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CHERRY ELEC. MICRO SWITCH E2285HX, 3A 125/250 VAC. (263990745126)
25Aa512-I/p 6 Pieces - Microchip Technology EEPROM (352449041282)
Magnalube-G PTFE Grease for PCB Equipment: 1x 1 LB Can (320558694432)
new VAT valves series 265 KF16 vacuum normally open valve qty available mks (252705999883)
laser safety shutter with position indicator (263263468435)
Loctite 3900 Acrylic Conformal Coating can (223177554019)
KALREZ ORING 124 #4079 (292674553401)
NEW NOS HVCA JB208 Microwave Capacitor 581141 for Magnetron 3000W power supply (160960854387)
2X ORIGINAL Chemtronics SODER-WICK 80-4-5 Desoldering Braid Rosin SD (141997548457)
MKS 901P P/N 901P-11030 Loadlock Vacuum Pressure Transducer NW16 KF16 Flange (283118759126)
100 Pcs Silicon Semiconductor Wafer 6x6 used for photovoltaic solar cells (153075472583)
Ion Gauge Tube, 1", HPS Division, MKS Instruments (153131847762)
100 Entegris H20E-106310-66C02 2" Chip Trays, Rectangular Pockets W/EDM Finish (192597544964)
Inficon Crystal Interface Cable 600-1039-G30 (273092419799)
AMAT Applied Materials 0010-22700 RF Match * 0010-22700 Rev 002 (253940024225)
Sputtering Target Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) Diameter:3 inch Thick:0.5 inch:4 pcs (361620383535)
Tosho SMD Inc Cr Chromium Metal 5900E-21-000-370 (173464899275)
Titanium Ti 99.995%, evaporation pellets, approx 3-6mm, 50g (310874279669)
Dage Precision BT22 Bond Pull Shear Tester REPLACEMENT TIP LT1 (142615469292)
NEW GAST 1AM-NCW-14 Clockwise CW Air Motor w/Muffler AF350 -- Wagner (292179395027)
Oriental Motor SS32E-SSSD Control Pack New (151708268994)
SEM Sputtering target: Aluminum 99.999% pure, 57mm diameter x 1mm thick (311664014579)
Pfeiffer IKR 251 Compact Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauge KF Flange (263893597549)
Allen-Bradley 509-AOB Full Voltage Starter **NEW IN BOX** (321317968368)
LAM Research 839-024354-101 Rev A VALVE, VENT, XLL, NEW (352301311508)
Applied Materials P/N 0150-41611 Power Cable Special by Rapid MFG (362195248968)
Titanium sputter target: Ti 99.995% pure, 2.00" diameter x 0.25" thick (311674640423)
KF16 Manual Right Angle Valve (163028076099)
0015-09417 Etch, Clamp Lid, Hinge (172151900936)
Germanium pellets 99.999% 50g (311919676726)
Silicon Alloy Sputter target: 4.75x22x0.25" (or we'll cut it to your size, free) (310376143612)
Iron/Molybdenum sputter target: Fe/Mo 85/15 at%, 2.0" diameter x 0.12" thick (310847369363)
KF25 Manual Right Angle Valve (162350366706)
NEW Pfeiffer High Vacuum Viewport Conflat DN 40 CF-F 2.75" OD Sight Glass MDC (272977673624)
CTI-Cryogenics 8032222G001 Electric Refrigerator Cable CryoTorr to Compressor (142953228776)
Inficon MP-H10P 961-H1HAP Transpector® MPH Residual Gas Analyzer (263282519469)
New Precision Sensors PV48W-106 Pressure Switch (142920934285)
C121589 Lot 13 Probe Cards 70-Pin, 4.5" Wide (Unused) (331732957122)
EDWARDS WRG-S 14.5-36V 2W WIDE RANGE GAUGE P/N: D14701000 (152623265819)
Pure platinum wire: 99.99% Pt, 0.5mm diameter x 1m long (311554318441)
500 Hirose DF11-8DP-2DS DF11-8DP-2DS(52) Connector Header (362462422678)
MKS Instruments 628B11TDE Baratron (223181227245)
Avenger? New with maybe a Texas Instruments Part # 2961695-0002 on the Box (263994973641)
Honeywell Sputtering Target 094029 New Old Stock AMAT (392151166758)
NEW Saint Gobain Furon 1108013 HPV 6 Valve Manifold 80 PSIG Max Pressure (163322300409)
AMAT# 0200-00400 Window Quick Release Endpoint Window (183154892830)
NEMIC-LAMBDA EWS1500-24 POWER SUPPLY (253756990326)
NEW KF25 pfeiffer PKR 251 wide range UHV vacuum gauge ATM to 10^-9 torr MKS AMAT (263916101749)
Motorola MVME 147-012 vme network board module working when removed loc#50 (223195127143)
Voice Board superspan vs34 vme network board module working when removed loc#53 (223195137299)
Simpact icp6000 232spec-2 vme network board module working when removed loc#48 (382597006398)
SBE vcom-24 rev a2 vme network board module working when removed loc#51 (223195133491)
071D000078 /MAGNETIC PUMP DRIVE / BROOK COMPTON (302879773951)
Motorola MVME 147-012 vme network board module working when removed loc#49 (223195125481)
Motorola MVME 167-33b vme network board module working when removed loc#55 (223195129755)
Motorola MVME cpu8540 hs pmc vme network board module working when removed lc#56 (223195131081)
Motorola MVME 332xt vme network board module working when removed loc#47 (382596989018)
Force Computers SPARC/CPU-5V/64-100-2 vme network board module working loc#54 (382597012971)
NEW Saint-Gobain AstiPure/Asti LIQ-PFD3AS/LIQPFD3AS PFD3/PFD3S Pump Rebuild Kit (382213471754)
West Bond K-1200D Heated Work Holder with Digital Controller Tag #88 (283217516556)
AMAT 0040-01834 MANIFOLD INPUT (113087546607)
MKS DA01A11TGAS20A00 i Baratron Capacitance Manometer 10Torr (173595756464)
Lot of 5 - Luxel Radak II Furnaces (263996490419)
LAM: Ceramic Plate 6 inch domed 716-011563-161 (A716-0011563-161) (221263484040)
AMAT Applied Materials RF Match Etch 0010-09416W (263996647288)
Kuroda SPCBUA2-20-40-ZV Wafer Robot TEL Tokyo Electron 3D80-000008-V4 Used (382416712751)
TAZMO Main Controller Module from Semix TR6132U (232217521146)
HP/Hewlett Packard 5517B Laser Head (609 uW) (272154148253)
Unico 1105-460-005-C-Y-K31-E01-805604 460v AC Drive (192610142607)
Novellus 02-033196-00 Kit, Window, Sapphire, Single Port, 15-110411-00, 424390 (401509710921)
AMAT 0200-00690 Lid Liner, TXZ, 200mm, 417560 (172386943209)
Kinetic Systems 1201-04-11 Vibration Isolation Table Tag #63 (263996387366)
Applied Materials 0010-39782 M-DPS Throttle Valve with 14 day warranty (132381185898)
Lot of 3 Hitachi Load Ports KWF-12C. Model 1-A09782-*A. Nice working units. (123137590997)
Agilent SP50 Series II Solder Paste Inspection System (332388419774)
advanced energy 60MHz power supply (222668217216)
NSC PA103 Plastic Mold Decapsulation System Nice Clean Unit (292074911040)
Nikon 4L991-783AN Depolarizer NSR-S306C New (140336923308)
Heateflex AH6-1-05-C-11S In Line Fluid Heater Integrated Circuit (5157) (263087015659)
HUGHES HAC-230 Welder with VTA-64 Weld Head (150666710560)
Cymer Inc 05-03151-07 Power Supply (110970922604)
Tokyo Electron; CUP(306),Middle; 5003-200035-11 (273397034885)
ESC-201 REV 3.0 /ALIGNER/CONTROLLER FOR RTP 2800 -170 004 47-RW / EQUIPE TECH. (292596577862)
Advanced Energy MDX 1K DC Magnetron Sputtering Power Supply & Cathode Tag #51 (263878810934)
Specialty Coating Systems G3P-12 Precision Photoresist Spin Coater Tag #65 (283217359104)
TMC Stacis 2000 Complete Active Piezoelectric Virbration Control System (131902986374)
Dynatex DXB-120-01 - DXB 120 Series Wafer Bonder Tag #34 (282733986946)
Edwards IQDP40 (REBUILT) (152835691045)
Vacuum Chamber (273397035805)
Affinity FAE-121L-EE10CAD4 Air Cooled Recirculating Chiller Tag #84 (283194303905)
Applied Test Systems 3350-CA 1700 deg C High Temperature Box Furnace Tag #69 (263996383484)
Thermo Oriel Accudose 9000 Photospeed Tool (251437826761)
UTE ultra t SCSe126 cleaning of Photomasks, Wafers and Substrates 10" diameter (152758779836)
Ultrasonic Systems PRISM P450-1-151 Selective Coating System (251821055573)
Ultrasonic Systems P450 Selective Coating System (251437888032)
Scientific Sealing Technology 1200/SST1200 Vacuum Sealing Furnace-Reflow Station (192694537956)