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Fujikura CT-07BS SM MM High Precision Fiber Cleaver CT07 BS CT-07 (392054928784)
Wavetek JDSU LST-1700 CATV Signal Transmitter 4 CLI-1750 LST1700 LST 1700 (352413773525)
AEMC Ampflex 300 Flexible AC Current Probe 300-24 300-24-2-10 (352074256902)
Spirent Tech-X FleX MoCA Test Module TechX T5610 (352389316833)
Fluke 89 IV True RMS Digital Multimeter 89IV 89-4 89-IV (392018593972)
Sumitomo IF-25R RS232 Interface Unit For Type-25S Fusion Splicer IF25R Type25S (332563236951)
Fluke Networks MicroScanner 2 Network Cable Tester Micro Scanner Two (332659399832)
Sumitomo HP-2A External Fiber Splice Protection Sleeve Heater Heat Shrink Oven (332252566167)
Anritsu ICN50 Instacal Calibration Module For SiteMaster S311D S312D S331D S332D (352085941040)
Wavetek Acterna JDSU MS1300D MicroStealth CATV Signal Level Meter MS-1300D (392054183110)
EXFO FIP-400-P-SINGLE Fiber Inspection Probe Fiberscope FIP400 FIP 400 SINGLE (352395942040)
EXFO BV-10 Gigabit Ethernet Network Performance Monitor EndPoint Unit BV-10-1000 (332676402037)
Fluke Networks FT630 Fiber Inspector Pro Display FT-630 (332616449014)
Fluke Networks DTX-CHA003 Coax Test Adapter Set For DTX-1800 DTX-1200 (332754593259)
Test-Um JDSU Validator NT900 Network LAN Cable Tester Without Remote NT-900 (332640804037)
INNO TS Plus Single & Ribbon Fiber Thermal Hot Jacket Stripper TS-PLUS (332714652279)
Progressive Tempo Model 501 Tracker II 2 Underground Cable Locator System (352344448382)
Viavi JDSU FI-60 LFI Fiber Identifier w/ Integrated Power Meter FI VP 60 VP-60 (352305944801)
Fujikura HJS-02 Hot Jacket Fiber Ribbon Stripper HJS 02 (332646635201)
Fluke 1621 GEO Earth Ground Resistance Tester Kit (391793083136)
OTC 3840F Automotive Scope / Meter Oscilloscope 2 Channel 3840-F 3840 (352425225809)
Fluke 98 Automotive Scopemeter 300V Handheld Dual Channel Multimeter (352234382636)
Fluke Microtest CertiFiber Multimode Fiber Tester /Cert (391989722073)
Corning Siecor OM-410 SM MM Fiber Optic Power Meter OM410 OM-400 OM400 (391822866956)
FiTeL S532 Fiber Optic Protection Sleeve Heater S-532 (332254888451)
AFL Noyes CKS-2 SM Fiber Optic Loss Test Set CSM1-2 CSS1-SM CSS1 CKS 2 (391802184858)
JDSU Westover FBP-HD3-2 Fiber Inspection System w/ FBP Fiberscope Microscope HD3 (332685176185)
Trilithic 860 DSPi 1GHz Multi-Function Cable Analyzer CATV Meter DSP 860DSPi (392093102000)
Fluke 867B Graphical Digital Multimeter 860 Series 867 (352426139493)
Fluke FTK-200 MM Fiber Optic Loss Test Kit w FT120 Fiberscope FM150 FS150 FTK200 (332663581179)
Fujikura FID-25R Clamp Head Fiber Optic Identifier w/ Power Meter FID25R (332754580871)
Fluke Networks CableIQ Qualification Tester CIQ-100 CIQ (332710725301)
JDSU Viavi WFED-300AC WiFi Advisor Wireless LAN Analyzer 4 OneExpert WFED 300AC (391848782797)
AFL NOYES SLP 4-6D SM Fiber Loss Test Set OPM 4-4D OLS2D OLS 2 OPM 4 (332572121666)
Siecor Corning MultiTester 383-MD55 OTDR Plus MM Fiber Optic OTDR 383 MD55 (391799959752)
Agilent HP 41941B Impedance Probe Accessory Kit For 4194A 41941 4194 (352079641423)
Fluke 192B ScopeMeter Oscilloscope Scope Meter 192B/003 192 (391968087153)
Fluke Networks Fiber OneShot PRO SM Fiber Troubleshooter One Shot (332248854918)
Fluke 43B HandHeld Power Quality Analyzer Meter 43 (332754383443)
Siecor Corning CFS SM MM Compact Fiber Fusion Splicer w/ Cleaver (332256651236)
Alber Cellcorder CRT-300 Handheld Cell Voltage Resistance Tester CRT300 (391976134329)
Siecor Corning X75 SM MM Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer w/ USF-21C Cleaver (332237675430)
Fluke 975 AirMeter Indoor Air Quality IAQ Meter w/ Velocity Probe 975V (352299488492)
Fluke FTK-1000 MM Fiber Optic Test Kit SimpliFiber Pro FTK1000 FTK 1000 (352386827981)
Agilent HP Hewlett Packard 8591A Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz - 1.8 GHz 8590 A (391793098912)
Fluke DTX-SFM SM Fiber Modules For DTX-1200 DTX-1800 DTX SFM 1200 1800 (332632845364)
Fluke DTX-MFM MM Fiber Modules 4 DTX-1200 DTX-1800 DTX (332719841793)
Fluke Networks LinkRunner AT-2000 AT-2000 Network Auto Tester AT2000 LRAT-2000 (332591395352)
Fluke Networks SimpliFiber SM MM Fiber Optic Loss Test Set (332708151858)
Sumitomo Type-36 SM MM Core Alignment Fiber Fusion Splicer w/ Cleaver Type 36 (352377800357)
Fluke Networks EtherScope Series II Network Assistant w/ LAN ES2-LAN-SX/I (352407720870)
Fluke 725 Multifunction Process Calibrator CALIBRATED ! (352426138057)
AFL Noyes SMLP5-5 SM MM Fiber Optic Loss Test Set OLS4 OLS-4 OPM5-2D SMLP 5-5 (352316217408)
Fluke Networks DSP-4000 Cable Tester Cat5e Cat6 DSP4000 (352426829084)
Fluke Networks DTX-SFM2 SM Fiber Modules 4 DTX-1800 DTX-1200 DTX-SFM DTX (332764020588)
ODM TTK500 SM MM Fiber Optic Test Inspection Kit VIS300 RP460 DLS355 DLS350 (332723713158)
Riser Bond 1205CXA High Resolution Metallic TDR Time Domain Reflectometer 1205 (332762229703)
Sumitomo Type-41S SM MM Fiber Fusion Splicer w/ USF-21C Cleaver Type 41S Type41S (332715778121)
Fluke EtherScope Series II 2 Network Assistant ES2-LAN-SX w/ Options LAN & Fiber (352306957230)
Fluke Microtest OMNIScanner 2 Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 Digital Cable Analyzer Certifier (332655562998)
JDSU Viavi DSAM-3300 xt DOCSIS 3.0 CATV Meter 6MHz DSAM3300 Home Certification (352322902592)
Tektronix GreenLee CableScout TV220 Coax CATV TDR Cable Tester TV-220 TV 220 (391996738402)
Trilithic 860 DSPi Multi-Function Cable Analyzer CATV Meter SSR RSA 860DSPi DSP (352416123185)
JDSU Acterna HST-3000C w/ BDCM-WB2 xDSL ADSL2 VDSL2 Bonded Copper TDR HST 3000 (332571784162)
FiTeL Furukawa S121S SM MM Fiber Fusion Splicer w/ USF-21C Cleaver S121A S121 (332521443213)
Midtronics CAD-5000 Celltron Advantage Battery Analyzer Tester CAD5000 (352375716709)
Anritsu S331D Site Master Cable & Antenna Analyzer SiteMaster S331 (352400815136)
Agilent Wirescope 350 Cat5e Cat6 850 1300nm MM Fiber Cable Certifier (332660206667)
Fluke Networks CableIQ CIQ-GSV Gigabit Service Kit LinkRunner Pro & Intellitone (391907980366)
Anritsu GN Nettest CMA5000A 5225 SM Fiber Optic OTDR w/ PM & VFL CMA 5000A (392097015324)
Megger MIT510/2 5 kV High Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester MIT-510 MIT510 (352362741786)
UE Systems Ultraprobe 2000 Ultrasonic Detector Kit UP2000 UP-2000 (332701071313)
INNO Mini 2 SM Fiber Optic OTDR w/ V20 USB Fiberscope VFL & Light Source (391985435089)
Fluke Networks FI-7000 Fiber Inspector Pro Fiber Inspection Kit Versiv FI-1000 (332750460148)
Fluke 1623-2 Kit GEO Earth Ground Resistance Tester Kit 1623 2 (352345618448)
SKF TMEA 1 Laser Shaft Alignment Tool TMEA1 (391984445379)
Tektronix TekRanger2 TFS3031 SM MM Fiber Optic OTDR TekRanger 2 (332248857685)
INNO View 1 SM MM Active Clad Alignment Fiber Fusion Splicer w/ V7 Cleaver (332758068558)
Fluke Networks OMNIScanner 2 Cat5e Cat6 Certifier Tester MM OMNI Fiber Analyzer (332752745377)
Fluke 1625 Advanced Earth Ground Tester GEO Kit 1625Kit (332586024001)
Fluke CableIQ CIQ-GSV2 Gigabit Service Kit LinkRunner AT1000 CIQ GSV2 CIQ-GSV (391850519599)
Fujikura FSM-40S SM MM Fiber Core Alignment Fusion Splicer FSM40S w/ Cleaver (392101739715)
Alber Cellcorder CRT-400 Handheld Cell Voltage Resistance Tester CRT400 (352412868683)
Agilent WireScope 350 Cat5E Cat6 SM MM Fiber Certifier Tester (392103402776)
Fluke 434 Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer Meter w/ Interharmonics Transients (332726183027)
IDEAL LANTEK 6A Cat5e Cat6 Cat6A LAN Cable Tester Certifier LANTEK 6 (332752776586)
IDEAL LANTEK 7 Cat5e Cat6 Cat6a LAN Cable Certfier LANTEK7 (352391805412)
Anritsu Site Master S331E Cable & Antenna Analyzer SiteMaster S331 (332762556205)
Fluke 435 Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer Meter w/ Interharmonics Inrush (352400770597)
Abbott Heska i-STAT 1 Model 300-G Portable Clinical Analyzer iSTAT 300 One (392085932927)
Agilent WireScope PRO N2640A-100 LAN Cable Certifier Set Cat5e Cat6 Cat6a GHz (392096950055)
EXFO MAX-715B MaxTester iOLM SM Fiber OTDR w/ PM MAX-715B-M1-EA-RF MAX715B (392088679962)
NEW JDSU Viavi DSAM-6300 xt DOCSIS 3.0 Meter 6MHz DSAM 6000 Home Certification (332699755830)
Anritsu Site Master S820D Broadband Cable & Antenna Analyzer SiteMaster S820 (332662552401)
GE KrautKramer USM GO Ultrasonic Flaw Detector w/ DAC AWS JIS USMGO (352430939475)
Fluke Networks DTX-1800 Cat5e Cat6 Cat6a 1gHz Certifier Tester DTX1800 v2.78 (332758077217)
Fluke 435 Series II 2 Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer Meter w/ Harmonics (352412904990)
Fujikura FSM-50R12 SM MM Fiber Ribbon Fusion Splicer w/ Cleaver FSM50R FSM-50 (392044671167)
Anritsu Site Master S332E Cable / Antenna & Spectrum Analyzer SiteMaster S332 (352345661533)
Fluke Networks DSX-5000 Versiv Cat6 Cat6a LAN Cable Certifier Tester DSX 5000 (352419530017)
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