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YOKOGAWA 734-02 Digital Multimeter (382441088447)
GE XLG3T61120FG/6150SF 6.1mm optical Tips (122990418010)
Agilent N2812A DC-35 GHz 1m InfiniiMax III cable (381492640805)
MRI FRV750 50-75GHz Waveguide Isolator (381290584211)
Agilent E5383A 40-pin Single-ended Flying Lead (121840956051)
YOKOGAWA 701850 High-speed Isolation Module (380457505566)
HIOKI 8952 DC-10MHz 12bit DC/RMS Unit (381037390598)
HP 11904A adaptor 2.4mm(m)- K 2.94mm(m) (381006351472)
HIOKI 8957 DC-200KHz 2ch 16bit High Resolution Unit (121474222264)
WG RFZ-12 200Hz-4.5MHz Return Loss Bridge (381493479953)
Agilent N4370A 1300nm Optical Splitter (380371097305)
Agilent N5417A USB OET (On-The-Go Electrical Test Fixture) (141757749478)
Fluke 45-15 Digital Multimeter (123088572537)
Waveguide WR15-WR10 Tapered adaptor (121837653240)
HIOKI 8940 2ch 12bit F/V Unit (381037372300)
Agilent E5394A 34CH S/E SOFTTOUCH Probe (121840954861)
Hioki 3168 10/50/100A 1kW-200kW Clump on HiTester (380393692996)
YOKOGAWA 7012-51 High Speed 1MS/s 16bit Isolate module (121299175643)
Agilent E2675A Differential Conectivity Kit (382174820283)
HIOKI 8961 1000V High Voltage Unit (141599748849)
SHIMADA 5A420 12GHz Horn antenna (141832081976)
HIOKI 8958 16ch Measurement Units (121474224201)
YOKOGAWA 7012-50 2ch Isolation Input Module (123059663283)
MEGURO MSG211G-1 Stereo Signal Generator (380457761045)
Bird 5015 4GHz USB power sensor (121694587538)
Agilent N2795A DC-1GHz Active Probe infinium (141676896092)
Agilent 8498A DC-18GHz 25W 30dB High Power Attenuator (380203112005)
Agilent 8494B /001 DC-18GHz 0-11dB Step Attenetor (380447070054)
Agilent 8495B/001 0-70dB 10dBstep DC-18GHz Step Attenuator (122596600600)
Tektronix THDP0200 200MHz 1500V High Voltage Differential Probe (123088652310)
Epsilon ELMIX71 75GHz WR12 Mixer (121837542133)
Tektronix A6302 Curent Probe (142176434036)
RION SA-77 1ch 50KHz FFT Analyzer (142421074162)
NEWPORT LDX-3220 500mA 10V Precision Laser Diode Driver (121746527691)
Keyence VH-Z05 40x Zoom Lenz (141395577727)
Option B5 Stereo/RDS-corder for Rhode SML01 SML02 SML03 (123151333985)
Datatec M12/D Accelaration Gyro/Sensor D-GPS Reciver Unit (141855737425)
Agilent E2697A DC-500MHz High Impedance Adapter (121742953867)
IMC CANSAS /C8 8ch CAN-BUS Module (121474231400)
ANRITSU MT9812B 8ch Optical Multi Channel Main Frame (120725371121)
Shibasoku 725B Automatic Distortion Analyzer (121602947068)
Agilent 1130A DC-1.5 GHz Differential InfiniiMax Probe Amplifier (142438158425)
NF ZM2372 1mHz-100kHz LCR Meter USB Sweep (381176645022)
Anritsu MA24106A 50MHz-3GHzUSB Power Sensor (141676890171)
Agilent E2649A USB2.0 480Mbps High Speed Fixture (380659259616)
Tektronix P6248 DC-1.5GHz Differential Probe (381665629292)
HP 16600A+16534A 204ch 250Mhz Logic Analyzer System +DSO 500MHz system (380384429585)
SHIBASOKU AM57A 2ch Audio combination Analyzer 0.0055% (380510931157)
Tektronix TCP0030 DC-120MHz AC/DCCurrentProbe (123059685305)
YOKOGAWA 7019-32 DC-100MHz 30A Current Probe (123059687607)
HIOKI 3351 12ch 5A Power Supply Line Monitor (381768535869)
KIKUSUI PWR1600L 80V 160A Wide Range DC Power Supply (382347675443)
Agilent 85024A 3GHz High Impedance Probe (122280078271)
Advantest R3762BH 300kHz-3.6GHz Vector Network Analyzer (381163675658)
KIKUSUI PCR500M 500W 270V AC power supply (123088807161)
JGR SX8-2C-008 2X8 1250-1670nm Optical Switch (380690115129)
Audio Precision System one SYS22A Audio Analyzer 0.0007% (380594125352)
IMC busDAQ-X-ET CAN-BUS Digital Data Recorder (380503853309)
Panasonic VP7723B 5Hz-110KHz Audio Analyzer (123088628425)
Schwarzbeck VHA9103 + BBA9106 30MHz-300MHz Biconical Antenna (381869324941)
Hioki 7075-01 10MHz 2ch Waveform Generator (122221195072)
Lecroy MS-500-36 Mixed-Signal option for the WaveRunner (121831741138)
Agilent N5445A 30GHz Browser head (141853486357)
Agilent N5444A 28GHz SMA probe head (121840958708)
HP 4140B + 16054A pAmeter/DC Voltage Source (141517651809)
RION NA27A Sound Level Meter (382045489825)
HP 8569B 001/003 0.01-22GHz Spectrum Analyzer (142398928360)
KIKUSUI PCZ1000 AC 1000W 280V 10A Electric Power Load (142764134162)
ANRITSU MF2412C /003 20GHz Microwave Frequency Counter (382441190694)
ENI 411LA 150kHz-300MHz 10W RF Amplifier (382441100232)
FINISAR RX-108P-SATA-F ATA/ATAPI6 3Gbps BUS Analyzer (380501135872)
Rohde&Schwarz ZVH4 /K40 100KHz-3.6GHz Cable Antenna Analyzer (381825999805)
Rohde NRT + NRT-Z44 300W 4GHz SWR Power Meter (381469731537)
Tektronix TDP3500 3.5GHz Differential Probe (381779739884)
Agilent E4417A/002/005 EPM-P 2ch Peak Power Meter (122550707161)
Rohde&schwarz UP300 (ZZA-300) 10Hz-80KHz 2ch FFT Audio Analyzer (381419406646)
HIOKI 8861 16ch 128MW MEMORY HiCORDER (382296578004)
Agilent Agilent 16903A Logic Analyzer System Main Frame (382441110414)
Narda EF1891 3MHz to 18GHz E-field Probe (122099817450)
NF 5090 0.1mHz-2.2MHz Frequency Response Analyzer (122130576572)
ANRITSU MT8222A /19/25/31/42/43/62/63 7.1GHz Handheld Base Station Analyzer (142061737343)
OLYMPUS IV7630X2D IPLEX MX Video Scope (142694837293)
HIOKI 8861-50 / 8946*8 Memory Hi-Corder 32ch HD (382441090037)
Anristu 37147A+3735B Millimeter Wave Network Analyser (122221187687)
HIROX KH-3000VD+Lens×400+ST-0E Digital Microscope (142550150794)
Ametek ATC320B 320degC Temperature Calibrator (142428534770)
【Power meter out of order】Agilent 53152A /001 46GHz Microwave Frequency Counter (142798084452)
ANRITSU MW9076D1 OTDR CD Optical Time Domain Analyzer 1310/1450/1550/1625 (122054704826)
ONO MI6420 Sound intensity 3D measurement system (122772467634)
ANRITSU MP1590B /02/03 Network Performance Tester (121259072569)
YOKOGAWA DL850-M-HJ/B5/M1/HD1 Scope Corder (382428872385)
Rhode & Schwarz UPD /013 Audio Analyzer (381701589809)
B&K dactron Photon+ 4ch DC-84KHz Dynamic Signal Analyzer (381319776626)
Rohde&Schwarz ZVH8 100KHz-8GHz Cable Antenna Analyzer (142205127772)
Solartron 1285A DC 14.5V 2A Potentiostat Galvanostat (122270254688)
ANRITSU MS8911B DVB ISDB-T Digital Broadcast Field Analyzer (121201064053)
HBM GEN3I Genesis All-in-One Mainframe 3 Slots (382162732846)
ANRITSU MP2101A /011/030 155M-11.3Gbps BERT Wave PE PPG & ED (381852834794)
ANRITSU MS2691A /001,003,008 Signal Analyzer (123088810531)
NEC Avio R300 Inflek Thermography (122871829196)
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