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precisionzone is a verified commercial seller from US marketplace and has been active selling since 2002-11-09.
The seller has excellent standing with the US marketplace with 100.0% positive feedback in the last 12 months. (168 positive feedback, 0 negative feedback, and 1 neutral feedback) To date, precisionzone has received a total of 2,391 customer feedback from completed sales.
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Buyer Feedback Past 30 Days Past 6 Months Past Year
Positive 22 84 183
Negative 0 0 0
Neutral 0 0 1
Total 22 84 184
[2018-12-09] SUPER FAST PAYMENT AAA ALL 5 STAR - Positive Feedback
(Buyer purchased )
Over the past 365 days:
  • 44 buyers said they received the items as described.
  • 44 buyers said they had good and timely communication with the seller.
  • 52 buyers said they had the items shipped and delivered quickly.
  • 52 buyers said they thought the shipping cost was good and reasonable.
Over the past 30 days:
  • 0 buyers said they received the items as described.
  • 0 buyers said they had good and timely communication with the seller.
  • 0 buyers said they had the items shipped and delivered quickly.
  • 0 buyers said they thought the shipping cost was good and reasonable.
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Here's a list of some items for sale by precisionzone right now...

Yaskawa PCB JANCD-FC120-5 *REPAIR EVALUATION ONLY* [PZJ] (141853927648)
Yaskawa Power Supply CPS-15 *REPAIR EVALUATION ONLY* [PZJ] (131657148433)
Mitsubishi RM100C2Z-H Module Original TESTED [PZ3] (142219992858)
NANA Electronics NNC-02GMA-2 DCCT Current Transformer [PZ3] (132042073639)
MMF-06D24DS-RC7 Melco Technorex Fan ***NEW, ORIGINAL USA SELLER*** [PZ3] (131027934839)
Nihon Inter Electr Corp (NIEC) PD10016 Diode Module 100A 1600V TESTED!!! [PZ0] (131027947848)
109P0424H6D17 Sanyo Denki Fan DC24V 0.07A ***NEW*** USA SELLER [PZ3] (131403567183)
Sanyo Denki 9WF1224H1D03 A90L-0001-0509 3-wire DC24V 0.32A 120x120x38 [PZ3] (131169544643)
OKUMA Machining Center MC-400H OSP5020M Electrical Drawing [PZD] (131027917061)
Yaskawa MB88516B IC Chip NEW [PZ3] (142448657846)
Yaskawa JL-012C IC TC25SC220AT-121R for JSP04 [PZ0] (131027917041)
Yaskawa I-80 Yasnac Sheet Key Panel Membrane Overlay NEW [PZ0] (142961147621)
Yaskawa I-80-SOFTKEY Function Keysheet ***NEW*** USA Seller [PZ0] (142817985406)
Toshiba MSG60L41A SCR Dual TESTED!!! [PZ0] (141098034750)
Yaskawa JUSP-OP02A-SIGMA2-CABLE for Sigma 2 Drives **ORIGINAL** [PZ3] (130976950937)
Powerex CM150DU-24F IGBT MODULE 150A 1200V ***ORIGINAL JAPAN*****[PZ0] (141098030795)
JEPMC-W6012-01-E Yaskawa Cable MECHATROLINK M3 Cable USB-USB 1 Meter [PZ3] (151839451982)
Alfra 0730076 TCT MBS Carbide Tipped Hole Saw, 3" 76 mm ​[PZ3] (152319254779)
Ferraz Gould Shawmut A6T700 Fuse 700A 600V ***NEW*** [PZ0] (141072255929)
Alfra 01615 TriCut Plus Splitter Punch w/Die 1-7/32" 30.5 mm for ss [PZ3] (131996417051)
Alfra 0730079 TCT MBS Carbide Tipped Hole Saw, 3 1/8" 79 mm ​[PZ3] (142180293975)
Yaskawa Extension Cable for Digital Operator JVOP-132 1 meter NEW [PZ3] (132330120336)
UTL125C Royal Electric Co Fan 200VAC 50/60Hz 15/14W ***NEW*** FREE SHIP [PZ3] (141096594888)
R127CG-V1 Royal Electric Co Fan R127CG [V1] NEW USA Seller [PZ3] (131617523358)
LF330CEW7 JRC Japan Radio Company Noise Filter Free Shipping [PZ3] (141795312301)
Yaskawa HI-35E2T2CU-U-220V Magnetic Contactor HI-35E2T2CU-U ***TESTED*** [PZL] (142021015592)
JZSP-CSM21-03-E Yaskawa Power Cable NEW [PZ3] (151604029946)
Powerex CM400HU-24F Module IGBT 400A 1200V TESTED!!! [PZ0] (141098114179)
C1568 Hakko Holder Arm Stand with knob for FA-400 smoke absorber NEW [PZ3] (152549809441)
Semikron SKKT161-08D Diode Module 160A 800V ***NEW*** [PZ0] (131013010757)
Alfra 0730089 TCT MBS Carbide Tipped Hole Saw, 3 1/2" 89 mm ​[PZ3] (152319232772)
Fuji 7MBI50N-120 Transistor IGBT 1200V 50A ***NEW*** [PZ3] (141093024235)
230BTB31 National Electronics / Matsushita CRT Tube 9" BRAND NEW [PZ3] (131701060744)
Fuji 2MBI150PC-140-02 IGBT 150A 1400V ***TESTED*** [PZ3] (151197971668)
Tosoku HC111 [PZ6] (131367183875)
NANA Electronics MC3-30M Current Transformer [PZ3] (131020929744)
NANA Electronics FB200A DCCT Current Transformer [PZ3] (142221046952)
Toshiba MG200J6ES61 IGBT Transistor 200A 600V replaced MG200J6ES60 **NEW** [PZ0] (141075313051)
Fuji 1MBI300-120 IGBT Module 300A 1200V [PZ0] (141098117036)
Hitachi, Ltd NES1-004LB Inverter, 200-240 volt, 3 phase, 1/2 HP, 2.6 Amps [PZL] (131654071657)
Royal Electric Co UT797C-TP [B13] 230Vac, 50/60Hz, 36/31W Japan Original (152019157101)
Fanuc A860-0304-T011 [PZ4] (151460469281)
Fuji 7MBR50SA060B IGBT Module 50A 600V [PZ0] (131027999837)
Hitachi, Ltd NES1-007LB Inverter, 200-240 volt, 3 phase, 1 HP, 4.0 Amps [PZL] (151890714514)
MG-1378-BS Yaskawa Magnet for Orientation Sensor FS-1378 **NEW** [PZ3] (141757177904)
Yaskawa CPT006264 Transformer Assembly G3 Series 18-45kW ***TESTED*** [PZ0] (141081527133)
Yaskawa AI-14B [PZ6] (151460555695)
Teco-Westinghouse JNEP-36 Keypad for Saftronics CS10 Drive [PZ0] (131027916994)
UT670D-TP 100V Toyo Fan ***NEW*** Free Shipping Original Japanese [PZ3] (142118456628)
SANKEN Airpax UPAH-111REG-25A UPAH 111REG Circuit Breaker with answer back [PZ0] (131145148592)
Hoffman LF120V18 Fluorescent Light Kit [PZJ] (131643443745)
70SLB IWAKI Micron Technology Resistor 84mm 65mm 12mm 70W 108 OHM (142788940509)
Yaskawa JVOP-130 keypad Digital Operator Panel ***NEW***[PZL] (152067926478)
Ferraz Gould Shawmut A70P800-4 Fuse 800A 700V [PZ0] (141098114209)
IR4056-20 Hioki Megger Insulation Tester NEW & ORIGINAL Free Shipping (132080497740)
Alfra 03015 Notch Pliers Control Panel Notching Tool [PZ3] (131996424139)
Royal Fan UT676DX-TP-V1 UT676DX-TP [V1] 220VAC NEW FREE SHIPPING [PZ3] (152142472726)
UT655D-TP-F15 Royal Fan UT655D-TP [F15] 200VAC 50/60Hz 43/40W NEW [HW] (132252242190)
Yaskawa ETP604786 [PZ6] (141461305326)
Fanuc A20B-0007-0060 PC control puncher board for RS-232 communications [PZ1] (131027997650)
Fanuc A40L-0001-0142#A Resistor A40L-0001-0142-A NEW [PZ3] (142204468645)
Yaskawa PG-X [PZ6] (131342663906)
Yaskawa CIMR-J7AM40P2 AC Inverter [PZ2] (131022611134)
NEW Ikura Seiki Fan 6250MG1-TP With Capacitor ****Original Japanese**** [PZL] (131768001151)
Post Glover HRB15 Dynamic Braking Resistor 12 OHM 4800W [PZ3] (142220779969)
IKURA Tobishi Kosan Co 6550G1L-TPF22-0T1 Fan 1319-412 200VAC NEW FREE SHIP (142053635473)
Hitachi, Ltd WJ200-007LF 200volt, 3phase, 1CT (1.5 VT) HP, 5.0 CT(6.0VT) [PZL] (131650076502)
Hitachi, Ltd WJ200-007MF Inverter, 100-120 volt, 1 phase, 1 HP, 5.0 Amps [PZL] (141894580089)
Alfra 41100.L Lifting Magnet TML 100 w/Lifting Hook [PZ3] (132019715235)
Schneider Electric LC2D50G7 TeSys D Reversing Contactor 3P, 3NO 120Vac [PZJ] (151876387417)
Precision Zone FDD2USB-OKUMA-PZRK [PZ6] (151460314515)
Yaskawa CIMR-VUBA0002FAA V1000 AC Inverter [PZ2] (141093024207)
Yaskawa UND-600-400 DCCT UND-600/400 400A 4V [PZ0] (131027997694)
NEC NL6448BC33-46 LCD [PZ4] (131027934811)
Yaskawa CIMR-VUBA0003FAA V1000 AC Inverter [PZ2] (131022611191)
Hitachi Seiki 10-05-04-01 PAN-I/O CNC PCB [PZ7] (131027919443)
Alfra 01366 Sub Min D Punch/Die Kit 9 pin w/Case 19.8x11.3 mm [PZ3] (152332095173)
TLHS459CV1-44-B37-AR Royal Fan TLHS459CV1 400VAC ***Original Japanese*** [PZ3] (132011076274)
Okuma E4809-747-005 Spindle PCB[PZ2] (141080478362)
Magnetek 4002-P3S2 Crane Drive [PZ2] (131022611166)
Yaskawa J03MB2OE DC Servo Motor [PZ4] (141098030751)
Hitachi Seiki Membrane Yasnac VM40H [PZ3] (151318589277)
FX100-04 Hakko RF Induction Heat ESD Soldering *NO TIP* Authorized Dealer [PZ3] (142012493638)
Alfra 41100.A Variable Welding Angle Magnet TMA 300 w/Angle ​[PZ3] (132019715255)
Alfra 02050 Compact Combi Hand Hydraulic Punch Kit [PZ3] (142170673214)
Magnetek GPD403-A010-00 [PZ6] (151465999151)
Mitsubishi C-5470NS-PZRT [PZ4] (141098063316)
Hitachi Seiki 21-05-00-00 Keyboard [PZ2] (141075433200)
Alfra 013091 FormCut+ Square Punch/Die Kit w/Case 3 5/8" 92 mm - 1/4 DIN [PZ3] (142173318126)
Yaskawa CPS-15 Power Supply [PZ4] (141087835929)
Okuma 1911-2204 [PZ6] (151468125804)
Okuma 1911-2801 [PZ6] (141463748468)
Yaskawa FELQ-8T [PZ4] (131027916981)
Fanuc A06B-1002-B100 Motors-AC Spindle [PZ4] (131027995140)
Alfra DIN Rail Cutter Kit as 03001 G-Rail w/Hydraulic Cylinder ​[PZ3] (142161582257)
Yaskawa CACR-IR30SE Servo Drive (132645155301)
Yaskawa CIMR-VMC25P5 Spindle Drive Tested With Warranty [PZ5] (131022611141)
Yaskawa Drives-AC Spindle CIMR-M5A27P50 [PZ4] (141481175515)
Yaskawa SMC-2000-4IM Motion Controller [PZ2] (131004264257)
Okuma Drives-AC Spindle VAC-II D45A [PZ6] (131337120775)
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