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Yaskawa CIMR-G5C47P5 Varispeed 616G5 AC Drive 400VAC 7.5kW 14KVA 18A *Tested* (152738360723)
Allen Bradley 20BD014A0AYNANC0 PowerFlex 700 AC Drive 7.5KW/10HP *Tested* (154650622957)
Yaskawa CIMR-P5E47P5 Varispeed 616G5 AC Drive 380-460VAC 18A 14KVA *Tested* (153022387598)
Fanuc A16B-1100-0280/04A Top Control Servo Board A16B-1100-0280 *NEW OPEN BOX* (154020610804)
Yaskawa CIMR-G3E43P7 Varispeed 616G3 AC Inverter 400V Class 6.9KVA 9A *Tested* (164776949771)
Siemens 3TK2807-0AG2 Safety Relay 5NO 3NO 1NC 110VAC 0.25-1HP 120/240VAC*Tested* (154225992892)
Berger LAHR VRDM368/50LWB POSITEC SIG AC Servo Motor 325V 0,9A 1,5Nm *Tested* (163392975529)
Watt Wattcher WW-2000 Processor Control Box Wattcher WW-2000 Control *Tested* (164506816071)
CISCO IE-2000-16TC-G-E IE2000 Anatel Ethernet Network Switch 12/24/48VDC*Tested* (154585689179)
Yaskawa CIMR-G5E4015 Varispeed 616G5 AC Drive 26kVA 380-460VAC 34A *Full Tested* (162603782378)
Allen Bradley 20AE017A3AYNNCNN PowerFlex 70 Drive 15HP/10HP 600VAC Ser A*Tested (153715613377)
Lenze Type EVS9321-ES Servo Drive EVS9321ES Product # 45438589 1.2KVA *Tested* (161158124500)
Advantech PPC-L128T Industrial Computer Touch Screen Display 12-24VDC 5A*Tested* (162277686919)
Yaskawa CIMR-G5E45P5 Varispeed 616G5 AC Drive 400VAC 11KVA 14A *Tested* (162708187274)
Siemens 6SN1123-1AA00-0DA2 SimoDrive LT- Module 80 Amps Ver A *Fully Tested* (161141781272)
WEG CACFW090014T5060ESZ VECTRUE CFW09 Inverter 500-600VAC CT 14A Ver. 3.76 *NEW* (164572488256)
Yaskawa CIMR-G5M47P5 Varispeed 616PC5 AC Drive 380-460VAC 21A *Tested* (163047878954)
Schneider ATV312HU55M3 Altivar31 AC Drive 5.5kW/7.5HP 200-240VAC 27.5A *Tested* (164260688021)
Allen Bradley 20B-D017N104 PowerFlex 40 Drive 7.5kW/10HP 400V Ser A *Tested* (161178340344)
EATON 58821-400 Durant Controller EATON 5882-1 Durant Process Controller*Tested* (154503095721)
Yaskawa CIMR-G5E40P7 AC Drive Varispeed 616G5 3Ph 380-460VAC 3.4A 2.6KVA *Tested (162709459659)
Lenze Type EVS9324-EP AC Drive EVS9324EP Product #01146322 480AC 5.8kVA *Tested* (162535066845)
Siemens 6SN1123-1AA00-0CA1 Simodrive LT-Modul INT. 50Amp Versi: A *Fully Tested* (162689250290)
Siemens 6SN1123-1AA00-0HA1 Simodrive LT-MODUL INT 8Amps Version A *Tested* (154110550411)
Allen Bradley 1745-LP151 SLC 150 Processor Unit Ser C FRN 6 **Lot of 3**Tested* (154631278068)
Mitsubishi MR-E-40A-KH003 AC Servo Drive 400W 2.6A 200-230VAC 2.3A *Tested* (154663030098)
Lenze AC Tech ESV402N04TXB Inverter SMVector Drive 480VAC 4kW 5HP 9.4A *Tested* (154663047561)
ILSCO T4A4-600N 600MCM-2 Solderless Cable Lugs Aluminum 600V Bolt Size 1/2"*NEW* (163452394654)
Automation Direct GS2-42P0 AC Drive 2.0HP 4Amp 3.1KVA 380-480VAC 3PH *Tested* (154649637208)
Reliance Electric B18H1070P-WZ AC synchronous Motor 3HP 2000rpm 9.5A *Tested* (163482610603)
FANUC A16B-1100-0240 Board For A06B-6059-H002#H502 AC Spindle Servo Unit*TESTED* (164800489030)
GSE 042105-00501 Torque Sensor 500lb/IN 2.0MV/V 350Ohm *TESTED* (164822608448)
Gefran GFXTERMO4-R-1-0 Process Controller 24VDC 5VA FW 01.47.45 *Tested* (153114164144)
SHINKO GS1202 Digital Weighing Scale 1200/0.01g 9VDC MAX 1200gm d=0.01g *Tested* (154663045739)
ABB 130B6038 AT/10 ACLS Drive Board ABB 130B6038 DT/10 Control Board *Parts* (165141677250)
GE Fanuc A16B-1100-0280 Fanuc A16B-1100-0280/08A Board A320-1100-T284 *Tested* (154315289851)
Allen Bradley 20BD014A3AYNACA0 Powerflex 700 AC Drive 1.5kw/10HP *Missing Parts* (154196528252)
Indramat DG1604 Rotatory Encoder 1250 PULS/REV 220877-63554 Encoder *Tested* (154663043564)
Mitsubishi MR-E-20A-KH003 AC Servo Drive 200W 2.6A 200-230VAC 1.1A *Tested* (165141710300)
FANUC A16B-1000-0030/06C Control Board Fanuc A320-1000-T034/03 Board *Tested* (154488388988)
Vigoservo ARS60-15 ARS60 VigoServo Control 1.5kW 200-230VAC 10.6A *Fully Tested* (152786584288)
Indramat DAA1.1 Analog Interface Controller Card DAA1 109-0785-4B20-06 *Tested* (165143381163)
ELAU MC-4 Drive ELAU MC-4/11/03/400 AC Servo Drive 13130245 380-480VAC *Tested* (165141733633)
Fisher I2P-100 Electro Pneumatic Transducer Actuator 4-20mADC 3-15PSI *Tested* (165127553305)
Lenze E94ASHE0024 Single Drive HighLine Module 0.6-1.1kVA 230-500VAC *Tested* (165143386339)
Eurotherm 590C/1100/A/1/0/0/0/00/000 590 Digital Series Drive 220-500VAC *Tested (164007907096)
Indramat HMS01.1N-W0150-A-07-NNNN AC Servo Controller 100A 750DC 500AC *Tested* (152634093142)
Allen Bradley 25B-E3P0N104 Powerflex 525 AC Drive 600VAC 1.5kW/2HP Ser A *Tested (154576246108)
OKUMA OSP5000L-G CNC Operating LCD Updraded Display Panel OKUMA LCD *Tested* (164426882294)
Ferrocontrol D-32049 Herford Controller Versorgungsmodul V05-10-10-09 *Tested* (163291981268)
Siemens 6SL3120-2TE21-0AA3 Double Motor Module DC 600V 3AC 400V 9A/9A *Tested* (154503019032)
Allen Bradley 1336E-C015-AN-EN AC Drive 500-600VAC 17-20KVA 19A Ser C *Tested* (164633877957)
Banner SI-MSG1SM Photo Sensor 30VDC Banner SI-MSG1SM Photo Sensor *NEW* (154068478885)
Indramat TVD1.2-15-03 AC Servo Power Supply *Tested* Indramat Power Supply (160720023102)
Allen Bradley 20AE017A0AYNNNC0 PowerFlex 70 Drive 15HP/10HP 600VAC Ser A *Tested (153715617780)
Mitsubishi MC616 Mitsubishi 624A990G51 Mitsubishi MC6166B PLC Module *Tested* (164331820188)
Yaskawa CIMR-VU4A0023FAA V1000 AC Drive 23A/18A 380-480VAC 24Amp Rev A*Tested* (152732681730)
OMRON NS10-TV01B-V2 Interactive Touch Screen Display 24VDC 25W NS10 *Tested* (163916647240)
GE Fanuc IC754CSL06CTD-MK QuickPanel Touch HMI GE Model ES0622 24VDC *Tested* (154563867778)
Lenze EVF9328-EHV004 AC Servo Drive 400/480VAC 47A 37.2KVA Pro 45209238 *Tested* (163474971640)
SEW EURODRIVE Typ MC07A015-5A3-4-00 AC Drive 2HP/1.5KW 380-500VAC*Fully Tested* (161884113706)
FANUC A02B-0247-B546 SEICOS Ser 2li-TA Seiki AB12C-0106 FNKB 20-03-00-00 *Tested (154058022750)
Allen Bradley 22A-D6P0N104 PowerFlex 40 480V 2.2kW/3.0HP Ser A* Fully Tested* (165124457124)
Siemens 6SN1111-0AA01-2DA0 Line Filter for I/R 55kW 440/250V In 103A *Tested* (153784824671)
Comair Rotron TN3A2 Tarzan Thermally Protected Fan 115VAC 85W *Tested* (153349455954)
Parker W017G-11 hydraulic valve DC: Q08-086-003 Parker B.1L05EX.A24VDC *Tested* (153650079152)
OKUMA E4809-045-086-A Board Okuma 1911-1505 Okuma 1911-1509-40 1911-1510*Tested* (164462241204)
Siemens 6SN1123-1AB00-0AA1 SimoDrive LT- Modul INT 2x15A Ver A *Fully Tested* (151396806640)
Phoenix Contact QUINT-PS/1AC/24DC/5 DC Power Supply 24VDC 5A 2866750 *Tested* (165038786909)
OMRON G9SA-301-T075 Safety Relay Unit 24VAC/DC Contact: 250VAC 5A 1250VA*Tested* (164572498311)
Allen Bradley 1746-NIO4V SLC500 Analog Combination I/O Module Ser A *Tested* (154519829344)
Danfoss FC-102P7K5T6E20H VLT HVAC Drive P/N 131F7601 7.5kW/10HP 600V *Tested* (152036357020)
Lance instruments L8300/9100 Column Gage 120VAc 20Watt Column Gage L9100*Tested* (152923810776)
Indramat 109-0785-3B17-06 DZF03.1 Servo Controller Card DZF01 *Tested & Working* (162136719424)
OKUMA E4809-045-201 OPUS 7000 Board 1911-2204-39-142 Okuma A911-2204 *Tested (154020471956)
Siemens 6FC4100-1AA00-Z Sinumerik 805 CPU Controller Module DC 24V 75VA *PARTS* (163131974399)
Mitsubishi MDS-C1-SPH-300 Spindle Drive Unit 30kW 270-311VDC 144A Ver J *Tested* (153090731850)
Allen Bradley 1326AB-B520F-M2LS AC Servo Motor Ser B 2.9/3.36kW 3000rpm *Tested* (154664283211)
Mitsubishi MDS-C1-CV-300 Servo power Supply Unit 230VAC 144A 270-311VDC *Tested* (154664286838)
Allen Bradley 22B-E012N104 Powerflex40 AC Drive 7.5kW/10HP 600VAC Ser A *Tested* (165143362405)
ABB ACS550-U1-052A-6 AC Drive 500-600VAC 52A 41A 50HP 37kW *Tested* (153702147356)
Allen Bradley 2711P-T15C21D8S Panelview Plus 7 HMI Ser B 24VDC PN-332440 *NEW* (165111104268)
Banner SI-MAG1MM Photo Sensor 30VDC Banner SI-MAG1MM Photo Sensor *NEW* (164364116570)
Allen Bradley 20BD5P0A3AYNANC0 PowerFlex 700 Drive 3HP/2HP 400V *Tested* Rev (161177574536)
Magnetek HPV900-2088-0E1-01 AC Drive 200-240AC 30HP 88A HPV900-2088 *Tested* (152893032699)
Indramat CLM01.3-X-0-2-0 Servo Controller Indramat CLM 01.3-X-0-2-0 *Tested* (152383379494)
AYDIN DISPLAYS CFP19S4-1A1-F01 Touch Screen Display Panel 120/240VAC *Tested* (154548615544)
Siemens 6SL3121-1TE24-5AA3 Single Motor Module DC 600V 400V 45A Ver A *Tested* (164974186562)
Allen Bradley 1336-PB-SP20F Control Board PCW2.1 321153-B02 321156-A02 *Tested* (154306774040)
Panasonic AFPX-C60T PLC FP-X C60T Control Unit 100-240VAC Ver 2.7 *Tested* (165125304389)
Indramat DDS02.1-A100-D Digital AC Servo Controller DDS02.1 Controller *Tested* (154664298434)
Allen Bradley 2711-T9C1 Panelview 900 Display Ser. C Rev.D FRN. 3.02 *Tested* (152937486413)
SEALED Allen Bradley 1783-ETAP 3 Port Ethernet/IP Tap Ser A FW 2.002 *NEW* (164837062543)
Fe FUJI 2MBI300N-060 Power IGBT Module 300A 600V FUJI 2MBI300N-060 IGBT *Tested* (154283422599)
Indramat HVE04.2-W075N DIAX 04 AC Power Supply System 200 75Amps *Fully Tested* (154568529446)
NORTEC 9020213.07 NORTEC 1700 Controller Conductivity Gauge W/Battery *Tested* (154638406491)
Indramat MAC112C-0-ED-4-C/130-A-0/WI520LV/S005 Permanent Magnet Motor *Tested* (154639679756)
Siemens 6AV6 542-0AG10-0AX0 Multi Panel MP170B KEY-10 TFT Display *Tested* (154103886702)
Datalogic AV7000-1300 High Performance Camera Module 24VDC 4Amp *Fully Tested* (163020085521)
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