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mara_industrial is a verified private seller from US marketplace and has been active selling since 2007-10-21.
The seller has excellent standing with the US marketplace with 99.9% positive feedback in the last 12 months. (2,438 positive feedback, 2 negative feedback, and 7 neutral feedback) To date, mara_industrial has received a total of 29,467 customer feedback from completed sales.
The seller is recognized under the following programs: United States Top-Rated Seller Program, Global/Worldwide Top-Rated Seller Program
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Over 8 people buy from mara_industrial every single day!

Buyer Feedback Past 30 Days Past 6 Months Past Year
Positive 159 1,187 2,840
Negative 1 2 2
Neutral 1 3 7
Total 161 1,192 2,849
[2018-12-09] Fast shipping Easy transaction A - Positive Feedback
(Buyer purchased Siemens 3SB3400-0B Contact Block 3SB3400-OB)
Over the past 365 days:
  • 1,466 buyers said they received the items as described.
  • 1,492 buyers said they had good and timely communication with the seller.
  • 1,579 buyers said they had the items shipped and delivered quickly.
  • 1,593 buyers said they thought the shipping cost was good and reasonable.
Over the past 30 days:
  • 110 buyers said they received the items as described.
  • 119 buyers said they had good and timely communication with the seller.
  • 121 buyers said they had the items shipped and delivered quickly.
  • 120 buyers said they thought the shipping cost was good and reasonable.
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Here's a list of some items for sale by mara_industrial right now...

Telemecanique ZB2-BE101 Contact Block ZB2BE101 (372400931786)
STMicroelectronics ULN2003A Ic Chip (371392145336)
Cutler Hammer 10250T51 Eaton Contact Block 1 N.C. 91000T-Black (352540059511)
Mac N-62016-01 Pressure Gauge Kit N6201601 (372530140615)
Leviton 165-ML3-00P Plug 165ML300P (372309715769)
Omron 3G2A3-CN Ribbon Cable 3G2A3CN121 (332937938229)
Eaton E22VA8 Cutler Hammer Legend Plate Series A2 (352540232946)
General Electric CR123H5.75A GE Overload Thermal Unit H5.75A (352540253491)
Allen Bradley 802M-DX Operating Head 802MDX Series B (331883501472)
Allen Bradley 800E-LF3 Push Button 800ELF3 (352540095329)
Clarostat RV4NAYSD501A Potentiometer No Nut Or Washer (352540237275)
Ohmite 2614 CORRIB Resistor (352539995683)
NSK 6200VVC3 Ball Bearing (352540127712)
Hubbell WASPBG Mini Push Button (352540172059)
Westinghouse 966478-H Type MW Heater 966478H (372529973785)
TB Wood's 4J Coupling Sleeve (372530054202)
INA KH2030/P/PP Linear Bearing KH2030PPP (332937809879)
SMC D-Z80 Reed Switch DZ80 (372530066075)
Micro Switch BZ-2RW2 Switch BZ2RW2 (332937649484)
National Semiconductor MM74C914N IC Chip (332937814338)
General Electric 505X84 Fluorescent Lampholder Male (352540111707)
Phoenix Contact HC-B 6-ADP/1 D-Sub Adapter Plate 1775457 (352540175984)
Omron A22-TN Lamp Socket A22TN (352540204998)
Furnas Siemens M9 Overload Heater Element (352540226631)
Timken 202K Ball Bearing (372530059129)
Potter & Brumfield KA-4564 AMF Relay KA4564 (352540240145)
Comair Rotron CR0424HB-C50 Fan O32628 (372530092184)
Furnas BJJ Contact Block (352540155535)
Bower 13685 Bearing (352540205135)
NTN 6204C3 Bearing (332937705124)
Bower 15120 Bearing (332937718751)
Square D 9007-CA1 Lever Arm 9007CA1 Missing Screw (332937740477)
IFM Efector L35001 Dust Cap M12x1 (Pack of 11) (371351485389)
Parker 201576 Bolt Package (Pack of 2) (352540134587)
Ashcroft 15W1001TH-01B-XVC Pressure Gauge (332937574424)
Generic 6306-2RS Ball Bearing 63062RS (332937893441)
Idec NRF210-3A Circuit Breaker NRF2103A (352540102778)
Ashcroft 25W1005-H-02B-100 Pressure Gauge 25W1005-H-02B (352540155418)
IFM Efector L35001 Dust Cap M12x1 (Pack of 10) (372529809918)
Holmes HAPF60 Enhanced Odor Carbon Filter (Pack of 4) (332937930876)
Siemens 3NC1404 SITOR Cylindrical Fuse Link (332937961353)
Apex 13-TX-25 Torx Driver 13TX25 (352539986860)
Cutler Hammer RV4NAYSD103A Potentiometer Switch (352540201788)
Kennametal KL-46L KL46L Lock Pin 1022119 93-577-0161 (350789636709)
Idec LA3L-M1C11R Push Button Switch LA3LM1C11R (352540199902)
Tsubaki RS140 Chain Link RS-140 Off-Set (332937673977)
Grayhill 70M-IAC5 Input Module 70MIAC5 (352540107326)
Cutler Hammer D7PR2W1 Eaton Relay (372529954609)
York 028-10184-000 Glastic Insulator/Stand-Off 02810184000 (372530136770)
Ballast Wise DXE4H82 Ballast DXE296H82 (352540142423)
General Electric 35F962BA1 Capacitor (352540143805)
Potter & Brumfield KRPA-11AY-120V Relay KRPA-11AY-120 (352540210170)
Omron MY4 Relay MY4 110/120Vac (372530049837)
Bussmann ABC-12 Buss Fuse 12A 250V ABC12 (Pack of 5) (371798938010)
Westinghouse R6011230 Diode (372530075230)
HH Smith 455-106 Banana Plug 455106 (Pack of 5) (332937615365)
National Federal Mogul 40555S Oil Seal (Pack of 2) (372529814668)
Dings K60107-34 Sprocket K6010734 (332937582648)
Spherco CFM-6 Rod End CFM6 (372530119539)
Chicago Rawhide 19600 Seal CR19600 (372529848724)
Turck TC9S-2-L642-2M U99-13639 Valve Plug TC9S2L6422M (372529995137)
IDC SA206-19 Bearing SA20619 (332937742339)
Moeller SKF-HA Top-Hat Rail Adapter SKFHA (372529968949)
Weidmuller SAK 35N Terminal Block SAK35N (Pack of 4) (332937666190)
General Electric 3ASM5A3B3 Limit Switch (352540127598)
General Electric 44B716720G5 Contact Bar (372530013907)
Allen Bradley PA236 Coil (332891248214)
Reliance 405919-35AD Rectifier 40591935AD (332937623713)
Allen Bradley 1494U-K31 Hardware Kit 1494UK31 (352540100764)
Moog 429 U-Joint (332937704820)
Columbus McKinnon 45661 No. 4 Hook Latch Kit (Pack of 2) (352539976564)
Aurora Bearing CM-8Z Male Rod End (Pack of 2) (372529828953)
Lovejoy L-090 .250 Coupling Hub L090250 (372530147688)
Gates 300H075 PowerGrip Timing Belt (331861688225)
Clippard AVT-24-8 Tank AVT248 (332173135511)
Gates 280J10 Micro-V Belt (331984835264)
Cutler Hammer E50-DG1 Eaton Limit Switch Head E50DG1 (350592847956)
Sprecher+Schuh D7M-F3 Push Button D7MF3 (Pack of 3) (372529821899)
Sprague 10PS-S47 Capacitor 10PSS47 1000DC (Pack of 5) (372528166451)
IDEC SR2P-06 Socket Relay SR2P06 (Pack of 8) (352535482035)
Part T12JH118D Rectifier Diode (351756759209)
Allen Bradley N33 Overload Relay Heater Element (Pack of 3) (352093730832)
Allen Bradley 1747-PIC Computer Interface With Cables Series A (371357112746)
Honeywell S963B-1136 Manual Potentiometer S963B1136 (352540233230)
SMC JF40-14-150 Floating Joint JF4014150 W/Base (372530126034)
Struthers Dunn 41005 Relay Socket (Pack of 3) (372529989937)
Weidmuller WDK-2.5N-V Terminal Block 1041610000 (Pack of 5) (372530074783)
Aquamatic 524-A 125 Valve 524A125 (332914690464)
MMATS 2945003002 Circuit Board (352540004736)
Delta MP2-20 Surge Protector MP220 (372529911764)
Gould 2200-EBA730EA 3P Contactor 2200EBA730EA (372529893930)
NR Research 648T011 Valve W/O Fittings (332937880346)
Numatics 227-833B Solenoid Capsule .15 Amps W/Gaskets (332206682136)
Dodge PX90 Para-Flex Coupling (352530798858)
Roxtec CF16 Watertight Aluminum Frame (352006835456)
IN2TEC GW711M Safety Swtich (332330884747)
Schlegel ML Lamp Module Type ML (Pack of 3) (332437795601)
Ruland MSPC-40-40-F Rigid Body Coupling 3/8" MSPC4040F (370598397258)
General Electric 15D6G366 Coil (372511415860)
Telemecanique A05B-2450-K100 Selector Switch XBCD10612S11 (352343656355)
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