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MINT Antique German Hand-Painted Porcelain Figurine Blue Crown Mark Dresden #4 (371376861948)
Fine 6.25" MEIJI-ERA JAPANESE Enamel Cloisonne Vase c. 1890 antique (391753885302)
Unique 3" Chinese 3-Color Carved Peking Glass Vase Birds & Flora MINT (281606975680)
Fine Antique JAPANESE MEIJI-ERA SATSUMA Moriage Vase w/ Phoenix c. 1900 antique (372101036338)
Fine & Unusual Vintage Chinese Cloisonne 6-Panel Screen w/ Women c. 1950 (390638725970)
Pair of Chinese Antique Carved Jade Pendants w/ Birds & Flowers c. 1900 antique (390784801122)
Fine Early 19th C. JAPANESE BRONZE VASE w/ Birds in Foliage c. 1850 antique (391753835733)
Fine Antique Chinese 11" Hand-Carved Root Figure of Elder c. 1900-20 sculpture (370877762333)
Rare Paul Millet Sevres Miniature Vase w/ Gilt Mounts c. 1900 French porcelain (281780262275)
Fine French Sevres 19th C. French Porcelain Hand-Painted Box c. 1870 Sgd. Verjot (281905302436)
Six Antique Enameled CHINESE "HUNDRED BUTTERFLIES" Porcelain Tea Cups c. 1920s (281913070312)
Large Antique 19th C. English Rosewood Jewelry Box c. 1870s 12" x 8.5" (281246847113)
Fine 13" Old Paris French Hand-Painted Dog & Donkey Platter c.1850 antique plate (371008084973)
Fine 18th C. DR. WALL WORCESTER Porcelain Bowl Chinese Design c. 1750 antique (371626841149)
Unique Antique 10" CHINESE CLOISONNE Enamel Bowl w/ Men & Women c. 1920 (371918794156)
Large Antique German Black Forest Hand-Carved Box w/ Birds c. 1900 (371869415794)
Rare Early American Industrial Cranberry Scoop c. 1870 (390263724250)
Very Fine 19th C. American Folk Art Carved Wood School Box c. 1860 antique (371786820802)
Fine SATSUMA MEIJI-ERA Gilt & Cobalt Vase w/ Women & Mt. Fugi c. 1890 antique (371919693835)
MINT 10" Stangl Art Pottery Bird DOUBLE HUMMINGBIRD Signed by Artist #3401 (281372450803)
19th C. Sevres Hand-Painted Champleve Vase w/ Cherub & Onyx c. 1890 antique (371127693004)
Fine Artist Signed Satsuma Teapot w/ Children C. 1890 Meiji-era Japanese (282415682275)
A Fine Chinese Carved Rock Crystal Figure c. 1950 Hardstone (390868431909)
Fine Pair of Mid-Century Italian VENETIAN ART GLASS Figures c. 1960 MINT (282509438508)
Pair of American Brilliant Era Art Glass Crystal Compotes c. 1890 No Chips (281160207132)
Fine Signed ROYAL VIENNA Lidded Tea Cup Hand-Painted c. 1880 antique German (282600857149)
Superb Antique Victorian Art Glass Bowl w/ Pink & Yellow Feathers c. 1900 Webb (371127697753)
19th C. Japanese MEIJI-ERA SATSUMA Art Pottery Vase CHILDREN PLAYING c. 1890 (391404153907)
Large 11" Vintage Hand-Painted FRENCH SEVRES BOX c. 1950 antique porcelain (372063803889)
Rare 19th C. Meiji Japanese Cloisonne & Foil Lidded Vase c. 1890 MINT antique (281606976206)
Fine Antique Signed Japanese Claire de Lune Vase c.1930 (370512991297)
Fine Antique ANDO MEIJI-ERA CLOISONNE Vase w/ 5 Red Crested Cranes c. 1930 (372150214701)
Gorgeous RUSKIN (ENGLAND) CRYSTALLINE Art Deco Vase c. 1931 antique Pottery (282606321037)
Superb & Large Antique Japanese Fish-Form 18" Lidded Box c. 1920 Cinnabar (390952113825)
Early 19th C. English Medium-Sized Wood Chest Box c. 1840 John Wheelock (370666974486)
Large AMPHORA AUSTRIA ART NOUVEAU Pottery Figure Bull & Woman c. 1910 antique (391931276069)
Fine Eugene Deutch Art Pottery Dish or Ash Tray c. 1950 (390215696666)
Fine English Ceramic Vase by Staff's Sold by Tiffany (390259130952)
Rare Antique Victorian Anerican Brilliant Cut Glass Candelabra c. 1890 Silver (370775925023)
Set of 12 Vintage Waterford Crystal Wine Champagne Glasses MINT WF17 (281017691603)
Fine Pair of 19th C. ROYAL VIENNA HAND-PAINTED Urn Vases c. 1890 antique (372241209869)
Fine French Art Nouveau Pottery Vase by Mougin (Nancy) c. 1910 Signed & Mint (281373135068)
Superb 18" German Art Deco Stoneware Art Pottery Vase c. 1930 Artist Signed (371076210059)
Antique 15" French Art Nouveau Majolica Faience Center Bowl c. 1900 MINT vase (371101301549)
Large 19th C. American Antique Mahogany Octagonal Cellarette Wine Box c. 1890 (371376848304)
Superb Antique English Registered 10" Porcelain Reticulated Compote c. 1849 vase (391233918612)
Rare & Large Early 20th C. SATSUMA Japanese Hanging Porcelain Planter c. 1920 (371919778449)
Rare Early 19th C. Primitive American Wood Nesting Bowl Set c. 1840 (282843488454)
Fine Pair of JAPANESE MEIJI-ERA Cloisonne Vases Phoenix & Duck c. 1890 antique (282038474241)
18th C. Chinese Turquoise Glazed Seated Lohan Art Pottery Figure Marked (281199851661)
Fine 14" Mid-19th C. ENGLISH PARQUETRY Inlaid Wood Glove Box c. 1870 (391574477805)
Unique AMPHORA AUSTRIAN Art Nouveau Vase w/ "Mushroom Trees" c. 1910 pottery (282087673830)
Rare Austrian Plasto Art Nouveau Porcelain Vase Nude Maiden c. 1910 antique (371404761000)
Fine Meiji Era Japanese Black Cloisonné Box w/ Night Scene c. 1920 antique (371016172832)
Superb Pair of Carlton Ware Vases c. 1930 MINT Chinese Temple Art Deco (390784781674)
Fine 36" Hand-Carved Chinese Rosewood Stand Pedestal c. 1920 Asian Table (391064551252)
Fine Antique Chinese Pierce-Carved Rose Wood Pedestal Table c. 1920 Marble Top (371370118041)
Very Fine & Large 14" JAPANESE EDO-PERIOD SATSUMA Art Pottery Vase c. 1860 (282812114068)
Fine Colorful ANTIQUE CHINESE Hand-Made Rug w/ Birds 5' x 4' c. 1920s (282546329594)
Finely Carved 19th C. Antique Chinese Hand-Carved Pedestal Stand c. 1900 (391062763143)
Huge 24" 19th C. JAPANESE MEIJI-ERA Polychrome Glazed Charger c. 1890 antique (372241139717)
Rare FRENCH EMPIRE BOULLE Work & Rosewood Writing Pad c. 1870 antique desk (391428900304)
Finely Carved Antique Chinese Hand-Carved Pedestal Stand c. 1900 table #1 (281607031291)
Fine & Rare JAPANESE MEIJI-ERA Cloisonne Vase w/ Gilt Leaves c. 1890 antique (391507361716)
Exceptional 12.5" Tall Antique Japanese Satsuma Vase c. 1890 Rare Bottle Form (371037785374)
Superb Antique CHINESE Wool Rug w/ LION, ELEPHANT, HORSE c. 1920 65" x 37" (371747033474)
Unique 19th C. JAPANESE Cloisonne Plaque w/ Fish, possibly Ando c. 1920 antique (371796169713)
Large Antique French FINE INLAID WOOD BOX with Key c. 1870s (371772829931)
Signed & Rare Dai Nippon Taizan Sei Satsuma Pitcher w/ Birds c. 1875 vase Japan (371037784851)
Fine Pair of 24" Antique CHINESE CLOISONNE & Bronze Candle Stands c. 1930s (282277821450)
Extremely Rare 18th C. GERMAN Hard-Paste Porcelain Cat Humidor c. 1760 antique (282812126789)
Rare ERNST WAHLISS Nansen & Andree Polar Expedition Figural Group c. 1890 (281941989728)
Spectacular 21" French Hand-Painted Oil Paris Vase as Lamp c. 1860 pottery (370733850737)
Superb Antique English Calamander Enamel & Brass Table Casket Box c. 1880 (371562743113)
Superb & Rare Japanese Satsuma Vase w/ Dragon c. 1820 Edo Antique Porcelain (281277503369)
Fine & Rare 18th C. Indian Hand-Carved Dowry Chest Box c. 1780 ancient antique (281469027707)
Superb Antique 11" Art & Crafts Pottery Vase c. 1920 American Impressed Mark (370619802367)
Superb Mid-19th C. CHINESE BRONZE VASE w/ Dragons Newts c. 1850 12" x 10" (282016353689)
Rare Yellow on Gray Wedgwood AVON China Service for 12 NEVER USED 60 Pieces (391086837259)
Fine 18th C. American Inlaid Mahogany Knife Box w/ Inserts c. 1780 antique (281667305931)
Rare FRENCH EMPIRE BOULLE Work 13" x 18" Portfolio c. 1870 antique desk set (371594985033)
Superb 19th C. Imperial Satsuma 21" Tall Vase as Lamp Japanese Art Pottery (281072358425)
Museum Quality 18th C. Continental Silk Needlework Panel c. 1750 antique textile (390813645838)
Rare Pair of Antique 20" Imperial Satsuma Pottery Vases c. 1890 Meiji Porcelain (371165026163)
Antique 70 lb. AMERICAN BRONZE ARCHITECTUAL CAT/LION Sculpture Elements c. 1900 (372241458326)
Superb 19th C. ROYAL VIENNA ART NOUVEAU Cabinet Plate Angelo Asti c. 1890 (391962257997)
Rare Early Austrian JUGENDSTIL Pottery Vase EDUARD STELLMACHER c. 1890s Amphora (281941998360)
Fine ROYAL VIENNA Art Nouveau Hand-Painted Cabinet Plate "Aspiration" c. 1890 (282607558267)
Set of 4 Superb English Hand-Painted Compotes c. 1860 Scottish Landmarks (390427292235)
Ancient 21" Cizhou Song Dynasty Chinese Pottery Vase circa 11 - 12 AD Ex Cdn (390366402932)
Massive 24" JAPANESE EDO PERIOD Champleve Cloisonne Bronze Vase c. 1800 antique (282885867120)
Museum Quality JAPANESE MEIJI-ERA Miniature 3" Cloisonne Vase w/ Wisteria Decor (282428500407)
Museum Exhibited ATLAN CERAMIC CLUB Pottery Vase A. BERGLUND c. 1910 antique (281912223099)
Fine 13.5" Ancient CHINESE HAN DYNASTY COCOON Vase 200 BC - 220 BCE antique (282379885081)
Continental Carved Gilt Wood Table w/ Royal Vienna Plaque c. 1880 (391226887308)
Gorgeous Antique 24" ARTS & CRAFTS Style Stained Glass Ceiling Lamp c. 1920 (282890292409)
Museum-Quality Original FRANZ ANTON MEHLEM Royal Bonn Art Nouveau Pottery Vase (282520528531)
Huge MUSEUM-QUALITY 18th C. CHINESE Bronze Vase w/ Dragons c. 1780 antique (371817170971)
Museum Quality 19th C. Japanese 20" Bronze Sculpture of Kylin c. 1850 Signed (390710464702)
Pair of Monumental QING DYNASTY CHINESE Cloisonne Urns Archaistic Form c. 1870 (371626839169)
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