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hstbeto is a verified private seller from US marketplace and has been active selling since 2005-02-16.
The seller has excellent standing with the US marketplace with 99.5% positive feedback in the last 12 months. (1,445 positive feedback, 7 negative feedback, and 6 neutral feedback) To date, hstbeto has received a total of 13,692 customer feedback from completed sales.
hstbeto is fully licensed to buy and sell products on the authorized/approved marketplaces.

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Buyer Feedback Past 30 Days Past 6 Months Past Year
Positive 78 742 1,597
Negative 0 3 8
Neutral 0 4 8
Total 78 749 1,613
[2022-11-28] As described and shipped promptly - Positive Feedback
(Buyer purchased 25 pcs 1N4007 Rectifier Diode 1A 1000V - US Seller - Free Shipping)
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10pcs 1N4007 Rectifier Diode 1A 1000V - US Seller - Free Shipping (132438969443)
10pcs Micro USB Type B Female 5Pin SMT Socket Jack Connector USA SELLER (132453945373)
20PCS MB6S 0.5A 600V SOP-4 SMD Bridge Rectifier USA Seller (132566364223)
4pcs PAM8403 Mini 2 Channel 3W Audio Power Amplifier Module 5v Board USA Seller (132235300843)
10 Pcs Mini USB Type B Female Socket 5-Pin 180 Degree Smd Connector USA SELLER (132456416245)
25 pcs1N4148 .3A 100v fast switching diode replaces 1N914 USA Seller (132500905967)
GY-BMP280 Pressure Sensor Module Arduino High Precision Atmospheric USA seller (133104662930)
25 pairs of S8550 & S8050 1.5A 0.625W TO-92 PNP / NPN audio transisr USA SELLER (132097647478)
US SELLER 10pcs 8MHZ 8.000 HZ HC-49S Crystal Oscillator Arduino Raspberry (132187377571)
10 PCS LM358 OP AMP, SOP-8 package...US seller... (133375040158)
4 pcs of ST Microelectronics PWM SG3525A SMD SO16 Narrow USA SELLER (132202393808)
10pc of LM393 Dual Differential Comparators SOP-8. US seller... (133375042628)
10PCs AMS1117 LM1117 5.0V 1A Voltage Regulator SOT223 USA Seller (131927477787)
US SELLER 10pcs 16MHZ 16.000M HZ HC-49S Crystal Oscillator Arduino Raspberry (131992654799)
GY-521 MPU-6050 6 DOF 3 Axis Gyroscope + Accelerometer Module USA Seller (133371683289)
5 pcsPositive 5 Volt Regulator 1.5 amp TO220 - L7805 LM7805 7805 USA Seller (131928348728)
5 x LM386 Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier with 8 pin dip sockets USA seller (132245256621)
5 Pcs IRF540N TO-220 N-Channel IR Power MOSFET 33Amp 100V USA Seller free ship (132074019302)
20 Pcs TOSHIBA 40V/3A Schottky DIODE 1N5822, SS34,SK34 SMD DO-214AC US SELLER (132498525915)
USA seller 20 pieces Fairchild 2N7000 MOSFET N-Channel 60V 200MA Transistor... (132071031089)
50pcs 25 Pair 2N3904/2N3906 TO-92 NPN 40V 200mA Transistor US Seller (132140764012)
4X NE556N NE556 556 Dual Bipolar Timer ic dual timer 14 pin USA seller (133383361037)
[5x] Double Sided SOP20 and TSSOP20 to DIP20 adapter Breakout PCB. USA SELLER (134259845870)
5 pc NEW OB2269CP LT OB2269 SOP 8 SOP-8 IC CHIP USA Seller (133199308043)
8 pcs or 4 pairs of BD139 NPN & BD140 PNP 80V 1.5A NPX by PHILLIPS-USA ship (132141732053)
Type C USB to TTL Serial Port CH340E Module replaces ch340g and cp2102 (134189916686)
[5x] Double Sided TQFN32 and TQFP32 to DIP32 adapter Breakout PCB. USA SELLER (134296192076)
USB 2.0 to TTL UART Module Serial CH340G 5V/3.3V Arduino/ STM32 / ESP32 ect US (134209725121)
2pcs ESP-32 wireless bluetooth adapter plate plate ESP-3212 (134211719877)
5 x TL494CN TL494 PWM Power Supply Controllers IC USA Seller (131934108367)
10A10 10 Amp 1000V 10A 1KV Axial Rectifier Diode 10 Pcs USA SELLER solar panel (131938333935)
50 pcs or (25 Pairs) of 2N5551 & 2N5401 to-92 Transistors USA Seller (132265048386)
50pcs 2N2907 PNP Transistor TO-92 600ma 60v. USA seller... (132069282828)
50pcs 2N2222 2N2222A NPN Transistor TO-92 600ma 40v. USA seller (131954216299)
50 x BC546B BC546 Transistor NPN 65V 0.1A - USA Seller - Free Shipping (132264856568)
25pcs 78L05 WS78L05 100mA 5 volt Positive Voltage Regulator TO-92 USA Seller (132585598728)
4 pcs JRC4558D and 4 Dip-8 Sockets replaces LM4558, RC4558***USA seller*** (132068195116)
(4PCS) BT151-500R NXP Thyristor SCR 500V 12A 3-Pin TO-220 USA SELLER (132387418056)
5 x TL494C Texas Inst. PWM SOP-16 SMD Power Supply Controllers USA Seller (132295770618)
USA 4PCS SG3525A SG3525 (Replaces KA3525A NTE1721 SG3525ADWG SG3525AN UC3525A ) (134277103088)
20 Pcs 60V/5A Schottky DIODE SR560 DO-214AC Replaces SS34 US SELLER (132564650546)
6pcs ON semi UC3843 Current-Mode PWM Controller DIP8 UC3843AN US Seller (132113374005)
5 x IRFZ44N MOSFET N-Channel 49A 55V USA Seller (132097922307)
5 Pcs IRF520 IRF520N TO-220 N-Channel IR Power MOSFET USA Seller free ship (131923184824)
5 Pcs IRF740 IRF740N TO-220 N-Channel IR Power MOSFET USA Seller free ship (132495559936)
5 x IRF9540 IRF9540N "IR" Power MOSFET P-Channel 23A 100V - USA SELLER Free Ship (131923174513)
10pcs PC817 DIP-4 80V 20mA OPTOCOUPLER Phototransistor DIP-4 (134167890389)
6 pcs MC34063A SOP-8 - Boost/Buck/Inverting IC. Replaces UC3842 -USA Seller (132610812061)
100 PCS 5630/5730 Single Chip SMD SMT LED 0.5W White 5000-6500k USA seller (132566499175)
10 pcs MC34063API DIP-8 - Boost/Buck/Inverting IC. Replaces UC3842 -USA Seller (132577218363)
50pcs 25 pairs of 2SA733 & 2SC945 A733 /C945, TO-92 audio transistor USA seller (132397161290)
6 pcs ON semi UC3842 Current-Mode PWM Controller DIP8 UC3842N US Seller (131928338503)
4 x Texas Instruments TL072CP TL072 and 8 pin dip socket USA Seller (131992654588)
5 PCS Ti LM358 OP AMP, DIP-8 & dip sockets..US seller.. (131928960701)
5 pcs Logic Level Shifter Converter Bi-Directional 5V 3.3V DC Module USA Seller (134140416433)
20pcs 1N60P germanium Schottky Diode IN60Psemtech ST DO-35. USA seller (132566485627)
US SELLER 10pcs 48MHZ 48.000M HZ HC-49S Crystal Oscillator Arduino Raspberry (133431824727)
10 PCs AMS1117 LM1117 3.3V 1A Voltage Regulator SOT223 USA Seller (131927480903)
4 pcs NE5532 Low noise OP Amp for Audio and 4 Dip-8 Sockets USA seller*** (132084110336)
10pcs DB3 Diac Bilateral Trigger Diode Thyristor DB-3 DO-35 USA Seller (133575384647)
5 pcsPositive 12 Volt Regulator 1.5 amp TO220 - L7812 LM7812 78012 USA Seller (132138482103)
10pcs BT134-600E BT134 600V 4A TRIAC SENS G. TO-126 10 pcs DB3 Diac US Seller (132243151949)
5 pairs 10pc of NEC 2SD882 NPN & 2SB772 PNP TO-126 30V 3A Transistors USA seller (132307791179)
10 pcs MJE13003 NPN POWER Transistors 400 Volt 1.5 amp TO126 New USA seller (132071029613)
(4PCS) BT152-600R NXP Thyristor SCR 600V 20A 3-Pin TO-220 USA SELLER (132363040997)
ST-Link V2 Mini STM8 STM32 STLINK Simulator Download Programming USA (134189899102)
2 x TDA2030A 18W Mono Hi-fi Amp. and 35W Driver USA Seller (132388907278)
4pcs ON and Fairchild MOC3021 OptoCoupler Triac Driver DIP-6 USA Seller (132104073382)
2pcs TDA2050 35W Mono Hi-fi Amplifier 9 to 50 volt dc... USA Seller (132069292586)
20 Pcs M7/ 1N4007 1000 Volts 1 Amp DIODE. SMD DO-214AC US SELLER (133424184532)
20 pcs JRC4558D Audio Low noice OP-AMP SOP-8 ***USA seller*** (133375034112)
5 Pcs IRF640 IRF640N TO-220 N-Channel IR Power MOSFET USA Seller free ship (133966660572)
50PCS TL431A TL431 KIA431A PRECISION SHUNT REGULATOR Original New TO-92 USA (133901658037)
CP2102 FTDI USB 3.3V 5.5V to TTL Serial Adapter w/cables for Arduino USA Seller (133321753393)
100pcs 2N7002 Transistor N-Channel 60V/115mA mosfet ON SEMI USA seller SOT-23 (133017049182)
20pcs Schottky Rectifier Diode 5Amp 100v SR5100, DO-27 USA SELLER (132523341302)
20pcs A3144 A3144E OH3144E A1044 Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor USA seller (134308730417)
LGT8F328P-LQFP32 32MHz Arduino Pro Mini clone USA (134319070875)
CH552 Mini Core Board Type-C USB Development For Arduino 51 System US Seller (134197996130)
2 X 8Channel Logic Level Bi-directional Module TXS0108E TXB0108A USA seller (133363156061)
10PCS SOP- 4 DB107S 1A 1000V Rectifier Diode Bridge replaces DF10S USA seller (132620352425)
USA SELLER 5pcs BTA16-600B TRIAC 16Amp. 600 VOLT. & 5 DB3 diac driver (133913786862)
USA SELLER 5pcs BTA12-600B TRIAC 12Amp. 600 VOLT. & 5 DB3 diac driver (134305890648)
Raspberry Pi Pico Microcontroller Development Board RP2040 mcu (134209658820)
2PCS GENUINE ST TDA7293 ZIP15 audio amplifier IC USA Seller (133437286066)
For Raspberry pi pico RP2040 zero mcu developing board USA seller (134189902332)
5PCS N76E003AT20 TSSOP-20 Nuvoton Compatible With STM8S003F3P6 USA Seller (133040024529)
NEW Wchlink Mini HC594F Daplink supports a full range of ARM core chips RISC-V (134316362307)
Logic Level Shifter Converter Bi-Directional 5V 3.3V DC Module USA Seller (134086962144)
US SELLER 10pcs 32.768KHZ Crystal Oscillator 2x6mm.. Arduino Raspberry STM32 (133844257320)
Raspberry Pi Pico Microcontroller Board RP2040 dual-core 4MB flash RGB led USA (134183684009)
ESP32-C3 ESP32 WiFi BLE Board Built-in 4MB flash USA seller (134196027216)
ESP32 Lite CH340 4MB Flash wifi Bluetooth battery charger USA (134262580317)
2pcs TDA2003 Power Amplifier CAR AUDIO12v 10w USA Seller fats shipping (132121257244)
4PCS MOC3052 ON original optocoupler Triac driver. USA Seller (134308753877)
2pcs of 2.4G Wireless Serial Port transceiver module JDY-41 replaces JDY-40 (134196042917)
8 pcs JRC4558D Audio Low noice OP-AMP replaces LM4558, RC4558***USA seller*** (132228481988)
4 pairs 8pcs of ST TIP142 NPN & TIP147 PNP DARLINGTON Tran 100V 10A USA SELLER (132423287216)
5pcs 5V 1A Micro USB 18650 Lithium Battery TP4056 Charging Board USA Seller (132394610059)
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