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Primitive Beautiful c1900-1939s Antique Muted Dyes 3x5ft Wool Pile Rug (122690344124)
Authentic Sweet 3'2"×5' Antique Wool and Natural Dyes Tribel Prayer Kilim (142036914174)
Beautiful Antique 3'1''x4''9'' Natural Dyes Wool Pile Mattress Rug (142192155617)
Beautiful Antique 1930-1939s Natural Dyes 1'8"×2'4" Wool Pile Prayer Rug (142539311401)
Muted Antique 1930-1940s Natural Dyes 1'3"x3'10" Wool Pile Tribal Rug (122895234993)
Rare Antique Cr1930-1939s Natural Dyes 1'6''x2'6'' Turkish Oushak Rug (142243145851)
Antique Ca1900-1939s 3'2"×5'10" Muted Dyes Turkish Ushak Prayer Rug (122307130010)
Rare Antique 1930-1940s Camel Bag 4x4ft Chuval Sumak Embroidered Panels Rug (141502540918)
Natural Dyes Ca 1920-1939s Antique Two Tribal Cushion Cover Face Rugs Turkey (122228920779)
Beautiful 1950-1960s Vintage 1'10''x3'7'' Natural Dyes Wool Pile Prayer Rug (142183479332)
Rare 1940-1950s Antique Vegy Dyes 3'6"×7' Tribal Patterned Wool Pile Rug (142456685470)
Antique Ushak Ca1900-1939s 3'7"×6'3" Muted Natural Dyes Rug (141921109078)
Vintage 1950-1960s Natural Dyes 2'6"×5'4" Wool Pile Armenian Rug (142379087579)
Antique Henna Dyes c1900-1939s Wool Dowry 4'7''x8'6'' Tribal Area Pile Rug (141889534225)
Beautiful Vintage 1980-1990s 4x6ft Thick Wool Pile Gabbhe Rug Turkey (122382515530)
Beautiful 5x7ft Vintage 1950-1960s, Wool pile Carpet-Turkey (142411886593)
Happy Antique 1930-1940s Henna Dyes 4x6ft Tribal Dowry Wool Pile Rug (122517534971)
Rare Antique 1930-1940sTribal Camel Bag 4'7''x4'9'' Sumak Embroidered Panels Rug (141502548834)
Sweet Antique 1930-1939s Muted Dyes 3'7"×6'6" Wool Pile Oushak Rug (122835613151)
Beautiful Henna Dyes, 4'2''x8'2'' Wool Pile Tribal Dowry Rug (141894049311)
Antique 1900-1939s Indigo Blue 4'6''x8'4'' Wool Pile Tribal Rug Turkey (141894251774)
Stunning Vintage 1980-1990s Muted Natural Dyes, 3'5''x6'4" Wool Pile Ushak Rug (122561243174)
Pre-1900s Antique 3'5"x5'5" Wool Pile Tribal Rug for Collectors (122417259926)
Sweet Antique 1930-1940s,Wool Pile,Vegy Dyes 1'6"×9'5" Hereke Runner Rug (123033052191)
Genuine Antique Wool Pile 4x7ft Henna Dyes 1900-1930s Dowry Rug Turkey (122213474028)
Beautiful Vintage 1950-1960s Rainbow Dye 3'9"×6'2" Wool Pile Tribal Rug (142808418288)
Antique 1900-1939s Wool Pile 3'10"× 6'10" Natural Dyes, Tribal Turkish Rug (123177483398)
Primitive Antique Cr1930-1939s Wool Pile 2'10"×12' Vegy Dyes Tribal Runner Rug (123179015224)
Stunning 4x6ft Vintage 1950-1960s Armenian Nagorno-KarabakhWool Pile Rug (122563960338)
Rare Antique 1930-1948s Natural Dyes 2'7"×8'5" Wool Pile Runner Rug (142588061030)
Beautiful Vintage 1980-1990s 4x6ft Vegy Dyes Wool Pile Yagci Bedir Tribal Rug (122646464809)
Rare Antique Ca1900-1939s 4x6ft Overdyed Wool Pile Ushak Rug (122500416372)
Natural Red Dyes Ca1900-1939s Antique 4'x5'8" Wool Pile Hereke Rug (122754861386)
1920-1940s 3'10''x7'1'' Antique Rare Milas Wool Pile Muted Natural Dyes Rug (122241163778)
Beautiful 1960-1970s Vintage 4x6ft Wool Pile Legendary Hereke Rug Turkey (122566578864)
Beatiful Antique 1930-1940s Henna Dyes 4x7ft Wool Pile, Tribal Dowry Rug (122491402321)
Primitive Vintage 1960-1980s Wool Pile 2'6"×12'3 Natural Dye Armenian Runner Rug (142823031013)
Rare Primitive Antique 1930-1940s Wool Pile 2'7"×12' Vegy Dye Kurdish Runner Rug (123181763081)
Decorative Masterpiece Vintage 1960-1968s Muted dyes 5x8ft Wool Pile Oushak Rug (142499569627)
Exquisite Antique 4x6ft Natural Dyes,Dated 1931 Primitive Hereke Rug (142401405167)
Beautifull Vegy Dyed 4'1"×7'8" Antique 1935-1940s,Wool Pile Dowry Rug (122625471147)
Exquisite 5x7ft Antique1930-1939s Natural Dyes,Wool Pile Hereke Rug (142332846399)
Antique Cr1900-1939s 4'7"×9' Gold Colors Natural Dyes Turkish Ushak Rug (142233225436)
Primitive Vintage 1950s Wool Pile 2'7"×10'8" Vivid Dye Kurdish Runner Rug (123178652265)
Antique Cr1900-1939s 4'5"×8'3" Gold-Ivory Colors Wool Pile Area Rug Must See (122306721984)
Fine Vintage 1950-1960s Muted Teal Blue Dyes Wool Pile 3'9"×5'5" Oushak Rug (122723499201)
5'5''x13'6'' Tent Woven Divan -Natural Dyed Wool Area Kilim Folk-Art SE Turkey (122213636689)
Exquisite Vintage 1950-1960s Lambs Wool Pile 6'10"×9'8" Vegy Dye Kazak Rug (142836561367)
Primitive Dated 1910-1920s Nagorno-Karabakh 3'4"×9'3" Armenian Runner Rug (123128868812)
Natural Dyes Antique 5'3''x7' Turkish Cicim Flat Woven Wool Kilim Turkey (142174496456)
Fine Antique Muted Dyes 4'9"x7'1" Cross Patterned Wool Pile Hereke Rug (122379214029)
Authentic Primitive Vintage 1960-1980s Wool Pile 7'x9'6" Chemical Dye Kazak Rug (142829962143)
Decorative Hand-Knotted,Antique1900-1939s Muted Dyes 4x7ft Wool Pile Ushak Rug (142385014164)
Rare Antique Cr1900-1939s 4x8ft Muted Natural Dyes Turkish Ushak Rug (142300768089)
Exquisite Antique Cr1900-1939s Muted Natural Dyes 4'5"×9'6" Turkish Ushak Rug (142462309573)
Primitive Antique Cr1930-1939s Wool Pile 2'9"×7'4" Kurdish Runner Rug (142806660971)
Breathtaking Antique 6'5"x9'1" Organic Wool Dyes, Wool Pile Legendary Bunyan Rug (142792344900)
Primitive Antique 1920-1930s Wool Pile 2'9"×11' Henna Dye Armenian Runner Rug (123174738070)
Ca1900-1939s Antique 7x10ft Natural Red Dyes Wool Pile Hereke Rug (142133602826)
Rare Antique Ca1900-1939s 4'9"x7'6'' Ivory-Gold Colors Wool Pile Rug (142218879549)
Cross Patterned Antique 1920s Legendary 5'2"x8ft Wool Pile Hereke Rug (122369432376)
Genuine Vintage 1950-1960s Wool Pile 2'9"×12' Rainbow Dye Nagorno Karabahk Rug (142809315888)
Fine Antique Cr1900-1939s 4x7ft Muted Natural Dyes Turkish Ushak Rug (142385030701)
Primitive Antique 1920-1930s Wool Pile 3'x12' Rainbow Dye Armenian Runner Rug (142822883599)
Antique 1900-1930s Tribal Flat-woven 3'6''x11' Kilim from Transylvania-Romania (122235902137)
Antique Armenian Cross Patterned c1900-1939s 5'x8ft Wool Pile Rug (142359336489)
Stunning Indigo Blue Vintage 1950-1960s Virgin Wool Pile 4'10"×8'3" Yahyali Rug (142789355031)
Authentic Ca1900-1939s Antique 7x10ft Wool Pile Muted Colors Hereke Rug (122378865549)
Fine Antique Muted Dyes 7x10ft Cross Patterned Wool Pile Hereke Rug (122404408476)
Masterpiece Antique Muted Dyes 7x10ft Cross Patterned Wool Pile Hereke Rug (122643852974)
Stunning Cr1900-1939s Antique 7x10ft Wool Pile Sage Green Hereke Rug (142168819260)
Antique 1930-1940s Vegy Dyes 4'8"×10'3" Nagorno-Karabakh,Armenian Soumak Rug (123043467773)
Lovely Antique Cr1920-1939s 5x8ft Muted Natural Dyes Ushak Rug (142300215509)
Pre-1900s Nagorno-Karabakh 3x6ft Wool Pile Armenian Rug (142359337616)
Genuine Antique Cr1900-1939s Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh 5x7ft Wool Pile Rug (142396649297)
Floral Patterned 1930--1939s Antique 7x10ft Wool Pile Muted Colors,Hereke Rug (142298663520)
Primitiive 1920-1930s Wool Pile 2'10"×7'6" Natural Dyes Armenian Runner Rug (123063034773)
Masterpiece Antique 1930-1940s Antique 7x10ft Wool Pile Legendary Hereke Rug (142607016997)
Stunning Vintage 1950-1960s Natural Turqoise Dyes 4'5"×8'4" Wool Pile Ushak Rug (142420653945)
Exclusive Antique 1920-1930s Legendary 7x10ft Wool Pile Muted Color Hereke Rug (122630290205)
Unique 1930s Antique 5x8ft Nagorno-Karabakh Wool Pile Armenian Soumak Rug (142345705760)
Masterpiece 1930s Antique 7x10ft Wool Pile Sage Green Armenian Hereke Rug (142754736429)
Exclusive Antique Cr1930-1939s Pomegranate Red 7x10ft Wool Pile Hereke Rug (142754746416)
Rose Dyes Antique Cr1900-1939s Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh 5'x5'7" Wool Pile Rug (142332889128)
Exquisite Antique 1930-1940s Muted Ivory Colors 7x10ft Wool Pile Oushak Rug (123124653162)
Exquisite1900-1939s Antique 7x10ft Pistachio Green Wool Pile Armenian Hereke Rug (142462084964)
Masterpiece Henna Dyes Antique 1940s 7x10ft Wool Pile Legendary Hereke Rug (122498280148)
Rare Antique Cr1930-1939s Rose Dyes 6'7"×9'7" Wool Pile, Signed Hereke Rug (123125699674)
Breathtaking Antique 6'7"×10'3" Sage Green Dyes,Wool Pile Hereke Rug (142758757828)
Stunning Antique Cr1930-1939sNatural Dyes 5'1"×10'6" Nagorno-Karabakh Soumak Rug (142518689696)
Masterpiece 6'5"×12' Antique Cr1900-1939s Nagorno-Karabakh Soumak Armenian Rug (122866654909)
Fine Antique 1930-1940s Lambs Wool Pile 4'8"×11'7" Vegy Dyes Armenian Runner Rug (122690521220)
Exclusive 5'8"×9'4" Antique Cr1930-1939s Nagorno-Karabakh Armenian Soumak Rug (142484102330)
Stunning 1940s Antique 7x10ft Wool Pile Olive Green Armenian Hereke Rug (123072707154)
Primitive Vintage 1950-1970s Wool Pile 6'2"x10'5" Multi-Colored Tribal Rug (142202332957)
Masterpiece Antique 6'3"×12' Natural Dyes Nagorno-Karabakh Armenian Soumak Rug (142441804889)
Masterpiece Antique Cr1900-1939s Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh 6'7"×11' Soumak Rug (123003047708)
Exclusive 6'6"×13' Antique Cr1930-1939s Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh Soumak Rug (122663725351)
Antique Cr1900-1939s Muted Colors,9x12ft Wool Pile Decorative Oushak Rug (122720950458)
Gallery Size 8x10ft Gold-Ivory Colors Wool Pile Armenian Oushak Rug (142775218565)
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