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1968 NEPAL King Mahendra Bir Bikram 10 Rupee LARGE Silver Nepalese Coin i81575 (352886440485)
1953 MEXICO Mexican Independence War Hero HIDALGO on Big 4cm Silver Coin i88527 (353383644261)
1936 LITHUANIA VYTAUTAS the GREAT Vintage Silver 10 Litai Lithuanian Coin i85314 (324495907434)
350BC Ancient CHINA Chinese Warring States of CHU SPADE MONEY Trade Coin i88491 (353382565711)
1841 Germany German States Wurttemberg WILHELM I Silver Gulden Coin i74517 (323652747554)
SALONINUS son of GALLIENUS 258AD Cologne Ancient Silver Roman Coin SPES i65332 (232557376136)
1922 USA United States Coin LIBERTY EAGLE Vintage Silver PEACE DOLLAR NGC i87395 (324397951125)
1900 A FRENCH INDO-CHINA Antique BIG Silver Piastre Coin France Republic i84962 (233643769403)
1757-1774AD TURKEY Sultan Mustafa III Ottoman Empire Silver 2 Zolota Coin i80872 (233363108197)
1356-1396AD BULGARIA IVAN STRATSIMIR Silver Medieval Coin w JESUS CHRIST i79941 (352976972927)
1908 A FRENCH INDO-CHINA Antique BIG Silver Piastre Coin France Republic i86521 (324326238596)
2014 BELARUS Hares Animals RABBITS Pets Proof Silver 20 Rouble Coin NGC i89091 (324502891397)
2012 BELARUS Fatherhood Stork Baby DNA COLOR Proof Silver 20 Rouble Coin i89090 (233914114469)
1971 EL SALVADOR Independence SALVADOR DALI Fecundidad Silver Colon Coin i88610 (324497522727)
1822 German States WALDECK Friedrich Heinrich Silver 2Mariengroschen Coin i88598 (353398345997)
1931 Great Britain UK KING GEORGE V Vintage Silver Half Crown Coin NGC i88561 (353390046699)
1886S UNITED STATES of America Eagle ANTIQUE SILVER Morgan US Dollar Coin i88291 (353395262452)
1936 UNITED STATES US Old Ironsides USS Constitution NAVY Ship FUND Medal i88301 (324491940252)
1942 USA FREEMASON New York NYC Chapter Lodge No 447 Masonic Silver Medal i88603 (233908576065)
1886 UNITED STATES US Silver SEATED LIBERTY Genuine Antique OLD Dime Coin i87603 (233838486927)
1968 Mexico XIX Olympic Games Aztec Ball Player BIG 25 Pesos Silver Coin i88811 (233915661163)
1807 AUSTRIA Emperor FRANZ Francis II OLD Antique 15Kreuzer Austrian Coin i88252 (324495278237)
1931 Great Britain UK United Kingdom SILVER SHILLING Coin King George V i88650 (353403316416)
1941 SLOVAKIA Silver 20 Korun SAINT CYRIL AND METHODIUS Slovakian Coin i82483 (324064790655)
1921P UNITED STATES of America SILVER Morgan ANTIQUE US Dollar Coin EAGLE i88605 (324497498066)
1889 O RARE UNITED STATES of America SILVER Morgan US Dollar Coin EAGLE i88299 (353393271171)
871-899 AD ENGLAND BRITAIN UK King Alfred the Great Silver OLD Penny Coin i88493 (324483227720)
1953 CANADA United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II BEAVER 5C NGC Coin i77261 (233911519552)
1850 HAITI Emperor FAUSTIN I Lions VINTAGE Antique Hatian 6 Centimes Coin i88792 (233915450525)
1871 BAVARIA KINGDOM German STATE King LUDWIG II Silver Vereinstaler Coin i88384 (324486328399)
486BC Xerxes - Artaxerxes I Achaemenid Silver Greek SIGLOS Coin Lydia NGC i83594 (324283301506)
1898P UNITED STATES of America US SILVER Morgan Vintage Dollar Coin EAGLE i88304 (324491950032)
1923 USA United States Coin LIBERTY EAGLE Vintage Silver PEACE DOLLAR NGC i87398 (324397952370)
ATHENS Greece 440BC Ancient Silver Greek TETRADRACHM Coin Athena Owl NGC i86560 (233744136663)
1914 AUSTRIA w King FRANZ JOSEPH I Austrian Silver Antique Corona Coin i88806 (233915513043)
1930s UNITED STATES US Joie Chitwood CAR DAREDEVIL AUTO Luck Medal Token i88144 (324501766678)
1888 A PRUSSIA Germany KING FRIEDRICH III Antique Gold 10 Mark Coin NGC i89086 (353403453630)
1921 PILGRIM on MAYFLOWER Commemorative Silver US Half Dollar Coin PCGS i76446 (352613716335)
1922 USA United States LIBERTY EAGLE Vintage Silver OLD PEACE DOLLAR Coin i88593 (353398253524)
1956 EGYPT Suez Canal Nationalize Genuine Silver Pound Egyptian Coin NGC i79894 (352737820793)
1913 MALTA Island w/ Jesus and Disciples Supper VINTAGE OLD Medal i87597 (353334304904)
1880P UNITED STATES of America Eagle ANTIQUE SILVER Morgan US Dollar Coin i88288 (353395260130)
1815 LOWER CANADA Britannia SPREAD EAGLE Antique HALF PENNY TOKEN Coin i88076 (353368311006)
1949 ISRAEL Pomegranates Antique VINTAGE Silver Israeli 250 Prutah Coin i88457 (233893825142)
1947 PHILIPPINES w US WWII General DOUGLAS MACARTHUR Antique Silver Coin i88801 (324502988991)
2018 CHAD Lion Shield Goat Face Proof Genuine Silver 5000 Franc Coin i82131 (233458967378)
1952 MEXICO Large SILVER 5 Pesos Coin w MEXICAN Independence HERO Hidalgo i86117 (353196608444)
1887 GREAT BRITAIN UK Queen Victoria SAINT GEORGE Horse Silver Crown Coin i88213 (233887684207)
1967 SWITZERLAND - SILVER 2 Francs Coin HELVETIA Symbolizes SWISS Nation i88266 (324496364285)
1936 UNITED STATES USA Long Island PILGRIM & NATIVE AMERICAN Medal Token i88134 (353403384196)
1963 FRANCE French LARGE with La Semeuse SOWER WOMAN Silver 5 Francs Coin i88528 (353383647665)
VALENS with CHRISTIAN Chi-Rho Labarum Ancient 364AD Genuine Roman Coin i80202 (233314082219)
SEVERUS ALEXANDER JULIA MAMAEA Marcianopolis Ancient Roman Coin NEMESIS i78911 (233308032075)
PHILIP V Macedonia King 200BC RARE R1 Greek Coin PERSEUS SHIELD HELMET i61338 (322511453549)
1768 GERMANY NURNBERG Nuremberg CITY VIEW German Silver Taler Coin NGC i84937 (353134731614)
1977 EGYPT FAO - Saving for Development UN FOOD PROGRAM Silver Pound Coin i88050 (324464104926)
1953 CANADA United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II Maple Leaf 1 Cent NGC Coin i77262 (233197088699)
1644AD CHINESE Qing Dynasty Genuine Antique SHI ZU Cash Coin of CHINA i74448 (323629718655)
PHILIP V Macedonia King 200BC PERSEUS SHIELD HELMET Rare R1 Greek Coin i58077 (232189129085)
1976 Germany Hans Grimmelshausen AUTHOR Antique Silver 5 Mark German Coin i86611 (233744768307)
VALENTINIAN I 364AD Authentic Ancient Roman Coin ANGEL VICTORY NIKE i80193 (233312432516)
1915 WILHELM II of GERMANY 1 Mark Antique German Empire Silver Coin Eagle i64598 (233914364583)
Constantine I the Great 324AD Ancient Roman Coin Military camp gate i31543 (352455150584)
1815 CEYLON now SRI LANKA UK King GEORGE III Elephant Antique Stiver Coin i88458 (353385835077)
Orthagoreia in Macedonia 350BC RARE R1 Ancient Greek Coin APOLLO HELMET i63781 (322826122992)
PHILIP V Macedonia King 200BC Rare R1 Perseus Shield Helmet Greek Coin i60888 (322507631034)
ANTIMACHOS I Greco-Baktrian Baktria Greek Silver Tetradrachm Coin NGC i72394 (352473163111)
LEO I 457AD Authentic Genuine Ancient Roman Coin w MONOGRAM i20671 (350790359287)
ATHENS Greece Silver Greek TETRADRACHM Coin Athena FULL CREST OWL NGC i86409 (324325101905)
MYRINA in AEOLIS Ancient Silver Greek TETRADRACHM Coin ALEXANDER III NGC i85484 (353161615440)
1903 JAPAN Emperor MEIJI & DRAGON Antique Silver 1 Yen Japanese Coin NGC i88759 (233898538005)
1694 GERMANY German States HAMBURG Antique Silver Thaler Coin PCGS i88871 (233902353371)
1526 GREAT BRITAIN UK King Henry VIII ANTIQUE OLD Silver 4 Pence Coin NGC i88866 (324494028451)
1980 POLAND WINTER OLYMPICS LAKE PLACID Ski Jump PF Silver 200Zl NGC Coin i88914 (233904735619)
1913 J GERMANY German States HAMBURG Lions Antique Gold 20 Mark NGC Coin i88754 (353389891015)
1928 IRELAND Silver with SALMON and LYRE HARP Vintage Genuine IRISH Coin i79465 (323920408070)
1935 CONNECTICUT CHARTER OAK Commemorative Silver Half Dollar Coin PCGS i76435 (233211596427)
LYDIA Kings ALYATTES Archaic Electrum Gold / Silver Greek Coin LION NGC i87249 (233784889976)
1908 S PHILIPPINES Under US Administration w Eagle OLD Silver PESO Coin i88584 (324496370965)
JESUS CHRIST Class I Anonymous Ancient 1078AD Byzantine Follis Coin CROSS i84295 (353208141345)
VOLUSIAN Authentic Ancient 251AD Roman Coin ALEXANDER TROAS Horse NGC i72840 (323498446958)
1950 MEXICO City AZTEC KING Cuauhtémoc Silver 50 Centavos Mexican Coin i85925 (324307293127)
CARACALLA Authentic Ancient 217AD Rome As Genuine Roman Coin LION NGC i71724 (232911622197)
1915 USA San Francisco Panama Pacific WORLD EXPO Old Vintage Award Medal i88185 (353374762353)
1833 Democrat President ANDREW JACKSON VETO Old Hard Times Token JACKASS i88142 (324501759392)
VALENS Authentic Ancient 364AD Constantinople Siliqua Roma Coin VOT V NGC i81465 (233409790355)
1901 USA Buffalo NY Panamerican WORLD EXPO ELECTRIC TOWER Antique Medal i88294 (353407817022)
1974 ISRAEL Piano MUSICIAN ARTHUR RUBENSTEIN Competition GOLD Medal NGC i89080 (324499742226)
1964B SWITZERLAND HELVETIA Symbolizes SWISS Nation SILVER 1/2 Francs Coin i88413 (353388160415)
1948 SOUTH AFRICA Large Silver 5 Shillings Coin GEORGE VI SPRINGBOK Deer i69425 (352500491722)
1393-1423 NETHERLANDS Holland ULTRECHT HASSELT Silver Antique Coin NGC i81860 (352881098730)
DELMATIUS Dalmatius 336AD Roman Caesar Ancient Coin Soldiers Legions i52852 (351561596646)
1915 WILHELM II of GERMANY 1 Mark Antique German Empire Silver Coin Eagle i64595 (353403680745)
1968 Mexico XIX Olympic Games AZTEC Ball Player 25 Pesos Silver Coin NGC i88913 (324494079808)
1775 RUSSIA Siberia HUGE 10 Kopeks Coin of CATHERINE II the Great NGC i79690 (323862151387)
1984 PANAMA Spanish Conquistador Hero VINTAGE Huge Silver 20 BALBOA Coin i88489 (324480885831)
CITIUM Kition CYPRUS Authentic Ancient Silver Greek Coin HERCULES NGC i83837 (353063400911)
JUSTINIAN II Authentic Ancient GOLD Solidus FIRST JESUS CHRIST Coin NGC i85480 (233670628835)
1882 HAITI Woman Palm French Motto Antique Silver Hatian 50 Centimes Coin i78575 (352777732681)
VALENS "Last True Roman" 367AD Ancient Roman Coin Victory Cult Angel i42323 (352470774485)
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