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mukeshadlakha2009 is a verified commercial seller from Canada marketplace and has been active selling since 2009-12-29.
The seller has excellent standing with the Canada marketplace with 95.2% positive feedback in the last 12 months. (60 positive feedback, 3 negative feedback, and 0 neutral feedback) To date, mukeshadlakha2009 has received a total of 521 customer feedback from completed sales.
mukeshadlakha2009 is fully licensed to buy and sell products on the authorized/approved marketplaces.
Buyer Feedback Past 30 Days Past 6 Months Past Year
Positive 2 30 61
Negative 0 1 3
Neutral 0 0 0
Total 2 31 64
[2023-05-01] perfect - thanks a lot - Positive Feedback
(Buyer purchased 1199pcs of PRLL5819 Rectifier Diode Schottky 1 Element 1A 40V SMD SOD-87)
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6398BG Heat Sink, Passive, TO-220, Radial, Thru-Hole, 4.4C/W, Black Anodized (155264564677)
3342-2 3m LC-SC 9/125 OS2 Simplex Single-Mode PVC Fiber Optic Cable (155353636714)
6pcs lot of MMFT960T1G Transistor, MOSFET, N-CH, 300mA, 60V, SMD, SOT-223 (155209852785)
403A Heat Sink Vertical Stud Mount Aluminum Alloy 0.9°C/W Black Anodized TO-3 (154808499916)
4-140-Y Connector Terminal Strip Barrier Y Term 8POS 9.53mm Solder (155011382350)
PIC18F26J50-I/SO MCU, 8-bit, PIC18, PIC RISC, 64KB, Flash, (155268728391)
81-35-308-55 Southco DZUS Quarter-Turn Fastener small size Steel Plate (154808471930)
PIC18F2520-I/SO 8 Bit Microcontroller, Flash, Pic18F2Xxx, 40 Mhz, 32 Kb, 1.5 Kb (155592825848)
10pcs Lot- 190190012, Push-On Terminal, 18-22AWG,Female,Brass,21.97mm,7.65mm,Tin (154808489299)
5pcs of M39014/02-1320 Ceramic Capacitor 0.47uF 50V 10% Radial C062T474K5X5CR (154808469275)
1004-05 EMKA Key for Insert Double Bit 3mm Zinc Die Black Powder Coated (154808479377)
10pcs of SSL-LX5093LID LED, Uni-Color, Red, 635nm, 2-Pin (155329468855)
2pcs of ZTT-20.00MX ECS Ceramic Resonator 20MHz 30pF 3-Pin Thru-Hole (154808479480)
5pcs-25LC320/P EEPROM Serial-SPI 32K-bit 4K x 8 3.3V/5V 8-Pin PDIP Tube (155380512200)
2pcs of 2N3055 Motorola Transistor NPN 60V 15A 3-Pin (2+Tab) TO-3 (154808499809)
5pcs of 24LC16B/P IC Serial EEPROM 16KBIT 400KHZ Interface Type: 12C (155271052188)
4pcs of 1803594 Modular Terminal Block 4POS Single Row 8A 3.81mm Screw Cable Mt (154808489293)
TMP451AIDQFR Temp Sensor, Digital Serial, 12 Bit(s), 1Cel, Square, Automotive (155260781143)
10pcs of 0263002.MXL Board Mount Fuse 2A 250V Axial Thru-Hole Fast Acting (154808498872)
2pcs of MY4-12VDC Electromegnatic Relay Plug-IN 4PDT 12V DC 5A 28x21.5x36mm (154808498874)
5 pcs of BQ294700DSGR IC Overvoltage Protection Device Li-Ion/Li-Pol 14mA (155018594497)
2pcs of 14-003-152FB Jumper Ribbon Cable 14POS 3" 2.54mm (154808498815)
DS2YE-S-DC12V MFR Aromat General Purpose Relays DPDT 12VDC 2A Thru-Hole (154808469294)
PIC18F47Q84-I/P RISC Microcontroller 8-Bit Flash 64MHz 13KB RAM 40-Pin PDIP (154886140920)
2pcs of CSE187L Low Freq Transformer 50-400Hz Turns Ratio=1:500 30A 21Ohm (154808479288)
3pcs of HIP7010P IC, Datacom, Interface Circuit, 14-Pin, PDIP, Tube, RoHS: No (155140751292)
3pcs Lot of DMPE334K2J Capacitor Metallized Film Polyester 0.33uF 630V 10% (154808499010)
10pcs CSC10A01-222G Resistor Network Thick Film 2.2K Ohm 100V ±2%, 100ppm (155598264355)
20pcs of 1-66504-0 Connector Socket 20-24AWG Crimp Gold Cable Mount (154808489321)
62453-022LF Compact Flash Card Connector HDR 50POS 0.635mm Solder R/A (154808470436)
2PCS OF HIP7020AP IC, Datacom, Interface Circuit, 8-Pin, PDIP, Tube, RoHS: No (155055826047)
10pcs of ECA-1JHG470 Aluminum Elytic Cap 47uF 63V 20% 2.5mm 105C 6.3x11.2mm (154808471905)
10pcs of450-170 LED Mount Vertical 0.170in.3mm or 5mm LED 2 Lead Round (155024152387)
5pcs of 3522-2 Fuse Holder Auto Blade THM Vertical 1 Cell Fuse Size Std. 20A (154808489208)
5 PCS OF HEF4053BT IC, Analog Multiplexer, Triple 2:1, 16-Pin, SOIC, Tube (155058074879)
FEK031.1663, MFR= Schurter, Fuse Holders (155282422921)
10Pcs of 5015 PCB Hardware, Miniature Test Point, SMD (155280582684)
2pcs- T7CS5D-12, MFR= Siemens/Tyco, Electromechanical Relay,12V DC, 400Ohm,1.0A (154808498795)
5pcs of 74LVC1G17GW Buffer, LVC/LCX/Z Series, 1-Func, 1-Input, CMOS, 5-Pin, TSSO (155249665667)
V7805-2000R Module,DC-DC, 12VIN, 1-OUT, 5V, 2A ,10W, 3-Pin ,SIP Module (155295130793)
10pcs of VTM100-4 Lodestone Inductor Holder 4-Pin Vertical Toroid Mount (154808479277)
5pcs of 8-1415029-1 Tyco Relay SPDT Momentary 10A 12VDC 15x15x20mm Thru-Hole (154808479334)
REF02AU IC, V-Ref, Precision, 5V, 21mA, 8-Pin, SOIC, T/R, RoHS: Yes (155271113695)
3006P-1-100 Resistor Trimmer Cermet 10 Ohm 10% 0.75W 15 Turn 2.36mm (155008747395)
2pcs of FM24W256-G FRAM 256Kbit CMOS I2C Interface 3.3V/5V 1MHZ 8-Pin SOIC (154808499949)
90J250, MFR=Ohmite,Power Resistor,Wirewound,Axial,250 Ohm,5%,11W (155284343359)
206151-1 Circular Connector 37POS Male Crimp Straight Panel Mount (154808478016)
3FD-216 Power Transformer, 1.1VA, 8-Pin, PC Mount, Thru-Hole (155308283148)
MT46V16M16TG-5B:F IC, DRAM, 256MBit, Parallel, 0.7ns, CMOS, 66-Pin, TSOP (155252191001)
3FS-424 Tamura Laminated Power Transformer 6VA Thru Hole (154808500016)
100pcs of NCP21XV103J03RA NTC Thermistor 10K Ohm 5% 2-Pin 0805 SMD (154808469269)
5pcs of T106-52 Ferrite Core Toroid Material:52 OD:26.9 ID:14.5 H:11.1mm (155282304191)
10pcs of E19/8/5-3C81 Toroid Shape Ferrite Core Bulk (154808489307)
PA3000NL Constant Voltage Transformer, 3000Vac, 1:1TR, 3.0Vin max, 3.0Vout max, (155270998757)
41Pcs lot IS31AP4991A-SLS2-TR Audio Amp Speaker, 1-CH Mono 1.4W Class-AB 8-Pin (155084962437)
4pcs lot of ELL-6SH330M 33µH Shielded wirewound Inductor 700 mA 180mOhm (155030894558)
5pcs of AA4040CGCK Green 570nm LED Indication - Discrete 2.1V 2-SMD, Boomerang (155154861637)
10pcs of MIC5219-3.3YM5 Fixed LDO Positive Regulator 3.3V 0.5A 5-Pin SMD (154808470411)
100pcs of SA305C104KAA Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer 0.1uF 50V X7R 10% Axial (154808489259)
5pcs of ULN2803AFWG Small Signal Bipolar Transistor, 0.5A, 50V, 8-Element, NPN, (155037880271)
100pcs of 3103-2-00-21-00-00-08-0 Test Point Pin 0.040 Dia. Gold (154808499911)
7Pcs lot of LM3478MM/NOPB IC, DC/DC Controller, Single-OUT, Step Up, 1000kHz (155199675397)
5Pcs of LM324AMX IC, Op Amp, Quad, GP ±16V/32V, 14-Pin, SOIC (155093598999)
1059731-1, Connector,Adaptor, SMA Jack to OSP Jack, Gold (Alt: 4584-2242-02) (154808499928)
173051 ERNI 41612 Connector DIN (154808479261)
10Pcs of LM311N IC VOLTAGE COMPARATOR 8-DIP (155083580293)
5PCS-LM4562MA/NOPB Audio Amp Speaker 2-CH Stereo Class-AB 8-Pin SOIC (155400850132)
10pcs of B3B-XH-A(LF)(SN) Board Connector, 3 POS, Single Row, 2.5mm, Male (155270679184)
10pcs- 5240, MFR=JW Miller, Inductor Ferrite Core 40uH, 3A, Axial, Pkg Dia:7.8mm (154808471374)
5pcs- PIC24FJ32GB002-I/SP, IC, MCU,16-BIT, Automotive, 32KB Flash, 28-Pin SPDIP (154808500039)
2pcs-LY2-0-DC100/110, Power Relay, GP,DPDT, 110V, 10A, 28x21.5x36mm, Thru-Hole (155282555565)
5pcs of PMR209MC6100M100R30 Film Capacitors 0.1uF 250V 20% LS= 20.3mm 85°C (154808471383)
25LC256-I/SN EEPROM, Serial-SPI ,256K-bit ,32K x 8 3.3V/5V, Automotive ,8-Pin, S (155537610012)
5pcs of CHS-01TA Alt: CHS-01TA1 Slide Dip Switch, SMD, SPST, Latched, (155154913630)
5pcs of PIC12F629-I/SN IC, MCU, 8-BIT, RISC, 1.75KB Flash, 20MHz, CMOS, (155075097056)
LME49710MA/NOPB IC Operational Amplifier Audio 700uV Offset-Max 8-Pin SOI, (155085045365)
10Pcs of PMBT3906 Transistor, GP BJT PNP, 40V, 0.2A, 3-Pin, TO-236AB (155282259423)
MC68HC705C8ACS Microcontroller, 8-Bit, UVPROM, 6805 CPU, 2.1MHz, CMOS, 40-Pin, (155357133780)
D38999/20WE6SN MIL Series Circular Connector, Socket, 6POS, Crimp, Straight (155287534098)
5pcs of LM1971M/NOPB Audio Attenuator IC 1-CH CMOS 8-Pin SOIC (SMD) RoHS (154808470380)
HS9-RTX2010RH IC, Radiation Hardened Microcontroller, Fast 125ns Machine Cycle, (155592803063)
5pcs of 91236-0001 PCB Conn SMD 6POS 2 Rows 2.54mm, SIM Card Holder 0912360001 (154808501954)
10pcs of HC-49/U-S5000000ABJB Parallel - Fundamental Quartz Crystal, (155592792627)
2pcs of CD4514BCN Encoders, Decoders, Multiplexer, 4 to16 Line, 24-Pin, PDIP, (155078070876)
4pcs lot of 5710 T&B Rubber Plug/Seal, 1/2", (155196219926)
5pcs of 20817-328 Extractor Handle Grey with Accessories Handle: Plastic (154808489336)
18-40421 Snap Acting/Limit Switch, SPDT, Momentary, 5A, 28VDC, 0.91mm, Solder (155229887051)
LTC4359IMS8#PBF IC, Power Supply Support Circuit, Fixed, 1-CH, 80V, N-CH, CMOS, (155216727719)
10pcs of MC14008BDR2 IC, Binary Full Adder, 4-BIT, 16-Pin, SOIC, T/R (155142215489)
877592050 Connector Header Surface Mount 20 position 0.079" (2.00mm) (155024256561)
2pcs of 47-82-324-14 Southco 47/4C Steel Captive Screws (154808489345)
TPS61170DRVR IC Converter DC-DC 3V-18V Step Up Single-Out (155049323418)
10pcs of RXE090 PTC Thermistor 0.47ohm 0.9A 72V Radial (154808472890)
VX-015-1C23 Microswitch, SPDT, Short Hinge Roller Lever, Quick Connect, Solder (155074146332)
MC68HC705J1ACP Motorola Microcontroller IC 8Bit 20-Pin Thru-Hole (154808498984)
10pcs of NTCLE100E3103JB0 NTC Themistor, 10K Ohm, 5%, 2-Pin, Radial, Zero Power (155149605368)
182-025-213R531 D-Sub Connector 25POS 2.77mm Female R/A Solder Thru-Hole (154808501874)
ADXL203CE AD Accelerometer Dual 1.7G 3.3V/5V 960MV/G to 1040MV/G 8-Pin CLLCC (154808499941)
MAX203EEWP 2/2 Transceiver Full RS232 20-SOIC (155328091791)
5pcs ofH11A1SM Transistor Output Optocoupler DC-IN 1-CH DC-OUT 6-Pin (155039192334)
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