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Westinghouse COP323 S#1720767 100A 3ph 3w 240V Fusible Cover Operated BusPlug (273803086415)
Merlin Gerin Compact CF 250N #37026 225A 3P 600Y/347V Circuit Breaker No Lugs (284231345196)
S&C 15KV Outdoor Metal-Enclosed Back-To-Back Switchgear Lineup - CD-627532 (271030195706)
GE Spectra Series 800A MLO 3ph 480/277V NEMA 3R Breaker or Fused Panel - Empty (274480943942)
Cummins 880FDR5057FFW Generator 450KW 563KVA 480/277VAC 677A 1223 Hours (271742297603)
GE Spectra ADS32600TB 600A 240V 3PH Fusible Panelboard Switch - New Surplus (281368761216)
Siemens 3 Phase Dry Transformer 3000/4000 KVA 13800-480 Volt DELTA (280787669550)
Square D QED Power Style Switchboard 2500A 3ph 480Y/277V Stand Alone Fused Main (283789880700)
GE AV-Line Switchboard 1600A 3ph 460Y/265V Power Break Main Breaker Distribution (274194175010)
GE THAUX64D Auxiliary Switch for TH/THN Safety Switch Used (282495290958)
ABB SACE S1 S1B S1B125R125 125A 3P 500VAC / 250V DC Circuit Breaker New Surplus (272978805501)
GE DP4GC01TLST Left Tee for 100A 3ph 4W w/ Ground DH Flex-A-Power Busway Surplus (272871497844)
Johnson 24KVA 208-240V 1ph Indoor Dry Type Transformer Used (282382387877)
Cutler Hammer/ABB 3750/5000KVA 13,800-480Y/277 Dry Transformer (270925453404)
Square D PowerBus225 PBCP4A100ST120 100A 3PH 4W 600V Busway New Surplus (272568003110)
Square D HVL Load Current Interrupter Switch 29KV Max 600A Max Used (281043021590)
Siemens ITE SB Switchboard 2000A 3PH 208Y/120V Fused Main Breaker Distribution (274194188935)
Shallbetter SBI MDC 1600A 3ph 4w 277/480V VLB349-ST Fused Main w/ Distribution (273738843207)
Siemens WLF3A340 4000A 3p 600V Power Circuit Breaker MO/DO w/ ETU745 Trip w/LSIG (273020809194)
Siemens E1SED43B060SN 60A 3P 480VAC Circuit Breaker w/ 120V Shunt in Enclosure (282874831368)
GTE Sylvania MSB 1600A 3ph 4w 277/480V MLO w/ Breaker Distribution Used (273739202355)
Cutler Hammer SPB100M SPBMR330C 3000A 3p 600V Breaker EO/DO RMS910 w/ LSG Used (272900486569)
Siemens Metal-Enclosed Interrupter Switchgear Type QR 1200A 15.0KV NEMA 1 Fused (275194796491)
GE Capacitor 37F445009L 450KVAr Rated 480V 3Phase Delta 1200A Breaker Disconnect (282183937710)
AMP F-CT/Main/FDP Deadfront Distribution Switchboard 600A 3ph 480Y/277V 3R (283946853321)
BLO-34160 (D.C.) Red Back Base Square D Switch Used E-OK (272592866812)
Siemens NF351DTK 30A 3P 600V AC Double Throw Non-Fusible Manual Transfer Switch (274138615680)
Eaton Power Master Heavy Duty Safety Switch 400A 3P 4w 600V NEMA 1 Non-Fusible (275325476628)
Merlin Gerin Compact CJ600N #36054 400A 3P 600V Circuit Breaker No Lugs Used (274732433234)
BLO34120 Black Back Plate Square D Switch Used E-OK (272592866621)
Square D I-line PBQA3640GJA Fusible Busplug 400A 3ph 3W w/ Ground Compact Can (283351396774)
Gould Shawmut Tri-onic TR70R 70A 250V Fuses TR70R (Lot of 5 New Surplus) (270929377266)
Square D QO120PL 20A 1p 120V Powerlink Remote Controlled Circuit Breaker Surplus (283468672917)
Ferraz Shawmut TRS60R 60A 600V Time-Delay Fuses New Surplus (Box of 5) (274631943572)
GE SAUXPAB2 Auxiliary Switch (2 switch elements) for RMS Spectra Breakers Used (282475157629)
GE Spectra Series 1200A Main Breaker Panel 3ph 480/277V NEMA 3R w/4-SELA36AT0100 (284859960500)
GE AV-Line SCP Plus Switchboard 2000A 3ph 480V Main Lug Only w/ Spectra Breakers (274606242934)
Siemens 3 Phase Dry Transformer 3400 KVA 13800-700 Delta VAC (281163578933)
Square D 82352 A1 60A 3P 240VAC Double Throw Non-Fusible Manual Transfer Switch (284074353943)
Siemens NF352DTK 60A 3P 600V AC Double Throw Non-Fusible Manual Transfer Switch (283700589303)
GE DFC421 20A 3PH 4W 125/250V AC Flex-A-Plug Fusible Type Busplug Used (283120253345)
Square D DTU322 60A 3P 240V AC Double Throw Non-Fusible Manual Transfer Switch (274135333664)
Square D 82342 E1 60A 3P 600VAC Double Throw Non-Fusible Manual Transfer Switch (284074354298)
Zinsco QSF2033 200A Single 3PH 240V Fusible Panelboard Switch Unit (270684939519)
GE Spectra Series 1200A Power Take Off for 3000A 3ph 3w w/ Ground Aluminum Bus (284749851147)
GE FVK3610 1000A 3ph 3w 600V Max Copper Busway 10' Length *Over 4000' Available* (282902072981)
GE Type QL 9T83B4002G22 27KVA 460-460Y/266V 3ph Dry Type Transformer New Surplus (273086200599)
Sq D NW50H Masterpact Breaker 5000A 3P 600V 6.0P Trip LSIG EO/FM Used E-Ok (272618306350)
AMP CM4/CB 200A 3ph 4W 480Y/277V Meter Stack w/ 3- PT362 Boltswitch Pullouts (283472164770)
Zinsco HESC1063N 100A 3ph 4w 480/277V Fusible Busplug Used Electrically-Ok (282190068917)
Square D 92345 E1 400A 3P 600VAC Double Throw Non-Fusible Manual Transfer Switch (274127658881)
Surge Suppression Inc SDLA3D1D3FX-21 120/240V 3ph Voltage Surge Suppressor New (282728996964)
ABB ACH401603032 40HP Variable Frequency Drive 3ph 380-480 VAC Used (283720690767)
GE Spectra Series 1600A 3ph 480/277V Main Breaker Panel Bolt-on Hardware NEMA 3R (274274105803)
Cutler-Hammer E610SBA Ampgard Motor Control 1750HP 2400V S.F.-1.15 650A ATRV (282692137663)
Square D MA1000S Circuit Breaker Enclosure Type 1 w/ 1000A 3p 600V Max Breaker (274293780667)
GE TK4V1200S NEMA 1 Circuit Breaker Enclosure w/ TKM3 Breaker 1200A 3p 600V Max (274295972468)
Square D I-Line II AF2540G10ST Aluminum Feeder Busway 4000A 3ph 4W 600V 4W Surp (271555649993)
Hammond #216323 220KVA 480-480V 3PH Dry Type Drive Isolation Transformer Surplus (283594001051)
Niagara 150KVA 208-416Y/240V 3PH Dry Type Transformer Used Electrically OK (272582426577)
Square D I-Line II AF2510G36LFS18B18 18" Flatwise Elbow Al 1000A 3ph 4W Used (282910890493)
Square D Model 6 1600A 3ph 3w 600V Motor Control Center Corner Section Used (273373351100)
Benshaw CBRDB6-240-1 200HP 240A 3Ph 480V Solid State Soft Starter w/Breaker Used (273432441156)
GE AV-Line Switchboard 3000A 3ph 480/277V Power Break Main w/ 5 800A PowerBreaks (274222054149)
Allen Bradley SMC Dialog Plus #150-B500NBD 400HP 3ph 460V Max Soft Starter 2100 (284371678728)
Square D 82354 200A 3P 240V AC Double Throw Non-Fusible Manual Transfer Switch (274125771498)
Appleton ACP1034CDP4 100A 3W 4P 600 VAC 250 VDC Powertite NEMA 3 4 4X Plug (283491101036)
Onan Cummins 1250DFLC Generator 1250KW 1563KVA 277/480V AC 1879A 501.1 Hours (283755370356)
Caterpillar 3508 Generator 1000kW 1250KVA 3ph 480Y/277V AC 685 Frame 10W 790HRS (275002549935)
Hammond 75KVA 208-120V 3PH Dry Type Transformer Used E-OK (282389624706)
GE THQB2140ST1 40A 2P 240V Shunt Trip Circuit Breaker (TQSTA1) Used (274032638344)
Merlin Gerin Compact NS100-160-250N NS160N 125A-160A 750VAC Circuit Breaker Used (272889820608)
Caterpillar 3406 Generator 400kW 500KVA 3ph 480Y/277V AC 685 Frame 12Wire 193HRS (275417579076)
GE Spectra Series Switchboard 2000A 3ph 480Y/277V Power Break Main Stand-Alone (274278631277)
Cutler Hammer SPB100M SPBRM330C 3000A Circuit Breaker EO/DO RMS910 w/ LSG Used (282417036078)
GE Custom 8000 Synchronous Generator 4250KW 12470V WPII Enclosure 8711E Frame (272874095746)
Square D Type M1 MH-330 30A 3p 240V Plug-on Circuit Breaker Used (273080950728)
3- Heinemann Electric Re-Cirk-It X0411 25A 1p 120VAC Circuit Breaker Used (274766889040)
ITE Pushamtic P140 40A 1p 120V Circuit Breaker New in Box (282736853703)
Elettromil T3-0358K-AN-03 S/N 5-06 400KVA 480-440V 3ph Transformer Used As Is (282479479310)
Eaton DH361URK Heavy Duty Non-Fusible Safety Switch 30A 3W 600V 3R Outdoor New (273693243677)
Eaton DG326NGK General Duty Safety Switch 600A 3ph 4W 240V S/N NEMA 1 Indoor (284812307579)
Square D 29kV Outdoor 3R Switchgear Lineup W/ VR Type Medium Voltage CB 2000A (272230912050)
ITE/Bulldog BOS14321 30A 3ph 3W 250V Fusible Bus Plug Used (283968150126)
Marcus 75KVA 600-230V 3ph Indoor Dry Type Transformer Used (272576489158)
Allen Bradley Size 4 Combination Motor Starter Fused Disconnect NEMA 1 Enclosure (274671878718)
Square D 92445 400A 3ph 4P 600VAC Double Throw Non-Fused Manual Transfer Switch (274107759210)
Siemens BF120A 20A 120V 1P Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter w/ Self Test Breaker (283894788405)
Bussmann Fusetron FNM-2 2A 250V Fuses New Surplus (Box of 8) (273992883655)
Siemens Sentron SX16A10ETHS 1600A 3Ph 4W Standard Horizontal End Tap Box Surplus (282129531429)
Square D E-Flex 10hp 208V Variable Torque VFD 8839EFDHG2VWA07A08C09Q09 Surplus (273180459814)
Eaton 2500/3333KVA 3ph 13200-480Y/277V l Wound Dry Type 3 Phase Transformer (280788347895)
Cutler-Hammer P3BHMDL3800 800Amp 3ph 3W Pow-R-Way III Busway CB Plug New Surplus (271146862495)
Westinghouse SPB100M SPBRM340R 4000A Pow-R-Way Breaker EO/FM RMS510 LSi Used (282416986400)
Hubbell Box Pad Base for Padmount Transformers 24"H; 24.25" x 24.25" Top Opening (284812302030)
ASCO 7000 Series Closed Transition Transfer Switch Bypass/Iso 1200A 3p 480/277V (271818056323)
GE Spectra Series Busway P4HA30SLI10 3000A 3ph 4W 600V New Surplus (271159738929)
ABB SACE S1 S1N 80A 3P 277/480V Circuit Breaker Used (282765461719)
GTE/Sylvania QL2436600 600A 3P 240V Circuit Breaker (271246028626)
GE PowerBreak SHD16B216 1600A 600V EO/DO Breaker w/ LSI with Cell Used E-Ok (282413016029)
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