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gandgservicesus is a verified private seller from US marketplace and has been active selling since 2013-06-17.
The seller has excellent standing with the US marketplace with 100.0% positive feedback in the last 12 months. (529 positive feedback, 0 negative feedback, and 1 neutral feedback) To date, gandgservicesus has received a total of 3,086 customer feedback from completed sales.
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Buyer Feedback Past 30 Days Past 6 Months Past Year
Positive 27 296 677
Negative 0 0 0
Neutral 0 1 1
Total 27 297 678
[2018-10-15] Item as described THANK YOU - Positive Feedback
(Buyer purchased New Allen-Bradley 1764-LSP Series C MicroLogix 1500 Standard Processor)
Over the past 365 days:
  • 239 buyers said they received the items as described.
  • 238 buyers said they had good and timely communication with the seller.
  • 279 buyers said they had the items shipped and delivered quickly.
  • 284 buyers said they thought the shipping cost was good and reasonable.
Over the past 30 days:
  • 17 buyers said they received the items as described.
  • 18 buyers said they had good and timely communication with the seller.
  • 19 buyers said they had the items shipped and delivered quickly.
  • 19 buyers said they thought the shipping cost was good and reasonable.
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Allen Bradley 1756-IF16 1756-1F16 1756-TBCH ControlLogix Input Module Terminal (232939906391)
New Allen-Bradley 1734-IE4C /C POINT I/O 4-Channel High Density Current Input (253900519742)
New Sealed Unitronics EX-D16A3-RO8 I/O Expansion Module Digital / Analog (232943673241)
New Allen Bradley 194R-J60-1753 /A Fused Disconnect Switch Open 3-P 60A (253760697966)
Allen Bradley 1794-IE12 /A 1794-1E12 FLEX I/O Analog Input Module Qty (232589530985)
New Allen-Bradley 1764-LSP Series C MicroLogix 1500 Standard Processor (253711275869)
New Allen Bradley 1606-XLS240E /A AC/DC Performance Power Supply 24-28VDC (332602773937)
New Sealed Allen Bradley 1756-IB16I /A 1756-1B161 ControlLogix Input 10-30V DC (332591589275)
New Allen Bradley 1746-P2 /C SLC 500 AC Power Supply Rack Chassis (253852831412)
New Sealed Allen Bradley 1734-AENTR /B 2018 2-P EtherNet/IP I/O Adapter 24V DC (232928183745)
DEMO ORIGINAL BOX Allen Bradley 1756-A13 /B ControlLogix 13 Slot Chassis (232140797301)
New Allen Bradley 1762-L24BWA Ser C MicroLogix 1200 Controller 24 Pt (332718419534)
New Sealed Allen Bradley 22B-D2P3N104 /A PowerFlex 40 AC Drive 480V 3P 2.3A (232504848636)
2017 New Sealed Red Lion G304K20U 4" HMI Touch Screen Operator Interface (232656927062)
New Sealed Allen Bradley 25C-B011N104 /A PowerFlex 527 AC Drive 240V 11A 3HP (253713237320)
New Sealed Allen Bradley 1769-SDN Series B CompactLogix DeviceNet Scanner (332679845427)
New Dino-Lite Pro AM4113T 1.3MP 10X-50X, 220X Handheld Digital Microscope dino (253898319163)
2017 NEW Allen Bradley 1734-IE8C /C POINT I/O Analog Current Input Module QTY (332529052150)
New Sealed Allen-Bradley 20-750-S1 /B Safe Speed Monitor Module PowerFlex 750 (332533560222)
Allen Bradley 2711P-RP2A /G PanelView Plus Logic Module 128MB Flash/RAM AC Qty (253827184352)
New Sealed Allen Bradley 1747-SN Series B SLC 500 Remote I/O Scanner Module QTY (332698966325)
New Allen Bradley 1746-NO4I 1746-N041 Ser A SLC 500 Analog Output Module (253377121382)
2018 New Red Lion CR10000400000210 4.3" HMI Ethernet/USB CR1000-04000-00210 (253683651498)
Allen Bradley 1756-L61 Ser B FW 1.10 ControlLogix 5561 CPU Processor Tested PLC (253415592314)
New Sealed Allen Bradley 1746-P3 /A SLC 500 Rack Mount Power Supply 24V DC 3.6A (232697849328)
Allen Bradley 1764-LRP Series C MicroLogix 1500 RS-232 Processor Unit 14K FRN 11 (253871474892)
New Sealed Allen Bradley 1794-IE8 Series B 1794-1E8 FLEX I/O Analog Input 8Ch (253871434783)
Allen Bradley 1761-L32AWA Series E MicroLogix 1000 120/240V 20/12 I/O (253871486462)
New Sealed Spectrum Controls 1762sc-IF8u /A MicroLogix 8-Ch Universal Analog (332448651518)
New Allen Bradley SK-G9-PWRS1-D0 Series A Powerflex 700 Power Supply Board (332694160290)
New Sealed Red Lion G303M000 G3 Series 3.2" Monochrome Indoor HMI Qty Warranty (332448628999)
New Sealed Agilent HP 2140-0605 Replacement Deuterium Lamp 8435 MFG 2017 (232704604337)
New Sealed Allen Bradley 1756-IF8 1756-1F8 ControlLogix Analog Input Module (332766983909)
Allen Bradley 2711P-B6C20A /D PanelView Plus 600 Color Keypad/Touch/RS-232/Enet (332670187855)
New Allen Bradley 1747-L542 Series B SLC 5/04 CPU Controller DH+ & RS-232 Ports (332794409886)
Cognex VV900 VisionView Operator Interface Panel 9” WSVGA TFT LCD ENet 24V DC (232553663208)
MFG 2017 Allen Bradley 1761-NET-ENI /D FRN 3.22 EtherNet Interface SLC 500 Qty (332608985474)
2018 New Sealed Siemens 6AV2124-0GC01-0AX0 6AV2 124-0GC01-0AX0 SIMATIC TP700 (253898296238)
New Sealed Allen Bradley 1785-ME64 /A PLC-5 EEPROM Memory Cartridge 64K Words (232144681033)
New Allen Bradley 1756-IT6I 1T61 1756-TBNH ControlLogix Thermocouple mV Input (332600005060)
Allen Bradley 2711P-T6C20D8 /A PanelView Plus 6 600 6-in Color Touch Std DC READ (253510343778)
Cognex IS7010-01 In-Sight 7000 Integrated Vision System 24V DC 7010 01 (232262405518)
New Sealed Allen Bradley 1756-OF8H 1756-0F8H ControlLogix HART Output Module 8Pt (332206869130)
New Sealed Allen-Bradley 1747-SDN Series B /B SLC-500 DeviceNet Scanner Module (232679674879)
New MFG 2017 Allen-Bradley 1756-OF8 ControlLogix 8 Current/Voltage Analog Output (332801946387)
New Cognex Dataman 302L DM302L DMR Reader Scanner DM Data Man 302 300 Series (332441042887)
Allen Bradley 25B-B032N104 PowerFlex 525 AC Drive 240V/10HP/7.5kW (253885326147)
Fluke 717 1G Pressure Calibrator 1 PSIG -1 to 1 PSI WARRANTY (232159063146)
New Sealed Allen Bradley 1783-NATR /A Configurable NAT Router (232944826309)
New Unitronics V570-57-T20B Vision570 Color Touchscreen 5.7" V570 (332700028144)
New Sealed Unitronics V570-57-T20B-J Vision570 Color Touchscreen 5.7" V570 (232673761039)
2018 New Sealed Allen-Bradley 5069-OF8 Compact I/O 8-Ch Current/Voltage Output (232887288822)
Allen Bradley 2711-T6C2L1 PanelView 600 Color Touch Screen DH-485 DC Warranty (253257416809)
New Sealed Allen-Bradley 2711P-T6C21D8S /B PanelView Plus 7 Color Touch MFG 2017 (332698937655)
New Cognex IS2000M-120-40-125 InSight Vision Camera Sensor 2000M-120-40-125 (253816495105)
Allen Bradley 2711P-T7C4D9 /A PanelView Plus 6 700 Touch 512 MB Screen has Wear (332822052921)
New Allen Bradley 1747-L543 /C SLC 500 5/04 CPU Processor Controller FW 11 (253839048254)
2018 New Red Lion CR10001000000210 10.4" HMI Ethernet/USB CR1000-10000-00210 (232802522573)
New Air Turbine Tools 430XHD Straight Pneumatic Grinder 40,000RPM (253703040519)
Allen Bradley 2711P-T10C4D8 /A PanelView Plus 6 1000 Color Touch/Enet/RS-232 (332694181474)
NEW Cognex ISM1050-01 In Sight Micro Vision System Camera 1050-01 Guaranteed (332612348129)
New Sealed Allen Bradley 1761-L32BWA Series /E MicroLogix 1000 Controller 2015 (232893116800)
New Allen Bradley 2711PC-T10C4D1 /A 2711 PanelView Plus Compact 1000 Terminal (332143223030)
Allen-Bradley 1400E-LTC6 /E PanelView 1400e Color LCD Touch DH+/RIO AC 1400ELTC6 (253883007546)
New Allen Bradley 1761-L32AAA /E MicroLogix 1000 120/240V AC 20 120V AC Inputs (253705230536)
New Sealed Allen Bradley 1769-L32E /B FW 1.17 CompactLogix Control Ethernet (332809818047)
New Allen Bradley 2711-T6C2L1 Ser B FRN 4.48 PanelView 600 Touchscreen (332440137799)
New Allen-Bradley 2711C-T6T Series A PanelView Component C600 6-in Touch (232926971099)
New Sealed Allen Bradley MPL-B320P-MJ74AA /A Brushless Servo Motor 460V 5000RPM (253702966960)
2018 New Allen Bradley 2711PC-T10C4D8 Panelview Plus Compact 1000 Touch HMI (232890902194)
Allen Bradley 1756-L73S /B GuardLogix Processor 8MB Std / 4MB Safety (232869911919)
New Allen Bradley 2711P-T10C4A8 PanelView Plus 1000 Touch HMI READ (332813943710)
New 2018 Allen Bradley 1747-L543 Series D /D SLC 500 5/04 CPU Controller (253864607015)
New Allen Bradley 1769-L24ER-QBFC1B /A CompactLogix Ethernet Controller 0.75MB (253869184091)
2018 New Sealed Allen Bradley 2711P-T10C21D8S Panelview Plus 7 Touchscreen HMI (332731383408)
New Allen Bradley 6181P-2PXPDC /E Non-Display 40GB HDD Core Duo 1.2GHz 1GB (253883047742)
2018 New Sealed Allen-Bradley 1783-BMS10CGN /A Stratix 5700 Ethernet Switch (253656386233)
New Allen Bradley 1747-L552 /B SLC 500 SLC 5/05 Processor 32K ENet/RS-232 (253853188478)
Cognex DS1100 3D Laser Displacement 821-0088-1R 825-0382-1R DS 1100 (332442349727)
New Sealed Allen Bradley 1747-L543 Series D 2017 SLC 500 5/04 CPU Controller (253658342624)
Allen Bradley 1769-L33ERMS /A 2017 GuardLogix 5370 ENet Controller (232900770161)
New Cognex In Sight IS7010-C01 COLOR Smart Vision Camera 7010-C01 7010 (332653535632)
New Sealed Keyence LS-7001 Digital Micrometer Controller (253538664547)
NEW Cognex DM303X Dataman 303X Barcode Reader DMR-303X-6562-100 (332500850237)
Modicon Schneider 140 CPU 434 12A 140CPU43412A 140-CPU-434-12A 486 CPU 2M 1xMB (332819334007)
New Sealed Keyence SZ-V04X Safety Laser Scanner Camera Multi Function SZ-VO4X (332722761456)
New Sealed Allen Bradley 5069-L310ER /A 2017 CompactLogix 5380 Controller (253625264730)
New Allen Bradley 1747-L552 Series C SLC 500 SLC 5/05 CPU 32K ENet/RS-232 (232794136354)
Allen Bradley 1785-ENET Series C PLC-5 EtherNet/IP Expansion Module F/W B (232869868262)
New Sealed Allen-Bradley 5069-L320ER CompactLogix 5380 Controller 2MB MFG 2018 (232944823866)
New Sealed Siemens 6SL3130-6TE23-6AA3 SINAMICS Smart Line 380-480VAC 600VDC 60A (332809791293)
2017 New Sealed Allen Bradley 1756-L71S Series B GuardLogix Safety Processor QTY (332557526425)
New Allen Bradley 1756-L72 /B ControlLogix Processor FW 1.010 (232909583112)
New Sealed Allen Bradley 1747-L552 /D SLC 500 SLC 5/05 Processor 32K FRN 13 (232761787874)
NEW COGNEX IS7200-C11 w/ PATMAX & COLOR + LED In-Sight Vision Camera 7200-C11 (232935277717)
NEW Allen Bradley 2711-B5A5L1 /H 4.48 PanelView 550 Touch/Keypad/RS232(DH485) DC (331870453762)
2018 New Red Lion G315C210 G3 Series 15" Color HMI G315 Touchscreen (332723973334)
New Cognex IS8402M-373-50 w/ PATMAX + REDLINE InSight Vision Camera Guaranteed (232861973765)
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