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GE Spectra Series 800A MLO 3ph 480/277V NEMA 3R Breaker or Fused Panel - Empty (274480943942)
GE TC35366 600A 3ph 3P 600VAC Double Throw Non-Fused Manual Transfer Switch (274127510968)
Square D I-Line II CF2308G32OES11010B11 Edgewise Offset Elbow 800A 3W 600V Used (282910451731)
Federal Noark Bus Duct Copper Busway 1000A 3Ph 4W Flat Left/Right Elbow (273976182334)
Allis-Chalmers Type LBS Interrupter Switch 600A 13.8KV Nom 14.5KV Max Used (274381444645)
Allis-Chalmers Type LBS-SF Interrupter Switch 600A 13.8KV Nom 14.5KV Max Used (283895808623)
Appleton ACP1034CDP4 100A 3W 4P 600 VAC 250 VDC Powertite NEMA 3 4 4X Plug (283491101036)
Onan 30.0DEH-15R/17176G Generator 30KW 37.5KVA 120/240-277/480V AC 3PH/1PH (284377380425)
Onan 50.0DEG-15R/17176H Generator 50KW 62.5KVA 120/240-277/480V AC 3PH/1PH (284377373689)
Westinghouse PCG32000F 2000A Frame 1000A Rated 3p 600V MO/FM Ground Fault Used (272618000992)
Olsun 15KVA HV 380 LV 220Y/127V 3ph 50Hz Dry Type NEMA 1 Transformer Used E-Ok (274875564990)
Olsun 30KVA 460-230Y/133 3ph Dry Type NEMA 1 Transformer Used Electrically Ok (274875559538)
Furnas System 89 Size 1 FVR Starter MCC Bucket Fusible Disconnect 18"T 0.75-3A (274088157358)
Gould NF324DT 200A 3P 240VAC Double Throw Non-Fusible Manual Transfer Switch (274125761454)
Square D QE3150VH Type QE6 150A 3P 240V Circuit Breaker New Surplus (284206201951)
Square D HCN14654M I-line Panel Board Interior (Only) 400A Main 3ph 600V No Box (284117307932)
GE 765X30G46 Type JVW-5 Potential Transformer 1500VA 120:1 14400V Surplus (284015194434)
Square D MHL3690040DC 900A 3p 500VDC Nom 600VDC Max Circuit Breaker Used (283431071488)
ITE Gould LL Frame LL3-S600 600A 3P 600V Molded Case Switch Used (274187455891)
Cutler Hammer 1051 200A Contactor 600V w/ 320-400A Magnetic Relay 480V Coil Used (283361778122)
T&R 161230-1 10KVA 1ph 12470GRDY/7200-240/120V Pad-Mount Transformer FR-3 Fluid (284308304493)
Sunbelt 170630-1 10KVA 1ph 34500GRDY/19920-240/120V Pad-Mount Transformer FR-3 (284308307008)
S&C 15KV Outdoor Metal-Enclosed Back-To-Back Switchgear Lineup - CD-627532 (271030195706)
Sylvania QSF4033 400A 3P 240V Fusible Panelboard Switch Unit Used (281631590210)
Basler DECS-150 5NS1V1N1S Digital Excitation Control System New (283779636117)
Allen Bradley 1336F-B040-AN-EN 40HP 3PH 460V Constant/Variable Torque VFD Used (274867625890)
Square D LJA36400U31X I-Line Breaker 400A 3P 600V AC Microlgic 3.3 Trip Unit (284141898744)
Allen Bradley 1336VT-B100-E0T-S1 100HP 124.0A 3PH 460V Variable Torque VFD (274868667444)
Allen Bradley 4160V Vacuum Contactor 1502-V4DBDA (280920313417)
Westinghouse Ampgard MV Motor Control 4160V 360A 3P Auto Transformer Used (283025800438)
Square D I-line Panel 600A Main Breaker 3Ph 480Y/277V 2-Sections Used (282218977758)
Eaton FD3030 30A 3p 600VAC Circuit Breaker Style# 6639C82G87 Surplus (273594637737)
ABB SACE S5 S5N 300A 3P 600V Circuit Breaker w/ 24V Shunt Trip/Aux Switch & Lugs (283468595415)
BLO-34160 (D.C.) Red Back Base Square D Switch Used E-OK (272592866812)
Motortronics MVC3-41400-ESWG 2500hp Max 400A 3ph 4160V Soft Starter NEMA 12 (274786616079)
Westinghouse 1000KVA 4160-380Y/219V 3ph Dry Type NEMA 1 Transformer Used E-Ok (273976111090)
Cutler-Hammer Low Voltage Switchgear 1600A Rated 3ph 480/277V 1200A Main w/ Dist (274276357263)
GE SR469-CASE & 469-P5-HI-A20-E Motor Management Relay (274003076781)
Siemens Sentron Series SHJD69300NGT 300A 3p 600V Sensitrip III w/ LSIG Used (283674412544)
Klockner Moeller 200A 3p 600V MCC Fusible Feeder Bucket 21" Tall Used (283700558717)
Cutler Hammer F-2100 Series 100A 600V Fused Feeder MCC Bucket w/ 18" Door Used (272643931130)
GE PQM II PQMII-T20-C-A 20VA 20-60VDC 20-48VAC Power Quality Meter 73D211C4.000 (284373014043)
FPE QMQB2032B 200A 3p 240V Single Fusible Switch Unit Used (274218292987)
Eaton RNDN1200 NEMA 3R Enclosure w/ 1200A 3p 600V Max Breaker Included Neutral (274706908299)
MG MP20H1 Masterpact Breaker 2000A 3P 600V EO/FM (W/ Bus) STR25D W/ LI Used E-Ok (272781375167)
MGM CAC370-N07 150KVA 480-208V 3PH Dry Type Transformer Used Electrically OK (274875551849)
Westinghouse FDP Unit FDPS367 800A 3P 600V Fusible Panelboard Switch Used (283775290276)
Frank Adam QSF-T1033 100A/100A Twin 3PH 240V Fusible Panelbaord Switch Unit (283843384226)
Square D 82254 E1 200A 2P 240VAC Double Throw Non-Fusible Manual Transfer Switch (274125766875)
Siemens SBS 2500 (SBS4025) 2500A 3p 600V EO/DO Circuit Breaker w/ LSI Surplus (272628852954)
GE TJL4V2604 400A 3p 600VAC HIGH IC Circuit Breaker w/ LIG MicroVersaTrip & Aux (284195558183)
Active Power Cat UPS 300 300KVA 240kW 480V 3ph 3W Grounded Wye 361A UPS Flywheel (284213656309)
Eaton Low Voltage Switchgear 1200A 3ph 480/277V Main Tie Main w/ Dist -2000A Bus (283786240030)
Square D I-Line II Aluminum Plug-In Busway 4000A 3PH 4W 600V AP2340G10 Referb (271090699985)
Eaton Cutler Hammer NS-Y NS36120YA 1200A 3P 600V AC Molded Case Switch Used (274187994462)
Siemens HJG3T400L 400A 3p 600V 65k CJT3T400 555 Trip Unit w/ LSI Funcitons (274726147980)
Square D I-line Busway Unit PBTB306G 600A 3ph 3w 600V Busway Plug On Tap Box (283797968177)
ITE/Siemens C01JF64 Bell Alarm & 1- SPDT Auxiliary for F Frame Breakers Surplus (282493900729)
Square D Q2M2150VH 150A 2P 240V Main Breaker Surplus (274359175795)
Gould I-T-E X100 X100-45 100A 3ph 4W Aluminum Plug-In Duct 5' Length Used (273926469092)
GE Spectra Series 400A 3ph 4W 480Y/277V MLO Panel w/Distribution Breakers NEMA 1 (273985724520)
Olsun 1000KVA 480V - 380Y 400Y 440Y 480YV 3ph Dry Type K-4 NEMA 1 Transformer (284372943287)
GE Spectra Series 800A 3ph 480/277V Main Breaker Panel NEMA 3R Outdoor Used E-ok (272591360815)
ABB SACE S6 S6N 600A 3P 600V Breaker PR211 Trip Unit w/LI Cu Bus/Load Lugs As Is (273640126329)
Square D 82342 E1 60A 3P 600VAC Double Throw Non-Fusible Manual Transfer Switch (284074354298)
Siemens HNF364 Heavy Duty Safety Switch Non-Fused 200A 3p 600V NEMA Type 1 New (274564489319)
Square D I-line PBQA3640GJA Fusible Busplug 400A 3ph 3W w/ Ground Compact Can (283351396774)
Olsun 400KVA 480V - 480Y 440Y 380YV 3ph Dry Type NEMA 1 Transformer (284380073085)
Square D QED Power Style Switchboard 800A 3p 480/277V MLO & I-line Distribution (284294516584)
Cutler-Hammer Pow-R-Line C Switchboard 1600A 3PH 480/277V MLO w/ Breaker Dist. (274203846904)
Siemens ITE SB Switchboard 2000A 3PH 208Y/120V Fused Main Breaker Distribution (274194188935)
Square D QED Power Style Switchboard 1600A 3p LH 480V MLO 8- PLA34025CU33ASA (274797635670)
Square D QED Power Style Switchboard 1600A 3p 480V RH MLO 8- PLA34025CU33ASA (274797638899)
Square D I-Line II AF2540G10ST Aluminum Feeder Busway 4000A 3ph 4W 600V 4W Surp (271555649993)
Siemens Sentron SCMD69600ANGT 600A 3p 600V Sensitrip III w/ LSIG Used (283675784345)
GE Spectra SB361RGR 30A 3ph 3W 600V w/ Ground Fusible Busplug New SUrplus (282050902242)
Square D PowerBus225 PBCP4A100ST120 100A 3PH 4W 600V Busway New Surplus (272568003110)
Gould X100-4PB 100A 3ph 4W 600V ITE X100 Busduct System Plug in Tap Box Surplus (282598584808)
Square D Model 6 NQOD 225A 3p 240V Main Breaker Panel w/ 42- 15A 1p Breakers (274071818633)
GE TWP32L/TWP32R 60/60A Twin 3PH 240V Fused Panelboard Switch Used (283755701825)
Square D HVL Load Current Interrupter Switch 29KV Max 600A Max Used (281043021590)
GE THLC134125 Circuit Breaker 125A 3P 480V AC Tested Used (274623713338)
GE QMR363 100A Single 3PH 600V Fused Panelboard Switch w/ Hardware Used (283755634727)
GE CL07A300M 100/110A 3P 600V Starter 120V Coil 42-55A RT2G Overload Used (283459744989)
GE SB364RGR 200A 3ph 3W w/ Ground 600V Fusible Spectra Series Busplug Surplus (273692950398)
Cutler-Hammer BPD5007S002 800Amp 3ph 3w Pow-R-Way III Busway CB Plug New Surplus (281057677675)
ABB SACE S5 S5N 300A 3P 600VAC/DC Circuit Breaker w/ 24V Shunt & Auxiliary Used (282718538116)
ABB Type EH 225A 3P 600V Circuit Breaker w/ Auxiliary Switch & Shunt Trip Used (282709371520)
Gould/ITE CDP 600A 3ph 120/208V Main Breaker Panel w/ BQ3 Breakers NEMA 1 (283597884225)
Cutler-Hammer Magnum DS MDS632 3200A Fr 3000A RP 3p 600V MO/DO Digitrip 520 LSI (274281634317)
ITE SIemens UV465G 400A 3ph 4W w/ Ground 600V Fusible Busplug New Surplus in Box (274617441418)
ABB ACH400 125 HP Variable Fequency Drive w/ Bypass 3ph 380-480 VAC Input (281179173490)
Siemens GF325N General Duty Safety Switch 400A 4W 240V NEMA 1 Indoor New Surplus (272353234233)
Cutler-Hammer NTVSNBB0800XRU Automatic Transfer Switch 800A 3Ph 4w 480V AC 3R (284038892354)
Square D QO320-SWN 20A 3p 120/240V Clip-on Breaker Switch Neutral New Surplus (282734174113)
Square D MD3304X 30A 3PH 600V NEMA 4X Manual Motor Controller Disconnect w/ Aux (283869892323)
Eaton PRL3E 600A 480/277V Bottom Fed Main Breaker Panelboard w/Distribution Used (274066178496)
Cutler Hammer Ampgard MV Motor Control - 300HP - 2400V - New Surplus (271069891150)
Zinsco QSF6053 600A 3PH 600V Fusible Panelboard Switch Unit Used (280608810391)
GE Spectra Series 1200A 3ph 480/277V Main Breaker Panel NEMA 3R Outdoor Used Eok (282397056196)
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