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beautifulsmileteeth is a verified commercial seller from HongKong marketplace and has been active selling since 2021-06-08.
The seller has excellent standing with the HongKong marketplace with 96.6% positive feedback in the last 12 months. (114 positive feedback, 4 negative feedback, and 2 neutral feedback) To date, beautifulsmileteeth has received a total of 177 customer feedback from completed sales.
The seller is recognized under the following programs: United States Top-Rated Seller Program
beautifulsmileteeth is fully licensed to buy and sell products on the authorized/approved marketplaces.
Buyer Feedback Past 30 Days Past 6 Months Past Year
Positive 2 75 160
Negative 0 2 4
Neutral 0 2 2
Total 2 79 166
[2023-09-18] El pedido lleg completo en 1 mes sin problemas bien empacado - Positive Feedback
(Buyer purchased Not available)
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Dental Matrix Bands Ring Sectional Matrice Clamp Fit Garrison Palodent V3 System (284938785344)
Dental Matrix Bands Palodent V3 Style Sectional Contoured Matrices Wedge Refill (284992171880)
Dental Matrix Bands Anterior Proximal Strips Sectional Contoured Matrices Twin (284858029280)
Dental Saw Diamond Polishing Finishing Strips Orthodontic IPR Strip Fine Medium (284827217439)
3M ESPE Relyx Dental Fiber Post Quartz Straight 3D Screw Glass Root Canal Drills (284786309443)
Ivoclar Optragate Dental 3D Cheek Retractor Mouth Opener Regular Small Adult Kid (284932894187)
Dental Veneer Composite Resin Mixing Spatula Instrument Optrasculpt Foam Pads (284675517089)
Dental Matrix Bands Sectional Contoured Matrice Fit Garrison Palodent V3 Ring (285135826989)
Dental Endo Drill Fiber Post Glass 3D Root Canal 3M RelyX ESPE 1.1/1.3/1.6/1.9mm (284493366224)
1X VOCO Depulpin Dental Pulp Devitalizer Devitalization Paste Devitalizing Agent (284725445429)
Dental Glass Fiber Splint Retainer 3.5mm Light Cure Composite Resin Bonding (284725431802)
100Pcs Dental Matrix Band Sectional Matrice Fit Garrison Palodent V3 Ring System (284879042719)
Dental Foam Pads Kit Veneer Composite Resin Filling Spatula Handle Optrasculpt (284980643066)
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