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Tokyo Keiso Purge Meter, 20-200 Sl/Min N2, Used (223094377218)
Span GCS-300 Gas Cylinder Scale, Scale Load Up To 60LBS, Stainless Steel, NIB (391397768858)
Pier Electronics D7-44T4961CC Rev B, PCB Assembly, Working When Removed (222006967895)
Nor Cal Products BS-50/30-NW Ball Socket Adapter, ISO NW32, NW40, Lot of 4 (391385862621)
Veriflo 959 Regulator 95930W4PXXVCRMMMM4956, 4 Port, New (392000897284)
NUPRO 6LV-BN8BW8-P-C 3-Station Pneumatic Valve Assy NC/NC/NC, NEW (391844582801)
Digital DEC TLZ06-VA 4/4GB 4MM DAT Tape Drive, Used (391753589737)
Unit UFC-1410N Mass Flow Controller, H2, 30 SLM, 15 Pin D-Connector, Lot of 2 (222691999441)
Schumacher LSB Module 491-7106E (391524096954)
CPU Memory Board 968521 PCB Assy (222881480259)
MKS Baratron Pressure Meter Controller Type 254, Used (390825295153)
Fujikin Mega-Mini LA FPR-SD-71-6.35-2 Pneumatic Valve, 1/4" F UJR, Lot of 5 Used (222412097876)
Quartz Wafer Carrier Boat, 26 slot 100mm , 4"L - NEW (223092750421)
Wafab Wet Bench Teflon Pump with Motor, 1/2 HP (391530662637)
Tescom Regulator, 64-5060TR930-004, New (221925920035)
IF-BBC Connector PCB Assy (391995659770)
99-181-004 Rev E EPD-4 PCB (222817308017)
Kokusai Single Spike Thermocouple, Used (221407648508)
SVG 80222A-01 Fusion Interface PCB (222587169899)
Stainless Steel Vacuum 102/75 Ball Socket Adapter x ISO-80 Flange (222316104586)
Applied Materials AMAT 0020-23045 Lower Shield, 101% Tin Coverage, Used (391841482424)
Applied Materials Precision 8300 cables 0150-00095 and 0150-00096 cable lot (222232051186)
TEL 600 Ulvac WP-01 Sensor Head Cable & Valve Assy for Pirani Vacuum Controller (223027391975)
MKS HPS V2-080-AK-225-CLVNH 2-Stage Vacuum Valve, Right Angle, 3" KF80, Used (222085898371)
MKS 253 Exhaust Throttle Control Valve 253A-20-40-1, ISO KF40, Used (391529581345)
MKS 660 660A10 Single Channel Digital Power Supply & Span IPS 30-0-30 gauge (391540286035)
Kraus & Naimer C315 On/Off Control Switch, 3P, 600VAC, 240A, NEW in Box (391779517509)
UNIT Inst. UFC-8160 Mass Flow Controller, N2, 100 sccm (222227109768)
Pfeiffer Vibration Damper for HiPace 700/700M Vacuum Pump w/ DN 160 ISO-KF (223026042867)
Millipore Wafergard F Mini In-Line Filter WGFG01RH2 1/4" Fittings - LOT of 2 (222062042333)
Omega 412B-K Large Display Temperature Meter for Type K Thermocouple (391418394695)
Analog Devices 5B01 16 Channel Backplane w/ 16 Type R Isolated T/C 5B37-R-05 (222397546716)
Veriflo 955ISFS8FTS8 UHP High Pressure Diaphragm Valve 1/2"FVCR/Tube - LOT of 6 (222026095365)
Cutler-Hammer KT3400T Thermal Magnetic Trip Unit, 400A, 3 Pole, NEW IN BOX (391418171435)
Nanometrics 010-0181 Nanospec AFT Film Thickness Analyzer Head, Used (392088178695)
TEL (Tokyo Electron Ltd) AC100V Power Unit- Front Panel Only (391434973055)
Oriental Motor Stepper Motor Vexta A3568-9215HGE w/ Harmonic Gear UHG100-2B (222259656373)
TEL Tokyo Electron SG-12700 PCB (391971662040)
MDC SS Vacuum Fitting: 6" CF Conflat Flange Nipple 8 Bolt Holes x 16 Bolt Holes (223023011241)
Thermco 904-803-001, QUMETRAK 242 8" Floppy Disk Drive for 9001 MUX, Used (222214527269)
MKS Baratron Type 626 Pressure Transducer 626A12TBE Assy w/ Fujikin Valve, Used (223000020745)
Whitey Swagelok 131 DA Assy w/ SS-83TS8 Ball Valve & MAC Valve 912-B-PM-501CA (222972522822)
Semi-Gas Nitrogen Purification System Assy w/ Nanochem 1400, Used (391756907404)
Tazmo E0R05-1656 Controller Card PCB (222815967420)
Leeson AC Motor U6K17FC32A, 1725 RPM, 1.5 HP, 1725 RPM, TEFC, 5/8" Shaft, NEW (391761309951)
Nor Cal Products FCT-8-3002-ISO Coaxial Metal Sieve Forline Trap, ISO 80, Used (222374100780)
Stainless Steel 4" Straight Vacuum Pipe, 37"L, 1/2" Leak Port, ISO-100 (222277592307)
Bruce 3160181 Rev 13/K DA Converter Board, PCB Assembly, Working When Removed (391347704485)
STEC Inc. PCU-1000 Piezo Control Unit for PV-1000 MFC, Used (222238025505)
Saint-Gobain Silicon Carbide Wafer Carrier Boat, 50 5lot 100mm , 4.75"L - NEW (392050980410)
Bruce 7354M Temperature Microcontroller Module, Model 9017138, Used (392067336793)
TEL GFC-CTL2 2108-020089-11, 2181-020089-13 PCB Assy, Used (392059723212)
TECHNICAL & TRY MX 7500 Controller, MX-7512-030-D and Weight Sensor TTS-030-L260 (391595079230)
Bruce 3161525 Rev 5/2 Analog I/O Microprocessor, PCB, Working When Removed (391347692463)
Gas Panel Interface GIB Power Supply 908.00.04, Used Semy engineering (222092871810)
MKS 253B-14442 Heated Throttle Control Valve, Type 253B, 6" Flange, 2" ID, Used (222372957688)
Saint-Gobain Silicon Carbide Wafer Carrier Boat, 50 5lot 100mm , 4.75"L - NEW (391851286341)
Thermco Systems Control Panel for Diffusion Furnace, 143028-001, Used (222495645588)
MKS 253A-3-80-2-S Throttle Control Valve, Type 253A, ISO 80, Used (222330154948)
LAM Research (6) Pneumatic Valve Weldment Manifold Assy 839-170173-100 (391844582074)
MKS 253A-3-80-2-SP021-84 Throttle Control Valve, Type 253A, ISO 80, Used (391383552416)
Gastech 68-0020-05 Sample Draw Gas Detector System for HCL, Used (222085661981)
Nor-Cal Products FCT-4-1502-NWB Coaxial Metal Sieve Forline Trap, 4" Body, New (222129824436)
TEL Tokyo Electron, Alpha 6 Wafer Fork (for Pitch Conversion End Effectors) (391574663111)
MKS 653B-13126 Throttle Control Valve w/ Motor, Type , (391383588826)
VSM 5%H2/N2- Argon-N2 High Purity Gas Panel 3036 w/ Unit UFC-1000 MFC's, Used (222524300138)
Nanometrics 010-0181 Nanospec AFT Film Thickness Analyzer Head w/ Eyepiece (392088178375)
Texas Instruments 2212012-000 Rev 2G, PCB Assembly, Working When Removed (391357346328)
Ziatech 4 Slot Card Cage with Power Supply - PCBs: ZT8840, ZT 8824-256, ZT8806 (222221451697)
Swagelok Braided Hose Assy w/ 10 Hoses and 1/2" SS Tubing, Used (391976336985)
MKS Baratron Capacitance Manometer 627B12TDC1B (391556347377)
Little Giant 7-MD-HC Pump, Complete Set/Assembly, NIB (222145350663)
Toray Oxygen Analyzer LC-750 (221912103693)
Bruce 7670 Boatloader Control Assembly Module, Used (222498436823)
ITP/DSF External Torch Element, 600W Oxidation Furnace, 142180-002B2 , 5.75" L (222966059493)
Thermco External Torch Element, 600W Oxidation Furnace 142180-00B2, 5 3/4" L (391756914689)
TEL Tokyo Electron NECV PC-8201 Hand-Held Personal Computer, Used (390813492383)
Single Board Solutions MAT286 w/ MATxSYSIO PCB (222692003651)
Ametek Thermox TM-1A Oxygen Analyzer w/ Oxygen Sensor Range 100,00-0.1 PPM, Used (391525625962)
Bruce 7351C Control Unit, 120V, 50/60 HZ, Used (221975761783)
Thermco external torch element, 600 watt Oxidation furnace 00262916, 5 3/4" Long (222088355416)
Semy Engineering 501.01.44 PCB, MYP9300005, Used (222629255833)
Veriflo HFR930SZ0065 Regulator,*Sealed Double Bagged, New (221925826387)
Nanometrics 7000-0136 Film Thickness Analyzer Microscope Head w/ Eyepiece (392088177984)
Thermco 140590-002 Rev A, SECS Communication Board, PCB, Working When Removed (391357340633)
ElectroCraft NM240T-A180F Motor with Nidec GM-180B Gearhead, New Thermco BT1 (222487191261)
TEL Tokyo Electron MBMY-001A PCB Assembly w/ DI/O PCB, Used (391859240129)
TEL Tokyo Electron TM-1200CTL Controller (222216702131)
Kokusai Electric 2C2-10149-02 Furnace Process Equipment (222088362079)
Unit Instruments UCAL-1000 Mass Flow Transfer Calibrator (222087174094)
Semy Engineering Gas Interface PCB, MYP830400 with Case, Used (391613190636)
MKS HPS 100996194 2-Stage In-Line Vacuum Valve, 3" ISO80 & 102/75 Ball Socket (223024653503)
Schumacher 1491-10123 Automatic Refill Controller, ARC AU, Used (222210638938)
ICCI Controller, Chassis Model, with 8002375 PCB Used (392080232332)
TEL Tokyo Electron Limited, VL-800-02 Boat Elevator Control, AC100V, 5A (390812797055)
ICCI Card Cage, 8002565 Rev D, 8001405 Rev C, 8002555 Rev 3, 8002645 Rev B (221987080607)
TEL Tokyo Electron 3100 CTL Control Unit, Used (391534702262)
SCHUMACHER BK1200SAS Source Container - Helium (222076386109)
Thermco 5 Loop Oxidation Gas Panel Assy for SVG Expertech Furnace, Used (222799158918)
SCHUMACHER V MDOT 1483-0401A Vapor Control System Model: VMDTEOS AVP (222084335615)
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