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satisfyelectronics is a verified commercial seller from HongKong marketplace and has been active selling since 2010-09-09.
The seller has excellent standing with the HongKong marketplace with 99.5% positive feedback in the last 12 months. (6,641 positive feedback, 31 negative feedback, and 29 neutral feedback) To date, satisfyelectronics has received a total of 205,992 customer feedback from completed sales.
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Positive 595 3,516 9,187
Negative 4 15 36
Neutral 6 20 44
Total 605 3,551 9,267
[2022-01-24] excellent quality fast shipping Thanks a lot - Positive Feedback
(Buyer purchased 2pcs PT100 Temperature Sensor Waterproof Platinum Resister )
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1PCS Upgarded STM32F407G-DISC1 Stm32f407 Discovery STM32F4 Development Board NEW (182310263478)
Weighing Sensor AD Module Dual-channel 24-bit A/D 2016 Conversion HX711 Shieding (172579856425)
DIY Kits 12V LM358 Breathe Light Flashing Lamp Production Suite Electronic (192646946871)
10PCS MPSA13 NPN 0.5A/30V TO-92 Darlington Transistor (171907095408)
2Pcs IR Receiver Module 38 kHz TSOP4838 DIP-3 NEW (191674374246)
Competitive New MAX31855 Module + K Type Thermocouple Sensor for Arduino (192077472612)
2PCS IRF1404 IRF1404 Power MOSFET TO-220 "IR" New (171907593807)
YZC-133 Mini Scale Electronic Load Cell Weighing Sensor 1/2/3/5/10/50Kg NEW (172454812349)
3D Printer Accessory 3 in 1 Fuse Power Supply Socket Holder 250V 10A 3 Terminal (182720549253)
NEW DHT22/AM2302 DHT11 DS18B20 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module (173595142632)
2pcs LM2596S-5.0 TO263 LM2596 TO-263 NSC Simple Switcher Power Converter (171907494083)
New ESP-WROOM-32 ESP32 ESP32S IoT Wifi Wlan BLE Module+Adapter Board (172587056495)
100Pcs 2N3906 TO-92 General Propose PNP Transistor NEW (181847310970)
100pcs SMD-Transistor BC817-40 NPN 45V 800mA 310mW SOT-23 Diotec 6C or 6CT (171907304791)
100 pcs Insulating Tablets Insulation Bushing TO-220 (191792352225)
65pcs Jumper Wire cable kit for Solderless Breadboard New (191674144210)
2pcs AC 125V RS26 1 Pole Position 12 Switch Band Rotary Channel Thread Plastic S (182389843474)
10PCS 40 pin DIP IC Socket Adaptor Solder Type Socket Pitch Dual Wipe Contact (181846811256)
Electromagnetic Gun Scientific Experimental Model School Interest Study DIY KITS (194254610268)
Ultrasonic Levitation Suspension Acoustic Suspension DIY Kit Learn Levitator (185007604026)
1PCS ORIGINAL New FIGARO TGS813 TGS-813 Gas Sensor NEW (182323964666)
10PCS CNY70 Reflective Optical Sensor with Transistor output NEW (191674492734)
Orange Pi Zero H2+ Quad Core Open-source 512MB development board Rep Raspberry (172952364435)
5 Pcs BNC Female Chassis Panel Mount Solder Type Jack Connector (191938081001)
50PCS F3 3mm Warm White Round Superbright LED Light LED lamp S8 (181874320126)
20pcs DC Power Jack DC-005 5.5*2.1mm NEW (181936137237)
5 PCS AY-3-8910A Programmable Sound Generator IC DIP40 NEW (191928812921)
1PCS SFP101N / SF-P101N CD Player Complete Mechanism 16 Pin For Sanyo Version S (192003531901)
NEW AM FM Radio Kit Parts CF210SP Suite For Ham Electronic Lover Assemble DIY (182286642221)
1PCS LM358 breathing light parts electronic DIY fun making kit flashing lamp NEW (182165749119)
ISD1820 Voice Recording Playback Module Sound Recorder Board With Loudspeaker (191674431418)
SX1509 16 Channel I/O Output Module + Keyboard GPIO Voltage Level LED Driver (193944193450)
5A CC/CV MPPT Solar Panel Controller Charging Module LED DC-DC Step-down NEW (172685244344)
20PCS Switch ON/OFF SK12D07VG3 1P2T Right-Angle 4.5x8.6mm 3-pin DIP Through-Hole (191674482279)
GL850G GL850 USB 2.0 HUB Controller NEW SSOP28 (181847222386)
10PCS 3.5*4.7mm 3.5x4.7mm micro switches surface mount 4 pin press (191674560484)
12V/24V/220V Digital LED Temperature Controller Thermostat Control Switch Probe (182867586302)
100PCS J310 Transistor FAIRCHILD/ON/MOT TO-92 NEW GOOD QUALITY (171907593806)
5pcs LM34DZ LM34 Precision Fahrenheit temp. sensors (181846826643)
500PCS NEW F5 5mm BLUE Straw Hat Superbright LED Light LED Lamp (183154253664)
100 pcs DC Power Jack Socket DC-005 2.1 x 5.5 mm Black DIY Good Quality New (181846712286)
400W 6V-60V BLDC 3 phase DC Brushless Motor Controller PWM Hall motor Control (193703166207)
NEW MD-PS002 MPXV7002DP Transducer Pressure Sensor Differential Breakout Board (183445700060)
50pcs USB Type-A 90° Right Angle 4-pin Female Connector Jacks Socket PCB Mount (191674217991)
Digital LCD Indoor Temperature Humidity Meter Thermometer Hygrometer NEW (182503304044)
30PCS PC123 DIP-4 Optoisolator Photocoupler Optocoupler Triac Driver IC (184685792859)
ESP8266 ESP-12E CH340G WIFI Lua Wireless Development Board Module NodeMcu Lua V3 (173279096263)
1Pcs Solar Toy DIY Car Children Educational Puzzle IQ Gadget Hobby Robot NEW (191674440229)
5 sets Micro JST SH 1.0mm 6-Pin Female Connector with Wire and Male Connector (182221569107)
2x Sensore pressione MD-PS002 vacuum sensor absolute pressure senso for Arduino (172003468131)
Orange Pi Zero/Zero NAS 256/512MB H2 WiFi SBC Expansion Board USB Black ABS Case (182852544840)
1500V USB to USB Isolator Board Protection Isolation ADUM4160 ADUM3160 Module (183014193819)
1PCS SN76477 SN76477N Sound Generator IC DIP-28 (171907525278)
TM902C LCD K Type Thermometer Temperature Meter Probe+ Thermocouple Probe NEW (192074203639)
Sensore pressione MD-PS002 vacuum sensor absolute pressure senso for Arduino (191674522193)
New 24 Pin Universal ZIF DIP Tester IC Test Socket (181847056055)
10pcs 2SD882 D882 882 NPN SILICON POWER TRANSISTOR NEC TO-126 (181847281591)
20 PCS HT7333 HT7333-A 3.3V SOT-89 Low Power Consumption LDO Voltage Regulator (191780758722)
NEW Voice Recognition Module Board V3 Kit For Arduino Compatible (174289927577)
10pcs 1*40 40Pin 2.54mm 20mm Long Header Pin Male Breakable Pin Header NEW (171907473800)
Solderless Breadboard Protoboard 1660 Positions Large ZY-204 with Banana Jacks (192159444602)
NEW CH376S SOP-28 SOP28 U plate and SD Calvin a management control chip (172325303121)
10pcs DIP-20 PIC16F690-I/P PIC16F690 16F690 8-Bit 100% original (181847001886)
BLE400 Mother Board for nRF51822 BLE4.0 Bluetooth 2.4G Wireless Module Expansion (182393923483)
20pcs SMD HT7133A-1 SOT-89 HT7133 7133-1 Voltage Regulator (191674477221)
10PCS KA2284 DIP-9 NEW DATE CODE:12+ NEW (171906785607)
10PCS New Fitipower FR9886SOGTR FR9886 SOP8 IC Chip (191674322783)
5PCS PIC10F200T-I/OT SOT-23-6 PIC10F200 (181846938274)
5PCS MC12080DR2G MC12080 IC PRESCALER SINGLE 1.1GHZ 8SOIC NEW (191735342695)
10pcs Original MN3007 Delay Effect IC IC'S High Quality (171907530637)
10PCS New ic - AO 4828 - AO4828 NEW (182180277540)
20pcs 3P 3-Pin Plug-in Screw Terminal Block Connector 5.08mm Pitch Through Hole (171907491966)
100pcs 0.1uF 100nF 50V 104 Multilayer Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor ±10% new z3 (181847011728)
20pcs 5mm Straw Hat RGB Red Green Blue Light Emitting LED Lamp Slow Flashing (172288186691)
10 pcs 74HC373 CMOS Octal D-Type Latch 3-State Outputs IC (191674390708)
Wemos D1 Samd21 M0 32 bit ARM Cortex M0 kernel Compatible Zero M0 USB (173555675186)
5.5x2.1mm DC Male Female Wire Connector No Screws DC Power Plug Jack Adapter NEW (194157219736)
4PCS 12V 20A Car Auto LED Light Toggle Rocker Switch 3Pin SPST ON/OFF (194197856879)
50PCS Switch ON/OFF SK12D07VG3 1P2T Right-Angle 4.5x8.6mm 3-pin DIP Through-Hole (171907120913)
Orange Pi Zero/Zero NAS H2 512MB WiFi SBC Expansion Board USB Black ABS Case S (183160633613)
32 Channel Robot Servo Control Board Servo Motor Controller PS2 Wireless Control (182540608684)
INA219 GY-219 Bi-direction DC Current Power Supply Breakout Sensor Module DIY (191887834789)
45 in 1/37 in 1 Sensor Module Starter Kit Set For Raspberry Pi Education Arduino (183925052376)
5pcs LM394H LM394 Transistor NSC Brand New (191674191418)
2pcs TSL257 TSL257-LF LIGHT-VOLTAGE CONVERTER NEW (191674314629)
10pcs BF981 ORIGINAL Silicon dual gate MOSFET (181847307930)
3.95" inch 320*480 ST7796S TFT Color LCD Display Module Screen with Touch Panel (174365860406)
Current Sensor IC ACS758LCB-050B/100B-PFF-T ACS758LCB Current Module NEW (182739218224)
SATA/PATA/IDE to USB2.0 Converter Cable Adapter for 2.5/3.5'' Hard Drive Disk M (192922501097)
6-60V lead-acid Battery Charging Controller Protection Board switch 12V 24V 48V (182397927201)
10PCS Mini DC 0-100V 0.28" 3-Digit Voltmeter LED Voltage Panel Meter 3 Wire (174560153531)
5PCS ORIGINAL MR4030 ZIP PT IC NEW Good Quality (191674547810)
5PCS IC PIC16F628A-I/P PIC16F628A DIP-18 Microchip NEW (171907264467)
2PCS DRV8825 stepper motor driver Module 3D printer RAMPS1.4 RepRap StepStick (173884037092)
10MHz Frequency OCXO Board Constant Temperature Crystal Oscillator Sine Wave NEW (184565724000)
10PCS Power Mosfet IRF2804 IRF 2804 Transistor TO-220 New Good Quality (171907155888)
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