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[2023-02-06] quick shipping and the motor works perfectly thanks - Positive Feedback
(Buyer purchased Baldor Gear Motor GP12514083 HP WDC Speed Control KBIC-240DS INV31192)
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DIACRO 24"FINGER BRAKE MODEL NO.24 INV=30552 (403604419625)
CLAUSING BENCH LATHE MODEL 1983 INV=31053 (403826068619)
Baldor Gear Motor GP12514.083 HP W/DC Speed Control KBIC-240DS INV=31192 (234721117520)
1 Ton Freestanding Base Mounted Jib Crane,8'-0"Span x 12'-0"HUB INV=31037 (404009328416)
2 TON Freestanding Base Mounted Jib Crane,16'-0"Span x 10'-0"HUB INV=31259 (325474020239)
Freestanding Base Mounted Jib Crane,2 TON,14'-0"Span x 10'-0"HUB INV=31257 (404070181647)
DAKE,ARBOR PRESS,NO.0,1-1/2 TON INV=31045 (403826041369)
VIDEO!Tsudakoma RNCM-301R rotary 4th axis table for Mazak cnc VMC INV=28810 (234476267679)
NEW!MSA 473693 Sensing Head Model 1-S Replacement Kit INV=31282 (404049797125)
Starrett 25-111 Dial Indicator.0001" INV=31188 (325368681954)
GEM 222 Dial Indicator SET.001 INV=30736 (325111951442)
Delta Rockwell Drill Press,on cart,1PHASE,115/230V,W/Table 36*24*30 INV=30094 (324425874907)
THOMAS VACUUM PUMP MODEL TA-0040-P,220V 1/3 HP INV=30775 (325118328293)
Wilton Vintage Bench Vise 111109 INV=30768 (234481612920)
Enerpac RC251 25 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder 10,000 PSI INV=30766 (234481613127)
FEDERAL C71 DIAL INDICATOR 0.0005" INV=31181 (234721112216)
Harris Rosebud Oxy-Fuel Heating Torch INV=29431 (325159220744)
Morgan Milwaukee 45a 145 Large Industrial 4.5"Bench Vise INV=29869 (324357558555)
Vintage Dake Model Y Arbor Press INV=30558 (234514029356)
Welch Duo Seal 1402 Vacuum Pump INV=31047 (403826042423)
FEDERAL C1K DIAL INDICATOR 0.0001" INV=31177 (403921285494)
NEW Hartford Cushman Special Super Spacer Chuck Only 9" 91-636-09-21ua INV=30076 (324419305501)
Vintage Simpson Model 29 Microamps Grid Dip Meter INV=31093 (234661597750)
Densei Lambda JWS600-48 HFP Power Supply 48V dc vdc 13A INV=30578 (325155834870)
MK Products MK-3A Portable MIG Wire Feeder Cobramatic INV=25078 (401381083760)
Welding Storage Table 38*48*35 INV=31040 (403826039265)
Baldor Eyeshields GA10 Set of 2 with Hardware for Bench Sander INV=30781 (325122107944)
Crosby Lifting Pear Shaped Link 7/8 INV=30537 (234397016616)
ERIE C-FRAME FORGING HAMMER PRESS,S/N 59113 chambersburg INV=90375 (404136349093)
Atlas Copco LTV28 R28-10 360 Degree Pancake Nut runner INV=30541 (325519911914)
NEW!MILITARY SURPLUS Federal EHE-1101 Gage Head INV=30857 (403587892080)
GROVE RT700 series Crane operators handbook manual nopl INV=22351 (232021090163)
GROVE RT980 Crane operators handbook manual nopl INV=22308 (232019475671)
GROVE RT750 Crane operators handbook manual nopl INV=22314 (322198031055)
Staffa HM/B045/S/30 Kawasaki Hydraulic Motor INV=31041 (325300950834)
Edwards E2M28 Dual Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump 220-240V INV=31044 (325300950952)
Federal 1243P-20 Pistol Grip Dial Bore Gauge INV=31190 (234721113062)
Starrett 25-111J Dial Indicator.0001 INV=30727 (325111926729)
Telemecanique Model 10K12SM01P7 Wireless Crane Pendant Controller nopl INV=13102 (400612678583)
POWER/MATE CORP.EMA-18/24D Power Supply 18,20,24 VDC 7a INV=30826 (403587876141)
STi Pull Switch ER4017 SAFETY INV=30716 (234439609945)
DEUBLIN 255-000-003075 Rotary Union 1-14 UNS RH INV=30701 (403502633233)
NEW, Sunnen Mandrel K16 557AH 2-1 Made in USA INV=6799 (221135730449)
NEW, Sunnen Mandrel AA-K20 806AS Made in USA INV=6602 (221131689866)
GROVE RT750 series Crane maintenance packages+service manual nopl INV=22353 (232021090698)
NEW!WAUKEE ENGINEERING FLO-METER LV 7,SP.G.R.96 flowmeter INV=30902 (325156190990)
Kuka KSD1-32 Type E93DA113I4B531 Servo Drive Controller PLC Robot INV=29640 (324244703720)
NEW Cooper 15kV class Loadbreak Reducing 200A;8.3/14.4kV;cat.LRTP615 INV=15590 (323908966264)
Vintage Metal Portable Whitney Hand Punch No.2 INV=30889 (403618164509)
FOR PARTS Denton Vacuum Model:CP HV EVAP cryo vac turbomolecular pump INV=30832 (234499246180)
Hydraulic manifold very nice INV=9376 (321062101575)
NEW!HASKEL M-188 AIR DRIVEN LIQUID/FLUID hydraulic PUMP INV=31226 (234721232244)
GE Motor Vacuum Pump 5KH36KNA510X,HP 1/4,115/220V INV=31191 (403921282412)
Schneeberger CH-4914 Roggwil BE Linear Positioning Slide INV=30364 (403390996476)
Carbide Inserts 601-467-5121,grade BH-3H,SPMW-32-52-2A,PCS 10 INV=30820 (325136536497)
NEW!DEUBLIN 357-000C Service Kit M760770 INV=30676 (403502637106)
Giddings Lewis Servo Interface circuit Board 501-04306-00/502-03420 INV=30595 (234439609834)
Stanley Vidmar 4-Drawer Tool Storage Shop Cabinet 30*28*59 INV=30304 (403445265175)
KENNAMETAL BPD435R1 KC850 CARBIDE INSERTS 10 pcs INV=30815 (234499272498)
Magnetek AC Drive 3 Phase 3.3 AMPS DS021 INV=30722 (325096708107)
Aluminum Round Bar;6x1/2";1.2lb;Precision Lapping Glass Wafer nobo INV=19986 (231793548165)
Carborundum Grinding Wheel 7*1*1 gc120 INV=30772 (234481612625)
NEW!MILITARY SURPLUS Belden 9483 Retractile Power Control Cord INV=30839 (403587530351)
Gardiner X-100,WRAP-2 50/50A Core Solder Wire 5Lb INV=30531 (403437593767)
Lot of 4 Used SN95 SB5 Lead Free Solid Wire WRAP3(2.4Lb) INV=30526 (325020536034)
SUMPAK ANCHOR SCIENTIFIC PUMP CONTROL 6115-0106 INV=31332 (234853587263)
Vintage Associated Research Hypot 405A Hipot Tester INV=30746 (403556493580)
MHC Comparator Gauge gage Dial Indicator On Stand;Range:0"to 1" INV=17698 (400918531754)
Magnetic vibrator for vibratory table INV=26790 (401531621575)
Craftsman Bench Vise No 391-5197 99 INV=30559 (403613777081)
Tenney TUJR Environmental Test Chamber,Tenney Oven INV=31048 (325300951175)
Chicago No.31 Eye Bolt,1-1/8"X 7 TPI Bolt,4"Eye INV=13318 (400630061213)
Omnichrome 532 Argon Laser INV=30836 (325135134427)
NEW!Lot of 70 VALENITE ESU-11060 Insert Cartridge Toolholder INV=30810 (325136553143)
NEW!Lot of 185 GTE VALENITE ESU-10936,W290,W60 Insert Toolholder INV=30813 (403589612177)
Force control 1060CS Mechanical Force Gauge w/Box INV=14963 (400733186308)
heidenhain exe 702 b encoder interface INV=28545 (233336047288)
SIEMENS 3TF50 CONTACTOR STARTER 125 hp INV=30441 (325159737385)
MILLER INVISION 456P WELDER INV=30573 (403604422313)
KENNAMETAL SS100TCTG075 NSM6(TG)TAP CHUCK INV=30610 (325071170210)
Kennametal NMTB 40 QC40EM038231 C-L-5 Tool holder;3/8" INV=16552 (231828438577)
KEBA E-CPU-186B D1633C CPU Control Board,Engel Press Module INV=30663 (325067780178)
SIEMENS 3TF50 CONTACTOR STARTER INV=29532 (324145954296)
Federal Testmaster Dial Indicator LT-9 INV=30740 (325111950484)
Glassman High Voltage PS/LG-40P-3.5 High Voltage Power Supply INV=30068 (402605739197)
One small compressed air accumulator tank,Norgren filter/drain INV=21116 (322142855234)
C A PCER-359-DPOK Programmable Controller Encoder 115VAC INV=31357 (325486286974)
Thermo Scientific Lindberg/Blue M Vacuum Oven VO1218A INV=31029 (234614759203)
Coherent DPY 301 II Laser Spectro-Physics INV=30884 (403618164730)
ALLEN BRADLEY 1326AB-B430E-21 AC SERVO MOTOR 460VAC 3200RPM INV=30162 (324444426117)
Whitney No100 sheet metal notcher tinsmith bench shear blacksmith tool INV=30555 (234514029756)
high voltage CapaCitor LECLANCHE GTD2500-050 25kV 0.5uF kvdc INV=29840 (402478946008)
AMT Water Pump,Model AMT-1627-016,1.5 hp 3 PH,208-230/460V INV=29866 (324357558576)
Cross Feed Handle from Boehringer Lathe nopl INV=10523 (230960526448)
OPERATOR PANEL UNIOP MD00R-04-0045 INV=30510 (325020993076)
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