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1stopmedshop is a verified private seller from US marketplace and has been active selling since 2015-04-04.
The seller has excellent standing with the US marketplace with 99.6% positive feedback in the last 12 months. (241 positive feedback, 1 negative feedback, and 1 neutral feedback) To date, 1stopmedshop has received a total of 1,183 customer feedback from completed sales.
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Positive 47 163 307
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Total 47 165 309
[2019-09-09] GREAT BUYER FAST PAYER A - Positive Feedback
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Over the past 365 days:
  • 132 buyers said they received the items as described.
  • 137 buyers said they had good and timely communication with the seller.
  • 138 buyers said they had the items shipped and delivered quickly.
  • 133 buyers said they thought the shipping cost was good and reasonable.
Over the past 30 days:
  • 0 buyers said they received the items as described.
  • 10 buyers said they had good and timely communication with the seller.
  • 10 buyers said they had the items shipped and delivered quickly.
  • 0 buyers said they thought the shipping cost was good and reasonable.
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Here's a list of some items for sale by 1stopmedshop right now...

Stryker Surgical Orthopedics 4.5mm Cannulated Hip Trocar 275-724-110 (272492491138)
Codman Surgical 8-1/4in (210mm) Hardy Bayonet Bipolar Forceps 30-1235 (272433436338)
R. Wolf Surgical Laparoscopic 5mm X 32cm Petelin Dissector 8383.571 (272883965706)
Olympus Surgical Laparoscopic Insulated 5mm Monopolar Spatula Electrode MH-578 (272970321984)
Pilling Surgical ENT 18-1/2in (47cm) Jackson Alligator Grasping Forceps 50-5403 (272979953966)
Codman Surgical Thoracic Chaux Retractor Frame (272838010568)
V. Mueller Surgical Cardiovascular Cope Pleural Biopsy Punch Set (272781506511)
Symmetry Olsen Insulated Bayonet Bipolar Forceps With Cord 20-1400KI-28 NEW!! (272542336762)
Symmetry Surgical Olsen Insulated Adson Bipolar Forceps 20-1082KI NEW!! (272542395188)
Codman Surgical 5-1/4in (13.5cm) Titanium Forceps (272434633171)
Zimmer Surgical Orthopedic Jacobs Chuck Trinkle Drill Attachment W/ Key 1368-10 (272883756506)
Smith & Nephew Surgical Mini Clamp For 6mm Bar To 6mm Bar 71062012 (272536620335)
Symmetry Olsen Insulated Bayonet Bipolar Forceps With Cord 20-1380KI NEW!! (272542377683)
Symmetry Surgical Olsen Non Insulated Semkin Bipolar Forceps 20-1090K NEW!! (272542406442)
Richards Surgical ENT 12mm Sheehy Fascia Forceps 23-0348 (272946452123)
Ethicon Surgical 26.7cm Medium LigaClip Clip Applier Angled Jaw LX220 NEW!! (272192091590)
Karl Storz Surgical Hollow Obturator 27093ON (272430149491)
Ethicon Surgical 26.7cm Medium LigaClip Clip Applier LX210 NEW!! (272192082064)
Codman Surgical Orthopedic Spine Straight # 1 8mm CONE Ring Curette 23-1013 (272780099924)
Ethicon Surgical 26.7cm Large LigaClip Clip Applier Right Angle LC430 NEW!! (272192071229)
Ethicon Surgical 19cm Large LigaClip Clip Applier LC407 NEW!! (272192110047)
Weck Surgical 7in (17.8cm) Hemo Clip Base 523-130 (273019419820)
Stryker Laparoscopic 5mm Fenestrated Grasping Forceps Insert 250-080-318 (273032577735)
Karl Storz Surgical Laparoscopic 5mm Metzenbaum Scissors Insert 34210MS (273032524724)
Aesculap Ophthalmic 4-3/8in (11.1cm) #5 Straight Jeweler Micro Forceps BD331R (272789563051)
V. Mueller Pilling Sklar Surgical Vaginal & Anal Retractors Lot Of 7 (273069601335)
Richards Surgical Orthopedic 5-1/2in (14cm) Needleholders 21-0255 (272999133566)
Codman Surgical ENT 9in (22.9cm) Double Ended Ballenger Septum Elevator 65-6562 (272781162337)
Ethicon Surgical 26.7cm Large LigaClip Clip Applier Angled Jaw LC420 NEW!! (272192051019)
Snowden Pencer Surgical 9in (22.8cm) Curved Scissors (272697313116)
Arthrex Arthroscopic Arthroscopy 10mm Low Profile Reamer AR-1410LP (272306742279)
Storz Surgical Stopcock For Irrigation Tube 27280 (272625966847)
Symmetry Surgical Olsen Angled Bayonet Bipolar Forceps 20-1550I BOX OF 10 New!!! (273967175524)
R Wolf Surgical ENT Ostrom Rotatable Mini Punch 8211.661 (272454342215)
V. Mueller Surgical ENT Laryngoscope BE1195-FO (272864903493)
Karl Storz Surgical ENT Rhinoforce 90 Deg Blakesley Wilde Nasal Forceps 456801B (272458144962)
Storz Surgical ENT 10 X 14 Roberts Jesberg Esophagoscope 12060C (272622448254)
Aesculap Surgical Balfour Retractor BV610 (272808277132)
Storz Surgical ENT 2mm 11-1/2in (29.2cm) Jackson Cup Forceps N8502 (272846275019)
Kirwan Surgical Malis Style Bayonet Irrigating Bipolar Forceps W/Cord 10-5601SNS (272433125911)
Karl Storz Surgical ENT Miniature Biopsy Forceps 10338X (273948337542)
Ethicon Surgical Ultracision Harmonic Scalpel Handswitching Adapter HSA07 (272512806852)
Storz Surgical ENT Right Angled House Oval Cup Forceps N1705-85 (272459312005)
SSI Aesculap Weck Codman Surgical Forceps Lot Of 10 (273072670803)
Richards Surgical Orthopedic Hand Drill W/ 5/32in Jacobs Chuck & Key (273826539444)
Jarit Surgical Vascular Thoracic 8.5cm Curved Debakey Bulldog Clamp 320-157 (272413783722)
Codman Surgical Vascular Thoracic 4.5cm Debakey Classic Bulldog Clamp 37-1046 (273023603495)
Storz Surgical Eye Scleral Plug Forceps MVS1046 (272366060792)
Weck Surgical Orthopedic 7-3/4in (19.7cm) Chisels (272447300074)
Jarit Surgical Orthopedic 7in (17,8cm) Reduction Forceps 225-135 (272534634590)
Pilling Surgical 9in (22.9cm) Straight Dandy Nerve Hook 18-5714 (272551716277)
Linvatec Surgical Orthopedic 12mm Calibrated Cannulated Badger Drill Bit 8596 (272527787653)
Karl Storz Surgical ENT Straight Takahashi Nasal Forceps 455500 (273013926402)
Orthofix Surgical Orthopedic Drill Instruments (272529385140)
Explorent Surgical ENT 7-1/2in (19cm) Size 1 Blakesley Suction Forceps 337001 (272880884169)
R Wolf Surgical ENT Right Curved Through Cutting Ergoline Nasal Forceps 8211.243 (272454553070)
Stryker Surgical Laparoscopic 5mm X 30.5cm Peek Monopolar Handle 250-080-617 (272993243436)
Storz Surgical Ophthalmic Titanium Lambert Subretinal Forceps 2-852 (272883885516)
Symmetry Surgical Olsen 1X2 Teeth Potts Smith Monopolar Forceps 42310 NEW! (272930993098)
DORC Holland Surgical Ophthalmic 6in (15.2cm) Forceps 12860892 (272883883079)
Codman Surgical Cardiovascular Thoracic Finochietto Rib Retractor 50-8022 (272921259581)
Richards Surgical ENT Suction Handpiece W/ Tips (273061278451)
Kavo Surgical Dental Intra 3624N Reducing Shank And Contra 23A Handpiece (272526977606)
Symmetry Surgical 5-1/2in (14cm) Curved Rochester Pean Forceps 33-4061 NEW!! (272649222822)
Olympus Surgical Adaptor For Toomey Syringe 00242 (272428754232)
Symmetry Surgical Olsen Bayonet Bipolar Forceps 20-1400I NEW!! (272542391148)
Karl Storz Surgical ENT Allis Forceps 795015 NEW!! (272403891233)
Symmetry Surgical Olsen Insulated Angled Bayonet Bipolar Forceps 20-1520I NEW!! (272542282481)
Symmetry Surgical 6-1/4in (15.9cm) Curved Rochester Pean Forceps 47-4017 NEW!! (272649267065)
V. Mueller Surgical ENT Size 3 17mm Reverse Curve Adenoid Curette RH4445-003 (272601815493)
Codman Surgical Orthopedic Spine Scoville-Haverfield Retractor Set (272984169847)
R. Wolf Surgical 5in (12.7cm) Trocar 8303.11 (273057044814)
Aesculap Surgical 6in (15.2cm) Judd-Allis 3 X 4 Teeth Grasping Forceps EA025R (273967169932)
Codman Surgical 9-3/4in (24.3cm) Curved Sponge Forceps 39-4040 NEW! (272503820691)
Karl Storz Surgical ENT Tissue Forceps W/ 1 X 2 Teeth 793303F NEW!! (272402304841)
Storz Surgical ENT Jackson Cup Forceps N8504 (272622438517)
Karl Storz Surgical ENT Straight Bellucci Scissors 634826 (272458235562)
Olympus Surgical Laparoscopic 5mm X 34.5cm Monopolar HF Electrode A6281 (273029839897)
Stryker Surgical Orthopedic 5mm Cannula & Trocar (272491512404)
Storz Surgical ENT 9in (22.9cm) Walsham Septum Straightening Forceps N5634 (272643695659)
Aesculap Surgical Self Retaining 2 X 3 Blunt Prong Weitlaner Retractor BV073R (272656553858)
Storz Surgical 6in (15.2cm) Reusable Verres Cannula 26120J (272591231880)
Codman Surgical Titanium Malis Bayonet Irrigating Bipolar Forceps 80-2904 (272895038565)
Codman Surgical Insulated Bayonet Irrigating Bipolar Loop Forceps 80-1231 (272895077695)
R. Wolf Surgical Laparoscopic 33cm Bipolar Kleppinger Forceps 8383.210 (272751223116)
Karl Storz Surgical ENT Kennedy Lusk Biopsy & Grasping Forceps 650050 (272458208019)
Karl Storz Surgical ENT Angled Kennedy Lusk Suction Forceps 650060 (272880927025)
Storz Surgical ENT 45 Deg Up Nasal Forceps W/ Suction N2989S (272737945903)
Codman Surgical Neuro Angled Up Titanium Malis Bayonet Bipolar Forceps 80-1554 (272475494089)
Gynecare Surgical 5Fr Versapoint Hysteroscope Bridge/ Visual Obturator 01735 (273034027977)
Storz Surgical Orthopedic 7in (17.8cm) 2mm 40 Deg Up Kerrison Rongeur NLS3299 (273982903934)
Codman Surgical ENT Decker Micro Alligator Forceps 30-4856 (272419781864)
Codman Surgical 7-3/4in (197mm) Cushing Monopolar Forceps 30-1257 (272434379351)
Synthes Surgical Orthopedic 144mm Reduction Forceps 399.99 (272990815493)
Storz Surgical ENT 11-1/2in (29.2cm) 4mm Jackson Cup Forceps N8504 (272521073560)
Pilling Surgical ENT Oval Cup Forceps (272867421230)
Medtronic Xomed ENT 45 Deg 3mm Frontal Sinus Recess Giraffe Forceps 3712314 (272867335515)
Karl Storz Surgical ENT 30cm Roberts Jesberg Oval Esophagoscope 12060B (274004854848)
Jarit Surgical 8.6cm Angled Kelman McPherson Suture Tying Forceps 355-214 NEW!! (272350914910)
Storz Surgical ENT Nasal Forceps & Retractor Set (272290910241)
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