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The seller has excellent standing with the US marketplace with 100.0% positive feedback in the last 12 months. (274 positive feedback, 0 negative feedback, and 1 neutral feedback) To date, jantek2003 has received a total of 1,484 customer feedback from completed sales.
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[2022-12-05] Item works perfectly fast shipping - Positive Feedback
(Buyer purchased SEFUSE SF139E Thermal Fuse 10A 250V 142C Fuse for Instant Pot Cooker New CA)
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5 pcs 1N4001 Diodes, 50V, 1Amp, New, USA Free Shipping, Ship from California (294818966624)
5pcs 1N4007 Rectifier Diode, 1A 1000V, New - USA Free Shipping, Ship from CA (294188695394)
HID iCLASS Smart Card 2000PGGMN Format H10301, 13.56 MHz, New, Free Shipping 26B (293252526205)
SEFUSE SF139E Thermal Fuse 10A 250V 142°C, Fuse for Instant Pot Cooker, New, CA (304588781919)
SEFUSE SF152E Thermal Fuse 10A 250V 157°C New, Free USA Shipping from California (304366094233)
SEFUSE SF129E 133°C Thermal Fuse 10A 250V TF133 New 271.4°F Ship from California (294824616585)
2 pcs 1N5349B Zener Diode 12V 5W Axial, New, Ship from California USA Free Ship (303845164878)
5 pcs 1N5399 Rectifier Diodes, 1000V 1.5Amp New, USA Free Shipping, Ship from CA (294389867564)
2 pcs 10 Ohm Resistor, 1 Watt Power Film Resistor, New. Ship from California (303676211042)
5 pcs 1N5408 Diodes,1000V 3Amp Rectifier, New, USA Free Shipping from California (304513108131)
25 x Butterfly Laminating Pouch - 10 mil with Hi Co Magstripe, Credit Card Size (294905814836)
Electromagnetic Lock, Maglock, 1200Lb Holding Force, 12VDC/24VDC, New. Free Ship (295393429232)
GE UTC Interlogix T-500SW Prox Card Reader, Black, Mullion Mount, Used. (294997655730)
Horn Starter SPST Normally Open 16mm 5/8" Stainless Steel Push Button Momentary (304660816328)
2 pcs 1500uF 16V Radial Electrolytic Capacitors, New. 10mx20mm USA Free Shipping (304524951425)
M2.5 Metric Hex Allen Key 2.5mm Wrench Tool, Black Carbon Steel, New, USA SHIP (295077427584)
Sensormatic Tyco Kantech ioProx P40KEY XSF/26bit Proximity Keyfob Keytab, New (303336916356)
Seiko MS621FE Rechargeable Battery, 3V, 2022 Stock, New, Ship from LA. (304660846138)
2 pcs RJ-9 4P4C 4-Pin Telephone Handset Socket Connector, PCB Mount, RJ-10 RJ-22 (295076305315)
HID iCLASS RK40 Wall Switch Prox Card Reader Keypad 6130BKN040D00-G3.0 Used (304726298707)
Butterfly Laminating Pouch - 10 mil with Hi Co Magstripe, Credit Card Size, 1pc (303302052262)
2 pcs 2200uF 10V Radial Electrolytic Capacitors, 10mm x 17mm, New. USA Free Ship (304524848172)
2200uF 63V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor 18x35mm New, USA Free Shipping (50V OK (295034953978)
Allegion Schlage Recognition Systems RSI HK-CR HandKey-CR Biometric Hand Reader (304705561632)
Key for Schlage HandKey-II Biometric Reader HK-2 F3, New, Ship from California (303302052253)
The Science of Structures and Materials by J.E. Gordon, Hardcover. ISBN 0-7167-5 (304605283115)
Canal 501S HB Series Rocker Switch 16A 250VAC T125/55, New, Ship from California (295246036660)
Cherry SPST Door Switch 0.1A, 125VAC - 0E6852AD Plunger/Push, Used (304618434006)
HID Indala FlexISO Prox Card, 26-Bit Wiegand Format, Supports Photo ID Printer (303582788888)
Principles of Life High School Edition - Hardcover By Hillis, David M. - GOOD (295166746811)
3 pcs Littelfuse 1A 63V TH SMD Fuse 1206 Slow Blow 0468001 New USA Free Shipping (304385625941)
(2 PCs) TI TMS28F010A-12C4FML IC 128K x 9 Flash 32-Pin PLCC (2 Pcs) EEPROM, Used (304070506910)
HID 5395 ThinLine II Prox Reader, Wiegand Format, Black, Used, with Pigtail (295215849706)
Blind Spots by Max H Bazerman & Ann E Tenbrunsel, Hardcover, Used. (304606951211)
Red LED Light KCD1-104N Rocker Switch 15x21mm ON/OFF DPST, New, Ship from Califo (295071583252)
3 pcs 1N4937 Fast Recovery Schottky Diodes, 600V 1Amp, New, USA Free Shipping (294389828454)
Custom Programmed Prox Key Fob H10301 format- Works with HID® 1326, 1386, 1346 (304031634815)
2 pcs 470uF 50V Radial Electrolytic Capacitors, 10x17mm 105°C New. USA Free Ship (304530154222)
Kantech P20DYE ioProx ISO-Thin Prox Card, XF/26-bit, New. Both sides printable (303548870741)
25 x Butterfly Laminating Pouch - 10 mil w/ Hi Co Magstripe, IBM Data Card Size (294282533290)
3 pcs LF 4A Littel Fuse 1808 SMD Fuse 125V, 0452004 Slow Blow Fuse 6x2.5mm New (294849248261)
3 pcs Ceramic Fuse, 15A 250V, F15AH250V F15AL Fast-Blow Fuse, 5x20mm, F15A, New (304374850541)
HID 5355 ProxPro Keypad Reader, Gray, Used. Demo Unit. Wiegand, Ship from CA (294074050874)
HID 1386LGGMV ISO Prox II Card, 26-bit H10301 Format, New. Ship from California (304124586438)
PS-202B Warble Tone Dual Piezo Siren, New. 6VDC-to-12VDC, Ship from California (294256011153)
10 pcs HID 1326 ProxCard II Prox Cards 26-Bit 125 KHz 10 Pack 1326LSSMV, New. (303547147028)
Honeywell OmniProx OP40 prox reader, Wiegand format, Gray, New (304694844476)
Heavy Duty Electric Door Strike 12VDC NO/NC Adjustable New, Ship from California (294910404745)
ROSSLARE AY-K12 125KHz 26-Bit Proximity Card Reader, Used, Free Shipping in USA (304619150469)
3 pcs CE T 10A 125V 1808 SMD Fuse, Fast Acting 2410, New, Free Shipping in USA (304385701759)
Electric Door Strike for Rim Exit Device (Push Bar), New, Free Shipping (293252526229)
HID iCLASS SE R40 Reader, 920NTNNEG00000, Gray, Used, Free Shipping in USA. (304620317735)
Everything's an Argument with readings by Andrea A Lunsford, John J Ruszkiewicz, (304606958346)
4-Pin RJ11 / RJ14 Surface Mount Modular Phone Jack, New. Free Shipping in USA (303433794918)
Eye, Brain and Vision by Hubel, ISBN 0-7167-5020-1, Used (295178441732)
Sexual Selection by Carol Gould & James Gould, Scientific American Library, Used (304606965265)
2 pcs RJ-11 6P4C 4-Pin Telephone PCB Socket Connector, New, Free Shipping in USA (304549110058)
3 pcs Ceramic Fuse 150 250V Fast-Blow Fuse F15AL250V F10AL 6x30mm New (294835381541)
2 pcs 330uF 25V Radial Electrolytic Capacitors, 105°C, New, USA Free Shipping. (304535440940)
Separation Process Principles by Seader, Hardcover, Used (295166926677)
AWID Proximity Card AWID26 Prox Card, Clam Shell, New, Facility Code 128, USA CA (294810572762)
The Essential Logic of Organic Chemistry: aka, How to Cure... by Beauchamp, Phil (304602403829)
12VDC 1A Power Supply. Good for 12VDC electric strike or 12VDC Maglock, New (303302052248)
2pcs 15A 250V Fast Blow Glass Fuse, 6 x 30 mm, New. Ship from California (304374870970)
Advanced Organic Chemistry (paperback) by Francis A Carey and Richard J Sundberg (304602448744)
3 pcs LF 5A Littel Fuse 1808 SMD Fuse 125V, 0451005.M, 2410 Fast Acting Fuse New (304384761298)
SEFUSE SF119E Thermal Fuse 10A 250V 121°C New, Ship from California. (294824636259)
SEFUSE SF70Y Thermal Fuse 73°C 10A 250V New, Free USA Shipping from California (304366102123)
Maxell UR-60 Cassette Tape Normal Bias 60 Minutes, 90m/295ft New, Sealed (295189791679)
CALCULUS by Ron Larson and Bruce Edwards, 10th Edition, International Edition (304605278827)
Organizational Behavior - Hardcover By Schermerhorn Jr., John R. - Used (304602480721)
M3 Metric Hex Allen Key 3mm Wrench Tool, Black Carbon Steel, New, USA Free Shipp (303845115665)
M4 Metric Hex Allen Key 4mm Wrench Tool, Black Carbon Steel, New, USA Ship Free (303845127919)
GE UTC Interlogix Lenel T100 Prox Card Reader 430222003 Black Mini Mullion Mount (295194850456)
(3 pcs) HID ProxCard II 1326 Clamshell Card 1326LMSMV New, H10301 Format, 125KHz (294352051431)
Mini Door Release Exit Button, NO/NC Momentary, Stainless Steel, New. (295076244425)
2pcs 4-Pin - 5.08mm - Green Quick Speaker Connector Terminal Block, Phoenix Plug (304507721003)
4-Channel 12VDC 10A Relay Board Optocoupler Isolation, Hi/Low Level Trigger, USA (293926729809)
LF2A Fuse (2pcs) 1808, 2A, 125V SMD Fuse, NANO2, 0451002, Ship from California (304249383716)
Sensormatic Tyco Kantech ioProx Card, P10SHL XSF/26-bit Prox Card Clamshell, New (293252526219)
EN-200 Ethernet Card for Schlage RSI Handpunch-3000 & Handpunch-4000, Used. (303302054428)
2 pcs RJ12 6P6C Telephone Socket Connector, PCB mount, New, Free Shipping in USA (304552143840)
Door Release Exit Button, NO/COM, Momentary, Single Gang Mount, Stainless Steel (295076181046)
HID 6030AGR00 & 6030AGS00 Prox Card Reader, Wiegand Format, 12VDC, Demo Unit (303336970204)
Metal Drapery Hardware Curtain Tieback (1 Pair, New) (303336969885)
HID iCLASS SE R10 Mini Mullion Reader 900NTNNEK00000 Black, 2020, Used (295193290183)
3 pcs LF 12A Littel Fuse 1808 SMD Fuse 125V, 0451012 Fast Acting Fuse 2410 New (294848036303)
KEDU HY12 Rocker Switch, Red, 4-Pins 10A 125/250V Water-resistant Switch, New. (304660046647)
Gardner's ART Through The Ages Fifth Edition HB (304602467289)
LTC485 IC, DIP, New, Free Shipping in USA, Replaces SN75176 or DS3695, 3695N (294258818700)
3 pcs Ceramic Fuse 15A 250V, 6x30mm, Fast-Blow Fuse, New, Ship from California (294835329323)
Steve Emanuel's First Year Questions and Answers by Steven L. Emanuel (1995,... (303336968020)
Keypad for RSI Schlage HandPunch & Handkey-2, New, Free Shipping in USA (293252526210)
Sealed Ferrite card for Kantech SFT-R50 card reader, 26-bit Wiegand format, New (293252526223)
Criminal Procedure by James J. Tomkovicz (1997, Paperback, Student Edition of... (303336967967)
Metal Drapery Hardware Curtain Tieback (1 Pair, New) (293299105786)
Analysis Synthesis and Design of Chemical Processes by Richard Turton (304602460776)
DIALOGIC D4PCIUFEQ D4PCIUFEW 310-935 Analog 4-Port Loop-Start PCI-e Card, Used (295263396897)
ADP KRONOS Power Supply for 400 480F Series Time Clock, 24VDC, 48D-24-500, New (304143994116)
HID 31503 Wiegand Swipe Reader 3140190 Turnstile, New, with ~ 5.5 ft Cable (293252526202)
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