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[2020-09-21] Great product fast shipping Just what I wanted - Positive Feedback
(Buyer purchased ONE NEW CELX RAPID Hemostatic Z-Fold Gauze 9g Activated Chito-R FG 08839011)
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NEW WHIP MIX Dental Articulator #9800 (252426180060)
MEDELA 015.0211 Hospital Grade Breast Pump See Listing (253555168887)
NEW MEDAVENT Fiberoptic Jackson Laryngoscope Adult 151 (252169818150)
MidMark Medical Exam Table / Brown / Manual (254412186572)
STERIJET Fiberoptic Endoscope Cable 72" Great Condition (252173522459)
SOLWAY Adolescent Fiber Optic Jackson Laryngoscope See Listing (252928838879)
SCHIOETZ Tonometer Improved Ophthalmic in Case Excellent Condition (253471658754)
NEW MIDWEST Dental Handpiece Contra Angle Sheath 710074 Shorty Rhino-XP (253224389058)
WOLF X-Ray Radiographic Illuminator Box Safelight Darkroom Photographic (252368656704)
BRENNER Metal Folding Cloth Basket Frame / New (254209239961)
Welch Allyn 71670 3.5 V Nickel-Cadmium Rechargeable Handle (254269287348)
WELCH ALLYN Diagnostic Otoscope & Ophthalmoscope Set Pocketscope Black Handles (253289302986)
DELTA INDUSTRIES Bronchoscopic Sterilization Case w/4 Stackable Trays (252747589476)
NEW MIDWEST Dental Handpiece Contra Angle Sheath Attachment 710072 Universal (253191232051)
Welch Allyn / 25020A 3.5V Diagnostic Otoscope (254269282730)
WARSAW ORTHOPEDIC Bone Hand Drill w/Chuck Key Great Condition (252309099683)
NEW IMPACT Intermittent Suction System 306 w/Instructions (252476770793)
LAERDAL SimMan & AirMan Compressor Unit DSS110 See Listing (252620516417)
LAERDAL Compressor Unit DSS110-2 See Listing (252620537898)
MEDICAL PRODUCTS Human Remains Pouch Heavy Duty Black Vinyl Body Bag 7'x3' 450lb (253165042804)
NEW ACE METAL Folding Cloth Basket Frame (252372526303)
NEW ZIMMER Wire Finger Grip Large 325-03 (252256272933)
NEW ZIMMER Wire Finger Grip Small 325-01 (252256265237)
BRINKMANN Eppendorf Centrifuge 5412 Laboratory Centrifuge 12 Spots See Listing (252315854899)
NEW LOT OF 20 TEKNAMED TEKNIQUE Surgical Drape Large Sheet 87x104 (252321585106)
NEW RUSCH Standard/Conventional Laryngoscope Handle Small Penlight 142600 (253485890171)
ONE NEW CODMAN McKenzie Enlarging Burr 17mm 15-1004 (253162834271)
NEW SET OF 180 UNITEK Polycarbonate Assorted Anterior Crowns (252367656079)
FORMA-SPLINT Thermal Bath Model 750 w/Lid Great Condition (253526082020)
LOT OF 2 ACSI ResQpod ITD10 Impedance Threshold Circulatory Enhancer 12-0242-000 (252761257595)
Storz Pigtail Probe / Stainless Steel / USA / E4251 C (254271431138)
NEW COLUMBIA Hysterectomy Forceps Curved Heaney Ballentine 8.25" (253915931204)
NEW CODMAN Malis Straight Bipolar Forceps 0.25mm Tip Titanium 6" 80-1557 (253472114486)
FISHER & PAYKEL neoBLUE Mini LED Phototherapy Jaundice Bilirubin Light See Desc. (253743920881)
NEW BPI Solar Color 4L Stainless Steel Dye System Tinter 4 1Qt Tanks 110V 13204 (253425311415)
NEW BOX OF 100 RUHOF Test InstruSponge Channel Cleaning Instrument 4mm 345TSPG4 (253053441384)
V. MUELLER GENESIS CD2-6B Mid-Length Sterilization Container w/o Basket See Des. (252425061830)
BROSELOW HINKLE Pediatric ALS Color Coded Organizer Bag & Colored Pouches Only (253493161364)
ONE NEW PALL Versapor-3000T w/wa 3.0um 25mm 100 Pack 66386 (253512366212)
Grobet Vigor Loop Closing Plier Hollow Jaws / 46.5065 / Stainless Steel (254530222530)
MEDTRONIC Patient Monitor 3202488-00 Monitor w/Printer See Des. (253579675793)
PROPPER F/O Comprehenisve Laryngoscope Kit in Case 12 Blades, 2 Handles (253542478864)
NEW GENESIS V. MUELLER Retractor Sterilization Container 26x17x6" CD6-6B (253174529430)
Timeter PCS 414 50 psi Air Compressor / Portable (254352091851)
2 NEW BURNTEC Burn Dressing 4"x16" 30-0111 NAR North American Rescue (253460610049)
LUXTEC Fiberoptics Ancillary Coaxial System Fiber Optic Head Light # 1 See Desc. (252790003082)
ALAN SCOTT Orthopedic Bone Forceps Kern 6" Good Condition (252173422164)
Grobet Vigor Brass Screwdriver LG Head with 2 Blades / Optometry / 880 (254530292500)
AESCULAP Stainless Rongeur Angled Down Love-Gruenwald 7" Long (253935402033)
STAINLESS Corneal Left Curved Scissors Eye Ophthalmic Instrument 4" Long (253936742421)
NEW CASE OF 50 BRAUN ADDitV Primary IV Set 15 Drops/ml V1443 See Listing (252477956443)
NEW FERNO KED Kendrick Extrication Device Ambulance Rescue EMT EMS Model 125 (253745807276)
1 NEW BURNTEC Burn Dressing 4"x16" 30-0111 NAR North American Rescue (253460606100)
WARSAW ORTHOPEDIC Metal Folding Cloth Basket Frame Good Condition (252443535452)
ORTHOPEDIC EQUIPMENT Metal Folding Cloth Basket Frame See Listing (252764600115)
USED 22 Drawer BRENNER METAL Military Medical Instrument & Supply Chest Insert (253745730742)
NEW NUVAIR He Air Helium Analyzer 9608 In Hard Case (252285300924)
STRYKER Laparascope Autoclavable Endoscope 30 Degree 5mm 502-555-030 Clear View (253385343884)
NAXIS SCIENTIFIC 3-Part Life Size Painted Didactic Human Skull A-104271 (254147496012)
NEW GRIESHABER Stainless Angled Rongeur Stille 8 3/4" Long (253915773572)
NEW LOT OF 5 DEPUY MITEK FMS Fluid Management System Inflow Tubing 284504 2017 (252367455861)
NEW CIRCON ACMI BF-7163 Biopsy Forceps 2.25mm 7 Fr 163cm Working Length (251996919104)
USED V.Mueller RH-4560 Meltzer Adenoid Punch 8.25" Long Good Condition (253939910318)
NEW ZSI Fiber Optic Jesberg Esophagoscope Oval 10mm x 14mm x 50cm (252899148261)
NEW PILLING Esophagoscope Jesberg Fiber Optic Oval 10mm x 14mm x 50mm 52-3660 (252401184627)
JAMAR Dynamometer Hand Grip Test w/Case 0-200lbs Type 2 Good Condition (253542430175)
BURTON MEDICAL Duolume Dual Light Source 1008822 120/240V Good Condition (253538397349)
NEW PAG Protect-A-Grid Radiographic Grid 6:1 Ratio 40-72 Focus P2D14 (252800994891)
COVIDIEN Parietex Composite Mesh PCO2H3 9x8cm Polyester w/Collagen Film See Desc (253319105159)
NEW BOX OF 100 STERIS Verify Self Contained Biological Indicator S3060 See Desc. (253510306785)
NEW ZIMMER Wire Finger Grip Medium 325-02 (252256269928)
PILLING N8 Fiberoptic Endoscope Cable 72" Great Condition (252173517746)
NEW BOX OF 10 MEDEX Single Line Novatrans Monitoring Kit MX8005T 213.4cm (252092859452)
NEW BOX OF 50 BRAUN Discofix Stopcocks 4-Way Stopcock Blue D500 See Listing (253553281697)
GRIESHABER Box-Lock Type Adson Bone Rongeur Straight 8" Great Condition (252197801276)
NEW GULDEN OPHTHALMICS Near Point Rule w/Accomodation Card & Slider Black (252520352142)
NEW CODMAN Craniotomy Drill Piece Sharp Point 931 (252111272764)
WELCH ALLYN ProPaq Patient Monitor Model 244 Nellcor SpO2 Pressure Cuff EKG (252741917124)
NEW SPECTRONICS Handheld Ultraviolet Specimen Examining Light EN140L-BV (252169802625)
NEW SKLAR Goiter Beckman Retractor 12.5" Long Sharp Prongs (252136720419)
NEW QUANTRUM Interconnect Electrosurgical Cable Assembly QI2401 (253181660605)
AIR TECHNIQUES Dental Compressor Dehydrator M5B 15 Volts 19.5 Amps in Case (253762499392)
NEW BOX OF 25 AIRLIFE Adult Filtered Hygroscopic Condenser Humidifier HCH 003005 (253148121671)
NEW LOT OF 20 HOSPIRA Transpac IV Monitoring Kit 9" 42589-05 (253474238688)
185 Piece Beyond The Basics First Aid kit Supplement Stethoscope Blood Pressure (252101750619)
ATLANTIC INDUSTRIES Surgical Instrument & Dressing Sterilizer 6530-01-306-9510 (253756200806)
NEW LOT OF 100 ALARIS J-Loop Micro Ext. Set 20021E See Listing (253053642945)
HEVESY Otoscope & Ophthalmoscope Set Battery Type In Case Great Condition (253594331144)
NEW BOX OF 50 ICU MEDICAL 10" Smallbore Extension Sets B9266 w/0.2 Micron Filter (252805228646)
STORZ E3864 Corneal Straight Scissors Eye Ophthalmic Instrument 5.5" Long (253936560562)
A. JACOBS & CO Corneal Curved Scissors Eye Ophthalmic Instrument 3.75" Long (253936706046)
NEW BIO SKIN TriLok Foot and Ankle Control System Universal XL 53604 Black Brace (253319125482)
MEDASONICS D8 Versatone Ultrasonics Unit w/Instructions, Doppler Probe Unit 2 (252476734622)
HOLCO Stainless Corneal Straight Scissors Eye Ophthalmic Instrument 5.5" Long (253936554715)
250 CARDINAL HEALTH Convertors Bio-Shield Heavy Duty Sterilization Wrap 30036 (252504963723)
NEW STRYKER Smoke Evacuator HEPA/Charcoal Filter 700-21 (253310885634)
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