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japanmegamall is a verified private seller from US marketplace and has been active selling since 2014-09-02.
The seller has excellent standing with the US marketplace with 96.9% positive feedback in the last 12 months. (1,603 positive feedback, 52 negative feedback, and 44 neutral feedback) To date, japanmegamall has received a total of 3,637 customer feedback from completed sales.
japanmegamall is fully licensed to buy and sell products on the authorized/approved marketplaces.

Over 8 people buy from japanmegamall every single day!

Buyer Feedback Past 30 Days Past 6 Months Past Year
Positive 760 1,338 2,963
Negative 5 21 55
Neutral 5 19 45
Total 770 1,378 3,063
[2018-10-19] Very good people to work with Seller stands behind product and makes sure good - Positive Feedback
(Buyer purchased Buckingham Nicks Limited paper jacket specification Japan Free shipping)
Over the past 365 days:
  • 1,174 buyers said they received the items as described.
  • 1,151 buyers said they had good and timely communication with the seller.
  • 1,172 buyers said they had the items shipped and delivered quickly.
  • 1,207 buyers said they thought the shipping cost was good and reasonable.
Over the past 30 days:
  • 165 buyers said they received the items as described.
  • 162 buyers said they had good and timely communication with the seller.
  • 165 buyers said they had the items shipped and delivered quickly.
  • 166 buyers said they thought the shipping cost was good and reasonable.
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Here's a list of some items for sale by japanmegamall right now...

Daiso Soft Lightweight Clay White Black Red made in japan Airship in stock F/S (113219614346)
Lion Smile 40 EX for Eyestrain Blurred Vision Medicated Eye Drops 15mL japan (113253754417)
Rohto Gold 40 Eye Drop 20ml multicomponent blend from japan (113253746447)
Rohto Melano CC Merano CC stain Remove Serum with Vitamins C/E 20mL from japan (113253724456)
Aoshima Bunka Kyozai new century alloy Thunderbird No. 2 from japan (113232993994)
BANDAI Medicom Toy Rider drive from japan (113232984865)
MEGAHOUSE S.M.S Macross F Sheryl Nome from japan (113232986079)
Fate / kaleid liner Prisma ??EIlya zwei Hertz! Ilya Beast style -snow white- 1/8 (113054319600)
Nintendo DSi LL Japanese Ver. brown white blue green yellow red #With track F/S (112417917274)
OrchidSeed Seven Deadly Sins Belial 1/8 PVC figure Japan #With tracking (112240331080)
CASIO Japan Watch BABY-G radio solar BGR-3003-1BJF Women's offcial Genuine#Track (112400318989)
Daiwa custom paint reel from japan (1011 (113239994363)
Daiwa 13 Seruteto 2510R-PE from japan (4182 (113238980412)
PSL Tomorrow's Joe Yabuki - Last Scene - Full color ver Excellent Resin Painte (112270004219)
Daiki Nanal Grahambury Masamune Shiro / Canopri Comic 1/5 PVC Figure japan (112234824274)
Yuko Ogura Official trading card from japan (113232986812)
MEGAHOUSE one-piece master mind Japan from japan (113232986653)
BANDAI Chogokin Space Battleship Yamato from japan (113232986467)
BANDAI Limited Edition DX Wing Gundam silver-plated version from japan (113232985477)
Kaiyodo MEGA SOFUBI ADVANCE alien MSA-005 from japan (113232986405)
Shimano 09-clad 300HJ from japan (4589 (113238980540)
Shimano 13 complex CI4 + 2500HGS F4 from japan (5009 (113238980934)
Sweeties Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Tsukino Usagi fruit parlor ver With tracking (112416326068)
MEDICOM TOY 1/6 real action figure Ethan Hunt from japan (113233024173)
BANDAI RICK-DOM 1/60 from japan (113232986484)
TOMY Tomica Dome Celica Turbo from japan (113233024191)
HOT TOYS Ex Machina snap kit set of 5 from japan (113233025683)
BANDAI Saint Cloth Myth EX Pisces Aphrodite "Saint Seiya" from japan (113233024924)
GAS-808XS (112747807246)
Complete Box (113154908268)
Excellent model space dandy dandy about 240mm PVC-painted PVC Figure (113054321881)
SKYTUBE Yuri Akasaka 1/6 Scale Painted PVC figure (113054321446)
The Testament of Sister New Devil Naruse ManriA 1/8 Scale Painted PVC figure (113054322156)
Roen �~ Angel Clover AngelClover watch leopard from japan (76 (113238933501)
URBAN RESEARCH �~ NANGA water stop zip down L / Navy (85 (113233156049)
To Heart2 XRATED Aikei Komaki Summer Vacation Special 1/5 scale PVC Figure Japan (112538505647)
Fuzz Goddess fuzz Goddessor fuzz ATOMIZER 4K (112741642013)
MAX FACTORY 1/6 real Yoko from japan (113233024484)
Sony Smart Watch (Lime) SONY SmartWatch 3 Bluetooth 4.0 Wristband SWR 50-G Japan (112321039038)
NeotenicSound cool driver Beagle Joe neo-te Nick sound production complete model (112747808367)
Beauty products LMW liquid metal silver leather belt unisex Allowed (113238933052)
stussy & JAM HOME MAPE Chronograph double name from japan (113238933109)
Abu Garcia Revo LTZ from japan (2040 (113240005572)
BANDAI [huge] soft vinyl figure Alien Baltan made 1990 Vartan star people (113233025243)
HINO 1/43 minicar Selega from japan (113233025865)
STARLESS Mari Mamiya picture (1/6 Scale PVC) japan (112622280169)
Watch Ankokinu self-winding skull from japan (113238933643)
New SONY wena wrist Premium Black from japan (113238933506)
Coterie work for Windows software Tsukihime unopened goods from japan (113233063844)
New, unused INSTRMNT Instrument Brown from japan (113238935882)
Gokubi Girls Super Premium Senran Kagura Yumi Wedding Lingerie Ver EMS (112400271414)
GaGa MILANO / Gagamirano watch from japan (1385 (113238979052)
Megabass Megabass Lauda 58R Used from japan (2407 (113240005907)
New vague watch brwn gmt black-and-white Brown Watch from japan (113238936125)
RAI'S riot police toilet vehicle from japan (6450 (113239341953)
Megabus Idaten -X256 from japan (11092 (113239092696)
SEIKO antique Superior watch from japan (113238936546)
rare! Nologo DEEPSEA Automatic ceramic bezel from japan (113238937710)
VAGUE WATCH Vague watch BRWN GMT SB from japan (113238936945)
Shimano Super Aero Tekuniumu. from japan (2660 (113240004537)
Bandai DX Galaxy Robo from japan (113232993372)
Bandai Kamen Rider Amazonzu DX driver from japan (113232992513)
YA-MAN RF Beaute Cavispa RF Core EX Champagne Bronze HRF-18T from japan (112563460320)
Reel a pair rod stream liner from japan (2884 (113240005235)
Walkera V120 DQ02 from japan (6783 (113239342517)
Final battle set of BANDAI Ultraman Tiga light and darkness from japan (113232993651)
NeotenicSound acoustic pre-amp system PureAcousteic neo-te Nick sound (112747800240)
Ambush 17Aw Live Sweater Knit 000,440 Copper (22273 (113249176685)
Hamilton H375120 (48660 (113249180209)
CASIO G-SHOCK ILLUMINATOR DW-8150 from japan (6778 (113239059370)
CASIO G-SHOCK 5371P JA from japan (6626 (113239062378)
Supreme Cdg Shirt Era 14Ss Box Logo New Cap 000658 Sk1404 (83147 (113249179315)
Sisii Shishi Mods Leather Outerwear Ladies Designer Fur Ready - Scan (81759 (113249179711)
G-Shock Dw-8200Nt2-4Jr Frogman Value Under (44231 (113249179793)
Daiwa Sorutiga Z 6000GT from japan (13780 (113238994110)
NEW!! F/S JAPAN YAMAHA PSR-S670 Electronic Keyboard 61 Keys / Ship by !! (112561829344)
DUO DIAL (113233012391)
08 Stella SW10000XG breaks from japan (3336 (113240006622)
Alex Streeter Angel Heart Ring 038655 Copper (22201 (113249231396)
Whole world 2999 limited edition model Carl von Zeyten from japan (7802 (113239064826)
Watch Seiko Ana from japan (8410 (113239065333)
Tag Heuer Sea racer beauty products from japan (8268 (113239067568)
Sheruman Grand Complication steel belt from japan (8332 (113239063948)
Under Cover 13Aw Leather Dabururaidasu 007,746 Copper (87852 (113249342775)
NIXON self-winding limited edition serial number 50 200 from japan (8523 (113239063337)
Alex Streeter Angel Heart City Limited Color 000588 Copper (22199 (113249240112)
Hyke Trench Coat 1 Cotton Nvy Ready - Scan (54683 (113249241001)
Bulgari Sorotenpo St35S 35Mm 10200 (116521 (113249241008)
Go Nagai Gagyo 50th anniversary merchandise pretty Kamen 1 / 3.5 PVC Japan (112538510399)
Under Cover 17Aw Melton Switching Big Down Bz 200718 (87890 (113249328238)
Hyke 17Awm-65Type Field Coat Mods S Cotton Khk17114 Lady Scan (54676 (113249329466)
R ? X W EXPIEVO self-winding Men's Distressed beauty products japan (9843 (113239063726)
Addict Clothes Double Riders 38 Sheep Leather Blk Plain (21780 (113249332758)
Kru Down Jacket S Polyester Orn (56383 (113249331784)
Summer vacation last EOS 1 camera set from japan (113237677508)
MINASE HIZ VY03-K15S (113233010968)
taichimurakami Taichi Murakami silver watch from japan (11628 (113239065007)
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