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Here's a list of some items for sale by cbksupply right now...

Yellow Book: Beginning Citizen Band Radio Repair (203149306071)
Black Book of CB Linears includes 60 schematics with design & repair information (203198175577)
Green Book of CB Repair information and repair notes 2300 models of CB Radios . (203910096672)
Red Book of CB Modification & Repair: Power Supplies, Testing, Audio, Modulation (203124667768)
Gray Book Export CB & Ham Ten Meter Repair (mic wiring, rotors, power supplies). (203793421808)
78S8+RPC-PCK AC Power Cord Kit Citifone Kris Gemtronics Lafayette Teaberry, SBE (203131873158)
CEA-AC-Telsat 11-pin Octal AC Power Cord Lafayette Telsat 23, 924, SSB25, SSB25A (203497852594)
78S4 4-pin (octal size) AC Power Cord Kit Pearce Simpson Guardian 23 (202855710663)
78S11-DC-PCK octal DC Power Cord Kit Cobra, Demco, General, Lafayette, Sonar (203080164618)
CEA-Marine-4 dynamic microphone: Hy-Seas 12, 55, SMR Stryker 550, 780 (202116461675)
Orange Book of Police Scanner Repair (203060976073)
CEA-AC-T240D Octal 8-pin AC power cord Robyn T240D, (40 ch), Robyn T123B (23 ch) (203119107858)
CEA-S304-CCT-P 4-pin power plug Beau-Cinch-Molex-Tocon Ham Radio, Police Scanner (202929412341)
CEA-CDM-43 Dynamic Microphone Replacement Element Cartridge for CB, Ham, Marine (202971751478)
CEA-CBH2BP 2-pin 13.6VDC lighter plug cord; Kenwood SW, JRC radios, Midland CB's (203290281687)
CEA-CBC6RC Right Angle 6-pin screw-lock Microphone Plug has cable clamp CB/ham (203031454622)
CEA-CB3A Power Cord Single Sideband Cobra, Galaxy, Uniden CBs 4A 3-pin 13.8VDC (203036029030)
NMO-1/2 Motorola style commercial ham radio antenna mount hardware for 3/8" hole (202855082925)
VT16051C2 Highly roller actuated snap action 15 Amp 250 VAC limit safety switch (203031457953)
CEA 61-706 Six-Pin .093 Molex-style power or accessory Inline plug and socket (203198189216)
CEA 61-506 Six-Pin .093 "molex-style" power accessory plug: Heathkit HW-7, HW-8 (202914585141)
CEA-7614 RF adapter: Mini-UHF socket to PL259: single CB antenna Peterbilt Truck (202118405620)
CEA-E-Cobra Electret Condenser Microphone Cartridge Element Cobra, Uniden, Icom (202653346812)
VS10N031C Highly long-lever-actuated snap-action 10 Amp safety or limit switch (203011429406)
CEA 61-326 Six-Pin .093 "molex-style" panel mount socket Icom Kenwood RCI Yaesu (202719014787)
VT16001C2 Highly snap action button-actuated limit switch (202954103250)
R2PPC 2-pin 13.8VDC power cord for Robyn, Royce, Wards CB Radios, JRC ShortWave (203198140168)
CEA-5CCS-6 (5/Pack) HC-6/U Ceramic Crystal Sockets Experimenter, CB, & Ham Radio (202537279684)
CEA-2617-MP connection adapter: BNC female socket to Motorola Male antenna plug (202970189985)
CEA-1FSO-MP antenna adapter cable PL-259 or SO-239 to Motorola (car radio) plug (203119157064)
CEA-DC-RJ5148 screw-lock 2-pin DC cord Panasonic CB, KDK & Kenwood VHF-FM Radio (203011351218)
11PB+78S11 Eleven-pin plug &socket Heathkit HW & SB-series also Yaesu Ham Radios (203235735608)
CEA-HKP30A bayonet cap panel mount 3AG = AGC fuse holder fits in 1/2" hole (203276241803)
CEA-KN4P 4-MM Plastic Thumb Screw Mounting Knobs for CB's, Marine & Ham Radios (203242221844)
R14-20BSS Barrel Style Spring 1/4-20 female thread to 1/4-20 stud for antenna (202961807497)
CEA-342004A bayonet cap panel mount 3AG = AGC fuse holder fits 1/2" D-shape hole (203279616198)
CEA-AMH-P Mount Hardware has SO-239 for 3/8-24 Antenna to mate with PL-259 coax (203068229555)
CEA-FH9 Block-style fuse holder for 3AG AGC glass & ceramic fuses up to 15 Amp (203276218054)
CEA-2PWSP 2-pin White Sato Plug Kenwood, Midland, Ranger, Robyn, Royce CB & Ham (202955073120)
RMK-6 Metal 6-MM Metric Mount Thumb Screw Knobs CB, Amateur Ham Radio Scanners (202877214533)
CEA-341001 slot-screw cap panel mount 3AG/AGC fuse holder fits 1/2" D-shape hole (203280382724)
RAL-14-SBW (replace 419-LAM-C) meter & dial lights (2/pak) Galaxy, Ranger, Hi-Fi (202961921391)
RMMK-6 Metal 6-MM Metric Mount Knobs Thumb Screws CB, Amateur Ham Radio Scanners (202877211140)
CEA-P5D five-pin mic plug Cobra HyGain Kraco Lafayette Midland Sears Teaberry (203791516450)
CEA-342012 bayonet cap panel mount AGC = 3AG fuse holder fits 1/2" D-shape hole (203280388917)
CEA-CBJ3B 3-pin Power Socket Cobra, Galaxy, Midland, President, Robyn, CB & Ham (202971753690)
CEA-CBC4 Screw-Lock Japan style four-pin microphone connector (202313584037)
CEA-KN5P 5-MM Plastic Thumb Screw Mounting Knobs fit CB's, Marine & Ham Radios (203242216973)
CEA-71-063 PL259 UHF-style push-on quick-disconnect male plug for RG-58 coax (202726618388)
CEA-NMO-3/4-RHP Rubber Hole Plug for 3/4 to 7/8 inch antenna hole on ex cop car (203495880641)
8 Pin-Octal Socket for 6L6, 6V6, 5AR4, 5U4, 5Y3, EL34, 6550, KT88, 6SN7, 6SL7 (203055078668)
Alps 4PDT Black Rocker Switch: Police Scanner, CB Radio, Stereo, DIY project (203793293747)
NMO-RC-1 rain cap to protect NMO-style mount from weather with antenna removed (202955100608)
CEA-AD259L antenna adapter SO-239 (UHF female) to Motorola (car radio) plug (202961853164)
LRA911C Carling replaces ZE-215-1 lighted 16A rocker switch for Electric Heater (203214809099)
Amphenol 78S11 +RPC 11-pin octal: B&K, Collins, Demco, Heath, Lafayette, Yaesu (202066179911)
Washington135XLR S Meter Cobra Demco Galaxy Realistic Robyn Teaberry Tram Uniden (203119239658)
SKHT-0 Unimax momentary Long Lever snap action SPDT 15 Amp 250 VAC switch (203216089895)
240017 Omron MK3-DC100V 3PDT open frame relay for Tube CB & Linear RF Amplifiers (202729538965)
CEA-CB3PP-FP take-apart 3-pin Power Plug Cobra, Galaxy, Midland, Uniden CB/Ham (203731600546)
2DS-Knob for Demco CB radios fits 1/4" flat "D" shaft control pots & switches (202980281537)
CEA-C19SS-MK6 Stainless Steel CB Radio Mounting Bracket with 6 mm mounting knobs (203860505788)
CEA-CB-Scan-2P-AC AC Power Cord 1970's Base CB Radios, Boomboxes, Tape Recorders (202787510830)
CEA-SX-Scan 8 inch Export CB and Ham Ten Meter Radio Mounting Bracket (203860554772)
CEA-SHGM-P adjustable Stainless Hood Groove Mount SO-239 3.8-24 Antenna Hardware (203142349666)
CEA-507B Dynamic 4-pin Microphone Bowman Kraco Midland Pace Pearce Simpson RCA (203458313628)
CEA-507D Dynamic 5-pin DIN Microphone Radio Shack Realistic & Sears CB Radios (203487649265)
4233GA Green channel display LB402MA MSD4410C Common Anode Cobra Galaxy Uniden (203548479130)
CEA-SHGM adjustable Stainless Hood Groove Mount has 1/2" hole 4 Antenna Hardware (202990456718)
4233RA Red dual digit 16 pin Common Anode channel readout Cobra Galaxy Uniden CB (203347855776)
CEA-DCK-2 & DCK-1 Parts Kit Kenwood 13.6 VDC power R-600, R-1000, R-2000, R5000 (203142354113)
CEA-DC-AR3300 pwr cord Ranger AR3300, Striker ST7900, Ray Jefferson 6700, 9100 (203752145106)
Z15G1308 Highly momentary roller plunger snap action SPDT 15 Amp 250 VAC switch (202839649238)
CEA 61-402 Two-Pin .062" Inline Male & Female "mini-molex-style" Connector pair (202990387922)
CEA-2HPCS-25 (2/Pack) HC-25/U Crystal Sockets for Experimenter, CB, & Ham Radio (202666870413)
Sun-Lite J-201A push button wire-lead lamp switch replaces Zing Ear ZE-107S-1 (203119290523)
OMS-ABC-500 Plus =Contex 7204 Tube Linear Amplifier Operation Manual & Schematic (203858908818)
OMS-ABC-6706 Base & 6801 Mobile Tube Linear Amplifier Owners Manual +Schematic (203858920670)
OMS-ABC-150 = Contex 6915 Tube Linear Amplifier Operation Manual with schematic (203858866606)
ZE-110M genuine Zing Ear (metal) Pull Chain On/On/On/Off pullchain light switch (203170234601)
ZE800-12A Zing Ear thermal circuit breaker fits NordicTrack & ProForm treadmills (202874155161)
TGM-1 Hustler Trunk Groove Antenna Mount has 3/8-24 Swivel Ball antenna hardware (202118409033)
ZE700S-20A Zing Ear small thermal circuit breaker (202995121515)
ZE700-12A Zing Ear thermal circuit breaker replaces Carling, Joemex, Kuoyeh, P&B (202873939643)
CEA-CBC8RC Adjustable Right Angle Microphone Plug has cable clamp Ham & CB Radio (202980245657)
ZE700-15A Zing Ear thermal circuit breaker replaces Carling, Joemex, Kuoyeh, P&B (203170172163)
CEA-CBH2W 2-pin 13.8VDC cord; Midland CB's, Kenwood SW receivers, JRC radios (203076288131)
CEA-CB5DF twist-lock 5-pin DIN mic plug Craig Johnson CB's, Regency Polaris VHF (202726528207)
CEA-CRST-AC non-polarized 117VAC cord 1950's-70's CB Radios Police Scanners TV's (203198096620)
CEA-2710 RF antenna adapter SO-239 to 3.5 mm plug: World-Band radios, small TV's (203011424673)
CEA-CB3LP LighterPlug PowerCord Cobra, Galaxy, Lafayette, Uniden, Realistic CB (203235636800)
Sams CB170 Service Information: Midland 77-899, Robyn SB-520D, Royce 1-655 (203858986033)
CEA-OPC-346 2-pin T-shape 13.8VDC power cable ADI, Alinco, Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu (203011260224)
Sams CB174 Service Info: Bowman CB555 Cobra 86XLR Fanon Fanfare 185PLL SBE-43B (203871611688)
CEA-4P-AC#6 4-pin AC Cord: Bearcat, Regency, Pace, Robyn Police Scanners & CB's (203076283775)
CEA-4P-DC#5-20A 4-pin 13.6 VDC Power Cord for Kenwood & Yaesu Amateur Ham Radios (203031409240)
CEA-4P-DC#4-20A 13.6 VDC 4-pin Power Cord for Heath, Kenwood & Yaesu Ham Radios (203198160153)
CEA-8010 DC Power Cord Pace CB185, 8010, 8015, 8041 Sharp CB700, 750A, 800, 2460 (203517426870)
11PB = 86P11 11-pin plug Cobra, Collins, Demco, Heath, Kenwood, Lafayette, Yaesu (202937971657)
78S11-PCK-AC 11-pin Octal Power Cord Kit Cobra, Demco, General, Lafayette, Sonar (202520547171)
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