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achase-emsco is a verified commercial seller from US marketplace and has been active selling since 2008-06-11.
The seller has excellent standing with the US marketplace with 99.5% positive feedback in the last 12 months. (197 positive feedback, 1 negative feedback, and 2 neutral feedback) To date, achase-emsco has received a total of 2,099 customer feedback from completed sales.
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Total 18 98 220
[2023-09-18] Fast payment great communication hope to do business with again thank you A - Positive Feedback
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ITE S01ED62A 120V Shunt Trip & Auxiliary Switch for ED Frame Breakers Used (283848879168)
Cummins HC344AS2 100KW/125KVA 3ph 208V Diesel Standby Generator (285472724232)
Square D AT2 Joint Assembly Tool New Surplus for all I-line II Busway 800A-5000A (275054441197)
Square D QO120PL 20A 1p 120V Powerlink Remote Controlled Circuit Breaker Surplus (283468672917)
U-S Safety Trolley Corp PP4-50-4P 50A 480VAC Power Pickup Used (285078425634)
Square D EGB14030 30A 1P 277V 50/60Hz Circuit Breaker New Surplus (282821146499)
Joslyn Clark T13U031 NEMA Size 1 Starter 27A 3ph 600V 440-480V Coil Used (273732435317)
Square D NQOD 600A 3ph 4w 208Y/120V MLO Panel 42 Circuit with 40-QOB120 Breakers (275730393710)
Telemecanique ATS23C30N Altistart 3 Soft Starter 250HP 312A 3ph 460V Used (274166634587)
Square D QON8-16L100 100A 120/240V 1ph 3W 8 Circuit QO Interior Assembly (285266468889)
Siemens Type QAF Q220AFC 20A 2P 120/240V Combination AFCI Arc Fault Breaker Used (275478021372)
Square D MD3304X 30A 3p 600V AC Enclosed Manual Motor Disconnect Used (275812219256)
Telemecanique LC1D18BD 32A Contactor 10hp 460V 24V DC Coil (285412730638)
Square D 2510-FG1PG FHP Type FO 16A 1P 277V Manual Motor Starting Switch Nema 1 (283493329382)
LIttelfuse POWR-GARD JLS 30 5A 600V Class J Current Limiting Fuses (Box of 3) (285451898730)
Bussmann Fusetron FNM-3/10 10A 250V Fuses New Surplus (Box of 10) (275724566450)
Cutler-Hammer E22W52 2 Position Illuminated Red Lever Selector Switch Surplus (273123753415)
Hammond C1F1C5WES 1.5KVA 120/208/240/277V-120/240V 1Ph Distribution Transformer (283925919080)
Acme T-2-53141-1 1.5KVA 208-120/240V 1ph General Purpose Transformer New Surplus (273032759833)
Eaton Culter-Hammer QBGFT2030 30A 2P 120/240V Ground Fault Circuit Breaker (285213288200)
Siemens Type BLF BF240 40A 2p 120/240V Ground Fault Circuit Breaker 10k AIC Used (275506580458)
Square D KHF3625025DC2315 250A 3p 600VDC Breaker Auxiliary Switch & 24V UVR Used (276024628856)
Electric Busway Corp CBPS-60P-3-250-4P 50A 240V 100% Ground Plug-in Bus Tap Box (275581884512)
Square D QOC42US Series S01 42 Circuit QO Load Center Panel Cover Assembly New (285282380612)
ABB SACE S1 S1N S1N100TL 100A 3P 277/480V Circuit Breaker New Surplus (282768986538)
Square D QOB230EPD 30A 2P 240V Equipment Protected Circuit Breaker Used (275506586153)
Square D Size 2 Combination Starter Breaker Disconnect NEMA 1 Enclosure Surplus (276049328202)
Square D QMB-306-T 60/60A 3p 240VAC Twin Fusible Panelboard Switch Used (283746363369)
Square D LCA1A Breaker Shroud Kit New Surplus (285476038833)
Square D WEMS12 Wiser Energy 6 Circuit Monitoring System For Homeline / QO Panel (285282392850)
Merlin Gerin Compact NSF250N 200A 3P 600Y/347V Circuit Breaker No Lugs Used (283840460075)
Square D PFCD2003 3KVAR 240V Power Factor Capacitor New (285038923485)
ITE/Siemens 10'- XJ-L X100-4 100A 3ph 4W Aluminum Busway Used (272566807234)
Sq D PINQO 70A Max 3ph 4W Breaker Enclosure for 100 Amp Busway Plug In Unit New (285068903641)
Square D 82352 A1 60A 3P 240VAC Double Throw Non-Fusible Manual Transfer Switch (285068723008)
FPE NB111020 Stab-lok Circuit Breaker Type NB 20A 1p Bolt-on Used (270414901282)
Fuji Electric BU-KSA3400 400A 3p 480VAC Circuit Breaker 24VDC Shunt Trip Used (272984247491)
Cutler-Hammer EHD3090L 90A 3P 480V Circuit Breaker Style# 6638C94G95 New Surplus (284155016327)
3M 5601 Quick Term II Silicone Rubber Termination Kit 15kV Class for CN New (285141961436)
GE THQP240 40A 2P 120/240V Plug In Circuit Breaker (Lot of 4) New Surplus (273096366529)
ITE/Bulldog BOS14321 30A 3ph 3W 250V Fusible Bus Plug Used (283968150126)
StarLine Busway Tap Box CBDC100E12-1-L630C-4 30A 2p 208Y/120V (Black/Blue) Used (282408209962)
StarLine Busway Tap Box CBDC100E12-1-L630C-4 30A 2p 208Y/120V (Red/Blue) Used (272603492478)
Eaton EZT2042S EX Trim 2042S Next Gen SMP0808289 Panel Cover 42" x 20" Surplus (283508571358)
Cutler-Hammer Series C FD-K FD3100KL 100A 3P 600V Molded Case Switch #6639C03G08 (274147762089)
ABB SACE S1 S1N 40A 3P 277/480V Circuit Breaker Used (272898917757)
ABB SACE S3 S3B 200A 2P 240VAC/500VDC Circuit Breaker Used (282768920712)
ITE Siemens EB3100S Circuit Breaker Enclosure Type 1 w/ 100A Max BQ 3p 240V (274298322828)
Siemens NF351DTK 30A 3P 600V AC Double Throw Non-Fusible Manual Transfer Switch (274138615680)
Siemens Micromaster Vector 6SE3211-4DA40 0.75HP 550W 400/500V 3ph VFD Used (283724566833)
Square D PowerPact Circuit Breaker HDL36125SO 125A 3P 600V 24VDC Shunt Trip (285436432474)
Ram Industries RAM-DBSB1A 30-100hp 208-575V 110FLA Digital Bypass Starter Used (273702302252)
Square D I-Line FI4IMA12C Surgelogic Surge Protection Device SPD 120KA 480/277 L (275688224748)
Eaton HMCPE070M2C 70A 3p 600VAC 250VDC Motor Circuit Protector New Surplus (284047530941)
GE TNP33 100A Single 3PH 240V Fused Panelboard Switch Used (283755722619)
GE Spectra Series 800A MLO 3ph 480/277V NEMA 3R Breaker or Fused Panel - Empty (274480943942)
Square D 2510-FG1 FHP Type FO 16A 1P 277V Manual Motor Starting Switch Nema 1 (273858719525)
Hammond #216323 220KVA 480-480V 3PH Dry Type Drive Isolation Transformer Surplus (283594001051)
Cutler Hammer F-2100 Series 150hp 480V Soft Starter Fused MCC Bucket w/Door Used (282369013924)
Benshaw CBSMRSM6SB-250-480-12 250HP 302A 480V Solid State Soft Starter w/Breaker (283495415764)
Square D NW08H Masterpact Breaker 800A Frame 800A Rated 600V EO 3.0 w/LI Tested (283424879075)
ABB SACE S5 S5N 300A 3P 600V Circuit Breaker w/ 24V Shunt Trip/Aux Switch & Lugs (283468595415)
Square D 8638-48UJG4N Altistart 48 Soft Starter 30/40HP 3ph 460VAC ATS48D62Y (284373820226)
Square D FHL36000M4200 100A 3P 600V Molded Case Switch Used (283714122974)
ABB OS 30FAJ12 30A 3P 600V General Purpose Switch w/Handle & LPJ-30SP Fuses Used (282735398669)
Klockner-Moeller N9-250-CNA 250A 3p 600V Circuit Breaker Used (272982683505)
Square D 92356 600A 3ph 3P 240VAC Double Throw Non-Fused Manual Transfer Switch (283683924327)
GE THFP365 Type QMR 400A Single 3P 600V Fused Panelboard Switch w/ Hardware Used (274241782981)
Trumbull 70326 600A 3ph 3P 240VAC Double Throw Non-Fused Manual Transfer Switch (275571943983)
QA1233B 1200A 3P 480V Pringle Switch (Red) Used EOK (272592866816)
Eaton DH321FGK Heavy Duty Fusible Safety Switch 30A 3W 240V NEMA 1 Indoor New (284388539269)
GE Spectra Series 1600A 3ph 4W 480Y/277V MLO Panel w/Distribution Breakers NEMA1 (275572253868)
FPE QMQB1132 100/100A 3p 240V Twin Fusible Switch Unit Used (274216872363)
Frank Adam QSF-T1033 100A/100A Twin 3PH 240V Fusible Panelbaord Switch Unit (275550431857)
Westinghouse SLDN600 NEMA 1 Enclosure w/ 600A 3p 600V Max Breaker Included Used (283818430688)
Active Power Cat UPS 300 300KVA 240kW 480V 3ph 3W Grounded Wye 361A UPS Flywheel (285042374996)
Eaton MVS2 1200A 3ph 15KV Load Interrupter Switch & 150 VCP-TR 25 Breaker NEMA 1 (275293321482)
3- Heinemann Electric Re-Cirk-It 0411 35A 1p 120VAC Circuit Breaker Used (272960826995)
EMI 2000A 3PH 208Y/120V Fused Main w/ Siemens V7 Vacu-Break Fusible Distribution (285041309644)
ASCO Series 386 1200A 3ph 3p 480VAC Non-Automatic Power Transfer Switch Used EOk (285106249471)
GE Spectra Series Switchboard 800A 2W 125V DC PowerBreak Main w/ Dist. Breakers (285038766440)
ITE E41B030 Circuit Breaker 30A 1P 277V AC 125V DC Used (284047524979)
Shawmut Tri-Onic TR3R 3A 250V Fuses New Surplus (Partial Box of 5) (275724494737)
ITE B120HH Type HBL 20A 1P 120V Bolt-On Circuit Breaker 65K AIC Used (282670290013)
GE ADS36200JD 200/200A 3ph 600V Twin Fusible Switch Unit J Class Fusing Surplus (274483334763)
Cuter-Hammer JNDN1200 NEMA 12 Enclosure w/ 1200A 3p 600V Max Breaker Included (274312044501)
EMI/GE Zenith ZG1SA30031-04E502X 3000A 3ph 4W 120/208V Automatic Transfer Switch (284265462310)
Eaton SVX9000 200hp 240A VFD #SVX20014AAK1L2PFRA Adjustable Frequency Drive Used (285010187848)
GTE Sylvania MSB 1600A 3ph 4w 277/480V MLO w/ Breaker Distribution Used (273739202355)
QA0833T480 Pringle / Eaton 800A 3 480V Switch Surplus/E-OK (272592863211)
QA-1233-B 1200A 480V Pringle Switch Red Base Used E-Ok (282398507548)
Square D E-Flex 10hp 208V Variable Torque VFD 8839EFDHG2VWA07A08C09Q09 Surplus (273180459814)
GE Spectra Series Switchboard 2000A 3ph 480Y/277V Power Break Main Stand-Alone (274278631277)
Westinghouse Series C JDB-K JDB3250K 250A 3P 600V Molded Case Switch 6631C90G09 (274180226622)
Cutler Hammer / Eaton Shunt Trip SNT2P11K 110-240VAC For J Frame Breaker New (272404775947)
EMI 3000A 480Y/277VAC Main-Tie ABB SACE E3S-A 32 Circuit Breakers w/ 3000A Trip (275542852587)
BLO32200 Sq D Bolt-Loc 2000A 3p 240V Red Back Base Switch Used E-OK (272592864471)
Cutler Hammer SPB100 SPBR38C 800A Frame 600A Rated Brkr MO/DO RMS910 w/ LSG Used (282419855743)
Square D 82454-F 200A 4P 240V AC Double Throw Fusible Manual Transfer Switch (283699472499)
GE TE150R NEMA 3R Circuit Breaker Enclosure w/ Breaker 150A 3p 600V TED Max Used (274297235206)
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