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handf1 is a verified commercial seller from US marketplace and has been active selling since 1999-10-15.
The seller has excellent standing with the US marketplace with 100.0% positive feedback in the last 12 months. (38 positive feedback, 0 negative feedback, and 0 neutral feedback) To date, handf1 has received a total of 740 customer feedback from completed sales.
handf1 is fully licensed to buy and sell products on the authorized/approved marketplaces.
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Positive 1 14 43
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Neutral 0 0 0
Total 1 14 43
[2018-09-20] Hope to deal with you again Thank you - Positive Feedback
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Over the past 365 days:
  • 11 buyers said they received the items as described.
  • 10 buyers said they had good and timely communication with the seller.
  • 11 buyers said they had the items shipped and delivered quickly.
  • 10 buyers said they thought the shipping cost was good and reasonable.
Over the past 30 days:
  • 0 buyers said they received the items as described.
  • 0 buyers said they had good and timely communication with the seller.
  • 0 buyers said they had the items shipped and delivered quickly.
  • 0 buyers said they thought the shipping cost was good and reasonable.
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Here's a list of some items for sale by handf1 right now...

Agilent E2676A 7GHz InfiniiMax single-ended browser probe head (123325803232)
Lecroy PP009 500MHz Passive probe (142444085483)
Tektronix P6243 DC-1GHz Active Probe (142020644644)
YOKOGAWA 734-02 Digital Multimeter (382441088447)
HP 8762C/024 DC-26.5GHz Coaxial switch (141955657463)
Tamagawa UBA761A 0-61dB DC-900MHz Step Attenuater (121841582308)
MRI FRV750 50-75GHz Waveguide Isolator (381290584211)
YOKOGAWA 7009-24 DC-100MHz 1400V Differencial Probe (380967124459)
WG RFZ-12 200Hz-4.5MHz Return Loss Bridge (381493479953)
HIOKI 8937 Voltage and Temperature unit (380889291130)
YOKOGAWA 7012-75 Acceleration/Voltage Module (380457505929)
Waveguide WR15-WR10 Tapered adaptor (121837653240)
Hioki 3168 10/50/100A 1kW-200kW Clump on HiTester (380393692996)
YOKOGAWA 7012-51 High Speed 1MS/s 16bit Isolate module (121299175643)
Agilent N5450B InfiniiMax thermostatic bath for the extension cable pair (121840959680)
MEGURO MSG211G-1 Stereo Signal Generator (380457761045)
Agilent N2795A DC-1GHz Active Probe (141676896092)
Pasternack PE8653 5.0-18.0 GHz Mixer (381273920104)
FLUKE 8808A 5 1/2 Digital multimeter (142603297059)
Option B5 Stereo/RDS-corder for Rhode SML01 SML02 SML03 (123151333985)
Agilent N5380A InfiniiMax 12GHz Differntial SMA Adapter (380638173244)
Agilent N5380A InfiniiMax 12GHz Differntial SMA Adapter (122278692477)
RION SA-77 1ch 50KHz FFT Analyzer (142421074162)
Agilent E2697A DC-500MHz High Impedance Adapter (121742953867)
HIOKI 3166 500A*3 CLAMP ON POWER HI-TESTER (380393703137)
Waveguide Straight 900mm V Band 50-75GHz (141850097675)
Agilent E5382A 16ch Single-ended Flying Lead probe Set (380383729334)
Rohde&Schwarz SML Output stage 2/3GHz Doubler (141236888660)
Agilent 1130A DC-1.5 GHz Differential InfiniiMax Probe Amplifier (142438158425)
Tektronix P6249 DC-4GHz FET Probe (381701602128)
ADVANTEST R6145 60V 1A Voltage/Current Source (122142793571)
IWATSU SS-7840A (142438162253)
Rohde&Schwarz FSV-S16 RF Filter Box (121668167940)
NF ZM2372 1mHz-100kHz LCR Meter USB Sweep (381176645022)
Tektronix TDS2014B DC-100MHz 4ch (123308301906)
SHIMADZU AUW320 Analytical Balances (123224606724)
Tektronix TDS3014B 100MHz 4ch DPO Oscilloscope (122654700095)
SHIMADZU UW620H Electric Balance 620g (382441130360)
HP 16600A+16534A 204ch 250Mhz Logic Analyzer System +DSO 500MHz system (380384429585)
Noisecom NC346D 10M-18GHz Noise Source (123213115384)
SHIBASOKU AM57A 2ch Audio combination Analyzer 0.0055% (380510931157)
Yokogawa 2652-02(MT120) Manometer (123308308176)
Tektronix TCP0030 DC-120MHz AC/DCCurrentProbe (123059685305)
Tektronix TF-HDMIC-TPA-STX HDMI type C fixture set (121816991172)
ONO CF4220A 40KHz FFT Analyzer (142061734709)
YOKOGAWA 7019-33 DC-50MHz 30A Current Probe (142874201201)
Agilent 346A 10MHz - 18GHz Noise Source (121831709326)
Millimeter wave 15M2000 56.85GHz 1mW Gunn Oscillator unit (121674130756)
YOKOGAWA 7019-32 DC-100MHz 30A Current Probe (142550107122)
ASTRO DESIGN VG859C HDMI Portable Video Signal Generator (380446900020)
Agilent 85024A 3GHz High Impedance Probe (122280078271)
Agilent 34980A Multi-Function/Switch Measurement Unit (141265219703)
ADVANTEST R6243 110V 2A DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor (142764221814)
Audio Precision System one SYS22A Audio Analyzer 0.0007% (380594125352)
IMC busDAQ-X-ET CAN-BUS Digital Data Recorder (380503853309)
NEC Avio RA2800 Omniace 3 (122221199024)
Schwarzbeck VHA9103 + BBA9106 30MHz-300MHz Biconical Antenna (381869324941)
HP 4140B + 16054A pAmeter/DC Voltage Source (141517651809)
Agilent 53132A /012 225MHz 2ch 12digits Universal counter (382502348709)
Agilent N2887A InfiniiMax Series probe adapter (381747702831)
Sony SIR-1000W 8ch 20KHz Digital Recorder (380503862474)
RION NA27A Sound Level Meter (382045489825)
ETS-LINDGREN 3148 200MHz-2GHz Log Periodic Dipole Array Antenna (142061836815)
HP 8569B 001/003 0.01-22GHz Spectrum Analyzer (142398928360)
Fluke DSP4000 4000SR LAN Cable Analyzer (380735597166)
Agilent 11970V /C01 50-75GHz Harmonic Mixer (121630726456)
ANRITSU ACSII-1000 300degC Temperature Calibration System (380649333989)
LeCroy 9384L DC-1GHz 4ch 4GS/s 4MW Digital Oscilloscope (380407283812)
YOKOGAWA WT130 600V 20A 3ch Digital Power Meter (382261261148)
Atlas ALS-UV3000 365nm Very High Intensity UV /White Light Source (380406118585)
YOKOGAWA 2652-02 (MT120) Manometer (121524672757)
Aeroflex CPM20 20GHz Counter Power Meter (123429331876)
ADVANTEST R6161 Voltage Current Source (142976886263)
Agilent 8924C 30MHz-1GHz (123378718628)
HIROX KH-3000VD+ST-0E Digital Microscope (142550150794)
Rohde&Schwarz ZVH4 /K40 100KHz-3.6GHz Cable Antenna Analyzer (381825999805)
Rohde & Schwarz AM300 35MHz Dual Channel Function Generator (142696131693)
OROS OR25PCP8 8ch 20KHz FFT Analyzer with Generator*2 (142508002802)
Rohde NRT + NRT-Z44 300W 4GHz SWR Power Meter (381469731537)
ADC 6161 Voltage Current Source (382593444615)
Rohde&schwarz UP300 (ZZA-300) 10Hz-80KHz 2ch FFT Audio Analyzer (381419406646)
Tekteronix MTS4EAB /VC1/USB MPEG-4 VC-1 Compressed Video ES Analyzer V6.02 (380383727111)
OLYMPUS IV7630X2D IPLEX MX Video Scope (142694837293)
Anristu 37147A+3735B Millimeter Wave Network Analyser (122221187687)
Sunrise Telecom SS10GP-25 SDH 10Gbps /2.5Gbps 1.5M-155M OC Analyzer (380256252155)
B&K dactron Photon+ 4ch DC-84KHz Dynamic Signal Analyzer (381319776626)
Tektronix AWG710 4Gs/s 16MW Arbitrary Waveform Generator (142123471128)
Solartron M-CHAS8 Modular electrochemical measurement system Chassis (122411019963)
Panasonic VP-7732A Digital Audio Analyzer (381852844936)
ANRITSU MW9076D1 OTDR CD Optical Time Domain Analyzer 1310/1450/1550/1625 (122054704826)
NOISE ESV-3000 3GHz EMC Precision Scan for LSI (380639234834)
ANRITSU CMA5000a PMD Module Polarization mode dispersion analyzer (141682855650)
ANRITSU MP1590B /02/03 Network Performance Tester (121259072569)
YOKOGAWA DL850-M-HJ/B5/M1/HD1 Scope Corder (382428872385)
ANRITSU MS8911B DVB ISDB-T Digital Broadcast Field Analyzer (121201064053)
Rohde&Schwarz ZVH8 100KHz-8GHz Cable Antenna Analyzer (142205127772)
HBM GEN3I Genesis All-in-One Mainframe 3 Slots (382162732846)
Anritsu 69337B/11.16.18 2 GHz - 20 GHz Synthesized High Performance Signal Gener (142925584588)
Avio R500PRO -40 +2000 Inflek Thermography (382593439447)
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