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joe-janfishing is a verified seller from US marketplace and has been active selling since 2005-06-20.
The seller has excellent standing with the US marketplace with 100.0% positive feedback in the last 12 months. (219 positive feedback, 0 negative feedback, and 1 neutral feedback) To date, joe-janfishing has received a total of 1,000 customer feedback from completed sales.
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Positive 31 119 229
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Total 31 120 230
[2023-01-23] Smooth transaction great ebayer - Positive Feedback
(Buyer purchased M15 Metric Hex Allen Key 15mm Wrench Tool Black Carbon Steel New USA Ship F)
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5 Pcs 1N4004 Diodes, 1A 400V Rectifier, New, Free Shipping in USA, Ship from CA (303614285730)
Mercury MR10 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader, 5.8VDC Black MR105 5VDC, Used, Working (304783058860)
M1.5 Metric Hex Allen Key 1.5mm Wrench Tool, Black Carbon Steel, New, USA Ship F (303845072354)
5pcs 1N4148 Diode 100V 200mA Switching Signal Diode DO-35 New, Ship from Califor (304364401942)
HID Indala Proximity Card FPCRD-SSSMW-0000 FlexCard, Clamshell, New, 26-Bit W (303302077636)
HID ISO Prox II Card, 26-bit H10301 Format, New. 1386LGSMN, FC=0. (303549437482)
Key 669, Key 699. Lathem 5000E / 5000EP / 7000E / 7500E Time Clock Key VSM0081 (304075749085)
SEFUSE SF169E Thermal Fuse 10A 250V 172°C New, Free USA Shipping from California (304366115004)
PLCC-32 to DIP-32 Adapter for Prom Programmer, IC Socket Converter, New. (304489947216)
5 pcs 1N4739A Zener Diode, 9.1V 1W, New, USA Free Shipping, Ship from California (304141770027)
EDSYN LT374 LONER Conical Soldering Tip, New, Ship from California (304718355795)
14-Inch Chainsaw Chain, 52E Chain Link 26T 3/8, New, Free Shipping in USA. (304779868687)
OP30 Ademco Honeywell OmniProx Card Reader, Used, with New Gray Cover (303302075409)
EDSYN LT375 Soldering Tip, Replacement Spade Soldering Tip, New (304730681071)
Key for Handpunch 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, LE. Ship Same Day from California,New (303302075352)
6-Inch Chainsaw Chain for Mini Electric Chain Saw, New, 37E Chain Link 18T, 1/4 (304216804852)
OKI D52A05D, DIP, New, Ship from California, Free Shipping in USA (304054469563)
5 pcs 0.047uF Ceramic Disc Capacitors, 50V, New, USA SELLER-Free Ship, 473 code (303302075402)
2 x Recess Light to LED Light adapter, E26 to 2-Pin Orange LED Light Adapter New (303966970551)
Schlage Recognition System Handpunch RS232 Serial Cable, 50ft, S-CB-232-F3 (303302077634)
HID ProxPro Reader, 5355 Series, Gray. Used. Guarantee to work. Free US Shipping (304781978299)
M2 Metric Hex Allen Key 2mm Wrench Tool, Black Carbon Steel, New, USA Free Shipp (303674326654)
Kycon Power DIN Connector 3-Pin Male, Soldering Pins, for TFT LCD Flatscreen PS (303302075360)
470uF 100V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor, 16x25mm, 105°C, New, USA Free Shipping (304528383314)
KEDU HY35C Switch, 2-Positions, New, Free Shipping in USA. Ship from California (304516087659)
HID pivCLASS RP40-H Reader 920PHRNEG00005 Used 2015 Stock RP40EKNR Wiegand (304570028989)
Sony MiniDV DVM63 Mini Digital Video Cassette Tapes for HDV/DV NEW, Sealed. (304612721950)
25 x Butterfly Laminating Pouch - 10 mil, Credit Card Size, Glossy, for Teslin (304080175839)
ELK 912 Relay 12VDC @ 7A/10A SPDT New (303302075370)
2 pcs New RH 130C Thermal Fuse 250V 2A Y35, Free Shipping in USA (304172794291)
M1.27 Metric Hex Allen Key 1.27mm Wrench Tool, Black Carbon Steel, New, USA Ship (303845079073)
HandPunch 1000 1000E 2000 3000 3000E 4000 50E LE Handkey-2 Power Supply, New (303302075387)
KSD301 250V 10A 150°C Thermostat Temperature Switch, Ship from California New (304516399300)
Motoroloa Indala FP3527A FlexPass Prox Card Reader 26-Bit Wiegand-1L Black, Used (304715216227)
2 pcs 1N4733A Zener Diode 5.1V 1W, D041, Ship from California, USA Free Shipping (303656311965)
Handkey-2 Handpunch User Capacity Upgrade, EM-801, EM-803, EM-805, EM-701, 703 (304659978081)
2 pcs 4-Inch Chainsaw Chain for Electric Chain Saw, New, 28E Chain Link 14T, 1/4 (304513076122)
Molecular Cell Biology - Hardcover By Lodish, Harvey - GOOD, Used. (304602517015)
Treffpunkt Deutsch by Gonglewski, 6th Edition, Hardcover, Used. Free Shipping US (304606870048)
10 Proximity Cards, Credit Card Size, Compatible with the AWID 26 Bit Format New (304533188543)
10-Inch Chainsaw Chain, 39E Chain Link 19T, 3/8, New, Free Shipping in USA. (304216863578)
SPST (N/C) 16mm Stainless Steel Push Button Momentary Switch, IP65 water-resist (304625336485)
12VDC 10A Relay Board, Optocoupler Isolation, Hi/Low Level Trigger, New, USA (304065078428)
Schlage Recognition Systems HK-II HandKey II F Series Hand Reader HK-2-F3 New (304414462664)
GE UTC Interlogix T-500SW Prox Card Reader, Beige, Mullion Mount, Used. (304344535634)
Motorola Indala ASR-503-NGR/10022 Proximity Reader, Used. 26-bit Wiegand Format (304750544737)
330uF 50V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor, 10x17mm, 105°C, New, USA Free Shipping (304551114855)
3pcs LF 15A LittelFuse 1808 SMD Fuse, 125V 2410 Fast Acting Fuse. New, USA (304384589835)
AWID SR-2400 Prox Card Reader, Dark Gray Color, 125KHz, New, Rev. H, 2018 (304738146084)
HID Mini Prox Reader, 5365CGP00, Gray, Wiegand Format, Working Condition. Used (304671559669)
EDSYN LT376 LONER Spade tip W: 0.12 in. (3.0 mm) L: 0.48 in. (12.2 mm), New (304718366547)
1000uF 16V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor, 8x16mm, 105 °C, New, USA Free Shipping (304528289317)
3pcs LF 7A LittelFuse 1808 SMD Fuse 2410 Fast Acting Fuse New, Free USA Shipping (304384575000)
Motoroloa Indala ASR-505 FlexPass Proximity Card Reader, Switch Plate, Used (304618411139)
2 pcs 1000uF 10V Radial Electrolytic Capacitors, 105°C, New. USA Free Shipping (304528310552)
3 pcs Piano Pedal Cover, Black, Soft Pleuche Cover, New, Ship from California (304215492501)
RSI Schlage Handkey-2 HK-2 Biometrics Hand Reader, HK2-A.358 WGD 8-26, 2018 Used (304601164265)
680uF 16V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor, 8x12mm, 105°C, New, USA Free Shipping (304528365633)
3 pcs LF 1A LittelFuse 1808 SMD Fuse 125V, 2410 Fast Acting Fuse. New, USA (304384698571)
CCTV Plug-In Adapter 24V AC 40VA Power Supply Transformer UL New CP2440 (303302075393)
2 pcs LF 3.15A (3A) 125V SMT SMD Fuse, 0.24" x 0.1" (6.1mm x 2.69mm) 1808 New (303729590173)
NETGEAR AC Adapter, AD2067F10, New. 332-10944-01, for Router. 12VDC 2.5A. UL (304427563876)
HID iCLASS R10 Mini Mullion reader 6100CKN0000, Used, Free Shipping in USA (304612957559)
Breadboard with 5V & 3V Power Supply & Jumpers; Including 1 Power Adapter, New (303731032572)
Littelfuse 0251004 Fuse 4A 125V Fast Acting R251004.NRT1 Pico Axial LF Green New (304374654000)
HID Motorola Indala FP3521A FlexPass Wallswitch Prox Reader, CEM-603 Beige (303851454742)
GE DBR453GA0WW Dryer Door Handle WE1X10013, White, New, Ship from California (304755510804)
EE518SPK Speaker, 8 Ohm, with Volume Control, Weather-resistant, Wall Mount, New (303302075357)
25 x Butterfly Laminating Pouch, 10 mil, IBM Data Card Size, Glossy, for Teslin (304110330798)
HID iClass R40 Prox Reader with Mounting Plate, R40CKNN, Black, 6120CKN0000 Used (303302075356)
Push to Exit Button with LED for Narrow Door Frame,Reques to Exit Button,NO & NC (303302075363)
Littelfuse 0251002.M Fuse 2A 125V Fast Acting R251002 Pico Axial LF Green, New (304373699245)
100 Proximity Key Cards, Work with HID ISOProx 1326 1386 26-Bit H10301 Format (304107722623)
5 x 0.02uF 50V Ceramic Disc Capacitor, New, USA SELLER -Free Ship 5pc, 203 code (303302075430)
SEFUSE SF109Y Thermal Fuse 10A 250V 113°C New, Free USA Shipping from California (304366246522)
RSI Schlage Biometrics Handkey-2 Main Circuit Board, HK2-10170B.358, 2018 Used (304600748800)
HID iCLASS R40 Wall Switch Prox Reader R40CKPN 6122CKP00P0, Wiegand Format, Used (304574108056)
2x D-SUB DB25 25-Pin Female Solder Cup Connector, New (303302075412)
Ethernet Card for Schlage RSI Handpunch 3000 & Handpunch 4000, EN-200, Used. (303564201555)
12VDC SPDT Relay Board with Optical Isolation, 10A, 1 Channel, with Red LED, New (303302077640)
DSub DB25 Female 25-Pin RS232 Serial Interface Connector, Solder Cup, New (303317925871)
2 pcs 150uF 25V Radial Electrolytic Capacitors, 105°C, 6x12mm,New. USA Free Ship (304565088599)
HID Motorola Indala FP3511A FlexPass Mullion Prox Reader, Black, 26-Bit Wiegand (304540746498)
3 pcs LF 6.3A LittelFuse 1808 SMD Fuse 125V, 2410 Fast Acting Fuse. New, USA (304384711054)
ROSSLARE Prox Card AT-ERC-26A-3001 (AT-R14C) 125KHz Clamshell Read-Only, New (303521563551)
Yusphone Electric Door Strike for Narrow Frame, Supports AC & DC, Similar~ EL-9S (303302075361)
HID Mini Prox Reader, 5365CBT00, Beige, Wiegand Format, Demo Unit, Used (303302075373)
Business Associations : Agency Partnerships, and Corporations, Cases and... (303336970573)
Yamaha C3 Piano Cover, Black, Quilted Cover with Side Slits, C3F G3 G3F, New. (304660006771)
New EN-201 Ethernet Card for Schlage RSI Handpunch 3000 & Handpunch 4000, Orange (303302075348)
81-EK125-101 Geovision GV-AS ID Key Tag, 125KHz, New Free Shipping (303302075372)
B70N08 MOSFET N-Channel 80V 70A, FQB70N08 (FQI70N08, P8008BD, FDD850N10L) New. (304565032612)
HID Indala Motorola FP4511A Mullion FlexPass Prox Reader, Black, 26-Bit Wiegand (303330906473)
GE Casi Rusco 840 RDR Contactless Smart Card Reader, Used. (303302075366)
12 LED Light Bulbs, Dimmable, Small BR20 5.5W (50W) New OP-BR20DG-5.5W-27 (4x2b) (303336970647)
FH-CY38-3 Remote Control Key Chain w/ 4 Red Buttons for TM-15H, ML-216 & ALCANO (303661243669)
Littelfuse 0251001 Fuse 1A 125V Fast Acting, R251001, Pico Axial LF, Green, New (304374629700)
EE668SPK Mini Speaker with Volume Control, Flush Mount 1-1/4", 8ohm, 0.5W, New (303302075404)
Piano Bench Seat Cover, Size ~ 30.7" x 15", New, Ship from California. (304215678692)
10 x Kantech ioProx P10SHL P10 Prox Proximity XSF/26bit Clamshell Cards Tyco New (303558317647)
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