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biodirectusa is a verified commercial seller from US marketplace and has been active selling since 2008-08-05.
The seller has excellent standing with the US marketplace with 100.0% positive feedback in the last 12 months. (10 positive feedback, 0 negative feedback, and 0 neutral feedback) To date, biodirectusa has received a total of 117 customer feedback from completed sales.
biodirectusa is fully licensed to buy and sell products on the authorized/approved marketplaces.
Buyer Feedback Past 30 Days Past 6 Months Past Year
Positive 1 5 12
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Neutral 0 0 0
Total 1 5 12
[2019-08-26] Awesome guys to deal with Thank you - Positive Feedback
(Buyer purchased 9167Safety Speed Cut MfgPanel SawRouter 6400)
Over the past 365 days:
  • 0 buyers said they received the items as described.
  • 0 buyers said they had good and timely communication with the seller.
  • 0 buyers said they had the items shipped and delivered quickly.
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Over the past 30 days:
  • 0 buyers said they received the items as described.
  • 0 buyers said they had good and timely communication with the seller.
  • 0 buyers said they had the items shipped and delivered quickly.
  • 0 buyers said they thought the shipping cost was good and reasonable.
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3135:IKA:VIBRAX-VXR S1:Shaker (281501851072)
8089:Bio-Rad Laboratories:Power Pac 200:Power Supply:Electrophoresis (281942889000)
6011:Apricot Designs:TX-384:Pipettor (281159080849)
8044:Fisher Scientific:Isotemp 228:15-462-28:Water Bath (272882140499)
3985:Artel:300-03:Calibration System:Pipettor (281633811475)
5707:Lab-Line Instruments:26020:Slide Warmer (282614799220)
5685:Lab-Line Instruments:Slide Warmer:26005 (282614796506)
STACK4:Titertek:Stack (273168064136)
STACK5:Titertek:Stack (282931662216)
STACK6:Sagian:18 Position :Stack (282931666726)
8061b;Remp MCP 011:Serie 1:Manual Capmat Capper Press (272202898975)
6837:IKA:KS 130: Control S1:Shaker (281111196705)
3748:Barcode Printer: Zebra Technologies 90Xilll 090-101-00000 (281331207600)
4530:Turner BioSystems:TBS-380Mini-Fluorometer:Spectrophotometer Fluorescence (273582834066)
5652:Bergen & Drum Co:Super-Shipper:Lead Lined Drum (282811524675)
5150:Hitachi:VM122OU:Monitor (273288930975)
4781:Physitemp Instruments:FRM:Erma (280384591659)
5956:Thermo Electron N.A.:Dimesion 4 Flip Mover: Robotic Arm (281137215195)
8476:Beckman Coulter:Microplate Labeler:148640 (282671717511)
5137:Lab Products:59015:Animal Cage Exhaust Module (281112171869)
5135:Lab Products:59015N:Animal Cage Exhaust Module (281112170390)
7198:Perkin Elmer:FlexDrop:BSQLV40 (271428678355)
5304:Polytron:PT 2000:Cell Disruptor:Homogenizer (280718563260)
7936:Lab-Line Instruments:Lab Rotator:1304:Rotator (273284347702)
9288:GenScript Corp.:eStain:2.0:Gel Protein Staining System (273732478446)
7635d:Tecan:MIO2 C 4-Slot:30052518:Incubator Automated (272862190031)
4985:Sonics:Vibra-Cell VCX 400:Sonicator (271660717929)
5552:Qiagen:09100:Swinging Bucket Rotor (281114575912)
9293:VWR Scientific Products:Digital Heat Block:949039:Heat Block (283397176403)
5733:Boekel Scientific:IC-400:Water Bath Chiller (280703532591)
6776:Tomtec:Ultrasonic:020846-01:Tip Wash Module (272766127907)
7202a:Wave Biotech:Gas Pump 20:Bioreactor System (281323505712)
4640:Perkin Elmer/Packard:Micromate 496:Microplate Sealer (281159618861)
6609:Barcode Printer Intermec 3240B (281345125015)
5394:Molecular Devices:LMAX II: Microplate Reader (281117278482)
7107/Lab-Line Instruments/Titer Plate Shaker/6 Position 4625SAG/Shaker (281311716731)
2985:Fotodyne:Transilluminator:3-4000: (281108609438)
7408:IKA/KS 130/Shaker/Control S1 (271456826660)
6129:Flow Sciences FS2015BKFVA:Balance Enclosure Hood (281762530004)
8475a:Perkin Elmer PlateStak:PSS00021:Stacker:Automated (272882245179)
9255b:Welch:2585B:Vacuum Pump (283418341920)
7706:Laminar Flow Inc.:Stainless Steel Work Table/Cabinet (281500838160)
5629:CAB:5942570:Data:Printer:Label (280766064656)
7854:Thermo Scientific:Mass Spec ESI Source Spare Parts (Nano ES) (281720683616)
2968: HACKER-MEISEI RCM3660 (280418286143)
6130:Flow Sciences:FS4000-SS:Blower Hood (281114602156)
2864:Micronic BV/INTEGRA Biosciences:TraXis:Tube Scanner (280726495281)
7994:Cavro Pump:Custom w/ External 6-way Valve in Custom Enclosure (282004698170)
8110:BioDoc-It:UV Transilluminator:Gel Doc UVP:76-0307-01 (282678235794)
8467:Airclean Systems:AirClean 600:AC648LFUVC:Hood?Enclosure:PCR Hood (283397192996)
9285:BioTek Instruments:Synergy 2:Microplate Reader (273737171029)
8779a:File Cabinet:3 Drawer (273732466093)
5829:Thermo:RapidStak:F01362:Stack 50 Plate (282927725874)
7466e:CyBio AG:Expansion Module:Dual 7518-00:Wash Pump (273167881425)
1066:Zymark Caliper:Twister:Microplate Handler (280730137089)
2892a:Mitsubishi:P90W:Monochrome Printer (272872782446)
2760:Thermo Forma:3050:gas guard Misc:Gas Monitor (280725574842)
9154:InterMetro Industries. Corp:Stainless Steel w/Casters Table:L60xW30XH34 (273698570687)
6660:Thermo De-Lidder Station:Portrait Style w/Busch Vacuum Pump:De-Lidder (282928883244)
3808:Scinomix:Delidding Module:Plate Pad, Left:Module (282913187253)
6373:Caliper Zymark:Sciclone Bulk Syringe:75420/1:Power Supply (282927778649)
8343:BioMicroLab:XL9:Tube Sorter:Automated (283041777447)
7737: Custom Laser Enclosure w/Sliding Doors (271781741034)
SYS0001:Li-Cor Biosciences:Odyssey 9260:Fluorescence w/Stacker:W/Biotek Biostack (273732528156)
8071:Illumina:ECO:EC-101-1001:Thermal Cycler (282931507785)
3472:Rainin:EDP 3:Single-Tip Pipettor (282679753156)
8162:Eagle Manufacturing Co.:Waste Can 921 (282931518494)
9044:Fuhi:LAS-3000 IDX4:Chemiluminescence/Fluorescence:Imager (273732522749)
5103:Werther International:PC 106:Airblok 51100:Air Compressor:Pump (271628170851)
7131:Carl Zeiss:Axiovert 100:Inverted Microscope (271955858067)
2661:Schott Duran:BioReactor:6076-11:Reactor Fermentor (281111651722)
8195:Covaris:C-2000:Ultrasonic Automated Dissolution System (282689130601)
8047:SciGene:Hybex Microsample Incubator:Microsample Incubator (282931501504)
5825:Titertek:Stacker S60:Black:Stack (273162884616)
5812:Branson:Sonifier:P/S Bio 250:Disruptor Horn (280728999179)
8032::Perkin Elmer PlateStak:PSS00021:Stacker:Automated (282689241283)
TE-0163:VTI Scientific Instruments:RH-200 Relative Humidity Generator (273692994293)
9013:BioDot Inc.:Non-contact Nano-liter:AD1800:Dispenser:Fluid (283311120827)
7019:Kooltronic:KBB38:Blower:Hood (271471616313)
A1121:LiConic:LPX:STX:Rack:Carousel:DiTi200:7-pos:72 Pitch (280875405535)
7539:Agilent Technologies:59864B:Ion Gauge Controller 342045:Mass Spectrometry (271825995103)
8960:Yamato:DX300:27584-956:Drying Oven (273383658263)
6802:Plant Systems Engineering:Extruded Aluminum::72005-1:L69xW36xH37 (281745304439)
5748:VWR Scientific Products:13270-877:Bath (282689259746)
ID#8691d Terra Universal Whisperflow Fan Filter Unit (273676230377)
7504:Eppendorf:epMotion:5075:Liquid Handler (283398553001)
6359:Eppendorf:epMotion 5075:Liquid Handler (281130269105)
8592:Labonco:Centrivap Concentrator:7810010:Evaporative:Centrifuge (283389938573)
9246:Omnitec Design:omniAire 600V:Hood/Enclosure:HEPA Filter (283397187921)
2723:Beckman Coulter:ORCA Robotic Arm:Microplate Handler (280764811800)
4556:Lab Table:Table w/4 Doors:L57xW32xH36 (280718096445)
8689:Thermo Fisher Scientific:Fluoroskan Ascent FL:Microplate Reader (273737222134)
7707:Laminar Flow Inc.:Stainless Steel Work Table/Cabinet (281500842411)
4155a:Sim Aminco:Lot of French Press Rapid Fill Accessories (283081846944)
5432:Hermle:220.59 V07:Rotor (282615919887)
6334:Heraeus Baxter Megafuge 1.0 Centrifuge Benchtop (280729031427)
5222:UBI:917QS:Barcode Scanner (271487556672)
8719:Caliper Zymark:Sciclone ALH 3000:Liquid Handler (283189381737)
6287:Applied Biosystems:4331770 Rev. A5:Thermal Cycler:Real-Time PCR Micro (271740091092)
2892b:Fotodyne:30-3400 Foto/Convertible:Dual Light Transilluminator (283038431508)
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