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indyecycle is a verified commercial seller from US marketplace and has been active selling since 2007-10-02.
The seller has excellent standing with the US marketplace with 100.0% positive feedback in the last 12 months. (135 positive feedback, 0 negative feedback, and 0 neutral feedback) To date, indyecycle has received a total of 1,130 customer feedback from completed sales.
The seller is recognized under the following programs: United States Top-Rated Seller Program
indyecycle is fully licensed to buy and sell products on the authorized/approved marketplaces.
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Positive 7 56 140
Negative 0 0 0
Neutral 0 0 0
Total 7 56 140
[2021-02-22] Perfect Just as expected - Positive Feedback
(Buyer purchased NEW ScanShell 800 Credit Card Scanning Solutions Scanner ID)
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Here's a list of some items for sale by indyecycle right now...

Essilor Visioffice EXP000310X5 (302612011028)
New Mediant 2000 AudioCodes Media Gateway Rev PO1 (292815769392)
Fluke 2165A Digital Thermometer (292180876009)
Motorola XTS / Jedi Series Radio Battery Charger / Conditioner ACT ICharge i10 (292098806484)
JLCooper E-Box Ethernet Interface/Portal for JL Cooper Products (292972606969)
Hologic Adiana Radiofrequency Generator FA00701 (302669396207)
New JLCooper E-Box Ethernet Interface/Portal for JL Cooper Products (303069356620)
Open Text Fax Appliance A102-2 line Mediant 800 (302411058440)
NEW Singing Saw LP by Kevin Morby Vinyl Apr-2016 Dead Oceans Records (302547764929)
Telex RTS 2100 Wireless Intercom System 2105 (293025417655)
Allen-Bradley 440F-C28011 Safety Mat Controller Ser-B (302607219332)
HURCO 415-0628-901 REV. M FLAT NODE PANEL (303474762566)
Vintage Lafayette Instruments 4442606 Goniometer (303218513205)
Azonix A1011 Digital Precision RTD Thermometer (293465026984)
Vintage RCA Video Cassette Recorder VGT-650 (302470264802)
Rack-mount Biamp Advantage 301 MIC LINE MIXER for PA System Intercom Audio *WUB (303353243770)
CardScan Personal V8.05 Compact Business Card Scanner COMPLETE (293227399191)
New Sealed Intel EXPX9502FXSRGP5 10Gigabit XF SR Dual Server Adapter (292145436347)
Brocade FCX-4XG 4-Port 10GbE SFP+ 10 Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Module FastIron (292262841177)
Dynavox IIIDV4 Communication Device (302425376278)
Leitch Panacea 32x4 Analogue Video Router Switch (292308703038)
Hurco Slice I/O 007-5004-001 (303121522131)
Comart Systems High Resolution Digital Splitter HDS-F16Pro 16Channel (302719455324)
Leitch 6800 Plus FR6802+ Video Amplilfer (302382561284)
Interlogix TruVision DVR 12 12C Commercial CCTV Equipment (302835210784)
Daytronic 10A61-2 Dual Input (302407799223)
Daytronic 10BCP100 PC Board (292207105723)
Copley Controls Xenus XSL-230-40 (302374423659)
Apple iPad 2 16GB WiFi A1395 Black (302566449880)
Set of Phillips M1949A, Phillips M1968A with Phillips M1976A ECG Cable ICU (302342052118)
PSION MOTOROLA Zebra VH10 / 8516 Vehicle-Mounted Computer & CA1210 Power Cable (303889892218)
Cisco Catalyst WS-C3750G-12S-E 12-Prt Gigabit Switch V-14 (292313315046)
Mediant 2000 AudioCodes Media Gateway Rev P02 (302795071015)
Spectronic Genesys 5 Spectrophotometer (292637492507)
Brocade ES4625M-FLF-08 XFP Module 10 Gigabit Ethernet (292280440179)
HP 4951C Protocol Analyzer with 18179A Interface (302678454204)
Ericsson Aastra ROF1375339/14 R4B ELU29 Module (292307474881)
Vintage RCA VHS Video Camcorder CMR200 (302679819256)
Quinton Q-Stress Transformer Power Supply (302679945223)
Infab Green Lite X-Ray Medical Dental Protective Lead Free SKTF-S Skirt (292223399399)
New Bosch VG4-A-PAU Auto Dome Power Supply Box (292249623167)
Nokia IP0380 Network Security Appliance IP355 (302676337663)
New Foxboro P0903CV Annunciator Keyboard (302982431218)
New Cisco DCJ5952-01P 341-0238-04 Power Supply (302727507776)
New Ericsson ROF 1375350/2 R3D Card (292305376060)
New Drydom DC60S3 Solid State Relay (302763134382)
Vintage Sejin Electron Inc Avis SKR-1104-AVD SY1 Multicolor Keyboard (303241517135)
Parker AC890 SSD Drive (302374271694)
Analog Devices RTI-800 PC Board 71-1211704-B (292536426123)
Polycom View Station FX Conference camera System (302389235647)
Pie Medical Foot Pedal Switch (302511223156)
Daytronic 10A9-8 Eight-Channel Thermocoupl (292207080261)
Phillips BTS CP-3864 Router Control Panel (292102771901)
Christie Input Module DLV1280-DX PROJECTOR Module Rear Projection (303164799393)
New 3M CX4 Active Optical Cable 20Gbit/s,850nm 50um Fiber (292150971336)
General Radio Company Decade Resistor 1432-L (292491629131)
NEW Linksys AE6000 Dual-Band Wifi Wireless-AC Mini USB Adapter & Cd-rom Software (293593264285)
LG Security LCV5300R-BN Dome Camera (302468807610)
Ciron UHC-202 Variable Air Volume Controller Terminal Unit Belimo LM24-M (303172420337)
Laser Precision TD-1000D/HR MINI-OTHR FiberWizard (292472356013)
Keithley DDA-08/16 PC9172 14283 REV 3 ISA BUS Analog Output (302717222544)
Phillips M1663A 10 lead ECG Trunk Cable (302342066547)
Apple iPad 2 16GB WiFi A1395 Black (293610232956)
Shure ULXS4 Wireless Microphone Receiver 662-698 MHz For Hand Held/Lavalier *WUB (303354604194)
Tri-Coastal Industries Compact hanging Scale 266-502 5000 Lbs (302401529250)
New Dell Stack Module DP/N OYY741 (303172426426)
New Lenovo Thinkpad 90W AC Power Adapter ADLX90NCC2A (303033825641)
New 3M CX4 and QSFP Active Optical Cable 20Gbit/s,850nm 50um Fiber (292153382673)
Kensington SD4600P USB-C Dock with Power Delivery (292475860091)
Vintage Percussion Reflex Hammer Stainless Steel (292612580310)
Ericsson Aastra ROF1375339/4 R7A Module (292307589727)
Brocade FastIron Fan Tray for Brocade Switch (292280394225)
LG Security LCV5300-BN Dome Camera (292269581393)
AFI American Fibertek Inc. MR-440SL Four Channel Video Receiver (302478860869)
Telos Zephyr Stream Advanced Digital Network Audio Transceiver (302746783407)
Cognex DM7550 Cordless Barcode Reader (302588929346)
Perkin Elmer Lumina Lamp N305-0146 (Mo) (302623132530)
K Medic Osteotome Surgical Blades KM 49-680 KM 49-632 Germany (292218389263)
PSION MOTOROLA Zebra VH10 / 8516 Vehicle-Mounted Computer & CA1210 Power Cable (294019509403)
NEW Projector USB Wireless Adapter WU5205C Wireless Dongle DELL 331-2359 (303268563059)
Green Lite X-Ray Vest Medical and Dental Radiology (302422901750)
Ericsson Aastra ROF 1375334/2 R5A Card (292306382013)
Winsco E-47A Wabash Instrument Corp. Stroboscope E-47 (292866681753)
Set of 3 Dental Burs (292136957218)
Cisco Nexus 5500 N5K-C5548UP V01 48-port N55-M16UP 10GbE SFP w/24 FET-10G (303050913650)
Crestron PRO2 Series Control Processor C2ENET-1 Ethernet Card & c2com-3 485 *WUB (303361589829)
New Sentry Communications XR-200 Audio Intercom (302512618043)
New Dell DxOD Wyse D Class Cloud Clients (292468820091)
Ericsson Aastra ROF 131 4414/14 R2B Module (292308644740)
Datalogic Gryphon GBT4100-HC w/ Cradle (303204247035)
MBM Folder 352 Paper Folder (302442892296)
Esaote MRI Knee Coil 9101644000 Coil for C-Scan (293705472756)
Tycos 20-300 MMHG Sphygmomanometer Wall Mount (292422355429)
New RS-160 TOA Stainless Intercom System RS160 Substation (302484444842)
Motorola Moto G 8 GB Telus (303204063521)
Metrologic Barcode Scanner MS6720 (292321284343)
Brocade FastIron GS 648P - switch - managed - 48 ports (302347626156)
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