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Lot of 20Pcs P21464-08 DRAM 64Kx4 80ns, DIP-18 NARROW Intel (113754830205)
JERGENS 801089 Quick-Release Pin / A-2 Aluminum T-handles Pin, 1/2X3.0 SS (113866609194)
3 pieces X ST Micro TS68230CFN8 Interface, HMOS Parallel Interface/Timer PLCC52 (113818886926)
Lot of 24pcs of UPD41464C-10 D41464C-10 Dynamic Random Access Memory Chip DIP-18 (113734239792)
15Pcs MT46V32M8P-6T IC DRAM 256M (32M x 8) Parallel PARALLEL 66TSOP Micron (113794785490)
24Pcs X HM62256ALSP-8 32,768-WORD 8-BIT HIGH SPEED CMOS STATIC RAM DIP-28 NAROW (113779308733)
4 PCS X SDIN5E1-32G 14X18BGA,OEM iNAND e.MMC 4.41 Flash 14X18BGA (113818885597)
7PCS X TC55257DPL-70 Sram Chip Async Single 5v 256k-bit 32kx8 70ns 28-Pin Pdip (113779964643)
Lot of 20Pcs P21464-10 DRAM 64Kx4 100ns, DIP-18 NARROW Intel (113754819107)
LOT OF 10PCS X NSC PC16552DV UART Dual with FIFO, 2-CH 16byte 5V 44-Pin PLCC (113714436709)
2X NXP ISP1761BE Hi-Speed Universal Serial Bus On-The-Go Controller 128-Pin LQF (114389949257)
100 Pcs x AGILENT HLMP-6620 Subminiature LED 1.9MM Red 2MCD, 626NM Axial (114184879546)
Lot of 3Pcs X KM416C256DJ-6 DRAM Chip FPM 4M-Bit (256K*16) 3.3V/5V SOJ-40 (113757869170)
MN34041PL Panasonic Image Sensor CMOS 1944x1092Pixels 104-Pin LGA For 1/3" Camer (113902087407)
30Pcs X Mitsubishi M51995AFP#CF0J Voltage Mode PWM Controller 2A 500kHz SOP-20 (113712041862)
RFG CA2842C RF Linear Amplifier Module Single Wideband Amp 400MHz 28V Flange pac (113874226696)
Lot of 2 - 16236-S2FBLY-H,Data Vision ,LCD MODULE 16CHARACTER 2LINE (113722218852)
2Pcs X Silvertel AG9712-M Power-Over-Ethernet Module, PoE-PD,TH, 12V 12W (113911618511)
Lot of 4Pcs X NanYa LMM96S009B2E LCD 20X4 Stn Gray 12Clock Led (113751734658)
15Pcs x BU-30C 5A Non-Insulated Alligator, Miniature Test Clip Copper by Mueller (113862364258)
160Pcs of DIN 912 A2 M3X25MM Stainless Steel- Screw HEX Socket Cap (113870170660)
ATMEL, EVALUATION BOARD, SMART ARM9 MPU, AT91SAM9263-EK AT91SAM9xxx, Core/Sub- A (112716887113)
Wise Tech, Wise Nemo 1U/122007/01 RF Switching Matrix 9 switches (113495092983)
BENTAL, Motor AC Brushless W-ENC.& BRK 1100W= B-045-070-020-Y 5300RPM (113507491657)
CREE, CGH55030F1 RF Mosfet HEMT 28V 250mA 5.5GHz ~ 5.8GHz 10dB 30W 440166 (113222155353)
SGD-444A Photodiode, 400-1150nm 100sq.mm, 45MHz Bandwidth, Responsivity: >0.5A/W (114291567258)
Lot of 10 x Emerson BNC Female to SMA Female Adapter 29-3835 (114523973667)
Kings KTH-1000 BNC Crimp Tool with Removable Die Include (114476621443)
ATMEL, ATR0635-EK1,GPS Development Tools COM-GPS ANTARIS4 Evl Kit (112503455838)
Kontron, PCI/104-Express with Intel Core 2 Duo L7400 SMX945B-L7400/805452 (112406838737)
Electrak 100 24Vdc 20:1 Gears Ball Screw 4" Stroke special features (112502062398)
10PCS Of UPD42S4260LE-70 NEC DRAM Chip FPM 4Mbit 256Kx16 5V, SOJ-40 40-PINS SMD (114005961831)
100 Pcs x AGILENT HLMP-6820 Subminiature LED Lamps (114184897896)
Nippon EKXG401ELL820MM25S Aluminum Capacitor 82uF 400V 18*25mm 50PCS IN 1 PACK (113714243361)
Relay 28VDC M83536/1-022M, M39016/6-109P, M6106/19-005, M83536/5-020M & 5-020L (114303716883)
3PCS X Korry P/N:22231-001 5/8-inch switch PushButton=81590, For Aircraft (114011842030)
1PCS X WL1835MODGBMOCT WLAN+BTCombo Module IEEE 802.11b/g/n Bluetooth v4.0(BLE) (115011597572)
Lot of 2 PCS X EPC2LC20N PLCC-20 Configuration Memory IC 1.6m Bit ALTERA (113779062108)
20pcs X AMD AM79Q021JC/T SLIC 4 Channel CMOS 5V Supply 44-LDCC (PLCC-44) (113979297510)
PLCC32 IC51-0324-453 PLCC Yamaichi IC Test Socket Programming Adapter 1.27Pitch (114011728534)
2Pcs XFilm Capacitor 700VDC 65uF AXIAL Case UL94V-0 57.5*35*60mm , Polypropylene (113817299148)
2Pcs x Yamaichi, BGA Socket 8*11 pins (88Pins) 1mm Pitch P/N: NP352-100-220 (112389820589)
Trendnet TU2-ETG USB 2.0 to Ethernet RJ45 Lan Gigabit Network Adapter (113899592189)
4PCS X Binding Post Connector Standard Knurled Red Gold PONOMA (113578789251)
Peak 2004 Scale Loupe 10X (Zoom in/out X10), Set ,made in japan (114477057766)
Lot of 3Pcs X IXTK170P10P Trans MOSFET P-CH 100V 170A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-264 (113852407360)
TELEMECANIQUE Contactor LC1K09008P7 2NO+2NC 5Pole 20A 230Vac 4kW 5Hp 50/60HZ (114085393648)
IKO CRBS508AUUT1, Cross Roller Bearing D50X66X8 SL SEALED (113491408211)
Vincotech V23990-P640-G-PM, Bridge rectifier+brake, IGBT Module Transi 75A/1600V (114736207262)
4Pcs x SHW5171 / 38H12 Hybrid 800MHZ RF Power Module MOTOROLA (113857707877)
Teledyne RF103-12 Electromechanical Relay DPDT 12VDC 800Ohm 6GHZ T.H 9.53x9.53x1 (113934190395)
Lot of 7Pcs X HY6264P-15 8K x 8 Hyundai Standart S-Ram, 150Ns, P-DIP28 (113780044116)
TRACO POWER TEN40-2411WI DC-DC CONVERTER 24V TO 5V 40W (112534848035)
10Pcs X NEC UPD41464C-80 Dram Chip 65,536 x 4-Bit Dynamic NMOS Dip-18 (113734952525)
40 X EPCOS B57234-S109-M Thermistor NTC 1OHM 20% 11.5A Radial 7mm (114064399708)
3Pcs X Hitachi, HM514260ZP7 16-BIT Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), SIP-40 (113748882569)
EDC 71842 VCO/OCXO + 12V F/OP 10.00000MHZ TC:0.2PPM FREQ ADJ 1.0 TO 7.0V (113007584164)
3x HFBR-1414TM Miniatur 820nm Fiber Optic Transmitter 160MBd 8-Pin with Threaded (113866661289)
LOT OF 30 Disposable Cover (114761946118)
Lot of 3 X Amphenol Connector Female Cable-MO' C016 10D006 000 12, 6+PE Contact (114056973643)
MC68EC060RC66 MPU ColdFire M68000 MicroProcessor RISC 32bit 66MHz 5V 206Pin PGA (114046759758)
300PCS X ADG419BR, Analog Switch Single SPDT 8-Pin SOIC N Tube (113817243178)
TELIT G30 WIRLESS MODULE F9200AAG With U.FL SUPPORT GSM (850/900/1800/1900MHZ) (113355807456)
83507083 Bearing Package Crankshaft .010 Undersize for JEEP by DaimlerChrysler (113852412217)
2Pcs x VLF-160+ Connectorized Low Pass Filter, 50Ω DC -160 MHz Mini-Circuits (113857722042)
HDSP-2533, AVAGO Displays Dot Matrix Panel 8DIGIT 280LED Green 24-Pin DIP Tube (114943451387)
LOT OF 10 kn95 Disposable Cover (114238422136)
2pcs x 1000 BASE-T Quad port Magnetic Module - G4P109-LF (112900837708)
ORBIT AL-7200-IMU-MK3, 3dimention Inertial Measurements calibration (114475160495)
Lot of 2 X Bulgin PX0731/P Conn Buccaneer PIN 3POS Screw Straight Cable Mount (113943761621)
3XPxs Mini-Circuits Frequency Mixer Level 17(LO power +17dBm) SBL-173SH (112962430795)
Cavity dual Bandpass Filter, LOW 1360-1610MHZ, HIGH: 2200-2300MHZ, 2p SMA 0.5dB (113860012088)
Lot of 96pcs Factory Sealed ADS58C48IPFP TI Quad ADC Pipelined 200Msps 11-bit (113111463518)
Finisar,12X10.5G BOARD MOUNT Optical Assembly 850nm VCSEL array, FBOTD10SL1L00 (112377198016)
NETZER, DS08DD01 miniature absolute ROTARY ELECTRIC ENCODER 5V (112562296065)
Silvertel AG9612-2BR Power-Over-Ethernet Module, PoE-PD,TH, 12V 12W 14*56mm (113911608874)
Lof 4Pcs sealed Mitel MT9044AL Framer T1/E1/OC3 System Synchronizer 5V MQFP-44 (113754680428)
P/N:ATSTK500: AT90S8515 Microcontroller Starter Kit 3.68MHz/20MHz CPU 256KB Flas (114446621632)
TDK-LAMBDA (MELLANOX) SWITCH 300W POWER SUPPLY YM-11-1845 675170-001 (112396538661)
50m-RG178-RF-Coaxial-Cable-50ohm M17-93-RG178-Coax-Pigtail-164ft thumbnail 1 (114291704200)
PULSAR JSF-03-466/1S HYBRID COUPLER 180 2.2- 2.4GHz 3db(Preliminary) (113862276770)
CY7C34125HC CPLD MAX® Family 3.75K Gates 192 Macro Cells 0.8um 5V LCC-84 with Wi (113485212066)
IKO CRBS608AUUT1, Metric Cross Roller Bearing D60X76X8 SL SEALED (113860055049)
Absolute position, rotary Electric Encoder, DS-37-16-CE-0I1, NETZER (112554265897)
PIUSI, Pulser/Valve Unit 2 Outputs, 24Vdc 34W 1.4A P/N 000445/M 0024 (112854137336)
PAF500F48-12 TDK LAMBDA Isolated DC/DC Converters 504W 12V 42A (112761921391)
HITEK HF-16-SP-444FFFFF Power Supply 8 Module Unit 1600W-INPUT 230VAC (113023227939)
VICOR, V300A28T500BL, DC-DC DC/DC INPUT 300V 17.86A OUTPUT 28V/500W TH (112836064470)
1 Piece of Tektronix DPO4AUTO Automotive Serial Triggering and Analysis Module (113142714781)
CR-38S130-TMS TELEDYNE RF Switch SP3T 0~22GHz 50dB 50Ohms 28VDC see D/S on pictu (114131874707)
Kyoritsu KM-66 Analog (analogue) Panel Meter (114498723189)
250X TYCO 8-215083-0 Conn IDC Connector M 10POS 2.54mm IDT RA Cable Mount (113821820962)
VICOR VI-MUB-IQ AC/DC 200-400W 1 OUTPUT = 95VDC/4.5A 47-440HZ 234.8*124.5*35MM (113490995484)
5Pcs X T.I OPA620KP DIP-8 Wideband Precision Oeretional Amplifier (113754542626)
Huber+Suhner SF104P/11SMA/16SMA500.0 SUCOFLEX Cable RF, R/A plug SMA TO plug SMA (113862299464)
Capacitor Aluminum Lytic 18000uF 350V 20% (100 X 190mm) Screw Terminal 0.028 Ohm (112419082722)
FPGA STRATIX4 105K LE SPD-2 BGA1152 EP4SGX110FH35C2N ALTERA (113439355752)
TRIQUINT TGA4509-SM RF Amplifier 27-31GHz 1Watt QFN-20 (113355871951)
13192DSK-A00, MC13191/192 RF Transceiver Starter Development Boards and Kit (114446275613)
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