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Motorola XPR4550 UHF 403 - 470 MHz TRBO and Analog HAM GMRS (333560876854)
Motorola ASTRO XTS5000 II P25 Digital Radio 7/800MHz Commander 2 Omnilink ADP (264558643508)
MOTOROLA XTS5000 700 800 MHz P25 Digital Police Fire EMS RADIO H18UCH9PW7AN XTS (153849819647)
Motorola XTS2500 III VHF 136-174MHz Astro P25 XTS 2500 FPP(BN) w/tags*Radio Only (274322470688)
2 x Baofeng UV-5XP 8W Walkie Talkie UHF VHF FM Two Way Radio Scanner Transceiver (313019964285)
2 Pack BAOFENG UV-5r 8W 3800 MAH High Power Dual Band Portable Two-Way radio (323871797123)
Motorola RDM2070d Walmart VHF MURS Two-Way Radio No Battery (254370274636)
Motorola HT1000 UHF 403-470 Mhz 16 Channel Portable Radio H01RDC9AA3BN (324084352805)
2Pcs Baofeng UV-5RTP UHF VHF *8W* HP Two-Way Radio + 2x Speaker +Cable Free Ship (142608581475)
Walkie Talkie Long Range 50 Miles Two Way Radio Charge Headset Waterproof 4 Set (313018213266)
Motorola ASTRO XTS 5000 III 7/800 MHz P25 Digital Two Way Radio Commander II ADP (264636317395)
Motorola XTS2500 III 700 800 MHz P25 Digital Trunking Two Way Radio H46UCH9PW7BN (153851112559)
Motorola CP200D VHF radio with Li-Ion battery & charger - FREE programming (324120144654)
Baofeng DM-1701 DMR Tier II Digital Two Way Radio 3000 Channels 5W Walkie Talkie (332968113850)
ABBREE AR-F8 GPS 6 Bands(136-520MHz) 8W IP55 VOX 999CH Amateur Ham Two Way Radio (123982905696)
Motorola XTS5000 Model III 7/ 800 MHz P25 Smartzone Radio Fire Police w/ FPP (264168100944)
MOTOROLA HT1250 VHF 136-174MHz Police Fire EMS Two-Way Radio AAH25KDF9AA5AN (153850538962)
MOTOROLA HT1250 VHF 136-174MHz DTMF Police Fire EMS Two-Way Radio AAH25KDH9AA6AN (153791751269)
2 Motorola Radius CP200 VHF radios w/ chargers & FREE programming - NICE !!! (324120234183)
10*Walkie Talkie two Way Radio Retevis H-777 UHF long range Emergency Church (181981349201)
Motorola CDM1250 VHF 136-174MHz 45 Watt (392726929885)
Motorola CM200 UHF Radio 438-470 MHz 40 Watts 4 Ch AAM50RPC9AA1AN (333561895140)
Motorola HT1250 403-470MHz UHF Two Way Radio AAH25RDF9AA5AN (164121722998)
KENWOOD TK-8102 H-1 UHF 450-490 MHZ 45 WATTS 4 CHANNLES (293215433661)
4 x Baofeng BF-888S Two Way Radio 400-470MHz Walkie Talkie Set with Flashlight (392158997591)
Long Range Walkie Talkie 6 Set 50 Mile Two Way Radio Charge Headset Waterproof (333542996950)
Motorola XPR 4550 Two Way Radio AAM27QPH9LA1AN 403-470 MHz, 25-40 WATT UHF (113899909371)
Dewalt Heavy Duty Walkie-Talkie Two Way Radio System (DXFRS800) (283829107589)
TYT TH-7800 Dual Band Radio 136-174&400-480MHz 50W Walkie Talkie TH7800 + USB (263140920894)
Motorola XTS5000 700/800 MHz Digital Police Radio H18UCF9PW6AN + Impress Charger (283796953978)
US Radioddity GD-77 DMR V/UHF Tier II Digital Analog Walkie Talkie Two way Radio (132298663961)
1Pcs Dual Band Car Radio Two Way Radio VHF/UHF 25W 128 Channels MINI Mobile Radi (362848305693)
MOTOROLA APX 4000 UHF 450-520 MHz h51sdf9pw6an + Charger (274140036391)
MOTOROLA XTS5000 Model III P25 Digital Police Fire EMS RADIO H18UCH9PW7AN XTS (264640738213)
Motorola CP200xls VHF 16 Channel 146-174 MHz With Battery & Belt Clip (264682403934)
DMR Ailunce HD1 GPS UHF/VHF Walkie Talkie Digital/Analog High Power Radio TDMA (401776100186)
Baofeng UV-5R UHF VHF Dual Band Two Way Ham Radio Walkie Talkie (202429357103)
Baofeng DM-X GPS Digital/Analog Record Dual Time DMR Amateur Two Way Radio US (123815145906)
Baofeng DM-X GPS Digital/Analog Record 5W Dual Time Slot DMR Ham Two Way Radio (123906182602)
Motorola ASTRO XTS 5000 VHF 136-174 MHz APCO P25 Radio Smartzone Smartnet ADP (264457273391)
Long Range Walkie Talkie 2 Set 50 Mile Two Way Radio Charge Headset Waterproof (174194167101)
Motorola Vertex VX-P829 VHF 136-174MHz VXP829 P25 DES AES-256 *Loaded (333543715801)
Motorola XPR 3500e SPECIAL MODEL!! Two Way Radio *READ DESCRIPTION* (114163340137)
BaoFeng BF-F8HP (UV-5R 3rd Gen) 8-Watt Dual Band Two-Way Radio (136-174MHz... (113892872765)
Motorola Talkabout T800 Walkie Talkie Set 35 Mile Two Way Bluetooth App Connect (173640312376)
Cobra 37-Mile Range NOAA Two-Way Waterproof Floating Walkie Talkie, Pair (192903413539)
Long Range Walkie Talkie 2 Set 50 Mile Two Way Radio Charge Headset Waterproof (143537785454)
Motorola XTS5000 Model III VHF Smartzone P25 Radio Front Panel Programming FPP (264224887615)
Motorola Talkabout T402 Walkie Talkie Set 35 Mile Two Way Radio Waterproof (173435406629)
Motorola Mag One BPR40 VHF 5 Watt 8 Channel two-way radios AAH84KDS8AA1AN (392727236128)
TYT MD-UV390 IP67 DMR Digital radio UV Dual band Walkie Talkie MD390 + USB cable (264432396913)
Motorola Talkabout T261TP Two-Way Radio (3 Pack) (392574421590)
20xRetevis H777 Walkie Talkie two Way Radio UHF 16CH CTCSS/DCS church long range (121337197738)
Long Range Walkie Talkie 4 Set 50 Mile Two Way Radio Charge Headset Waterproof (163647966504)
Motorola Talkabout T465 Walkie Talkie Set 35 Mile Two Way Radio (Earbuds+Case) (173262234544)
Motorola XTS5000 Model III Radio Astro Police 800MHz Digital Portable 2-Way BLUE (333465618952)
Motorola DTR650 Digital 2 Way Radio 900MHz Talkie With Antenna And Belt Holster (254549333395)
ABBREE AR-889G GPS 10W Cross Band Repeater Tri Band Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie (123776147793)
10x Baofeng BF-888S UHF 400-470MHz Two-way Radio Flashlight Walkie Talkie (273404766819)
Motorola XPR6550 UHF Digital DMR MotoTrbo Radio 403-470 GOOD Buy 1 to 7 units (324120170662)
6 x Baofeng UV-5R LCD Two Way Ham Radio VHF UHF 2 Band Walkie Talkie Transceiver (362636595788)
Motorola XTL5000 700/800Mhz M20URS9PW1AN w/ Silver O5 & Mic (123703271800)
Retevis RT95 Dual Band Transceivers 25W Mobile Car Radio DTMF 200CH LCD Display (192891940486)
Motorola cm300 uhf 438-470mhz two way mobile radio 32ch 25w (124134596103)
Harris MOMENTUM HDP150 UHF 400-470 Mhz 1024 Ch 4W Digital Portable Radio (NEW) (193378756324)
UV-9R Plus Baofeng 15W VHF UHF Walkie Talkie Dual Band Two-Way Radio Work Tool (233457127950)
Kenwood TK-790H dual head remote VHF TWO WAY RADIO 146-174mhz (143563402881)
Motorola MotoTRBO SL7550 Radio AAH81QCN9NA2AN (NO BATTERY, NO BACK COVER) (114145733301)
Inrico TM-7 Plus (Unlocked Android) US Version - 4G Network Mobile Radio (372999091554)
20x Baofeng BF-888S 5W Two-way Radio UHF 400-470MHz Handheld HT Walkie Talkie (123384088098)
Baofeng UV-5R Plus VHF UHF Dual Band A/B TOT VOX FM Transceiver Two way Radio US (142722371702)
6x Baofeng BF-888S Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie UHF 400-470MHz Handheld + Earbuds (202450567252)
2x Baofeng BF-T1 Two Way Radio UHF 400-470Mhz Walkie Talkie Long Range Earpiece (122791289078)
BaoFeng UV-S9 Powerful 8W Dual Band Walkie Talkie Long Range Two Way Radio Black (123908404179)
Two Motorola XTS2500 ModII ASTRO P25 Digital Portables 7/800 MHz. H46UCF9PW6AN. (164143888114)
Motorola CDM750 CDM-750 UHF TWO WAY MOBILE RADIO 450-512MHZ 40W CDM1250 (143367579730)
Long Range Walkie Talkie Handheld Portable Kit With Rechargeable Battery Pack (174194770137)
Motorola XPR 3500 Two Way Radio *READ DESCRIPTION* (114163317459)
BAOFENG UV-5R VHF UHF Dual Band Two Way Ham Radio Transceiver Walkie Talkie US (352744130886)
3x LEADZM C2 UHF 400-470MHz Walkie Talkie Two Way Radio Handhled Long Range GMRS (392144525129)
Motorola ASTRO XTS5000 VHF P25 Digital Radio Police Fire EMS AES DES ADP IMPRES (264457276583)
Motorola MOTOTRBO XPR6550 VHF 136-174 MHz Digital DMR Radio AAH55JDH9LA1AN (153859347032)
6 x Baofeng UV-5R Dual Band V/UHF Two Way Ham Radio Walkie Talkie Set 5W 128CH (401837647568)
Connect Systems CS-701 VHF 136-174 MHz 5 Watt DMR/Analog with USB program cable (324116009982)
Motorola Low Band Handie Talkie HT200 in mint condition, collector's item (223958914012)
Motorola XTS2500 700/800 MHz Model 3 Full Keypad P25 Trunking Radio H46UCH9PW7AN (143559132569)
Baofeng UV-82 Two Way Radio UHF VHF Dual-Band Walkie Talkie Ham Transceiver (202494785053)
Motorola HT750 UHF portable 403-470 MHz Amateur/GMRS w/ NEW battery, mic, access (164089206188)
Motorola HT1250 LS+ Portable 2-Way Radio UHF Half Keypad (184158263907)
QYT Walkie Talkie KT-780PLUS UHF 400-480MHz transceiver 75W DTMF two Way Radio (264370459520)
Motorola SL300 UHF 99 Channel with Active Display Free Shipping. (372987276429)
Motorola Talkabout T200 Two-Way Radio, 3 Pack, Grey (352855338819)
Motorola XPR 3300 none display Two Way Radio *READ DESCRIPTION* (114163361988)
Motorola GR1225 UHF 25-45 Watt Repeater (293528811132)
Motorola XTL5000 UHF 380-470Mhz M20QSS9PW1AN *Brick Only (274311712865)
US Baofeng RD-5R DMR Time Slot 2 VFO Digital VHF/UHF Two way Radio Transceiver (132513653151)
DEWALT DXFRS800 22-Channel Two-Way Radios (402186588349)
US 2x Baofeng GT-3TP Mark III UHF VHF 8W 2m/70cm Walkie Talkie Ham Two-way Radio (183008418127)