHINESE HAN DYNASTY COCOON Vase 200 BC - 220 BCE antique (282379885081)
Gorgeous & Large Set of 4 ITALIAN MURANO Art Glass Lamp Sconces c. 1920 antique (372400270972)
Fine FULVIO BIANCONI for VENINI MURANO Italian Art Glass Carafe Vase c. 1950s (372384106834)
Large 17" Ancient Han Dynasty CHINESE EARTHENWARE Horse Funerary Sculpture (282432824304)
Huge Antique 24" Meiji-Era Japanese Cloisonne Dragon Vase TEITARO c. 1890 (392101043453)
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