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alice1101983 is a verified commercial seller from HongKong marketplace and has been active selling since 2012-03-06.
The seller has excellent standing with the HongKong marketplace with 99.7% positive feedback in the last 12 months. (8,606 positive feedback, 27 negative feedback, and 48 neutral feedback) To date, alice1101983 has received a total of 555,515 customer feedback from completed sales.
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Positive 1,325 6,016 11,495
Negative 3 16 28
Neutral 8 30 53
Total 1,336 6,062 11,576
[2022-12-05] Great Buy fast shipping - Positive Feedback
(Buyer purchased 4-USB Port Step-down Power Supply Converter Board Module DC 12V 24V 40V to 5V 5A)
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DC 3v-6v to 400kV 400000V Boost Step-up Power Module High-voltage Generator (311688245090)
NodeMCU Lua ESP8266 ESP-12 WeMos D1 Mini WIFI 4M Bytes Development Board Module (401061628090)
Soldering Iron Kit Solder Gun Automatic Feed Handheld Welderl 110V/220V 60W (313647784635)
ESP32 ESP32S CP2102 Development Board 2.4GHz Dual-Mode WiFi+Bluetooth Antenna (201853283621)
5V 1/2/4/6/8 Channel Relay Board Module Optocoupler LED for Arduino PiC ARM AVR (401237960337)
Four Channel 4 Route MOSFET Button IRF540 V2.0+ MOSFET Switch Module Arduino (200959373944)
433MHz 100 Meters ASK Module Kit RF STX882 Transmitter&SRX882 Receiver Antenna (401186085838)
127Pcs Black Glue Weatherproof Heat Shrink Sleeving Tubing Tube Assortment Kit (311848137543)
0.91'' 128x32 IIC I2C Blue OLED LCD Display DIY Module DC3.3V 5V For PIC Arduino (401234789687)
Dual H Bridge DC Stepper Motor Drive Controller Board Module L298N For Arduino (170926726867)
GY-273 HMC5883L Triple Axis Compass Magnetometer Sensor Module For Arduino 3V-5V (400362466832)
25cm 10 Inch Multifunctional PCB Ruler Measuring Tool Resistor Capacitor Chip IC (202077231422)
3V/6V/12V GA12-N20 DC Gearmotor Micro Gear Motor Metal Gearbox 15-2000RPM (401942638877)
ESP8266 ESP-12E CH340G WIFI Lua Wireless Development Board Module NodeMcu Lua V3 (201743743504)
84*48 LCD Module White Backlight Adapter PCB for Nokia 5110 Arduino (400488314619)
4-USB Port Step-down Power Supply Converter Board Module DC 12V 24V 40V to 5V 5A (401179578864)
NEW 80pcs Dupont wire cables 1p-1p pin connector 2.54mm 20cm Female for arduino (180927082314)
3-36V Digital Electric Circuit LCD Tester Test Light Car Truck Voltage Probe Pen (204046542758)
ESP32-CAM-MB CH340G 5V WIFI Bluetooth Development Board +OV2640 Camera Module (313386962051)
200Pcs 2.54mm 1P Pitch Dupont Jumper Wire Cable Housing Female Pin Connector (311520793972)
100Pcs Dupont Jumper Cable Wire Male Pin Connector 2.54mm DIY (311412201868)
HC-SR505 Mini Infrared PIR Motion Sensor Precise Infrared Detector Module (201322916809)
1/2/5PCS Mini DC-DC 12-24V To 5V 3A Step Down Power Module Buck Converter (201986611110)
1 Channel Optocoupler Relay Module Support High and Low Trigger DC 5V/9V/12V/24V (401188750996)
0.28" 3 Wire LED DC 0-100V Voltmeter Digital Display Voltage VOLT METER 12V 24V (311967468226)
2PCS SFM-27 DC 3-24V 90DB Intermittent Beep Alarm Electronic Buzzer Sounder (401162073049)
20PCS Photoresistor LDR CDS 5mm Light-Dependent Resistor Sensor GL5516 Arduino (401051315285)
USB to ESP8266 Serial Module TTL Wifi ESP-01 CH340G Developent Board Adapter (201588307377)
Multiple 0.5-1.2mm Pitch 2.0-3.5 inch TFT LCD Adapter Board Test module FPC PCB (201499026231)
5V One 1 Channel Relay Module Board Shield For PIC AVR DSP ARM MCU Arduino (310566336050)
New GY-MAX4466 Electret Microphone Amplifier with Adjustable Gain for Arduino (401209838001)
LM2596 DC-DC Step-down Adjustable CC/CV Power Supply Module Converter LED driver (400440730939)
ESP8266 ESP-01 Serial WIFI Wireless Transceiver Module Send Receive LWIP AP+STA (201501780189)
200Pcs Dupont Jumper Wire Cable Housing Female Pin Connector Terminal 2.54mm NEW (311415718165)
400/830 MB102 Point Breadboard 1660 Power Supply module W Jump Wire For Arduino (311932673437)
5PCS Strip Tin PCB Female IC Breakable 40pin Single Row Round Header Socket (310670436946)
10PCS TCRT5000L TCRT5000 Reflective Optical Sensor Infrared IR Switch infrared (200942957928)
Arduino I2C RTC DS1307 AT24C32 Real Time Clock Module For AVR ARM PIC SMD (170910326110)
New DHT11 Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor Module for arduino (310670497097)
10PCS TTP223 Capacitive Touch Switch Button Self-Lock Module for Arduino (312007279058)
New design 20A range Current Sensor Module ACS712 Module Arduino module ACS712T (181026550196)
5Pcs 5 x 7 cm DIY Prototype Paper PCB fr4 Universal Board prototyping pcb kit (400492682991)
5PCS IIC I2C Logic Level Converter Bi-Directional Module 5V to 3.3V For Arduino (311523844016)
New design 5A range Current Sensor Module ACS712 Module Arduino module (181026550454)
10PCS KBP307 Rectifier Flat bridge Bridge Rectifier 3A/700V IC (311572449747)
Arduino TTP229 16 Channel Digital Capacitive Switch Touch Sensor Module (400709646366)
2pcs Rotary encoder with switch EC11 Audio digital potentiometer 20mm handle (311425031990)
7 Pin BMP085 Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor Board Module For Arduino (200924663266)
Laser Sensor Module non-modulator Tube Laser Receiver New Module (401160430957)
Rotary Encoder Module Brick Sensor Development Board For Arduino (310702417391)
10pcs Mini Power Relay 5V DC SRD-5VDC-SL-C SRD-5VDC-SL-C PCB (201383590689)
MINI Indicator Vertical Water Level Sensor Stainless Steel 45mm Float Switch (311855970762)
Large LCD Digital Timer Kitchen Cooking Count-Down Up Loud Alarm Magnetic (311728298928)
1M 3.3ft 40 Way 40 pin Flat Color Rainbow Ribbon IDC Cable Wire Rainbow Cable (311596334371)
5PCS Plastic Electronic Project Box Enclosure Instrument Case 100x60x25mm (201633631645)
Brand Anti Static ESD Wrist Strap Discharge Band Grounding Prevent Static Shock (310707198851)
Solder Soldering Paste 10cc Flux Grease RMA223 RMA-223 (311565580877)
3PCS 6mm 3 pin Knurled Shaft Single Linear B Type B10K ohm Rotary Potentiometer (311774720035)
10PCS 5V Micro USB 1A 18650 Lithium Battery Charging Board Charger Module (201039030988)
MAX6675 Module + K Type Thermocouple Temperature Sensor for Arduino AL (400798924042)
5PCS DC-DC LM2596 power Supply Buck Converter step-down module (201540541075)
2PCS 8-Bit LED Digital Tube 8 KeyS TM1638 Display module for AVR Arduino ARM (401080292536)
DC-DC Step up Converter Boost Power Supply Module 10-32V to 35-60V 120W (400442469292)
NRF24L01+PA+LNA SMA Antenna Wireless Transceiver communication module 2.4G 1100m (310651702557)
LM317 DC Linear Converter Down Voltage Regulator Board Speed Control Module (401000177231)
24V / 12V To 5V 5A Power Module DC-DC Step-Down Power Supply Converter (201847763020)
USB PIC Automatic Programming Develop Microcontroller Programmer K150 ICSP Cable (200944364396)
ESP8266 ESP-01S Serial WIFI Wireless Module Adapter Breakout Send Receive AP+STA (311736436700)
VL53L0X Time-of-Flight Distance Sensor Breakout GY-VL53L0XV2 Module for Arduino (201718280643)
DIY Kit HFSSTC Tesla Coil High Frequency Electronic Candle Shaped Power Supply (314234821469)
White/Black 5V 2A US/EU Plug 1 Port USB Wall Charger Power Adapter Travel (311959304526)
DHT22/AM2302 Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor Replace SHT11 SHT15 Arduino (170931111400)
SOIC8 SOP8 to DIP8 EZ Programmer Adapter Socket Converter Module 150mil 200mil (401245634475)
5PCS L293D L293 Push-Pull Four-Channel Motor Driver IC DIP-16 NEW (311173670944)
10PCS Waterproof Digital Thermal Probe or Sensor DS18B20 DS18S20 Arduino Sensor (401093014481)
10Pcs ULN2803A ULN2803 2803 TRANSISTOR ARRAY-8 NPN IC (201258939212)
TEA5767 FM Stereo Radio Module for Arduino 76-108MHZ With Free Cable Antenna (310795359575)
Double BTS7960B DC 43A Stepper Motor Driver H-Bridge PWM For Arduino Smart Car (200950936475)
20PCS 8Pin DIP SIP Round IC Sockets Adaptor (401104517637)
40PCS Dupont wire jumpercables 20cm 2.54MM male to female 1P-1P For Arduino (201540635728)
10PCS 40Pin 2.54mm Single Row Straight Female Pin Header Strip PBC Ardunio (180974322541)
1Pair For Multimeter Test Equipment Banana Plug To Test Hook Clip Probe Cable (311330430002)
DC-DC 12V to 5V Mini/Micro/A type Single USB Converter Step Down Power Module (311874039387)
12V LED Home Automation Delay Timer Control Switch Relay Module Digital display (401113343415)
10pcs OP AMP IC BURR-BROWN/BB/TI DIP-8 OPA627BP OPA627BPG4 (311681709611)
1/4w Resistance 1% Metal Film Resistor Bag 30 kinds Each 20 Total 600pcs TOP (311120856607)
AS803 Lux/Fc Photometer Photography Light Meter Digital Luxmeter Luminometer (404038230411)
Water Flow Sensor Fluid Flowmeter Switch G1/2 Counter 1-30L/min Meter (401237979182)
DC-DC 12V to 5V/6V/9V 2/3A 15W Converter Step Down 2A/3A 15W Power Supply Module (401327863545)
Digital PID Thermostat Relay/SSR Dual Output Temperature Regulator Controller (314224372604)
Digital Multimeter Voltmeter Resistance Capacitance Temp Transistor Tester (204115763631)
10Pieces TYPE-C Female Test Board Double Side Forward USB3.1 16P to 2.54 Adapter (403945903183)
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